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I’m so lost I need mapquest

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I haven’t read anything in forever. I started a Gabaldon book in, wait for it… November and I’m only a 1/4 of the way through. And it’s a brand new Jamie book. But our art hard drive died and I renamed the new one “Claire” cuz if she can find her way back and forth through time, she sure isn’t going to loose my art libraries.

I haven’t seen Vampire Diaries since the Holidays.

I saw Breaking Dawn once. Once. Bought it, It’s still in the packaging.

I don’t even skim the Truebie posts on my FB timeline.

Being Human what?

Downtown Abbey what?

I haven’t read the Hunger Games.

I didn’t know 50 shades of Grey, was based on a certain fanfiction that I never read.

*sigh* What have I been doing???

Nothing important. Going to bed at 9 after making dinner and doing laundry. Work has been INSANELY crazy for months and I have no free time to catch up on the important Supernatural stuff! Damn you people and needing your t-shirts (kidding, fates, I don’t need to tempt you), I need my internet catch up time. Anywhooooo

We just started “Breaking Bad” last night. 3 episodes in on season 1. *sigh* I hear it’s addictive. Like the fact I can’t wait to get home, slap dinner together, bounce the kiddo to bed and settle in for some good meth drama.


Bow hunter

I'm so cluess, I'm assuming she's hunting some wolfpack from one of the franchises I'm behind on.

True Blood Recap: Gettin’ An Eyeful, True Blood Style

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Today’s installment of the True Blood recap is brought to you by…

SAM'S SHIRTS. Short or long sleeved you can't go wrong with a Sam's Shirt. Don't shift without one!

EC:  There was a lot of development in this past Sunday’s episode, so let’s get to MY favorite part…drunken, simple-minded Eric. Sure, he can’t remember anything, but not only did Eric inherit Jason’s ridiculous looking sleeveless hoodie, he also now has gained Jason’s cluelessness. Yes, I miss bad boy Eric. (As does Team Seth) However, this is a fun bit of distraction to see Alexander play a goof ball. It’s not only refreshing, but makes me giggle. Particularly, the drunken gooseing of Miss Stackhouse. Who knew that fairy blood equals the same buzz of a six pack of Bud Light. (Cause they are down south, y’all.) It also inspires this:

SWD: My fav line,” Croccccccccoooooooddddiiiiiiiloooooos” said in menacing crazy Viking voice. This is soo book Eric, even down to the wearing of Jason’s old sweatshirts. Or wait, did Sookie pick up Eric some clothes from Walmart? Either way, Viking sheriff in Gildan is funny. I’m thinking the black tanks of previous seasons were American Apparel. They go uber low with the U necks. Just ask VD’s Stefan.

It's like talking to a very tall toddler

EC:  Also, the added Alcide bonus…  

Fun at the creek during the summer, Bon Temps style

EC:  I mean come on now, Ball is an evil mastermind! This scene is the reason that the female demographic for these types of shows and movies are so high. It certainly isn’t the gore factor. No, it’s the shirtless men…umm…I mean romance! That’s it…romance! The scene with Sookie, Alcide and Eric was pretty funny. Which is good, because the rest of it was an angst fest. Starting with Debbie getting ready to jump back on the crazy train. At least we had an almost Sookie/Eric kiss!

SWD: Sookie looked so cute in that scene too! I want her green mini jacket.  Friend of a friend has 4 large, menacing dogs (rott, shepherd, etc.) and a chihuahua. The chihuahua OWNS them. It reminds me of Sookie and her pack of alphas.

EC: Pam gets a face lift. Or is it face melt? It looked painful. Now we know that hippie Marnie is possessed by a very pissed off ancient witch. Being burned at the stake will do that to a girl. #lessonslearnedfromSalem. Massachusetts that is. Not #lessonslearnedfromDaysofourLivesSalem. However, both Days of Our Lives and True Blood had characters that were possessed. Plus, True Blood is pretty much a gory soap opera. Now they should just have Sami Brady do a crossover.

