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I’m so lost I need mapquest

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I haven’t read anything in forever. I started a Gabaldon book in, wait for it… November and I’m only a 1/4 of the way through. And it’s a brand new Jamie book. But our art hard drive died and I renamed the new one “Claire” cuz if she can find her way back and forth through time, she sure isn’t going to loose my art libraries.

I haven’t seen Vampire Diaries since the Holidays.

I saw Breaking Dawn once. Once. Bought it, It’s still in the packaging.

I don’t even skim the Truebie posts on my FB timeline.

Being Human what?

Downtown Abbey what?

I haven’t read the Hunger Games.

I didn’t know 50 shades of Grey, was based on a certain fanfiction that I never read.

*sigh* What have I been doing???

Nothing important. Going to bed at 9 after making dinner and doing laundry. Work has been INSANELY crazy for months and I have no free time to catch up on the important Supernatural stuff! Damn you people and needing your t-shirts (kidding, fates, I don’t need to tempt you), I need my internet catch up time. Anywhooooo

We just started “Breaking Bad” last night. 3 episodes in on season 1. *sigh* I hear it’s addictive. Like the fact I can’t wait to get home, slap dinner together, bounce the kiddo to bed and settle in for some good meth drama.


Bow hunter

I'm so cluess, I'm assuming she's hunting some wolfpack from one of the franchises I'm behind on.


Being Human, American Style! Episode 2

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Bringing the Sweaters, Supernatural Style!

What does he have to do with Being Human, good ol'USA? You'll see...

I must admit, when watching Being Human, Yankee Edition, I get distracted. Not by pretty things, because Mitchell isn’t in this one. It’s how my mind wanders, for instance, when seeing the Annie sweater on Sally, that I want one too. Then thanks to the ‘reporting’ of our sorority sister, Feat Lil J that the show is set in Boston. Which leads me to think with a quick trip on the highway I can be in Boston. Take in the sites, wander through Harvard yard, go to an awesome Irish pub/restaurant that I enjoyed with my hubby during our courting stage. You know, romantic warm fuzzies. Then something violent happens on Being Human USA and I am thrust back into the show.

Why is this? Well, I imagine it’s because I have seen it before. With accents. Which doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying it, but I do miss the original. It’s kind of like watching all the different film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, then remembering how much you love the Colin Firth movie. It’s not that you don’t like the other ones, it’s just you miss Colin Firth.

Wait a minute...I like Matthew Macfadyen's Darcy too!

SWD: Oh Stace, I ‘ve never been to Boston and have always wanted to go. Maybe we could do a  Being Human tour 2012. Speaking of Annie’s sweaters… wait, are we still calling them Annie’s sweaters on the yankee edition? Let’s, because “Sally Sweaters” sounds too Nick Jr.,  like a ditzy character that should be in the Laurie Berkner band or something. Back to the sweaters. I wore mine today, in honor of our post. Also did you notice at the end when Sally was floating down the stairs the lyrics to the song were “….wearing a sweater”. SyFy knows the power of the wool.

EC: Sorry…lost track there…Being Human…right…


You know you couldn't resist watching episode two!Look... It's Acts Like A Pouty Teen Wolf!


Saved By The Vamp – Aidan Style

So Josh’s big secret was discovered by his sister, due to Aidan’s super save the day actions. Let’s give that boy a cape! He was able to swallow the blood lust and be there for his friend. An admirable trait for the “good vampires”. But…riddle me this…how was Josh’s sister so easily able to see her brother writhing around in a cellar in pain and not want to get him to a doctor? Even if she bought Aidan’s excuse, “He’s crazy!” You would think she would call her parents due to the fact that their mom was loco too. Color me confused.

SWD: I didn’t get it either. Do you think he Glamored/compelled/Dazzled/ whatever they’re calling vamp hypnotism on this show. Also, do we know yet how they can day walk? Will we find out later?

Josh’s cardigan

Dear Stefan, THIS is how a supe wears a cardi. Why does it work on Josh and not Stefan? Because Josh is kind of adorkable and that’s what a cardigan says (said by girl  currently wearing a cardigan). Stefan is too calm, cool, and collected for this conservative garment. For his preppier moods, Stefan needs more of this: but his wardrobe intervention will be another post.

