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Vampire Diaries Recap…Ghosts or…

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posted EC Stacey



I can say that the Ghosts episode of Vampire Diaries brought memories of perfectly wonderful things. Perfectly wonderful things being THIS guy.


Uncle Mason!!!


Uncle Mason has been missed. Very missed. His charming little smile and that all American confidence of making Damon apologize. (Worst apology ever, by the way. Obviously, Damon needs much practice in this department.) I didn’t even mind when he had Damon tied up to a chair and was torturing him. It’s cute when Mason does things like that. Hopefully, Mr. Williamson can bring the ghosts back again, because…

We missed them! I missed Lexi and how she can put Stefan in his place.

I bet Lexi could even whip Lindsey Lohan into shape.

I missed Anna and how she gives Jeremy puppy dog eyes and tries so hard to do the right thing and messes up.


I'll do anything for you, Jeremy! Except give you the necklace that will put me back into limbo. But I'll do anything!

I missed Whitley from A Different World and wondered why she didn’t bring Dwayne Wayne back with her to the quad. Then Denise can complain about her dad, Dr. Huxtable. Umm…I mean Grams came back. #early90’sflashback


Remember when those clothes were cool? Well many of you don't, because you were babies. But Somerhalder does, because he's old like us.

I even missed creepy vampire dude who hung up the Head of the History Department at the Founder’s Day Death Event (Will they ever learn! Events and Mystic Falls never go well!) Actually, I didn’t miss vampire dude, but I think he used to play Nicholas on General Hospital in the old days. #tvnerd

The Cassidines on General Hospital are way more nerfarious than this vamp. Just sayin' #GeneralHospitalmemories

I didn’t miss this one.

Still questionable in the afterlife.

But this one WOULD have been a welcome addition.

Everybody misses Aunt Jenna! Well you would think so, but NOBODY mentioned her ghost coming back. Nice family you have there, Jenna.

Big Developments?

Bromance is BACK!

Platonic man love at it's finest

OVER! (You really didn’t think Bonnie would forgive you, Jeremy? Dumb boy)

At least you still have really cute shirts

Hieroglyphics! Wait…the originals were cave men with childlike art skills? Good luck figuring that out, Alaric!


"Man Doing The Chicken Dance" - Klaus age 3

Later this week we will talk about LAST week’s Vampire Diaries!  (Promise!) Talk supe is on Twitter… randomly… @talksupe 


Vampire Diaries: The End of the Affair

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…Or NOW we’re talking.

SWD: No hiking, camping or flannel… Costumes, drama, angst! ! AND flashback Stefan!

mmmmm, flappers

SWD: Costumes: I luv me some 20’s dresses and waved bob haircuts, red lipstick, and sparkly jewels. I need to watch more Boardwalk Empire.

EC: Flashbacks make me happy, because of the fabulous costumes! I love those 1920’s duds, as much as I love the Civil War costumes! (Still swooning over them.) 

SWD: Klaus has a crush on Stefan: Because seriously, why wouldn’t he want to party with Damon? Damon is right, he is much better at this sort of thing. Vampire’s can glamour/compel each other? Ohhh, this is why he chose Stefan. Stefffy and Becky were a hot little item. I like them together.

Love during Prohibition

EC: Damon is too much of a bad boy to be with Klaus. They would always try to outdo one another. Drinking contests at sorority houses. (Drinking what? Well the options are limitless and probably gross.) You can’t have two alpha males hanging out, Klaus needs a wingman and the loverboy that can keep his little sister in line.

I'm sooo doing your sister

SWD: The witch with the bitchin’ earrings and hair flowers. She’s like Vamp Di’s Sam Merlotte. Or if Tara, Lafayette and Sam merged into one character. Win=WIN.

EC: I liked her. (Like I like most witches on this show.) She and Damon seemed to be buddies and you can tell she can hold her own with these vamp boys. Good for her!

Nobody messes around in my bar!

SWD: Klaus’ sister: Rebecca. Uh oh, did Stefan re gift her necklace to Elena? Uh oh, #thisWouldn’veHappenedIfHe’dGoneToZalesTiffanys

EC: You know, Stefan is going to use that old excuse, “I couldn’t remember that it belonged to somebody else, Elena!” Then he’ll do some “manly” weeping and begging. Probably wearing his tight v-neck shirt. Somedays he makes little Elena look like the man in the relationship. It’s basically, Sullen Hero Vampire 101. Equal parts heroics/martyer equates to girlish whining and begging. Also called The Edward Cullen Syndrome. You can also find this definition in the dictionary when looking up the name Bill Compton.