SWD: That freaked me out! Poltergeist flashbacks!

Pam, if you were interested in getting some work done, I would have suggested a certified plastic surgeon.

EC:  Oh Bill…Bill…Bill…you went from your dream girl, Sookie to your great, great, great granddaughter. Dude, that’s messed up. Must be good to be king. Not! Karma is going to be biting you on the bottom. Look, it already did! Sookie wouldn’t let you look for Eric in her house. That’s right, she’s going to leave you for a Viking! Oh and the grandmother from WHO’S THE BOSS is flirting with you. Oh where, oh where, is Tony Danza when you need him?

SWD: Mona! The original cougar… still going strong and chatting up Bill. Oh wait, he’s older. Betty White needs to be on True Blood. She could be Octavia!

Well this was a bad idea, Bill.

EC:  There was a bunch of shifter drama. Sam’s lady has a kid and a crazy ex. Who happens to be a werewolf. Of course. Couldn’t they just make the guy a crazy dentist or something? Maybe, a demented florist? Change things up a bit? Oh and more Tommy. Being that his dead beat parents put him on a steel chain leash, I don’t think will be getting away from Tommy for awhile. Ugh.

SWD: You KNOW Sam’s going to save him. Take him back in, buy him shirts.

Worst T.V. Parents of the Year Winners 2011

EC:  Poor Hoyt. His relationship with Jessica was already on shaky ground. It’s never a good thing when Jess decides to get relationship advice from PAM. It leads to naughty decisions like snacking on young men in the women’s bathroom. Seriously, that is not at all hygenic. It’s not like she’s a Edward Cullen type personality. If he was real, Edward would be carrying in sanitizing wipes and Purell. Which is funny, because he’s already dead.

SWD: Hoyt/Crystal hook up?

EC: Jessica’s saved Jason’s life with her blood. You know what that means…Jason and Jessica hook up ahead! (Which I am kind of loving!) Anything to het him away from crazy panther chick. All that inbreeding has made her a nut. It’s not going to end well. Mostly for Hoyt. He is definitely going to be moving back in with his Momma.  

SWD: Jason’s crzy “V” dreams are going to be insane@!

Let's all remember the good times, because they sure aren't going to last much longer

EC: I have a bad feeling that poor baby is going to be blamed for the evil doings of that creepy doll. Actually, what the heck is wrong with Terry and Arlene? That doll is nasty! Can you imagine the germs? Who cares if it’s evil. They should have a least put that thing in the washing machine or the fire place. That would be responsible parenting!

SWD: And I thought Cabbage Patch Dolls were creepy, but that thing?! Give me a Chuckie doll anyday.

Even Hoyt shouldn't be touching that nasty thing and he's a grown up!

Let us know what you though of this episode! Also, on Twitter @talksupe!

Embracing the Guilty Pleasure…Another Vampire Diaries Convert

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Hey pretty lady! We can rock historical costumes like that Jasper can. Who's the real confederate now?


What’s Happens When You Leave Forks? Head Right Over to Mystic Falls!

EC: We love talking to you all about our favorite shows, books and movies! We REALLY love when you send us posts about them! One of our favorite people, Team Jacob Edward writes to tell us about her new found enjoyment of our friends from Mystic Falls! (Just wait until she watches, Season 2! Actually, she needs to catch up now! We need her to watch Season 3 in real time with us!)

Dear Talk Supe…. do you guys do entries in letter form?  Or is that weird?  Oh well, I’m going with it.
I finally lost my VD/VampDi/Vampire Diaries/Whatever virginity last week.
Per the prompting of many, but mostly from the enthusiasm from EC Stacey, I purchased the first season of Vampire Diaries some time ago.  I almost immediately watched about ½ the first episode, but I wasn’t sucked (ha) into it immediately and that was it for awhile, as it then sat collecting dust—until late last week that is.

Silly girl! This guy can never collect dust!