Sally, Sally, Sally…You Can Do SO Much Better

For those of you who HAVE not watched the British version, I will not spoil the reason that Miss Sally is still lurking around the grungy apartment. (Like those who lurk around the blog and don’t comment. Teasing. I adore you lurkers.) I will, however, put this into your head. First…why is Danny so darn annoying? Just keep that in the back of your head while viewing. Also, why didn’t Sally and Danny put some fresh paint up in their crib. Seriously, that is a depressing color in that place. Quick! Aidan, Josh get your supernatural painting powers on and lighten up that place!

SWD: No kidding, wasn’t Home Depot open on move-in day? They couldn’t pick up a gallon of Sunset Sunrise Splash? Danny kind of seems like a sunset magic kind of guy. Oh, and pick up some light bulbs for that dark hallway while they’re at it. Or maybe a baby gate or some glow tape at the top of the stairs. Maybe a nightlight in the hallway. We have dangerous stairs too. So steep my dog goes down on three legs because he’s going so fast. #great4kids

 She’s Back…And Not A Nice Young Lady

That’s right, Aidan’s clean up crew didn’t clean up his mess. Instead, they took it home, gave it sharp teeth and sent it off to make an even bigger mess for the gang.  Umm…was her name Amanda…you know the redhead…

She's a maneater...literally!


First, she tries to eat Josh, but true to Twilight and every other supe show, the wolves are downright stinky. Lucky Josh. Unfortunately, for annoying, can’t take a hint nurse girl or newest vamp was still hungry. Well…not annoying anymore.  Not actually anything.

SWD: She’s rather trampy too. We all know from Horror Movies 101 that the slutty chick is the first to get offed. Um, that didn’t sound right. But you know what I mean. There is a dissertation on this in Scream. 




Jaco…I Mean Bishop Is Still Scary

Mark Pelligrino is downright frightening. In a v-neck sweater even. I liked Lost’s Jacob, but he was creeptastic on Supernatural. I wouldn’t want his cop to pull me over for speeding. I don’t think the fine will be a ticket.

SWD: He IS creepy…. like windowless white van  driving creepy.

Overall Impressions of Numero 2

Well, it was scary and creepy. The characters are growing on me. So…I’ll see you next week Being Human! Ohh…new Vampire Diaries tonight! Yee ha! Also…guess what’s playing on BBC3…Being Human Series 3! Cannot Wait!!!

See you next time!

What did you think? Tell us in the comments! Excited about tonight’s Vampire Diaries?

SWD: I am I am!

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SWD's affectionately nicknamed "Flaming Staircase of Death"


If This Van’s a Rockin’… It’s Just a Werewolf

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Vampire Diaries Recap epi 3: “Bad Moon Rising”

* Recaps and spoilers walk hand in hand. *


EC: Talk about coincidences! After our ‘epic’ were/shifters interviews, here’s a Vampire Diaries starring those hairy cuties. I am enjoying your pretty, Uncle Mayo! Hey there, Meathead…I mean Tyler.
SWD: Ah yes, the Lockwood boys frolicking in the woods….Mmmmmm delt p0rn. Why is Tyler wearing Eric’s black tank top? Look, Tyler is running into some sort of room. Is it the basement of Fangtasia? Where’s Eric? Did the tank lead him there?

EC: He’s back! Thank you Kevin Williamson! I am going to kiss…Alaric and give you a cookie! What else…Super Bromance Road Trip to Duke. Alaric, Damon and…what? Degrassi? Ugh. I just wanted the boys driving in the SUV, listening to boy tunes like Metallica, eating messy fast food. Alaric maybe McDonald’s and Damon probably (sorry PETA!) a cat. Talking about boobs. But no, Degrassi is along for the ride, so everybody will be on their best behavior.
SWD *sarcastically*: Sucks to be her!

StefanWard: Vamp Camp counselor of the week

EC: Let’s discuss, our buddy Camp Counselor, Stefan. Camp Vamp: Learning to be a Happy Vampire in a week. Alright the gray tee and those jeans. Come on Stefan. I have enough celebrity boy crushes, Did you have to put on some Edward Cullen wear? Where is the non-threatening plaid shirt.