You can find my picture in the dictionary under "Brooding" and "Weepy"

SWD: Caroline’s Daddy’s “Tough Love”: Worse than “Scared Straight”, or that wilderness-drop-your-kid-off-in-the-Arizona-desert and let them survive themselves off of their addiction, Caroline’s daddy goes all Betty Ford on her.

The questionable cure for vampire addiction

EC: It makes me think of when Caroline’s Daddy aka HRG was on Heroes. He would always protect his immortal daughter, The Cheerleader and go torture chamber on all the other Heroes/Villians on the show. Now on Vampire Diaries he’s using all those torture techniques on Caroline. BTW…I miss Heroes. The first season was so good and had great potential, then went down hill. So the opposite of what happened to Vampire Diaries.

Remember Heroes? I do.

SWD: Stefan goes Edward Cullen on Elena and gives her “the Talk: “You don’t belong in my world Bella, Elena.” And now he’s free to hook up with Rebecca. And Damon can swoop in to mend that broken Elena heart, but where will Katherine fit in? Dah Dah Dum…

Are you over sensitive, moody and have a martyer complex? Then you have The Edward Cullen Syndrome. Get a backbone ASAP.

EC: See! Another classic example of The Edward Cullen Syndrome, New Moon Edition! Ohh…Angel did it on Buffy, too! I need to concentrate on Damon and Eric Northman. Those anti-heroes are the best. The best at not annoying me. You know who’s grown on me…Tyler. He was so sweet to Caroline…what is wrong with me! Ugh!!!

Too sweet! Now I have to take back some of what I said about Tyler. Sigh.

SWD: Looking forward to tonight’s epi!

EC: Me too! Because, she’s back!


July Housekeeping Edward Cullen Style…

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Why can't people keep things organized! I am going to stick on my pouty face.

I know that we said we are on a break, but… I just need to give you some teasers from the next couple of weeks! Just can’t help myself!
First…Team Seth gives us some glimpses into the land of Dr.Who. (She’s the expert!)

Maybe Team Seth can help me determing the origin of this stone? Or at least help me figure out what's going to happen next season!

Thanks a bunch Starz’s, now WC Stacey is going to cry! (But you are bringing me Torchwood, so at least we’re good.)

Only one season! Now people will only remember me for my black robes, flamboyant scarves and trying to kill off Bella!

We really…I PROMISE discuss this book!

Did you know...the author retweeted WC Stacey?

Breaking Dawn madness is upon us…feathers and sippy cups…

B: Can I have some more eggs? E: I see how it is, wife! As soon as you put a ring on it, I become your slave! I don't see shackles on the stove and I don't see you running out to the meadow and draining a deer for me! Some respect would be nice!

Celebrity Email Theater!

Miss us yet, ladies? Or our party planning prowess? Ain't no party, like a Mystic Falls party

Ohh…and most importantly True Blood Recaps!

Well ladies...I am back. Do you find my odd, extremely low, mesh tank top fetching?

We miss you all and will be back soon! Follow us on twitter @talksupe 

VampDi Season Finale: What’s the Plan, Superman?

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Or the one where Stefan brings it!


Well now, Vampire Diaries has sure taken a turn for the awesome. Whereas we weren’t left with cliffhangers, more like new cans open, worms everywhere.

*thinks* Dude, I rocked that frock coat hard back in the day. Amateur.

Damon: He tries to go all Heather’s on himself and bask in the sunlight to scorching. Full of angst, Stefan saves him and tosses him in the basement. Later Alaric comes over, they get drunk and they attempt “The Talk”: I- turned-your-wife-vamp style. But they’re men and they stop before they could actually reveal some emotions.

EC: Ha ha! Heathers! I loved that movie. Winona Ryder and Christian Slater in their former glory. Also, I love when Damon and Alaric show their manly love.

