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BBC Being Human, full of “…awe”

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Uh oh, Annie ditched the sweater, looks like Mitchell approves.

So, this post originated from East Coast Stacey and my tweet conversation the other day.

SWD: Watching Brit BH while eating a leftover chicken thigh was a BAD idea.

EC: I should have warned you! #zombiefun

SWD: #gagged #toenail

EC: BH was funny, but very disgusting

…and that pretty much sums up the gist of BBC Being Human, “funny but very disgusting.” And that’s why we love it.

EC: I am not really into ‘disgusting’ on shows, which is kind of hilarious, since I like watching supernatural shows. Once, I spent a whole episode of True Blood hidden behind a pillow. True story! For some unknown reason I have been able to watch all of Being Human (still wincing and gagging though). Must be the power of the British accent!

So far this season we’ve had:

Uh oh, is that Stefan's shirt?

•a greasy teen vamp that gets befriended by a middle aged, saggy and gaggy S&M vampire couple.

EC: He was a randy, greasy little guy wasn’t he? That young man needed his dirty mouth washed out with soap and some classes to learn sensitivity to women. He turned out pretty cool though. So cool, that there seems to be some special Internet episodes about him on the BBC website. It’s called Becoming Human. I’ll do some research about it and let you know! #thingsdiscoveredontheTwitter

No. I need a safe word to release this image from my brain.

EC: Oh boy, I wanted to bleach my retinas out after watching those two! Plus that human ‘dog/walking snack pack. Twisted.

•More highlights fromt the train car carnage.

EC: That was interesting twist bringing back his train victim as his purgatory guide. It gave some poignancy to his Annie rescue. Plus, now we know what the big plot line is going to be!

• Wolf cage fighting with dismemberment.

EC: Let’s bring on the vampire vs. wolves. Only in this edition, the great actor from Wire in the Blood (fantastic show!) is after our Mitchell. With a wolf shaped bullet! Yikes!

But this weeks epi takes the cake…

EC: I am gagging just thinking about it!

•the decomposing dead girl,

EC: I like how Annie attempted to try to use wall compound and makeup to try and make her face look not so umm…decomposing. It was like AMC’s Walking Dead only with a funny zombie who left the brains alone! (I won’t watch Walking Dead. Zombies are too scary!)

• Mitchell’s creepy fanboy w/eyeliner and too many zippers on his little jacket.

EC: Mitchell and his crazy stalker. At first, I thought, more comedy in this episode! But…fat stalker was a bad dude! I got nervous for the little girl, luckily Mitchell to the rescue!

But then we discussed the fun and funny: Nina being pregnant #wolfbaby :

EC: Wolf baby has got to better than Twilight’s demon baby, Rese… Whatever Jacob’s future lovah is named. (gross)


Zombie girls “Monsters Nigh Out” dress would be a cute nightie, Mitchell and George getting “pissed” on red wine #chicks.

EC: It was a funny episode, but how sad for poor, drunk zombie girl! Also, Mitchell and George talking about Annie was so 13 year old girl! #teenagechicks

But it all led up to this… what we have all been waiting for. The “leg hitch” of BBC Being Human…

EC: About time! Yay! Plus, it was adorable how she tried to help get Mitchell a job. That boy cannot be interviewed to save his ‘un’dead life!

*A collective* Awe!!!!!!!!!!

And I have no idea why this came up in my google image search. But I’m including it.

EC: That is such an Annie type pet! But, a Mitchell/George lunch! Oops! Roommate pet drama!

Maybe this could be their house pet?


Greek System with a Bite

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Yes, we're THAT old!


So, did you all know we Stacey’s were in the same sorority? Sure, different chapters, different universities, and (slightly) different years, but the same letters nonetheless. Our actual houses may have differed, as well as the paths of the walk of shame, (EC:  Ours was a much longer walk…the more they tried to segregate the boys and girls, the more coeds crossed the quad wearing Dave Matthews teeshirts and oversized sweatpants.), but we both have nightmares about red carnations and Bessie Grooms. (EC: Hey Feat LilJ, you were the President of my Chapter.  Who would have thought we would be discussing  Supe stuff. Nope, we were watching Buffy together even back then! Also just for a fun note: Our sorority has a Founder’s Day like Mystic Fall, but with no Salvatore Brothers or, you know, carnage) Anyway, I was watching one of my favorite movies, “Sorority Boys”  and it got me to thinking… What if there was a Greek System for our Supernatural friends? We think it would go something like this:

Welcome to the hallowed halls of the University of Vlad.  Home of the Fighting Impalers.  Where you come for the academics and remain, because well…you become the undead.