SWD: Oh Stefan’s Cullenizing Caroline, with this vegan-hunt-in-the-woods thing, of course he’s got to dress like one. They are hunting rabbitts, look out Bugs, the Fudds are coming

Elmer Fudd


This was also where he gave his “I’m an emo” speech. Way to go there StefanWard.

EC: I like Stefan and Caroline. He was actually, I can’t believe I’m saying this, funny and charming. I don’t know what to do with this new Stefan. He should be paired with Caroline more often. Then when you throw in that firecracker, Bonnie, you get some good stuff. That’s who I missed this week! Bonnie! She should have gone on the road trip with Damon and Alaric! Now that would be a threesome. Take that however you wish.

SWD: Yes, there are 2 parallel threesomes this week. First we have Elena and the eye candies on the road trip. And we have Stefan with WitchBonnie and VampCaroline basking in the sun of her bedroom. Manage-a-Vamp!

EC: Vanessa, Isobel’s assistant looks familiar…Eureka! It’s the Trinity Killer’s daughter from Dexter! She almost killed Elena! She shot Damon.! She gave vampire and werewolf info that I ignored, because I was too busy having Damon and Alaric fantasies. I’ll try to focus on important information and not hot men the next time I watch it.
SWD: I don’t like Indiana Jane. I don’t know what they were looking at either, my mind was drifting too. You know, Elena is dumb. Damon or Indiana said something like, “Vampires hunted the werewolves to almost extinction.” Elena “MENSA” Degrassi asks, “Why would they do that?” which I believe was right after they had just said a wolf bite will kill a vampire. Hmmm, maybe, like us, she wasn’t really paying attention either. You know, surrounded by all that hotness and threeway thoughts. Oh, but Indiana is there, that’d be swinging, not a threeway. #logistics. I think she was distracted when Indiana asked her if Damon could read minds. (EC: Like Edward! I betcha that he was the inspiration for that one!!) Then he said no, but he could hear her and that if she wanted something just ask which he followed with, “You want to see me naked?” Now I know I answered “yes”, as I’m sure you did too, Stace, as well as everyone else in the country that office (yes, Alaric too… this is our recap and I think the bromance can be slash-y).

Mmm, yes please, minus Elena

EC: Why is Tyler throwing a raging kegger in the woods? Have you seen the mortality rate in Mystic Falls? Large social gatherings are never a good idea. Mostly ones that involve being drunk and running around the woods. Think about it people!

EC: We have some wolf answers! I need to concentrate on the facts and not that Mayo was naked, sweaty, dirty…oh my. I’m okay! Turning into a werewolf does hurt! Being chained up in dark cellar type place is a good idea , unless you have an idiot nephew. Finally, you decide to be like True Blood and use real wolves and not CGI cartoons like Twilight. Good!

SWD: Let’s discuss the chains for a moment, because, they were good. I mean Good. Real Good. They ARE the chains from Fangtasia. They still have Eric juice on them. See Mayo’s abs? That is from residual hotness left from the Viking. Hot supe abs are catchy.

EC: If this van’s a rockin’! Why is Stefan peeking in? Oh my god, Stefan is a Peeping Tom! Dirty Stefan.

SWD: Well they were maddogging each other earlier in the day, when Mayo drove by. Maybe Stefan confused it as an eyeF***? Came back to “check.”

EC: Uncle Mayo jumping out of the window and spraying you with glass in his wolf form serves you right! Being that type of nosy is never good Mr. Salvatore. And don’t you go pretending you knew he was in there. I’ve heard that one before.
SWD: Hey, why isn’t Tyler shifting? Oh, he’s too busy getting c**kblocked by a dissolving glamour/ compulsion.

Wolf hormones aren

EC: Caroline made Matt her juice box. Poor Matt! First his sister turns into a vamp and is staked, followed be his mom continuing her cougar ways from when she was on the OC (Julie Cooper!) and now his lady love tries to eat him! That kid is not having a good year!
SWD: But Caroline went for that juice box like nobody’s business. she is one lusty vamp. Maybe I want her back on Damon, that’d be hot, like HBO hot. Vamp Skinimax.