Klaus: I just have to mention how much I like their styles. Good job on “The Original” brother’s wardrobes. But wardrobe dept, you have really been doing well this last half of the season! You must have finally heard the old saying, “GUYS: The deeper the V-neck the bigger your Vajayjay”. Thank you. OK, back to Klaus. So he stakes his brother Elijah. Then Stefan. Then bites Katherine. Then heals her. Then we see that he’s the Cure. And no I don’t mean in a Robert Smith kind of way. Hybrid Klaus is his own curse and cure. How handy dandy. We find out that he wants Stefan, but he wants him bad. As in “Ripper” bad Stefan. Like this:

EC: Is it just me or doesn’t Klaus’s hair look like a Chia Pet or…a jeri curl? Put’s the fear into me. (not really)

The OTHER blond sheriff: Yeah, she shows up. Shoots Whiny (Jeremy). Hates Damon and her own daughter. Dude, she sucks. *sings* I (got) shot (by) the sheriff… but she didn’t shoot no Da-mon-y (OK, it’s a stretch.) Speaking of blond sheriff’s. Hello, True Blood promo! It looks like they got new make up, they have pigment and are all dewy/ glow-y. Dare I say sparkly?

EC: Yay True Blood! I am so excited!!!! Thank goodness there will be something good to watch this summer. Confused Eric is my favorite! Plus, I just finished the newest book. It’s great! (review coming soon!)

Bonnie: Tunes into the witch channel but they scramble her cranium like DirectTv in a thunderstorm. She’s is begging for Whiny’s life and they’re like, “Um not so much”. So she cries a lot. Then poof Whiny is back from the dead. Will he turn vamp since Caroline tried to feed him her blood when he was dead? Oooooh, I hope resurrected Whiny turns all Pet Semetery. That would make him severely interesting. In this epi. Whiny smiled. Twice. No wait, three times. That was epic! He has teeth! Who knew?

EC: He was cute again in the last scene. Does that mean he will be less ‘whiny’ next season? Let’s all cross our fingers. If not, then Miss Bonnie needs a new love interest ASAP!

Caroline had a cute jacket. I have a similiar one and I completely ripped off her outfit. My inner WNTW Stacey London was shrieking at me that my style icon should not be 2 decades my junior. But neither Matt nor Tyler where there to witness Caroline’s cuteness? Where were they. (see previous VampDi post)

Except SWD's eggplant tee was from Whole Foods. Somerhalder approves!

EC: Now I want that jacket too! So cute! I…I…missed Logan…I just didn’t say that…

Elena/ Katherine:So Damon is halluciniating that Elena is civil war Katherine and that he is begging for her to change him. So Damon had a vamp choice, and chose it. Does Stefan know this? Speaking of civil war, The Mystic Falls townfolk are watching Gone with the Wind and are all dressed up in period garb. How do they all own civil war clothing? Is there one hell of a rental shop? Do they all partake in historical re-enactments on the weekend? I don’t get it. Anywho, Damon bites Elena/ Katherine and she gets mad. Then finds out he’s dying and does to his death bed. And KISSES him. Which of course Katherine sees and lords over, saying “It’s OK to love them both. I did.” Oh Katherine, we all do.

EC: Katherine really is my favorite. She brings snarky to a whole new level. Plus, I just love those curls! I want curls like that for a wedding I’m going to.

Plus, I love that the town of Mystic Falls owns community Civil War costumes! Here in the Northeast we have colonial military costumes. Not as comfy and the dresses not as frilly. More like Pilgrim-ware.

*sings* Torn between two luvahs..."

Stefan: This was Stefan’s episode. He finally ditched his inner Edward and  channelled his inner Jack the Ripper. Klaus made him go on a human blood bender AND……. he liked it. A lot! Stefan fell off the Cullen wagon and went all alch-ey finds a whisky barrell and goes a swimmin’. So he agrees to be Klaus’s blood buddy for a decade as payment for Damon’s wolf bite cure. This is going to be good! I love bad Stefan! We see the joy (well, vampire joy… bloodlust) and relief in his soulless black eyes as he chows down on the scared blondie. Bring on Season 3!

EC: Bad Stefan for the win! Next season is going to be fun! But how are we going to get through the summer? Oh that’s right…Sam and his shirts! (Yay True Blood!)

But uh-oh now Whiny  has the curse of the ex-girlfriends!

EC: I tried to make myself forget that. Eww, Vicki. (I didn’t like her before and I still don’t. Grr!)

I see Dead People. #Overused

Embracing the Guilty Pleasure…Another Vampire Diaries Convert

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Hey pretty lady! We can rock historical costumes like that Jasper can. Who's the real confederate now?