My husband went on a hunting trip (you know, the non-vampire kind of hunting) and I wasn’t in the reading or writing mood that first night he was gone.  The kids were in bed, and I decided that meant I should watch something that my husband would surely not ever want to watch with me.  Immediately I thought of watching the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice or running the gamut of the three Twilight movies.  But then I remembered the Vampire Diaries DVDs of the first season that I’d purchased and decided to at least get my money’s worth by watching the dang thing.
I can’t tell you the exact moment I was hooked, but what I can tell you is that for the entirety of those days, I got WAY too little sleep, my kids received too little interaction with their mother (they did a lot of playing outside (thank goodness it was nice out)… and were allowed to watch an extra movie or two… bad mom) and I was actually glad I am not working at the present moment because it meant more VD watching opportunities.  (Shame.  Oh, the shame.)

Distracting mommies since 2009

I still can’t say that I love VD more than Twilight.  Twilight, I think will always be in its own special place that nothing else will ever really touch.  But VD definitely contained some of the same crack that Twilight has, as I kept watching “just one more” episode until they were gone.
The thing that makes this important is:  I AM NOT A VAMPIRE PERSON!
I hear your disbelief, because (despite my love-split name) I love Twilight and Edward and, well, Edward is a vampire.  Yes, yes, I know that’s true but really I’m not a vampire person.  When I was told by a friend that I just HAVE to read Twilight, as soon as I heard it was a love story between a human girl and a vampire, my nose crinkled and I stopped listening.  If it weren’t for feeling obligated to at least give the story a shot since that friend had loaned the book to me by practically shoving it into my arms insisting I read the thing, I would have missed out on my favorite (albeit, irrationally favorite) story.

Do you really still love me more? I might be...BOTHERED!


You stole my line...BOTHERED!

So, after I devoured the Twilight series, I tried to put aside my prejudice and be more open about other books involving vampires.  I read the Almost Human series that had been described as “an adult Twilight.”  To my credit, I read the entire Trilogy.  It was okay, I’d recommend it to someone who’s into vampire books, but I found myself cheering for the girl to end up with the human guy over the vampire guy.
Not giving up, I borrowed Interview with a Vampire, by Anne Rice.  I think that was probably two years ago now…. I still haven’t been able to find it in me to read past the first page, it’s still on my bookshelf, and I’ve actually forgotten who I’ve borrowed it from.
Then, I broke down and watched the first season of True Blood after many recommendations to watch it.  I liked it.  It was okay.  But again, I found myself disappointed as I was unable to “fall” for Bill, the vampire that Sookie found so irresistible.  Again, it was okay, but the vampires were altogether too creepy to me to be desirable.  That being said, I did like it enough that I wouldn’t be opposed to watching the next season. (So, kind of progress, right?)

Oh Sookie! Why do they not love me as much as Edward, Stefan and mostly Damon?

I’ve read other books with vampires in them too, like the Mortal Instruments series.  Which although it’s about Nephellim, it has vampires in it.  The vampires in the Mortal Instruments books just mostly weirded me out.  (Though, the book that just came out did warm me up to one a bit.  So a bit more progress, maybe?)
I also read A Discovery of Witches (recommended by none other than EC Stacey, herself).  Again, I liked it.  Actually, I liked it a LOT.  And I was ticked off where the book ended, knowing that I’m going to have to wait an entire YEAR until the next one comes out. But the reason I liked the book so much, was not because of the vampire guy in it.  It was because of the main character, her powers and her discovery of her powers in the 2nd half of the book.  I was enchanted by all the things that witches in general could do.  But the main vampire guy/love interest, Matthew?  Eh, he was okay.   I liked him well enough and all.  Actually better than any of the other vampires in the other failed attempts I’d had, but I still didn’t feel that draw to him.  (Again, progress, but not quite there.)

Hey Luca…Forks needs some witches! Wait a minute, they have Rosalie! Actually, she’s a ‘B’ word that rhymes with witch.

