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True Blood Season Finale…

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When I was about to think that True Blood was going to go out with a wimper it went out with a bang! Two of them in fact. I must add that I wasn’t exactly pleased by these developments, yet they sure were surprising and exciting! Let’s just get to the most important parts…

Good bye Jesus!!! That’s right, the poor guy was killed off in another show. (RIP, Detective in Southland) By the character’s possessed boyfriend. Layfette is going to need therapy on this one!

Worst date ever!

Marnie was sent off with Sookie’s grandmother, where ever dead people go in True Blood. I was hoping something more dramatic. But it seems that Jesus will be hanging around and haunting Layfette due to his medium abilities. Which sure will put a damper on any future relationships. (Which reminds me of Jeremy, of Vampire Diaries, issues. It’s starting to get annoying how these show are mimicing each other.)

Bill and Eric were almost vampire BBQ, which would have put a damper on their budding bromance. Which will now be more possible that Sookie kicked them to the curb!

Nope to King Bill. Royality is such a bossy pain sometimes.

Nope, Simpleton Eric and Snarky Eric. Loving one vampire is enough without dealing with multiple personalities!

Hello, Handsome! Sookie's head is quite taken with your hero personality and those...abs.

Noel from Felicity stops by, but not as Quinn! If you are to have an actor like Scott Foley, you give him a BIG ROLE. Not one that centers on Terry, Arlene and Andy. One that hooks him up with Sookie. It’s Noel, people! He didn’t end up with Felicity, he should at least get some action with the lead heroine of this show!

Why doesn't Felicity...I mean Sookie...want me?

Looks like our favorite psychopathic king is coming back!

Welcome back, King Crazy!

Sam buried a brother and gained a family…and a crazy mother wannabe. Also, didn’t know until now that Sam’s shirts are also available for funerals. Hmm.

Jason gets beat up, but manages to get a lady.

Jason gets the girl, but loses the boy

Finally, Tara… not everyboy’s favorite, but I always liked her. Couldn’t Ball at least let her have some happiness and… a relationship with Sam. Tara kept saving Sookie this season and all she gets in a bullet in the brain! Is she really dead? In the hospital? Will someone turn her into a vampire? Will Layfette have constant companions with the ghostly Tara and Jesus? I could imagine their running commentary on his outfits right now! (That would be pretty funny!)

Real friends will take a bullet for you, even after you keep defending the vampire that's always trying to kill that friend. Poor Tara!

At least, no more Debbie! (yay!)

Freedom, Alcide! Freedom!!!!

Can’t wait for next summer! Already counting down the days!

True Blood Recap: Gettin’ An Eyeful, True Blood Style

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Today’s installment of the True Blood recap is brought to you by…

SAM'S SHIRTS. Short or long sleeved you can't go wrong with a Sam's Shirt. Don't shift without one!

EC:  There was a lot of development in this past Sunday’s episode, so let’s get to MY favorite part…drunken, simple-minded Eric. Sure, he can’t remember anything, but not only did Eric inherit Jason’s ridiculous looking sleeveless hoodie, he also now has gained Jason’s cluelessness. Yes, I miss bad boy Eric. (As does Team Seth) However, this is a fun bit of distraction to see Alexander play a goof ball. It’s not only refreshing, but makes me giggle. Particularly, the drunken gooseing of Miss Stackhouse. Who knew that fairy blood equals the same buzz of a six pack of Bud Light. (Cause they are down south, y’all.) It also inspires this:

SWD: My fav line,” Croccccccccoooooooddddiiiiiiiloooooos” said in menacing crazy Viking voice. This is soo book Eric, even down to the wearing of Jason’s old sweatshirts. Or wait, did Sookie pick up Eric some clothes from Walmart? Either way, Viking sheriff in Gildan is funny. I’m thinking the black tanks of previous seasons were American Apparel. They go uber low with the U necks. Just ask VD’s Stefan.

It's like talking to a very tall toddler

EC:  Also, the added Alcide bonus…  

Fun at the creek during the summer, Bon Temps style

EC:  I mean come on now, Ball is an evil mastermind! This scene is the reason that the female demographic for these types of shows and movies are so high. It certainly isn’t the gore factor. No, it’s the shirtless men…umm…I mean romance! That’s it…romance! The scene with Sookie, Alcide and Eric was pretty funny. Which is good, because the rest of it was an angst fest. Starting with Debbie getting ready to jump back on the crazy train. At least we had an almost Sookie/Eric kiss!