What’s Happens When You Leave Forks? Head Right Over to Mystic Falls!

EC: We love talking to you all about our favorite shows, books and movies! We REALLY love when you send us posts about them! One of our favorite people, Team Jacob Edward writes to tell us about her new found enjoyment of our friends from Mystic Falls! (Just wait until she watches, Season 2! Actually, she needs to catch up now! We need her to watch Season 3 in real time with us!)

Dear Talk Supe…. do you guys do entries in letter form?  Or is that weird?  Oh well, I’m going with it.
I finally lost my VD/VampDi/Vampire Diaries/Whatever virginity last week.
Per the prompting of many, but mostly from the enthusiasm from EC Stacey, I purchased the first season of Vampire Diaries some time ago.  I almost immediately watched about ½ the first episode, but I wasn’t sucked (ha) into it immediately and that was it for awhile, as it then sat collecting dust—until late last week that is.

Silly girl! This guy can never collect dust!

My husband went on a hunting trip (you know, the non-vampire kind of hunting) and I wasn’t in the reading or writing mood that first night he was gone.  The kids were in bed, and I decided that meant I should watch something that my husband would surely not ever want to watch with me.  Immediately I thought of watching the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice or running the gamut of the three Twilight movies.  But then I remembered the Vampire Diaries DVDs of the first season that I’d purchased and decided to at least get my money’s worth by watching the dang thing.
I can’t tell you the exact moment I was hooked, but what I can tell you is that for the entirety of those days, I got WAY too little sleep, my kids received too little interaction with their mother (they did a lot of playing outside (thank goodness it was nice out)… and were allowed to watch an extra movie or two… bad mom) and I was actually glad I am not working at the present moment because it meant more VD watching opportunities.  (Shame.  Oh, the shame.)

Distracting mommies since 2009

I still can’t say that I love VD more than Twilight.  Twilight, I think will always be in its own special place that nothing else will ever really touch.  But VD definitely contained some of the same crack that Twilight has, as I kept watching “just one more” episode until they were gone.
The thing that makes this important is:  I AM NOT A VAMPIRE PERSON!
I hear your disbelief, because (despite my love-split name) I love Twilight and Edward and, well, Edward is a vampire.  Yes, yes, I know that’s true but really I’m not a vampire person.  When I was told by a friend that I just HAVE to read Twilight, as soon as I heard it was a love story between a human girl and a vampire, my nose crinkled and I stopped listening.  If it weren’t for feeling obligated to at least give the story a shot since that friend had loaned the book to me by practically shoving it into my arms insisting I read the thing, I would have missed out on my favorite (albeit, irrationally favorite) story.

Do you really still love me more? I might be...BOTHERED!


You stole my line...BOTHERED!

So, after I devoured the Twilight series, I tried to put aside my prejudice and be more open about other books involving vampires.  I read the Almost Human series that had been described as “an adult Twilight.”  To my credit, I read the entire Trilogy.  It was okay, I’d recommend it to someone who’s into vampire books, but I found myself cheering for the girl to end up with the human guy over the vampire guy.
Not giving up, I borrowed Interview with a Vampire, by Anne Rice.  I think that was probably two years ago now…. I still haven’t been able to find it in me to read past the first page, it’s still on my bookshelf, and I’ve actually forgotten who I’ve borrowed it from.
Then, I broke down and watched the first season of True Blood after many recommendations to watch it.  I liked it.  It was okay.  But again, I found myself disappointed as I was unable to “fall” for Bill, the vampire that Sookie found so irresistible.  Again, it was okay, but the vampires were altogether too creepy to me to be desirable.  That being said, I did like it enough that I wouldn’t be opposed to watching the next season. (So, kind of progress, right?)

Oh Sookie! Why do they not love me as much as Edward, Stefan and mostly Damon?

I’ve read other books with vampires in them too, like the Mortal Instruments series.  Which although it’s about Nephellim, it has vampires in it.  The vampires in the Mortal Instruments books just mostly weirded me out.  (Though, the book that just came out did warm me up to one a bit.  So a bit more progress, maybe?)
I also read A Discovery of Witches (recommended by none other than EC Stacey, herself).  Again, I liked it.  Actually, I liked it a LOT.  And I was ticked off where the book ended, knowing that I’m going to have to wait an entire YEAR until the next one comes out. But the reason I liked the book so much, was not because of the vampire guy in it.  It was because of the main character, her powers and her discovery of her powers in the 2nd half of the book.  I was enchanted by all the things that witches in general could do.  But the main vampire guy/love interest, Matthew?  Eh, he was okay.   I liked him well enough and all.  Actually better than any of the other vampires in the other failed attempts I’d had, but I still didn’t feel that draw to him.  (Again, progress, but not quite there.)