EC: Snap! Forgiveness denied Damon! You were too sweet. Elena likes you sassy. If you delivered that apology with a side a snark you would be golden. Stefan gives her all the heartfelt loving she needs. Elena wants you to be the bad boy and so do I.

EC: Katherine’s back! Hooray!
SWD: And since Caroline’s humanity just dumped her, I bet she goes bad ass too. Ahh, Two evil bitches on the loose! Kind of like us, Stace!


Stacey vs. Stacey: We throw shoes at bitches

*NOTE I have no idea why the following picture came up when I googled “cartoon devil girls redhead & brunette”, but I’m including it*

Google makes no sense

Google makes no sense, but throws us little gems like this every now and then

Intro to the Supe

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Life works in mysterious ways and this real life tale begins with a pretty boy. All good stories should start with one, so this one follows suit. One day, this pretty boy walked onto the television screen of two different houses on two different coasts. He strutted into a cafeteria with his tight fitted shirt, ruffled hair, sly smile and hungered for a girl. Everything about her sang to him. At the same time, he was “singing” to the girls. What were these two girls, one in the east and the other the west, to do with this new found knowledge of the pretty boy and the humor that he could inspire? Their husbands would certainly divorce them, when they discovered that their wives “coveted” this pretty boy and the books that gave him a disturbing rise to celebrity and arm hair pulling.


It all starts with a choice. A choice to become a fan of the supe.

Separately, the girls discovered a website created by two other lovely girls on opposite sides of the country called, Letters to Twilight. It opened a world of new friends, experiences and humor that made them feel complete. They had discovered not only that they shared a first name, but they were so alike that they were “cosmic twins”. The same occupations, college majors, sorority, husbands who look like quirky actors and a love of boys who play supernatural creatures.


Salvatore brothers are supe goodness

For our new friends a brief introduction:

East Coast Stacey – I hail from the northeast, but I’m originally from the upper south. I’m married and I am the mother to two ginger haired moppets. I now spend my days being chauffer to children, writing fanfiction and love musical sass. I read the original “Twilight”, Vampire Diaries in high school. I also watched Buffy and Angel with my dad. (He might just be a unicorn.)


WC/ Ssnowwhitedrifted- I say inappropriate things. I live in the OC and I married Fletch (seriously, my husband IS young Chevy Chase). I’m late to the party but I’ve always had an acute fondness for supes. I read Twilight in November, The Sookie books/ True Blood in June and started the Vampire Diaries show in September. However, I fell hard and fast for all of these things. My day job is designing t-shirts for a custom screen printing company as well as some freelance tee designs for other blogs (LTT ya’ll!). I enjoy wine, running (well, I don’t really enjoy it, but I enjoy stopping) and talking about my boobs. I’m also a mom to a 3 year old girl. She, along with Fletch, hate all things dark. Thank goodness I found Stace!

The East and West became friends and started co-writing letters that were posted on their favorite blog, There was something missing, however, a hole that needed to be filled. There were other supernatural movies, television and books that contained cute male characters that needed a voice. Would the Staceys’ forget about that pretty boy who drives a Volvo. Never! It was time for that pretty boy to learn how to share his Staceys. That is how Talk Supe was born.


Oh Sookie, what a choice.

Hello Badass Katherine. Happy to Make Your Acquaintance

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* There will be spoilers! * 



Look at those shoes! Katherine's gonna step on some hearts with those bad boys


EC:  It’s been a long summer without you Salvatore Brothers.  You have been missed Ian’s lips…I mean…Damon’s quick wit and Stefan’s brooding, bushy eyebrows. Of course, there was Pretty Pattinson’s Eclipse in June and the hoopla before it.  Oh and an epic True Blood season featuring Eric’s blue sweater. Okay…you were missed, but we were really distracted by other things, some that sparkled and others that cried blood.
WC/snowwhitedrifted: Give me a minute, I’m still on the blue sweater. *swoons*
EC: Perhaps we can recap this by answering all of WC Stacey’s questions, because she is a little behind (she’s halfway through season 1). But first: 

WC/SWD:  Why is there no Alaric? What happened to him. Wait, don’t tell me. 