Hell week has a whole new meaning

Fraternity- Kappa Omicron Kappa (KOK), like the Delta house was also known as “Animal House” this one is simply known as ‘HELL House”, due to the Benjamin Moore:  Bahama Sunrise paint that Eric chose for the walls.) KOK houses the alpha male Vampires. Eric Northman is president and Damon Salvatore is Pledgemaster. Have you seen Vampire Diaries season 1? Our Damon would put the fear in to those incoming freshman boys. Hazing becomes a new art form when you have to take out a werewolf! Mitchell (Being Human) is an honorary member of KOK, as of last semester’s behavior. (What! You haven’t watched it yet? Tsk Tsk!) Emmett is the member best known for crushing cans of TruBlood on his head and surfing the stairs on a coffin lid. (That’s my boy!)

Hide your pledge paddle

Fraternity- Rho Omicron Tau (ROT), consists of the Volturi (sans Jane)- it’s all male, as all fraternities are, but …. we still think, ahem, Aro (and Caius, don’t forget Caius) prefers it that way. Their letters are embroidered on their silk Hermes scarves in calligraphy. There’s no blood keg in this mausoleum, these boys drink out of goblets and listen to early Baroque chamber music. Initiation consists of, um, actual spanking spiking.  Won in last years IFC Trivia Bowl challenge, Talbot in a Jar resides in their trophy case.

We're evolved men. You won't be afraid of our bathrooms.

Fraternity- Episilon Mu Omicron (EMO), is similiar to real life Lambda Chi. Led by president Edward Cullen, many self loathing, yet gorgeous, sensitive and caring, yet lethal, vamps reside at EMO. The RUSH chair, Stefan Salvatore holds monthly gatherings (every 28 days or so) to attract new members. (He’s a teacher that one. A very sensitive teacher) This is serious business. Period. Bill Compton is the resident advisor to EMO, but has been seen as of late partying at KOK. EMO is a dry house and is located next to the sorority Nu Alpha Gamma (NAG) for this reason. The parties there are not the most exciting, the boys seem to listen to Matchbox 20, John Mayer and Taylor Swift, while holding hands and talking about…feelings. (Mostly theirs, the drama queens)

Sorority- Nu Alpha Gamma (NAG), is compromised of our human sympathizers (Angela, Tara, etc) who are lonely and miserable because they are the late night/one night hook ups of the supe greeks.  They’re the Jack in the Box drive thru meals for supes. Their house mom, or house aunt, because she’s young, cool and hip is Aunt Jenna. She allows boys (“boys”?) on the second floor. *wink wink* Some of the girls are ultra cranky, like Tara. Not a good thing, now that she’s rooming with Bonnie. They didn’t know that young lady can start fires with her mind during Rush. Oops. Those two young ladies are going to be trouble for KOK, but very popular at DOG.

Sorority- Sigma Nu Kappa (SN(ac)K), It’s just Bella, Elena and Sookie. Their walls are completely covered in maxi pads, because if one drop of accidental bloodshed escapes this house, a feeding frenzy would ensue. These girls are the most sought out on campus for that reason.  Bella Swan was originally the president, but was usurped by Miss Stackhouse due to Bella’s wishy-washiness almost getting them slaughtered weekly. Elena, well as social chair, she plays with her hair and is constantly texting Stefan about buying her wine coolers.

Everyone finds a bone at DOG house

Fraternity -Delta Omicron Gamma (DOG), is led by Alcide Herveaux. The Lockwood men, Jacob, George, Sam, Quil, Embry and the rest howl it up nightly in this dog house. It’s a mess in that house with all the…umm…marking taking place.  Poor George is always running around the house with paper towels and saying, “Honestly, we are gentlemen.  Could you please attempt to use the lavatory?” They all take turns patrolling the borders of the Row, making sure no one is eaten during a midnight walk of shame. Also, in this house, these puppies get neutered if imprinting on underage coeds occurs. They do lock up Tyler in the basement often, not for turning, just being generally annoyed by him.