Hey Luca…Forks needs some witches! Wait a minute, they have Rosalie! Actually, she’s a ‘B’ word that rhymes with witch.

Oh no, you didn't!


So I was shocked when I realized that I was a little obsessed with the Vampire Diaries.  Let’s just say this up front, I still don’t feel about Stefan or Damon the way I feel about Edward, but I do like them a lot (breakthrough!).  And I’m ALL for (haha, I almost wrote Katherine) Elena becoming a vampire (like I was for Bella in Twilight = another breakthrough!). I’m actually rooting for it. (Woah!)  And I’m so full of questions and I have so many things I could discuss; like Bonnie and the huge chip on her shoulder she acquired after she came back from the funeral or Caroline making all us blondes seem shallow and airheaded (I may have dark hair at the moment, but I am a natural blonde) or WHEN DID I START ROUTING FOR DAMON INSTEAD OF AGAINST HIM?????  How the HELL did that happen?!?!  Maybe I’ll write about that some time… there are so many things I could say about Damon and Stefan… and Damon.  🙂

Look into our want to be our biggest fan. Oh...and buy EC Stacey that purple dress. (EC: Just kidding! But, no I really do want that dress!)

But, after many failed attempts with finding love for non-Twilight vampires, I find myself kind of there again.  (And it feels great!)  Now I’m just impatiently waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD, to catch up to the rest of you and then be rationed out episodes on a weekly basis too.  (It’s better that way for me… String along the hits so I don’t OD on the VD crack).  What I don’t understand is; what is it about this TV series captured my interest about vampires when so many other shows and books failed?  I have some thoughts, and I think I know what my husband would say, but I’d like to hear your theories.

But Breaking Dawn is coming! Darn television and it's multiple seasons!

But our season starts in September! People have to wait for November for you!

Longwindedly Befuddled,

A big thank you, to Team Jacob Edward! We can’t wait for her to write more for us! Let her know in the comments what a great letter she wrote and YOUR feeling about Vampire Diaries and Twilight. Oh and to make things even more interesting for your DVR’s…

True Blood starts in June!

Vampire Diaries: What *should* be happening.

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posted by snowwhitedrifted (west coast Stacey/ SWD) and a wee bit from east coast Stace

SWD:Neither of us have started finished watching last weeks Vampire Diaries. We’ve watched most of the prior weeks ( the Peace, Love and Fangs 60’s dance party episode) but it left us both uninspired and snarkless. (SWD update: I watched last weeks epi. And I have to take back a lot of what I say in the following post. There’s Salvatore angst, more weird witch chants, and an entire post could be written about the faux Elizabethan flashback wigs.) . EC: Well, it made me cranky…does that count?

Miss Me yet? No.

SWD:I think it all started going downhill with Elena’s mommy’s reappearance. I have already forgotten what her significance was on there, except that it got Katherine in a house where she could witness Klaus entering Alaric… which is not nearly as homoerotic as that sounds. That scene could have happened anywhere. The witch burial ground, the woods, the bathroom of Arbys. So why again was Elena’s mom there? Who knows. EC: I might disagree a bit here. I think Mommy Vamp should have been the big bad! How twisted would it be that Elena’s mommy was trying to be here undoing the WHOLE time? It would give the term “Mommy Issues” a whole other dimension. Doncha think? Plus that actress plays a great bad person character. The just wasted wonderful pontential by making her into flambe.

SWD:Which brings up the point, I have been totally unengrossed in the past few epi’s of this show. We had 2 very long breaks this season, and this return was starting off well, but now … well, here’s what we think SHOULD be happening:

1. Bonnie and Damon should hook up: Vampire knowledge + Witch skills= well, I don’t know, but I think Bonnie could do some cool stuff with her candles in Damon’s bedroom. EC: The dancing between the two of them were the BEST part of Disco Night in Mystic Falls. The both radiate oodles of more heat, then either of them with Elena or Whiny. Also, just a quick question, if public schools are losing funding for programs how the heck can Mystic Falls budget afford all those fancy lighting for the school dances. I know, I know, it’s a television show. Sometimes, I like a little true life to trickle in my supernatural show about vampires, werewolves and witches. Makes me feel a tad bit more normal for liking this stuff. :0)

Do it!