Oh no, you didn't!


So I was shocked when I realized that I was a little obsessed with the Vampire Diaries.  Let’s just say this up front, I still don’t feel about Stefan or Damon the way I feel about Edward, but I do like them a lot (breakthrough!).  And I’m ALL for (haha, I almost wrote Katherine) Elena becoming a vampire (like I was for Bella in Twilight = another breakthrough!). I’m actually rooting for it. (Woah!)  And I’m so full of questions and I have so many things I could discuss; like Bonnie and the huge chip on her shoulder she acquired after she came back from the funeral or Caroline making all us blondes seem shallow and airheaded (I may have dark hair at the moment, but I am a natural blonde) or WHEN DID I START ROUTING FOR DAMON INSTEAD OF AGAINST HIM?????  How the HELL did that happen?!?!  Maybe I’ll write about that some time… there are so many things I could say about Damon and Stefan… and Damon.  🙂

Look into our want to be our biggest fan. Oh...and buy EC Stacey that purple dress. (EC: Just kidding! But, no I really do want that dress!)

But, after many failed attempts with finding love for non-Twilight vampires, I find myself kind of there again.  (And it feels great!)  Now I’m just impatiently waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD, to catch up to the rest of you and then be rationed out episodes on a weekly basis too.  (It’s better that way for me… String along the hits so I don’t OD on the VD crack).  What I don’t understand is; what is it about this TV series captured my interest about vampires when so many other shows and books failed?  I have some thoughts, and I think I know what my husband would say, but I’d like to hear your theories.

But Breaking Dawn is coming! Darn television and it's multiple seasons!

But our season starts in September! People have to wait for November for you!

Longwindedly Befuddled,

A big thank you, to Team Jacob Edward! We can’t wait for her to write more for us! Let her know in the comments what a great letter she wrote and YOUR feeling about Vampire Diaries and Twilight. Oh and to make things even more interesting for your DVR’s…

True Blood starts in June!

Celebrity Theater: Paul Plans a Party

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Paul aka Stefan, might be my favorite. In that, when I write for him, I imagine him to be the best little brother ever. (I always wanted a little brother) Is he really like the way picture him? Probably not. But enjoy this little story of Paul planning a party for his friends…

P.S…This isn’t at all,not even a little bit real. Just in case you were confused.

"To create the perfect party, you'll need a few things: Martha Stewart Entertaining, a signature fruity cocktail and tapas! It's going to be legendary!"

Neil: That guy seriously needs to step away from my catch phrase!

"Shh...Don't forget the flower arrangements, Nina. Orchids and Gerber Daisies. They'll be the hit of the party!"

"Dude,don't forget to put out the recycling bins! I don't care if the blue clashes with your color scheme. Ohh...I'll bring some organic hummus, pita chips and fine honeys."

"Another Paul party? Please don't tell me it's another Murder Mystery Weekend. He threw a hissy fit when all the guys decided to watch the Celtics play the Lakers instead."

"Oh yeah! I love going to a fly party! I'll bring the wine coolers! This is so exciting! I am totally Team Edward!"

That's Twilight! I don't sparkle and drive a Volvo. What the he...

"Don't worry mates,I'll be there! Can't have a party without the Brit Pack! Aziz, let's do some karaoke of Jay Z!"

"That'll be dope!"

"100 Monkey's will totally play your party, Paul!"

"Wait...what...I was just going to put a Dave Matthews playlist on my IPod!"

"Come on, Paul! Dave has nothing on us. We played the same song for 45 minutes. With a bongo. Now that's what I call music!"

"I tried to tell him no, Paul! Jackson looked so sad. Like I kicked his puppy. Just let them play one song...45 minutes? You have to be kidding me!"

"Paul's having a party? I didn't get invited again! These guys have a bias against guys playing wolves. I'll call Taylor and see if he wants to meet me at the arcade."

" did tell everybody that this is a costume party? Right? Paul?"


