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The eyes have it!.. Alice Cullen’s, that is.

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posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

I’m a total make up geek. I love it! I love engaging in the deep and meaningful activity of watching make-up tutorials on youtube. I was watching one, while listening to Pandora radio, and “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” came on. Which of course got me thinking about Twilight and Alice Cullen’s awesome eye make-up!

circa Eclipse, I believe

Sure, the bronze eye color makes it pop, but it’s a great netral-with-a -little-somethin-somethin look. Nice lip color too.

Here’s a  New Moon pic. A little more bronze-y on the eyeliner and the lip is a warmer red. Looks fab with the black top.

Sassy expression not included

And in Breaking Dawn? Forgetaboutit! Wickedly fabulous! I’m not a big fan of how they styled her pixie ‘do, they’re is soooo much more you can do with a pixie ‘do, but alas, they didn’t ask me. Wah.

"Wicked Pixie eyes" <- that should be a M.A.C. color palette name!

See how far she’s come since the original twilight? Her eyes were very “Sunday Brunch here:

NAtural and cute, but uhhh, let's leave that for Bella

So how about you? Have you ever tried to do “Alice” makeup? Try it, it’s fun. And what happens when you  apply it and mess it all up, well then Jackie O shades of course!

Scarf also good for a bad hair day, or if you accidently end up with a haircut that looks like a Summit wig.