Being this hot is draining

Sorority- Delta Iota Epsilon (DIE), These are the badass female supes. This is obvs. the top sorority and their parties are killers. All the male Greeks are dying, well, many of them are already dead, to get into a DIE party. With fashionista president Alice Cullen, their Rush outfits are the best. No stupid matching sleeveless blazers, pearl necklaces, and khaki shorts here. Well, there may be pearl necklaces, but those come later, thanks to the KOK house. (oh boy…you didn’t just go there!) Jane is Pledge “Educator”. Not a step is missed during initiation with her in charge. Pam, Katherine, Jessica and Sophie Anne have been known to do naked row runs and end up for days in the KOK basement. No chains needed, unless requested.

Fraternity- Beta Rho Omicron (BRO) Our semi- supernatural friends, men with some powers, but not full blown supe. Members include Alaric, Lafayette, Jesus, the brothers Winchester: Sam and Dean, and Jeremy, aka Whiny-the-vampire-Slayer (although he’s just a pledge they took in at the last minute because finances were down due to Jason Stackhouse’s infamous bottomless keg stands…and take bottomless to mean both the keg and Jason). And Jeremy  has a hot sister they want to bang. Well, Lafayette and Jesus just want to go sparkly belt shopping with her. Most likely he will be kicked out before initiation and sent to live with his sister. She’s the only one who can stand him. Bella likes to bake him cookies.

Newton on a mission to reinstate panty raids

Fraternity- The house known as  DUL (Delta Upsilon Lambda ) boasts (really?) Mike Newton as President, Eggs as Social Chair and Eric Yorkie as house decorator. House decorator, that’s uh, a new one. Tyler likes to pick up the ladies in his rockin’ van. Head of Campus Security, Charlie keeps a  close watch on this one due to their abnormal activity of having 40’s (the malt beverage, to Yorkie’s dismay) parties on the front lawn, which has more than it’s fair share of couches. Also surprisingly, he hangs outside of Edward’s EMO house cleaning his shotgun, instead of watching out for the coeds at the party house of KOK. Priorities, Chief, priorites. Just cause, Bella only likes to hang out at EMO and DUL, doesn’t mean you don’t have a job to do!

Row Gods: Eric Northman, Alcide Herveaux, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale (He brings the good vibrations to every gathering! Also 100 Monkeys, but not everybody’s perfect)… oh Hale, aren’t they alll row gods?
Row goddesses: EC and SWD, because it’s our blog, dammit.
Interfraternity Council (IFC) President: Carlisle “can’t we all just get along” Cullen
And of course, Panhellenic President: Jessica Stanley (Of course, she is)

So there you have it. By no means do these houses use white togas in their initiation rituals. They do a full outright ritual sacrifice, with stonehenge rocks, lamb blood and virgins. White’s just too hard to clean… besides, initiaiton is always after labor day.

Oopsie. I guess that left a mark.

Love in the Lyre and stealing KOK’s composite,
the Staceys
**Trivial fact, each series has a Sam: Merlotte, Clearwater, and Winchester. *

Being Human: The Best Supe Show You Should Be Watching

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Being Human

Watch us, we do cool things

A Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost walk into a bar… nope, not a joke, they actually do in the exceptional show Being Human that aired two seasons on BBC America.  Here is a special plea to get more people on the bandwagon and watching this show.  The first two seasons are on DVD now and  I am already ready for season three.   Not to spoil it, but a great cliffhanger! So here it are some reasons to watch this show.  Trust me it’s worth it.


Yeah, THIS

1. It’s British!-  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Supernatural. But the British do it better. Sci-fi shows (Dr. Who. Love you David Tennant!), car shows (Top Gear), comedies (Coupling), Dramas (Monarch of the Glen), boy wizards and British boys who play sparkling vampires. That makes it no surprise they have the most exciting and scary of the supernatural shows.

SWD:  I loved Are You Being Served. Made me feel so tan.