SWD: Sookie looked so cute in that scene too! I want her green mini jacket.  Friend of a friend has 4 large, menacing dogs (rott, shepherd, etc.) and a chihuahua. The chihuahua OWNS them. It reminds me of Sookie and her pack of alphas.

EC: Pam gets a face lift. Or is it face melt? It looked painful. Now we know that hippie Marnie is possessed by a very pissed off ancient witch. Being burned at the stake will do that to a girl. #lessonslearnedfromSalem. Massachusetts that is. Not #lessonslearnedfromDaysofourLivesSalem. However, both Days of Our Lives and True Blood had characters that were possessed. Plus, True Blood is pretty much a gory soap opera. Now they should just have Sami Brady do a crossover.

SWD: That freaked me out! Poltergeist flashbacks!

Pam, if you were interested in getting some work done, I would have suggested a certified plastic surgeon.

EC:  Oh Bill…Bill…Bill…you went from your dream girl, Sookie to your great, great, great granddaughter. Dude, that’s messed up. Must be good to be king. Not! Karma is going to be biting you on the bottom. Look, it already did! Sookie wouldn’t let you look for Eric in her house. That’s right, she’s going to leave you for a Viking! Oh and the grandmother from WHO’S THE BOSS is flirting with you. Oh where, oh where, is Tony Danza when you need him?

SWD: Mona! The original cougar… still going strong and chatting up Bill. Oh wait, he’s older. Betty White needs to be on True Blood. She could be Octavia!

Well this was a bad idea, Bill.

EC:  There was a bunch of shifter drama. Sam’s lady has a kid and a crazy ex. Who happens to be a werewolf. Of course. Couldn’t they just make the guy a crazy dentist or something? Maybe, a demented florist? Change things up a bit? Oh and more Tommy. Being that his dead beat parents put him on a steel chain leash, I don’t think will be getting away from Tommy for awhile. Ugh.

SWD: You KNOW Sam’s going to save him. Take him back in, buy him shirts.

Worst T.V. Parents of the Year Winners 2011

EC:  Poor Hoyt. His relationship with Jessica was already on shaky ground. It’s never a good thing when Jess decides to get relationship advice from PAM. It leads to naughty decisions like snacking on young men in the women’s bathroom. Seriously, that is not at all hygenic. It’s not like she’s a Edward Cullen type personality. If he was real, Edward would be carrying in sanitizing wipes and Purell. Which is funny, because he’s already dead.

SWD: Hoyt/Crystal hook up?

EC: Jessica’s saved Jason’s life with her blood. You know what that means…Jason and Jessica hook up ahead! (Which I am kind of loving!) Anything to het him away from crazy panther chick. All that inbreeding has made her a nut. It’s not going to end well. Mostly for Hoyt. He is definitely going to be moving back in with his Momma.  

SWD: Jason’s crzy “V” dreams are going to be insane@!

Let's all remember the good times, because they sure aren't going to last much longer

EC: I have a bad feeling that poor baby is going to be blamed for the evil doings of that creepy doll. Actually, what the heck is wrong with Terry and Arlene? That doll is nasty! Can you imagine the germs? Who cares if it’s evil. They should have a least put that thing in the washing machine or the fire place. That would be responsible parenting!

SWD: And I thought Cabbage Patch Dolls were creepy, but that thing?! Give me a Chuckie doll anyday.

Even Hoyt shouldn't be touching that nasty thing and he's a grown up!

Let us know what you though of this episode! Also, on Twitter @talksupe!

Greek System with a Bite

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Yes, we're THAT old!


So, did you all know we Stacey’s were in the same sorority? Sure, different chapters, different universities, and (slightly) different years, but the same letters nonetheless. Our actual houses may have differed, as well as the paths of the walk of shame, (EC:  Ours was a much longer walk…the more they tried to segregate the boys and girls, the more coeds crossed the quad wearing Dave Matthews teeshirts and oversized sweatpants.), but we both have nightmares about red carnations and Bessie Grooms. (EC: Hey Feat LilJ, you were the President of my Chapter.  Who would have thought we would be discussing  Supe stuff. Nope, we were watching Buffy together even back then! Also just for a fun note: Our sorority has a Founder’s Day like Mystic Fall, but with no Salvatore Brothers or, you know, carnage) Anyway, I was watching one of my favorite movies, “Sorority Boys”  and it got me to thinking… What if there was a Greek System for our Supernatural friends? We think it would go something like this:

Welcome to the hallowed halls of the University of Vlad.  Home of the Fighting Impalers.  Where you come for the academics and remain, because well…you become the undead.