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Vampire Diaries recap: Daddy Issues…

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…or the one where Damon gets really clean.

This manwich is gonna rumble

Tyler and Caroline. They kiss, they fight, he does nothing when she’s in trouble. Sounds like a typical teen romance, but with more bloodshed. I hate Tyler. Please get rid of him. Caroline, eat him, please. I loved when she “put the dog out”, finally! She had a rough episode and her gal pals came over to hug it out with a sleepover. As usual Caroline had cute outfits.

EC: Ahh…Pissy the little werewolf. I am over this wolf thing. What happened to the actual ‘big bad’ of the season, Klaus?

Even Northie goes to low

Steffy, you don't work at Hooters. Enough with the clevage.

Stefan’s Hoodie: I realized something, it’s not the hoodies, it’s that he is wearing improper under hoodie garments. He needs a crewneck. These super low v- necks are what’s throwing us off. Eric Northman wears the super low v’s too and even he looks a little douchey in them. No uber-low U or V or any letter necks, please.

EC: Ugh. I am not impressed with the boy v-necks. They need to head to the GAP and purchase some nice crewnecks. Oh and maybe, a nice sweater vest! No, wait…this isn’t GLEE and Mr. Shue.

Don't let this happen to you, Steffy. But the "V" in this picture is juuust right.

Crew please, stick with crewnecks. Or look at your emo vamp buddy, Rob . He does wear the v necks, but they aren’t low. They’re nice. Can’t you have him pick you up a 3-pack from Marks and Spencers? Sometimes it appears as if there is no shirt underneath. That’s just wrong. It reminds of when I get out of the shower, need to run down stairs to grab something out of the dryer, reach for my robe, but see that there’s a sleeping dog on it, opt for the hoodie on the floor instead. Not a fashionista look. You know who does hoodies well? Jasper Hale in the Cullen Fight Club scenes. Watch that film, Stefan. Even Whiny (Jeremy) does hoodies properly… he layers them. Tee. Check. Hoodie. Check. Flannel. check. Jacket. Check. Whiny is almost always a wardrobe WIN. However, along with Stefan, they do mess with Matt too. He was in an acid washed Edward-Cullen-in-Eclipse jean jacket! For shame, costumers, you’re on the list.

Jules, be Calgon and TAKE HIM AWAY

Jules and her wolf pack: So she wants to take Tyler away. DoitDoitDoit,Jules, please! NO ONE will mind. Anyway, Jules, we know she’s evil but dayumn!!!!! She has good taste in doggies!!! What was his name? I forgot. I guess it doesn’t matter because he’s attractive, and a wolf, so I’m sure he’ll get killed off pretty soon. C’mon Williamson, can’t you leave us with some continuous wolf candy? We see that he’s evil too, after Jules vervain-maced Caroline. He goes Black Jack Randall on Caroline and I feel badly about that but he’s still pretty.

EC: He is attractive, but no Mason. Mason, dear Mason had so much potential. For instance, romantic rival for Jenna’s affections. Alaric needs some conflict. (I do have a theory that Elijah might be used for that! SWD: Oh, that’s good!) I also have a to admit that I like evil Jules. Like I like evil Katherine. I, however, I didn’t like her when she was going to marry Lucas on One Tree Hill. Why is it that my tastes in movies and shows are that of a sixteen year old girl? I need to watch some Southland pronto! (Seriously, it is fabulous!) SWD: I just started Spartacus. It’s for adults, makes True Blood look mild.

New wolf mug, er muzzle shot

The Salvatores save the day: Stefan restrains Tyler and Damon wants to kill him. Again, see above DoitDoitDoit. There’s a vamp-wolf-Sharks-Jets rumble in the woods and (gasp) Stefan’s (now fully zipped, YAY!) hoodie gets staked. It lives. Briefly. But gives way to Stefans very nice closing scene outfit! Costumers are redeemed! For now.