2. KlausRick should be sinister and have his OWN body: Not just Alaric complaining about his wardrobe and shaking in a classroom, looking constipated, while he “kills” Bonnie. EC: Bad Alaric had so much wasted potential. That seems to be the overriding theme of this post. You know what would be great? If they were going to make Klaus all cheesy, they should hire someone hilarious to play him. For instance, Paul Rudd, Aziz Ansari (yep, I’m a huge fan), or Jack Black ! Even better, the king of the one man Wolfpack, Zack Galifianakis! Surprise the audience by putting a funny guy in the role. That really shakes thing up! SWD: KlausZack for the MF WIN!!

3. Stefan gets in tune with flashback “Lestat” Stefan: He had feeding oragies and was killing people left and right. That’s what we need to keep Elena alive. I don’t think his inner- Cullen can do the job. EC: One Edward is truly enough. Actually, one Robert Pattinson playing Jacob in Water for Elephants is…yum…ohh sorry lost track there. You mentioned Cullen and I immediately thought of the brilliant Patti…Water for Elephants. Right, bad Stefan. I like him better a little bad. We need him to find his inner Damon!SWD: Can we always refer to Rob as Patti, pretty please? 😉

Team YOU

4. Damon and Stefan team-ups: They’re doing this, in theory, but let’s see them snap some heads off together in a team effort. Remember the dead wolves in the woods? Yeah, me too. That was good. EC: And add in Alaric without the added Klaus. These three could make a great buddy movie! Hangover, Salvatore Brother style!

5. Elena gets pregnant: Just because it’d be funny. EC: Isn’t one demon baby enough? Oh wait, maybe Tyler can come back and imprint on it? Ugh and gross.

A gift from Uncle Day-Day

6. The girls wear flats: I know they all have supernatural strength, and calf muscles, but I want to see them in flip flops or Chucks, just for one week so I don’t have shoe envy. EC: I like flats because, like Bella, I’m clumsy. Those shoes the ladies of Mystic Falls like to wear make me thinkl of tripping and ultimately breaking my arm.

7.Elijah and Jenna make-out: He nuzzles up to her uber-glossy lips and she runs her fingers through his good boy hair. Pretty kissing pretty: WIN. EC: I would LOVE this. (SWD Update: Ummmm, after last weeks epi, *mumbles* I think I’m changing Jenna to Elena. Elijah is smitten with her. AND they put some product in his hair, no longer rendering him floppy!) 

8. Caroline gets fed up with Matt: I know I was a big Matt advocate, but that was a few episodes ago, when he wasn’t the new “Mr. Pissy.” Speaking of the “Advocate”, this is how Caroline could get her revenge: Compel Matt to make out with Whiny (Jeremy). Bonnie catches them and has an emotional freak out, which turns into a wind storm, then an actual tornado that sucks them both off the show. And then that would make an opening for point #1. See full circle! EC: I’ll say it, I never liked Matt to begin with. Never saw the attraction and was never cared about him being on the show. Now that he has become “Pissy” and is messing with Caroline who I do like, I want him gone. I really like your idea, SWD! Now let’s talk about Whiny. He had gotten better and cuter! Why, oh why, did he have to get annoying again? This is really bothering me. Here’s a novel idea…new cute boys on this show STAT! New boys that won’t be killed off in the very next episode, either. That’s getting on my nerves, too. SWD: Yes! *suggests* reincarnate the 2 dead wolves, Mason and…. that other one that was cute, Brady, as vampires!

Bonnie’s elemental control gets out of hand

Maybe some of this happened last week, maybe some will happen Thursday. Who knows, eventually we’ll get all caught up on our VD… that sounds so wrong! EC: That really does sound bad. hee hee. Let’s think of it this way. We still love this show, but right now we are having some issues with our love. All television love, has it’s ups and downs. I even had some issues with Gilmore Girls, back in the day. Which is really painful for me to say! So, we will keep with it until the story picks up or Somerhalder takes off his shirt. Which ever comes first. (Fingers crossed, for the shirt.) …and what came up when I googled, “Big Gay Tornado”? THIS:


Vampire Diaries Recap: Know Thy Enemy!