Hell week has a whole new meaning

Fraternity- Kappa Omicron Kappa (KOK), like the Delta house was also known as “Animal House” this one is simply known as ‘HELL House”, due to the Benjamin Moore:  Bahama Sunrise paint that Eric chose for the walls.) KOK houses the alpha male Vampires. Eric Northman is president and Damon Salvatore is Pledgemaster. Have you seen Vampire Diaries season 1? Our Damon would put the fear in to those incoming freshman boys. Hazing becomes a new art form when you have to take out a werewolf! Mitchell (Being Human) is an honorary member of KOK, as of last semester’s behavior. (What! You haven’t watched it yet? Tsk Tsk!) Emmett is the member best known for crushing cans of TruBlood on his head and surfing the stairs on a coffin lid. (That’s my boy!)

Hide your pledge paddle

Fraternity- Rho Omicron Tau (ROT), consists of the Volturi (sans Jane)- it’s all male, as all fraternities are, but …. we still think, ahem, Aro (and Caius, don’t forget Caius) prefers it that way. Their letters are embroidered on their silk Hermes scarves in calligraphy. There’s no blood keg in this mausoleum, these boys drink out of goblets and listen to early Baroque chamber music. Initiation consists of, um, actual spanking spiking.  Won in last years IFC Trivia Bowl challenge, Talbot in a Jar resides in their trophy case.

We're evolved men. You won't be afraid of our bathrooms.

Fraternity- Episilon Mu Omicron (EMO), is similiar to real life Lambda Chi. Led by president Edward Cullen, many self loathing, yet gorgeous, sensitive and caring, yet lethal, vamps reside at EMO. The RUSH chair, Stefan Salvatore holds monthly gatherings (every 28 days or so) to attract new members. (He’s a teacher that one. A very sensitive teacher) This is serious business. Period. Bill Compton is the resident advisor to EMO, but has been seen as of late partying at KOK. EMO is a dry house and is located next to the sorority Nu Alpha Gamma (NAG) for this reason. The parties there are not the most exciting, the boys seem to listen to Matchbox 20, John Mayer and Taylor Swift, while holding hands and talking about…feelings. (Mostly theirs, the drama queens)

Sorority- Nu Alpha Gamma (NAG), is compromised of our human sympathizers (Angela, Tara, etc) who are lonely and miserable because they are the late night/one night hook ups of the supe greeks.  They’re the Jack in the Box drive thru meals for supes. Their house mom, or house aunt, because she’s young, cool and hip is Aunt Jenna. She allows boys (“boys”?) on the second floor. *wink wink* Some of the girls are ultra cranky, like Tara. Not a good thing, now that she’s rooming with Bonnie. They didn’t know that young lady can start fires with her mind during Rush. Oops. Those two young ladies are going to be trouble for KOK, but very popular at DOG.

Sorority- Sigma Nu Kappa (SN(ac)K), It’s just Bella, Elena and Sookie. Their walls are completely covered in maxi pads, because if one drop of accidental bloodshed escapes this house, a feeding frenzy would ensue. These girls are the most sought out on campus for that reason.  Bella Swan was originally the president, but was usurped by Miss Stackhouse due to Bella’s wishy-washiness almost getting them slaughtered weekly. Elena, well as social chair, she plays with her hair and is constantly texting Stefan about buying her wine coolers.

Everyone finds a bone at DOG house

Fraternity -Delta Omicron Gamma (DOG), is led by Alcide Herveaux. The Lockwood men, Jacob, George, Sam, Quil, Embry and the rest howl it up nightly in this dog house. It’s a mess in that house with all the…umm…marking taking place.  Poor George is always running around the house with paper towels and saying, “Honestly, we are gentlemen.  Could you please attempt to use the lavatory?” They all take turns patrolling the borders of the Row, making sure no one is eaten during a midnight walk of shame. Also, in this house, these puppies get neutered if imprinting on underage coeds occurs. They do lock up Tyler in the basement often, not for turning, just being generally annoyed by him.