EC: That scene was violent. Damon and the heart. Eww and gross. Also, another reminder of our old friend, Mason. *sniff, sniff*

John questions and observations: I forgot (and I didn’t see the last half of season 1), whose John? Elena’s daddy? Is John Whinys dad too? Why does Damon hate John? Does John have powers? John’s a close-talker. John is creepy. Jenna gave us some John lineage like: sister’s husband’s brother’s best friend’s dead wife’s… Sister wife uncle daddy brother. That’s some Big Love right there.

EC: John is Elena’s daddy, but also was her umm…uncle. Definitely, he’s 100 percent Whiny’s uncle, not daddy. Jenna’s brother-in-law and ex boyfriend or ‘sleep’ friend. It’s confusing. Big question here…can he be trusted? Note his interaction with Katherine. Dun, dun, dun!

Damon’s Bathing Habits: Gratuitous Damon shower in the opening credits. We’ll bite. Jenna introduces Damon to her “friend”… A Tranny. (EC: That’s not nice. It’s just her overuse of makeup. Hopefully. SWD: Or her Adam’s Apple. Maybe I’m just jealous of her ending scene. #BloodyDamonBubbles ) However, Damon takes revenge during his bathtub confessional.

EC: All that was is gratutious shots of Somerhalder. He should be offended for the environment! Nah…I was just pretending to be offended for him. Because I am nice like that. BTW…Williamson, you sure know how to get your ratings!

What, dear friends will happen next week? Hopefully, a shopping trip for some new Stefan shirts! (We can only hope!)

Being Human, American Style! Episode 2

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Bringing the Sweaters, Supernatural Style!

What does he have to do with Being Human, good ol'USA? You'll see...

I must admit, when watching Being Human, Yankee Edition, I get distracted. Not by pretty things, because Mitchell isn’t in this one. It’s how my mind wanders, for instance, when seeing the Annie sweater on Sally, that I want one too. Then thanks to the ‘reporting’ of our sorority sister, Feat Lil J that the show is set in Boston. Which leads me to think with a quick trip on the highway I can be in Boston. Take in the sites, wander through Harvard yard, go to an awesome Irish pub/restaurant that I enjoyed with my hubby during our courting stage. You know, romantic warm fuzzies. Then something violent happens on Being Human USA and I am thrust back into the show.

Why is this? Well, I imagine it’s because I have seen it before. With accents. Which doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying it, but I do miss the original. It’s kind of like watching all the different film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, then remembering how much you love the Colin Firth movie. It’s not that you don’t like the other ones, it’s just you miss Colin Firth.

Wait a minute...I like Matthew Macfadyen's Darcy too!

SWD: Oh Stace, I ‘ve never been to Boston and have always wanted to go. Maybe we could do a  Being Human tour 2012. Speaking of Annie’s sweaters… wait, are we still calling them Annie’s sweaters on the yankee edition? Let’s, because “Sally Sweaters” sounds too Nick Jr.,  like a ditzy character that should be in the Laurie Berkner band or something. Back to the sweaters. I wore mine today, in honor of our post. Also did you notice at the end when Sally was floating down the stairs the lyrics to the song were “….wearing a sweater”. SyFy knows the power of the wool.

EC: Sorry…lost track there…Being Human…right…


You know you couldn't resist watching episode two!Look... It's Acts Like A Pouty Teen Wolf!


Saved By The Vamp – Aidan Style

So Josh’s big secret was discovered by his sister, due to Aidan’s super save the day actions. Let’s give that boy a cape! He was able to swallow the blood lust and be there for his friend. An admirable trait for the “good vampires”. But…riddle me this…how was Josh’s sister so easily able to see her brother writhing around in a cellar in pain and not want to get him to a doctor? Even if she bought Aidan’s excuse, “He’s crazy!” You would think she would call her parents due to the fact that their mom was loco too. Color me confused.

SWD: I didn’t get it either. Do you think he Glamored/compelled/Dazzled/ whatever they’re calling vamp hypnotism on this show. Also, do we know yet how they can day walk? Will we find out later?