EC:  That’s right no Alaric: WHERE WAS HE?!? Made no sense.  The epic bromance between Alaric and Damon was sorely missed.  I kind of wanted to see them, you know…hug it out.  Handsome Alaric should have been there. Bring him back next week, Williamson or you are in BIG trouble.   

WC/SWD:  Oh good, he’s not dead dead or gay or something. He kind of reminds me of Harrison Ford circa Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. 

WC/SWD: eww, she just cut off that guy’s fingers.
Wait what.. this isn’t Elena.
Great, does everyone know that and I missed it last season. I’ll catch up, eventually

EC: This is where I can be of assistance…that would be Katherine. She is hardcore awesome.  I really didn’t think Degrassi could pull it off, but color me surprised she did it. (Nina was on Degrassi. Now it’s what I like to call her.) She totally chopped of Sark’s (Hi Alias!) fingers.  How awesome and not at all Twilight was that.  Victoria didn’t even slice off Mike Newton’s fingers. (Which would have been awesome!) That was bordering on True Blood. Nice. 

WC/SWD:  Stefan slapped Jeremy, kind of hot. I like it when vamps do ‘bad things’.
Stefan’s jacket is nice. You know what’s up? The collar. Collar.. Cullen … coincidence
EC:  That slap was well deserved. Oh and kind of hot.  Jeremy is an angsty little monkey. Wait…he’s NOT going to be a vampire.  He could have been a great vampire, sucked the whiney right out of him. I just got distracted by Stefan’s eyebrows again, so bushy. They remind me of… 


Yes, this would glamour me. But they don't call it glamour on VD do they?


WC/SWD: Hi there Damon. He looks older (in a good way). I like his hair like this. 

EC: Hi handsome. Missed you. I want to lick…no just stop…
WC/SWD: There seem to be a lot of  Damon-and-the-sheriff  “close” scenes. She’s into him isn’t she? Is this where the CW throws us oldies a bone?  Is he into cougars? Or is it just like all vampire shows…  wanting to bang the blond sheriff? 

EC:I don’t think she’s in the same league as your favorite blond sheriff. He who rocks the blue sweater. Oh and Damon loves all the ladies! 

WC/SWD: When Damon is talking to Elena and Stefan about the kiss, she turns around and he totally checks out her ass

EC:  That scene also had the awesome line and Damon facial expression, “When two lips pucker…”  Lips…Ian…what? Huh? Where am I again? 

WC/SWD: Oh yeah, I noticed that line too. I thought I’d leave that one for you

WC/SWD: The aunt’s name is Jenna, right? I’ve been referring to her as aunt Jinny, like in Pulp Fiction. 

EC: Yep Jenna! They should have had her boyfriend, Alaric on. Just saying it again.
WC/SWD: I’m glad to hear they’re dating. Is he shirtless later in season 1?
WC/SWD:  Why is Damon mad at Katherine? Where I left off, he was trying to get the crystal from WitchBonnie to wake her ass up.

EC:  I am here to help and spoil it for you…she played him!  That tease was never in the tomb, she just wanted to get away from him. I have a problem with this logic…Katherine have you looked at the boy? You don’t get rid of that good stuff!  Quick note: Bonnie and Damon would be hot and angry.  Just think about it. 

WC/SWD:  Yes, I noticed that too, at the funeral. I might have a creeptastic girlcrush on WitchBonnie. That or I just like her outfits. 

EC:  It’s a girlcrush. I have it, too.
WC/SWD:  Damon’s at the funeral and here’s a good cougar moment between him, the sheriff, and the widow. When he puts his arms on their shoulders, I immediately thought cougarita 3 way! That’s normal, right? 

EC:  I bet our buddy Cathy Hardwicke would have loved to squeeze herself into that threesome with her VHS of Kristen and Pretty Pattinson. 

WC/SWD: The black sheep- hey it’s book Alcide! 

EC: I like him. I like him a lot. Just as much as Alcide. Oh great, I’m becoming a wolf pack girl. 

WC/ SWD: It’s cool, we all have “puppy “love now and again. 