Being this hot is draining

Sorority- Delta Iota Epsilon (DIE), These are the badass female supes. This is obvs. the top sorority and their parties are killers. All the male Greeks are dying, well, many of them are already dead, to get into a DIE party. With fashionista president Alice Cullen, their Rush outfits are the best. No stupid matching sleeveless blazers, pearl necklaces, and khaki shorts here. Well, there may be pearl necklaces, but those come later, thanks to the KOK house. (oh boy…you didn’t just go there!) Jane is Pledge “Educator”. Not a step is missed during initiation with her in charge. Pam, Katherine, Jessica and Sophie Anne have been known to do naked row runs and end up for days in the KOK basement. No chains needed, unless requested.

Fraternity- Beta Rho Omicron (BRO) Our semi- supernatural friends, men with some powers, but not full blown supe. Members include Alaric, Lafayette, Jesus, the brothers Winchester: Sam and Dean, and Jeremy, aka Whiny-the-vampire-Slayer (although he’s just a pledge they took in at the last minute because finances were down due to Jason Stackhouse’s infamous bottomless keg stands…and take bottomless to mean both the keg and Jason). And Jeremy  has a hot sister they want to bang. Well, Lafayette and Jesus just want to go sparkly belt shopping with her. Most likely he will be kicked out before initiation and sent to live with his sister. She’s the only one who can stand him. Bella likes to bake him cookies.

Newton on a mission to reinstate panty raids

Fraternity- The house known as  DUL (Delta Upsilon Lambda ) boasts (really?) Mike Newton as President, Eggs as Social Chair and Eric Yorkie as house decorator. House decorator, that’s uh, a new one. Tyler likes to pick up the ladies in his rockin’ van. Head of Campus Security, Charlie keeps a  close watch on this one due to their abnormal activity of having 40’s (the malt beverage, to Yorkie’s dismay) parties on the front lawn, which has more than it’s fair share of couches. Also surprisingly, he hangs outside of Edward’s EMO house cleaning his shotgun, instead of watching out for the coeds at the party house of KOK. Priorities, Chief, priorites. Just cause, Bella only likes to hang out at EMO and DUL, doesn’t mean you don’t have a job to do!

Row Gods: Eric Northman, Alcide Herveaux, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale (He brings the good vibrations to every gathering! Also 100 Monkeys, but not everybody’s perfect)… oh Hale, aren’t they alll row gods?
Row goddesses: EC and SWD, because it’s our blog, dammit.
Interfraternity Council (IFC) President: Carlisle “can’t we all just get along” Cullen
And of course, Panhellenic President: Jessica Stanley (Of course, she is)

So there you have it. By no means do these houses use white togas in their initiation rituals. They do a full outright ritual sacrifice, with stonehenge rocks, lamb blood and virgins. White’s just too hard to clean… besides, initiaiton is always after labor day.

Oopsie. I guess that left a mark.

Love in the Lyre and stealing KOK’s composite,
the Staceys
**Trivial fact, each series has a Sam: Merlotte, Clearwater, and Winchester. *

Do Plaid Things: Sam’s shirts

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An Ode to the shirts of True Blood’s Sam Merlotte.

Quintessential Sam Puppy goodness

Ah Sam, your almost too tight western shirts are just too good not to mention. They embody you, you know, when you are actually in clothes and not running around in the forest, naked, after squirrels, deer, pigs, maenads, cows, etc.


1. Sunshiny Goodness

1.Here we have early Sam. It is a bright and cheery shirt, probably worn during some time with Sookie. It shows his connection to her sunbathing lightness.


2. Sams blue F* Me shirt

2.This is how you won us over, you dog, in the beginning of the show. You’d wear a nice blue that complimented your shaggy scruff. We loved it, we bit.  Also, notice the snap buttons on most of the shirts. Easy off for quicker shifting.


3. Plaid Epaulets

3.This “dude” shirt shows a playful Sam, probably with a good sense of humor. C’mon, it’s plaid on the shoulders, no one is going to think you have a dark side in your “Even  Cowboys Sing the Blues” shirt. Good way for Alan Ball to trick us into trusting Sam.

4. Get Some

4. Ahh, here you are comforting the Sook. You look nonthreatening and welcoming in blue. It’s drawing Sookie in. This is Sam’s date shirt.

Cuffs? or Wet?

5. Cuffs? or Wet?

5.Here’s a sexier Sam. It’s even tighter and the sleeves are shorter. I’m assuming it’s summertime in Bon Temps. At first look, it appears like waitress sleeve-type cuffs, but on closer look, I think it’s just wet. See, what I mean? Sam, wet shirt situations= sexy.

