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Wait…what happened to the Kermit balloon? That’s a giant flying Edward!

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Having a Wee Bit of Fun With the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade-Supernatural Edition

Posted By East Coast Stacey/ WC Stacey& snowwhitedrifted (SWD)

I just love the holidays! Obsessively. You might have seen in my Snoopy Thanksgiving Cartoon Post just how much I love this season. (EC here, BTW) For this reason, tomorrow is going to be a wonderous day of appetizers, turkey, pumpkin pie…oh and starting making my Christmas card list and perusing the holiday catalogues. You know making a list and checking it twice. Just call me Stacey Clause or Santa Stacey, because I am in the zone!

First things first…the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the real start of all the fun. I will be settling down on the couch with a HUGE mug of coffee and watching it from the beginning. I will get excited by all the Broadway performances, watch the Rocketts, ohh and ahhh over the Christmas lights that are already lighting up the busy New York streets. Plus as a major bonus, for us East Coasters…it’s going to be cold! The celebrities on the floats will ACTUALLY need their coats and scarfs this year. Not faking it and getting all hot and sweaty next to Big Bird and Elmo on the floats. (That didn’t sound right…you know what I mean. Get your head out of a very disturbed gutter.)

SWD: Our west coast version is a sad consolation compared to this grand daddy of all Holiday parades. The Hollywood Christmas Parade just doesn’t cut the mustard, with it’s Santa Claus wearing board shorts rocking out to the Beach Boys version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

What do these ramblings have to do with anything on a Supernatural characters blog? Well, I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool if our favorite actors from our favorite shows were on those floats? I don’t see Vampire Diaries or True Blood hanging out with the Backyardigans on the Nick Jr. float. They wouldn’t put the Glee kids on, because they were on a different network. For shame, NBC! I need some singing Puck! Maybe the Twilight cuties could be on one, because they are supposed to be wholesome and promoting the DVD. (But… could you imagine some of them (Rob and Kristen) chain smoking on a Disney float next to Mickey Mouse? Oh, I can!)

Step off Mickey, we're the all powerful RobSten

SWD: I could see Tay Tay comparing biceps with the Beast while Jackson puts the moves on Belle.

Float Hijinx

So we decided to PUT them on floats or at random parts of the parade this year for your viewing pleasure!

Volturi on Parade. Festive!

What, even as cartoons we're not G enough for the parade?

I think I picked the wrong animal to shift into

We all knew Twilight was big... but 10 stories high BIG?

So when you watch the parade tomorrow , think of us and Sookie Stackhouse sitting on Santa’s lap at the end.

SWD note: Och, interesting results when searching, “Santa’s lap”.

Santa and his Ho Ho Ho's

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Friends!

EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

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