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STARZ.. You’re on the List!!! :(

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Camelot Season Finale SPOILERS!!!


Oh how I wish he was just squeezing some sense into her.. .but, alas.. no, not what happened.

Ok STARZ, firstly on the season finale of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, you bring back Crixus’ season 1 hair…

Scruff ALWAYS trumps High and Tight, STARZ!!!

and now THIS:

Sadly, that's not Cupid's arrow. *sniff sniff*

Really, STARZ, really? You know, HBO doesn’t kill off the pretties. Eric Northman is “alive” and well. Alcide and Sam are stil howlin’. Do I need to cancel you?

AND you also messed with Arthur’s mama? Low blow, STARZ, low blow. You don’t kill moms!

I'm totally kicking that nuns ass in the afterlife!

What are you going to do to us next season? Make Kay gain 400 pounds and become Merlin’s cat?

My sorceror skills are rusty. He was supposed to be a Percheron. Damn....


Like Texas, Don't mess with!!!!

 And when did THIS happen?

Isn't that Kay? Is that Morgan? Whaaaa?????!!!!

Okay, if Kay and Morgan hook up  next season, I think I’m back on bored.

But still, sad day for me.

R.I.P. #TeamLeontes

Camelot gets re-styled

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Anyone else notice a change in appearance for our Camelot cast?

We've been manscaped!

•Gawain’s facial hair has been sculpted into an Ethan Hawk style goatee w/ scruff, rather than than the unkempt wildman look he has been sporting over the past few weeks.

•Kay is wearing darker tunics and now we see that boyfriend has got some biceps. *sends muffin basket to wardrobe department*

"I've been doing curlies for the girlies" (holla Frank Kramer)

•Leontes’ emo man bangs have been swept back. I hear ya Leontes, I get frustrated with my bangs too. And you don’t have the luxury of always toting around a little clip. BTW, I’m TOTALLY #TeamLeontes. Actually,  I’d be perfectly fine with a whole show on the Adventures of Kay and Leontes. Hear this STARZ?

I'm looking for some CREW

•However, Guinevere is still rocking the Xanadu look. Please. Can’t they just pop over to Ren Faire and get her a new circlet *costume nerd moment*

Where's MY wind machine?

See what I mean?

•But bring back Arthur’s ponytail. (What can I say, I came of age in the 90’s, I still have a fondness for the ponytail. I blame grunge and “Singles”).

I'm NOT "Mr. sensitive ponytail man"

But this IS. 

And don’t forget to watch the new episode tonight! I think Leontes finds out his wife is a smelly pirate hooker less than chaste.


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There are magicians and shape shifting, so it’s supe-y.

I’ve been watching Starz’ Camelot series. I like it!


Guinevere: the reason chastity belts were invented.


Dear Guinevere,
Arthur’s great and all, and IF one is single, I am all for fornication under consent of the king, but with the king? On your wedding day? When you’re marrying this:

Really, Guinevere?

All I have to say is:

Oh and one more thing:

Guinevere, I give you the bitchface, you hookah