Shirts and Weaponry

6. Shirts and Weaponry, hinting at a bad ass?

6.Here you are with some sort of fighting object. This is hinting to us that you are going to roll up those plaid sleeves and get your hands dirty, up to your elbows, in vamp mess.

7. Sam the BAMF

7. Yep, I’m right. You wear a black shirt when you go on your whiskey and rage induced rampage. Sure, it does have white piping, but that just shows there is still a little goodness (and humor, ’cause c’mon, white piping? On a dude? *snickers*). Gone are the delicate days of beige for Sam. If you did shoot Tommy, I am assuming you will be looking very Johnny Cash in Season 4.

8. The Yin and Yang of Sam

8. Ah, the Season Finale shirt. We know, even with the crazy flashbacks and the weirdness with the Mickens, that our good ‘ol Sam is in there somewhere, as this shirt shows. It is both black and white, intermingling within itself. It shows the inner conflict of good and evil in Sam. This shirt represents Sam’s struggle.

In conclusion, a lot can be said about the progression of the shirts. Both stylish and  clingy, yet telling, Sam’s shirts are nothing less than “fetching”. I sense a trend coming on.

Bitches are fierce

Bitches are Fierce

See what I mean. LeStew ALWAYS copies the hot dude’s shirt style.

But it may be catchy…

I take my Sam shirt seriously. You don't mess with SWD in a Sam shirt

…like when I spotted this bad boy in Target, I just couldn’t pass it up. I wanted a piece of Merlotte… I mean Merlotte’s epicness.

< Now that’s sheer!

All in all, I think next season will be the Season of the missing shirts, if we are going by the books. So, expect this look for our Sammy next summer!

*side note* Every dog song imaginable came on the internet radio I was listening to while writing this post. I swear to Dog.

Talbot Goes Down the Drain

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*There will be spoilers, silly. It’s a recap! 

Lots of Pipe

Lots of Pipe

EC:  You know how Christmas comes once a year and until it arrives you are excited and giddy about the big day.  You just have to know what’s in those boxes, until you become possessed.  Then the big day arrives and it’s fun and exciting, almost everything you wish for.  Then it’s done, over, finished and the realization floods over that you have to wait a whole year for that feeling to come again.  Well, my friends, that’s what the True Blood finale was like.Okay, I just compared Baby Jesus’s birthday party to a TV show about blood sucking vampires (sort of, but not really), just hear me out. The season leading up to the big day is full of the anticipation, the build up, the big climax.  The wham, bam, thank you ma’am, then it’s just over.  Never mind the Christmas analogy the True Blood finale is like sex.  Which is more appropriate really.   So here’s the lowdown of the finale episode of the summer.  Let’s see if the images, that Alan Ball left us with can carry us over to “The Season of the Witch” and hopefully, if Ball loves us at all, “The Season of the Eric Shower Scene”. 

SWD: You know, the book4 shower scene IS the Leg Hitch of True Blood. Somehow, I don’t think Ball will dissapoint.  

 EC: Let’s start with the most important development, our Sookie finally got some kick ass in her.  SWD: She even slaps Bill all angsty-like. Good job, Sook! She has been slowly developing this new attribute all season, but it came to a climax tonight.  Maybe it was her new fairy powers, because shooting beams of light out of your fingers is pretty kick ass. SWD: That fairy light thing she runs at looks like a jellyfish spaceship. I think I saw it in Nemo. Bella and Elena, take notes, there are lessons to be learned.  Your boyfriends have the same possessive qualities, as Sookie’s southern gentleman, Mr. Bill Compton.  You see Sookie had enough and she let him have it. Actually, she told off all of her vampire suitors.  The best part, she made sexy eyes at Alcide, SWD: So did Bill, hence Eric’s line of the week, “When you two stop eye f*ing each other”  that hot piece of wolf.  Alcide…delicious since One Tree Hill. 

SWD: I like Alcide’s alpha voice when he says, “rabbitt”. Notice what he and the Sook  are drinking? I think it’s Red Wolf.  

EC:  Oh no she didn’t ! Sookie poured Talbot down the drain! His Twitter name is now changed from @Talbot_inAJar to @Talbot_downTHEdrain.  (SWD: I suggest @MT_Jar) You can send him a tweet, but I don’t think he’ll be getting back to you.  SWD: *note-tweet him @Talbot_InAJar, he’s funny*

SWD: Later in the show, Ginger is polishing Talbot’s jar. It’s so sparkly, I wonder if it would sparkle in the sun or burn, you know, since it had vamp bits in it. If it sparkles, maybe Eric can send it to the Cullens. It’d look good on their mantle. 