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posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West coast Stacey) and a surprise visit from East Coast Stacey (it’s been crazy busy, kids!)

or… “Alaric! Who knew? And he’s got a great right cross!” 



First off, thanks for the recap, CW. I was very lost since it’s been so long.

SWD:Notice how good it’s been lately? #noWolves
So Elena’s mom. She gave birth at, like, 4? She’s a vamp right? Oh it says 1978-2007 on the gravestone. Ahh to be forever 29. Nice. Also, monotone-trance-zombie-mom, whose earrings are a bit large I must say, I think I saw her at a “Cult” concert in 1992.
EC: Vamp Mommy’s outfits were just yuck in this. Is it because she’s in mourning for double crossing everyone? Was there a sale at Claire’s (a cheap lead filled jewelry store, the teens used to like to shop at) where she found those ginormous hoop earrings? I remember seeing them in 1993 on the $0.99 table.
SWD: Ahhh, Claire’s! Where you could get your ears pierced for free with purchase of said infection causing earrings.
So, Katherine says to Stefan and Damon, “I’m on TeamYou.” I think she’s on to something here. Separately they each have their pros and cons, but together, it’s like the Reeses peanut butter cup of awesome duos! So yes, I agree with Katherine, “Team You” it is!
EC: So much better togetherness. Stefan is less Edward Cullen emo, Damon is at his best snarky goodness, and wee Elena is surprisingly a bit sassy. Throw in Bonnie without the newly wet blanket Whiny and we have a good magical time!

"You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!"

SWD: (I forgot who) says to Alaric, “Your wife just showed up on your girlfriends door step.” Oh Rick, you devil. Lit-rally. 😉
EC: I heart Alaric. I really do. Mostly when throws out that happy snark.
SWD: Stefan shirtWIN! and then later there’s a peacoat! Stefan, good boy. You have really been upping your wardrobe game. You look so vamp-y cute! *pats head and tweaks cheek*
EC: It’s like the show disappears for a few weeks and the wardrobe department regroups and…Bam! An adorable Stefan. Hooray and congrats wardrobe department!

Oh, snap! This shirt IS fabulous!

SWD: Bonnie pulls a Diana. Witch book movings. Has anyone besides us read, “A Discovery of Witches” yet? Do it. Smart heroine! 

 EC: Witches are awesome. Except with wet blanket boyfriends. You know what would be fun times? Discussing Chapter 2 of DoW and have the rest if you join in! Yay! Let’s do this!

SWD: *adds to list* ahhh DOW ch.2… Matthew enters.

OK, back to Vamp Di. Katherine and Elena’s mom are drinking red beverages on a white sofa?! Oh yeah, it’s a foreclosure. Like a rental car… kill it. I did like they’re ‘whole bottle” huge wine glasses. They could fit an entire family in them..
EC: They probably did. That house was “foreclosed” and that isn’t really umm…wine. Eww.
SWD: So Caroline’s looking for mad Matt. Why can’t she track him? Didn’t she drink him? That’s like vamp GPS. Or is that just on True Blood? #mixingUpMyVampShows. Anyway. Oh Matt get over it. We all come with baggage.

I have taken over the pissiness of Tyler


EC: We have a new Pissy! Why Matt? I just got rid of the other one!
 SWD: I think Whiny (Jeremy) is back to looking like a little brother. What happened?
 EC: You see, Williamson couldn’t let me be happy. His vampDi equalibrium was all wrong. You need equal parts Pissy and Whiny to make the audience (me) insane.

EC: May I point out the most epic/infuriating scene? I was so annoyed with the hiding of the moonstone in a SOAPDISH, that I could barely enjoy shirtless Damon. Couldn’t you drive it out of state? Who would look in West Virginia or Kansas? Katherine is too lazy to drive around like that. Or at least bury it in the yard! Ugh.
SWD:Klaus hijacks entranced Alaric. So how many times did they do that “pardax retour” scene before they could keep a straight face? I’m guessing 17. I’m still smirking and saying it to my dogs to see if I can entrance them to stop shedding.
Well, my my my KlausRick!!!
EC: I am so excited about evil Alaric! This is going to be good!

Maybe it's the backpack. "Excuse me mam, can you help me find the bus?"

I miss rose and Elijah #wanderingMind