WC/SWD: Oh, Alcide’s name is Mason. Don’t care for the name, reminds me of mayonnaise and shy albino boys with lisps. But then again I have issues with a lot of their names. But that’s a subject for another day. 

EC: I thought hot stuff was named “Nathan”. I might be going deaf or my excitement that my guilty pleasure, One Tree Hill is starting next week. It has a basketball playing Nathan. Yum, Nathan. You know True Blood Alcide used to be on OTH. #funwolfboyfact 

WC/SWD: Maybe it is Nathan. That would be better. I don’t mind him being named after a hot dog. I had the volume kind of low. I watched this @  5:30 AM this morning, slightly hungover and hungry. I missed details. 

WC/SWD:  “Taylor Lockwood” similar sounding to “Taylor Lautner.”  What’s the connection there. 

EC: They’re both werewolves!  Do I win a prize? Can it be Somerhalder’s phone number? Wait a minute…Stefan has werewolf eyebrows! Fitting due to him playing a werewolf on CBS’s WOLF CREEK.   

WC/SWD: I think Rob, in real life, looks more Wolf than vamp too. Brows. Hair. 

WC/SWD: So this Lockwood curse, we’re all thinking wolves right? Or have wolves been done too much. True Blood took wolves,  panthers and dogs, maybe the Lockwoods will be lemurs. WereLemurs. Can’t you see it? Get it, see it… ‘cause Lemurs have those weird eyes. 


WereLemurs, aren't they hot?!

EC:  You totally got the lemur idea from my fanfic, ‘cause you love it. 

WC/SWD: C’mon who doesn’t love a lemur and your fic? 

WC:  Oooh, look, a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows trailer, yay!
EC:  I was going to mention the Let Me In trailer. Freaky little vampire girl. Scary! Somebody call the Volturi, a little one got out! 

WC/SWD: Yeah, I’m going to avoid the Volturi refugee movie. I’m a mom. I think vampires are sexy. THESE 2 WORLDS DO NOT COLLIDE, hear me makers of “Let me In” 

WC/SWD: Best line of the show goes to Damon ” Doppleganger hijinx ensued” 

EC: I also liked: Damon to Katherine, “Don’t pout.  It’s not attractive on a woman your age.” 

WC/SWD: Stefan “threatens” John in the hospital. Nice! No more Emo Vamp. Yay! *sings* “No more Mr. Nice guy, no more Mr. Clee e eean”. Timely Alice Cooper reference. Hey another Alice. 

EC:  How not Edward Cullen of you, Mr. Salvatore. Well played, sir. 

WC/SWD: But then Katherine says to Stefan, “Your stronger, meaner… sexy” and I’d have to agree. 

EC: Then she staked him with a pole.  I’ll say it again…that girly is hardcore! 

WC/SWD: I like her better than Bella, oops I mean Elena 

WC/SWD: My my my, Damon pounds Katherine to the floor.  Damn, Damon, choke a bitch out. 

EC:  What?  I got distracted by his naked chest peaking out of that shirt. Mmm… 

WC:/SWD: He grabs her neck a la Sookie in the angry “we beat the werewolfs” sex scene. “Hot” said like Emmett. 

WC/SWD: That’s a nice bra.
EC: Damon seemed to like it, too. Note to self: Victoria Secret. 

WC/SWD: Damon’s drunk on Elena’s bed. He says “specific” No one in the history of booze has been able to say “specific” while intoxicated. 

EC: I do like that they can get drunk and eat things. Can you imagine if Emmett could get drunk by guzzling down a bunch of 40’s? Awesome. 

WC/SWD: So Caroline and Jeremy are going to be vamps?
EC: Just Caroline.  Which I think is straying FAR from the books.  Must call “Steve”, she’ll remember.  Jeremy was wearing the magical healing ring. Did I just spoil that too? My guess: Jeremy, Vampire Slayer! Like Buffy only in a whiny boy package. 

There it is…recap 1 of the Vampire Diaries! Join us next week for the Season Finale of True Blood and whatever other silly supe stuff we come up with. Keep your fingers crossed for some nice naked Eric. We will. 

WC/SWD: Always do, Stace, always do.