Josh’s cardigan

Dear Stefan, THIS is how a supe wears a cardi. Why does it work on Josh and not Stefan? Because Josh is kind of adorkable and that’s what a cardigan says (said by girl  currently wearing a cardigan). Stefan is too calm, cool, and collected for this conservative garment. For his preppier moods, Stefan needs more of this: but his wardrobe intervention will be another post.

Sally, Sally, Sally…You Can Do SO Much Better

For those of you who HAVE not watched the British version, I will not spoil the reason that Miss Sally is still lurking around the grungy apartment. (Like those who lurk around the blog and don’t comment. Teasing. I adore you lurkers.) I will, however, put this into your head. First…why is Danny so darn annoying? Just keep that in the back of your head while viewing. Also, why didn’t Sally and Danny put some fresh paint up in their crib. Seriously, that is a depressing color in that place. Quick! Aidan, Josh get your supernatural painting powers on and lighten up that place!

SWD: No kidding, wasn’t Home Depot open on move-in day? They couldn’t pick up a gallon of Sunset Sunrise Splash? Danny kind of seems like a sunset magic kind of guy. Oh, and pick up some light bulbs for that dark hallway while they’re at it. Or maybe a baby gate or some glow tape at the top of the stairs. Maybe a nightlight in the hallway. We have dangerous stairs too. So steep my dog goes down on three legs because he’s going so fast. #great4kids

 She’s Back…And Not A Nice Young Lady

That’s right, Aidan’s clean up crew didn’t clean up his mess. Instead, they took it home, gave it sharp teeth and sent it off to make an even bigger mess for the gang.  Umm…was her name Amanda…you know the redhead…

She's a maneater...literally!


First, she tries to eat Josh, but true to Twilight and every other supe show, the wolves are downright stinky. Lucky Josh. Unfortunately, for annoying, can’t take a hint nurse girl or newest vamp was still hungry. Well…not annoying anymore.  Not actually anything.

SWD: She’s rather trampy too. We all know from Horror Movies 101 that the slutty chick is the first to get offed. Um, that didn’t sound right. But you know what I mean. There is a dissertation on this in Scream. 




Jaco…I Mean Bishop Is Still Scary

Mark Pelligrino is downright frightening. In a v-neck sweater even. I liked Lost’s Jacob, but he was creeptastic on Supernatural. I wouldn’t want his cop to pull me over for speeding. I don’t think the fine will be a ticket.

SWD: He IS creepy…. like windowless white van  driving creepy.

Overall Impressions of Numero 2

Well, it was scary and creepy. The characters are growing on me. So…I’ll see you next week Being Human! Ohh…new Vampire Diaries tonight! Yee ha! Also…guess what’s playing on BBC3…Being Human Series 3! Cannot Wait!!!

See you next time!

What did you think? Tell us in the comments! Excited about tonight’s Vampire Diaries?

SWD: I am I am!

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True Blood: The off season

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What are they up to?

This Blood's for you!

It’s been a long time since September. It’s just as long until early June, when True Blood Season 4 will air. That’s a long time off, and they always say, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground…” So what do we think these devils  are up to in their spare time? Are they preparing for Season 4, “The Season of the Witch” (or as those of us who have read the books refer to it, “The Season of the Eric”. Seriously, if done right, and Ball hasn’t disappointed us yet, that shower scene will be more epic than the one in Psycho, and will ellicit more screams… not from horror). EC: I swear that shower scene… is it summer yet? I miss my show…also it was -2 degrees this morning. I hate you snow.

Sookie: Stocking up on apricot shower gel. See aforementioned shower reference. EC: Giggle. You might want to get the book now, just to prepare yourselves!

Lafayette and Jesus: polishing their broomsticks. Season of the witch, “Haaa’y”

Sam:  Road Trip! Combing the country in search of kick-ass belt buckles. EC: Hopefully, picking some more of those glorious shirts while he’s at it!