2. The Relationships- You take a werewolf, vampire and ghost throw them into a house and you find yourself with a quite functional relationship between the three.  Sometimes it gets stressed, but the leads Mitchell (Vampire), George (Werewolf) and Annie (Ghost) work well together. (SWD: Think British “Three’s Company” but without Mr. Ferley and this Chrissy is a dude, well, a were dude, who’s very smart) None of that wolf/vamp tension like Edward and Jacob or Alcide and Bill.  It’s a love fest between those kids.  Oh and the possibilities of a love fest between them would be …nice.

3. Ghosts!- They don’t make an appearance often in our American supe shows and movies (except Supernatural).  Being Human takes the idea of ghosts and makes them exciting. I will admit that Annie is my favorite character.  She’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have a girl crush on her and her outfit.  I mean, I REALLY want that outfit. It’s cute! Also the ghosts are a mystery.  A scary one.  There are these doors that lead somewhere, but it doesn’t appear to be heaven.  Because, whatever is behind those doors is angry and you do not want to mess with them. These sure aren’t Casper the Friendly Ghost!

SWD: Yes! I want those gray sweaters, and the cool slipper boots. She always looks so cozy, but maybe it’s because she’s always surrounded by cups of tea. It’s comforting.



4. Scary Werewolves- In an earlier post, I mentioned I like True Blood and Vampire Diaries authentic looking wolves better than Twilight’s CGI giant puppies.  I like Being Human’s wolves the best, because they are threatening! Even the change into a wolf is scary.  These American weres/shifters have it easy.  Look at True Blood’s Sam Merlotte.



When he shifts into a bird, he just poofs into it.  George and Nina (a girl wolf, but not as snarly as Leah) transform into snarling beasts and it’s not pretty.  You don’t want one of those big boys to chase you, because it would be messy.

SWD: Actually these werewolves freak me out. I have residual fear leftover from seeing “An American Werewolf in London” at a too early, age 8. I’m still traumatized by “the change”. I am still afraid of feet with high arches. Also, I’m not really liking Nina, but I have only seen her this season, with the GIANT chip on her shoulder. Then again, I’d be pissed too. But because I’d want to be a vampire, by Mitchell, not a hairy drooly wolf. See, I already have issues with dog hair (white dogs, black floor), I wouldn’t want any more. Vampire on the other hand… I understand “The Thirst”. Have you read some of my drunk tweets?

Wolf End

After... That ain't Jacob!

Mr Sparkly

Bedazzled Vamp

5. British Vampires Don’t Sparkle- Okay, one does, but Pattinson is playing an American and it’s Twilight, so ‘sparklepants’ is the exception.  Mitchell, on the other hand, can walk in the sunshine and not look like a disco ball. It’s refreshing, helps plot development, but I do wish Mitchell had one of the Vampire Diaries Salvatore Brothers’ nifty rings.  A fashion accessory that is a must for vampires in the fall fashion season. Which is also better than Eric and Bill wanting a Sookie snack to walk in the sun. Poor Sookie…always a tasty treat for those boys.
SWD: Maybe  it’s his skinny jeans that enable the daywalking. Or perhaps the little gloves.

6. When Being Human Vampire’s Go Bad They Go Very Bad – When a good vampire goes to the dark side on some of our favorite supe shows and movies, it lasts maybe an episode of brooding, making stressed out blood lust faces and maybe biting one person.  Oh… and feeling really bad about it afterwards. Or they pull a Twilight Edward and run for the hills to off themselves. (that boy is the King of Emo.  VD Stefan a close second) Mitchell? He goes bad boy to the extreme.  He’s a vampire and that is supposed to be scary.  He’s scary alright.  It is too good to spoil…just watch!


Human gesture before badness ensues

7. The Best Cliffhangers for the Next Season-  The good show writers at Being Human did something so right…made me want more!  So much more, that if it doesn’t come back I will cry.  Too many unanswered questions and the fate of a favorite left in the air!

Being Human is something you should really watch! Or maybe, you do and want to chat about it.  The Staceys’ inquiring minds want to know! Is you curiosity peeked? You want to swoon over the adorkableness of George. (I have a little crush on that wolfboy)? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you!

Sending our love to those lovely Brits, Irish and Scottish friends,

EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

Bite me, sunlight