EC: Russell was a crispy critter.  He probably didn’t smell too good either.  

SWD: He was flaking off too. He remind me of a burnt marshmellow. Also, when they were in the sun and Eric “sounded his barbaric YAWP o’er the rooftops of the world” we got another peek at Godric. I think he looks like Joaquin Phoenix, without the crazy. That’s sad, when a definitely Dead 2000 year old vampire looks like the un-crazy one. 

EC:  I love Sam.  I love Sam’s shirts.  I love that Sam made Tara yummy pancakes for breakfast. I just love, love, lo…wait, did he just shoot his little brother?!? Sam, what’s up with that.  I know he turns into a vicious pitbull, but that’s just cruelty to animals and umm…your brother.   

SWD: Tommy’s not “Green”, you saw how he left the apartment, so it’s ok to shoot him. Remember Tommy, “Green is good”. Also, I think Sam and Terry go to the same barber. Or use the same setting on the flowbee, “pseudo mullet”. 

EC:  Did something happen with the inbred panther people.  I have only been sort of paying attention.  Checking Twitter at the same time and writing emails. (SWD: Ha ha ha, so true!) Is Jason a panther, yet? Did I just spoil that? I warned you at the beginning, sillies.  Also, that group is like Bon Temps version of Deliverance.  All you need is an albino kid playing a banjo and some creepy, toothless guy telling Jason to. “Squeal like a pig”.  Hey, that’s creepier than the vampire stuff.  

SWD: Calvin borrowed that stained wifebeater from the papa Mickens collection.  I’m surprised they killed Calvin. He has a bigger role in the rest of the books than Bill.  

EC:  Angel and Lafayette are witches.  Nicely done, Mr. Ball.  When you decided not to kill off Lafayette in season two, I thought you were only going to use him for some well needed sass, but no. He’s going to bring he awesome and his one liners into the next season. Yay!  

SWD: As a Catholic, I find “Jesus” being a witch very funny. Oh, sorry, brujo. WTF is that? I thought I was up on my witchery. 

EC: Hoyt and Jessica, reunited and it feels so good.  Wait…creeptastic doll.  That’s never a good sign! Duh, duh, duh!

SWD: Hoyt’s getting sexier. I like him in red. Speaking of red, what was up with Eric’s red shoes? How did those get by Pam?  He looked like an old school Beastie Boy. I’m hoping they got left in the concrete. I will forgive him for the shoes, since boyfriend can wear cement like it’s a Tom Ford suit. When Eric told Bill he wanted his phone back, I immediately thought of the Rob Phone pants. I wondered how Eric’s phone would look in his velour track pants. No?

 EC:  Bye Tara! I’ll miss you and your angst, girl.  You have had a tough time, with the men.  Oh my, your hair looks like a Chia Pet.  See a stylist, now! (They need an Alice on this show. Fashion faux pas would never happen.)

 EC:  Finally, Bill and his new “dark” side.  Oh Bill, I’ll never find you scary.  I will forgive you for throwing my Eric and Pam in the concrete, if you just take care of Queen Sophie Anne. SWD: Hello, Sophis Anne’s outfit, fabulous! I think that’s going to be my Halloween costume. I liked the red skirt, very black widow. Obviously Char Har isn’t in charge of the costumes. Wait, he went after Sookie, so he could taste test Sophie Anne’s Happy Sookie Meal.   SWD: Sophie Anne and Bills Vampire Fight Club. Bill looked like a retarded ninja. Oh Bill and Eric, too. You both were acting like creeps. I will forgive you, Eric if you’re wearing that sweater.  Alcide, on the other hand, so nice.  Whoa…I’m Team Alcide. 




SWD: I like watching Alcide and Eric talk to each other. I like it a lot. Keep talking while driving that truck, Alcide. Keep talking to the Viking. Actually, there may be a fic about this. Anyway, back to the concrete scene. There are some good shots of Eric that really enhance his cleft and man cleavage. Plus I like when hs accent goes all Texan. Keep talkin’, cowboy, keep talkin’.

EC: On a final note: RIP Franklin. Your special brand of crazy will be missed on True Blood. Until next season, True Blood. Luckily, the Salvatore Brothers will keep us company until your return.

TB finale 96 is my new lucky number. Krisp but still tasty