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Fake Celebrity (non) Email Theater Presents…

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Can Only Imagine ALL The Possibilities!

Three Men and A Baby, Twilight Edition

To make up for being a complete and total slacker, I decided it was about time to give you all another edition of Fake Celebrity Email Theater without the pesky emails. Obviously, Jackson Rathbone breeding has been a bizarre inspiration. Think of it as a really bad version of the classic movie, Three Men and a Baby. The difference is that in this version, Kellan Lutz is taking the role of Tom Selleck. Robert Pattinson is that rascally Ted Danson. Finally, the daddy to be, Jackson is the quirky Steve Guttenberg. (Nobody does wacky like Jackson.)

DISCLAIMER: I bet Jackson is going to be a terrific dad. (Hopefully) We are only teasing. Also, if you honestly think any of this is happening, then you have the ability to read a magic crystal ball. Which I don’t so this is…PRETEND! Just giving you a heads up.

Scene 1: Diaper Duty

Don't worry Baby Jackson, we can pray for those chain smoking sinners at Sunday School.

Kellan: You can’t smoke around a baby!
Rob: Bloody hell, Kellan it calms her/him. The smoke makes her/him giggle.
Jackson: I think it’s just gas. My kid can make a stink. Damn.
Kellan: Could you two please watch the language. A dollar each in the swear jar!
Jackson/Rob: Shit!
Kellan: That will be two dollars each, you heathens!

Scene 2: Rock A Bye or Yo Gabba Banana

A Future Children's Musical Classic

Kellan: Let’s sing her to sleep.
Rob: Mate, you sound like a dying cow. I’ll sing her/him my song from the Twilight soundtrack.
Jackson: Are you delusional? My baby doesn’t want to hear that!
Rob: How To Be soundtrack?
Jackson: Shoot me now.
Rob: It was a bestseller in the U.K.!
Jackson: Sure it was. *snicker* How about I sing the 100 Monkeys’ song, I did on Yo Gabba Gabba?
Kellan: Dude, the didn’t air it because the guitar solo was an hour long.
Jackson: They have no taste! The 100 Monkey’s children’s album is going to be huge!
Rob: A huge disappointment to small children’s eardrums. Only Twimoms are going to buy it. For themselves.
Jackson: You mean your target audience.
Kellan: Let’s not fight, boys! Nikki sent us the children’s album she did with her husband.
Jackson and Rob: NOOOOO!!!!!

Just What My Kids Will Want For Christmas

Scene 3: Babysitter’s Club

Ashley Greene: Babysitting Professional

Ashley: I would love to watch your little one, Jack!
Jackson: Can you change a diaper?
Ashley: Yes.
Jackson: Can you fix a bottle?
Ashley: Of course!
Jackson: Are you going to try to sneak in Gerard Butler or a Jonas Brother?
Ashley: Well…
Jackson: I’m hiring Kristen Stewart.
Ashley: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Scene 4: Playdate Union Jack Edition

It's quite simple, Rob. Babies are like dogs! You open the door and let them poop in the yard.

Rob: Hey Jackson, Tom is bringing over his bundle of joy for a playdate.
Jackson: Really? Get out the poker chips and beer!
Rob: Henekin for everybody!
Kellan: What’s going on here?
Rob: Playdate with Sturridge’s kid.
Kellan: Did he shave the beard? It scares the babies.
Jackson: Let me just add a little more gel to Junior’s head. His/her bouffant isn’t high enough.
Kellan: You don’t out hair gel on babies! Rob! Put away those shot glasses right now!
Rob: Come on, Kellan! Let’s have a little fun!
Kellan: That’s it! Tom Sturridge and his offspring can’t play anymore. They are bad examples!

Scene 5: What The Real Movie Will Look Like

Another Blockbuster!

The Rolling Stone Cover

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Last month’s Rolling Stone cover featured our favorite True Blood love triangle. Anna, Stephen and #HotAlex shed their clothes for art, and we’re not complaining. This cover is just too crazy not to discuss. Besides providing me with about a hundred impure thoughts manip/ photoshop ideas, this cover could also double as an add for loofahs, sunscreen and Jergens lotion. Look what glowy smooth skin they all have (and there’s a lot of it)! Who got to drizzle the fake blood on them? ’cause I want that job. I’m a good drizzler too, I’m meticulous when I prepare our veggies and meat with extra virgin olive oil, for grilling. I’m sure it’d be the same, but with better meat.

Rolling Stone Cover


This just screams to be photoshoppped/ manipped by the fans, no?
EC: I bow down to the Queen of the manips.

SWD * Note (I didn’t do the initial photoshopping of the following two manips…. but the rest, well…)

So there were some, ehm, subtractions…

cover No sookie

Two's Company

EC: I prefer that! Sorry Sookie, but they are all anybody needs!

And that opens the flood gates…


Laffy joins the pah-tay!

Hey Guys, I want to join in the fun!

snowwhitedrifted joins the party

I'll take this over those silly dwarves any day

EC: Wait! I want in too! Can I be a princess like Ariel or Belle? Hee hee, Disney Princesses and vampires.

Of course, Stace (EC)!


Oh yeah, this beats the beast!

Lets cross swords worlds here and add some of our Twilight pretties into the mix.
EC: I’m scared, yet attracted at the same time…


Who's sparkling now, bitches?

(*note of course Mr. Snow did bring home the Lady Gaga issue, pictured with the guns and ass, so he really can’t talk)