Alcide: Started an emo coutry band, called, “One Man Wolfpack”. 

EC: Are they going on tour with the Twilight wolves band, Imprinted on my Loins. BTW…gross.


Jason Stackhouse: Attending various Comic Cons. Picking up on the girls dressed as Bella and Alice. EC: Please. That poor boy will get confused and try to pick up on the Twi moms (SWD: like us??) dressed up like Rosalie. SWD: True, the panther may go for some cougar luv.

Vampire Bill: Well, if we’re going by the books, he’s not going to be to busy this season… so Bill is watching Vampire Diaries and wondering if he could audition for Klaus. He’s also sending emails to Jasper, wanting to do vamp versions of civil war re-enactments. 

EC: Then he can jam with 100 Monkeys! Bongos anyone?

I have found the juice!! Bambi is safe again.

Jessica: Micro-brewing TruBlood in her bath tub, peddling it to other vampires.

Hoyt: Formed a gangsta rap duo with Mike Newton, touring the country. However, they are only booked in comedy clubs, following Jay Mohr on the “White Boy ’11” tour. EC: I want to see them on Def Comedy Jam! They would last a total of 30 seconds until they are pulled off stage.

Nadine Fortenberry (the mom is Nadine right, I’ve forgot): She was on the blue team of Biggest Loser, and was indeed the biggest loser, whittling herself down to a size 4. She now trains the Shreveport wolfpack, getting them in “sock” shape.

Holly: Joined forces with the girls from “Practical Magicand is opening a small apothacary shop, their VIP customer: Claire Fraser. EC: I loved how you added Outlander! Almost ready to discuss book one!

Tara: In counseling. She knows she needs to get away from the bad boys before she ends up with Black Jack Randall. He’s the only one freakier than Franklin.

Evil enough for Tara? Oh yes.

EC: And that Franklin was pretty freaky! Fun note…this weekend I happened to catch the Natalie Portman movie Where the Heart Is and who did appear as the romantic love interest…Franklin. With a large curly fro. It was scarier than Franklin’s fangs! More fun…he was on the Tudors with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Last bit of fun…will be in Water For Elephants with our Robert Pattinson. I’m full of the fun facts today! Wait! I want him in Outlander too!

Sophie-Anne: EC: You know…I’ve heard she’s the reason that Spiderman the Musical keeps having the ‘accidents’. (Note to readers: The actress was rumoured to have been attched to the Broadway show) Russell wouldn’t let her try out for Mary Jane and now it’s revenge time! Plus, she’s bored. You can only play board games with your dinner so many times until it becomes ordinary.

Nan Flannagan: Watching, ” Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, developing a crush.

I miss my jar... it was quiet.

Talbot_Down_The_Drain: Eavesdropping in the pipes underneath Fangtasia. Eric sings showtunes when Pam does his highlights. Who knew? Talbot bubbles when Eric does his rendetion of “Cabaret”. EC: I bet Talbot loves Eric’s version of West Side Story.

Pam: Shoe shopping with the gals from Sex and the City. Shares pink cardigans with Charlotte, may be having a fling with Samantha, babysits (what?!!) Miranda’s teacup human. EC: Aww…Pam found her sensitive side on hiatus. Except, when the teacup human spits up formula on her pink velour track suit.

Rusell Eddington: Perfectly happy in is cement casing. He was buried with his iPhone and is kicking feathers on “Angry Birds”. He is also using his 3000 year old command of the english language to rule “Words with Friends” but thinks Godric cheats. He also set up a twitter account and tweets the night away. Follow him @VampRussell. #passingtimeincement

Eric Northman: exfoliating. Then slipping on his velour track suit and slipping on down to the Bada Bing with Tony Soprano. He’s looking for decor ideas for a Fangtasia remodel. EC: New Jersey is the epicenter of the umm…’classy’ gentlemens’ clubs. Ahh, Fuggetabout it!

So…i think it’s about five more months until True Blood! Let the countdown begin!

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