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Fake Celebrity Email Theater (Twitter Edition)

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posted by EC Stace

Rob’s Adventures at Comic-Con

I am praying for better hair this year.

I get it, we’ve disappeared. I apologize, but seriously it has been a busy time for us both. To make it up to those of you still reading our crazy…here’s a fake celebrity email theater for you to enjoy.

Disclaimer: You know this isn’t real, right? You must know that they can’t actually act this way. At least, I hope not. 

MCROBBASE: Ian, mate, what are you doing?

VAMPSDONTSPARKLE: In a panel. Go away!


MCROBBASE: Paul, how’s the panel? I am bored. They won’t let me drink a beer.

ROMANTICSTEFAN: Its 10:30 in the morning! Have an orange juice. Nina and I are playing rock, paper, scissors. They are only talking to Ian about 50 Shades of Grey anyway.

MCROBBASE: The movie based on my life? I saw pictures of me and the book in some magazines. I wonder why they called it 50 Shades of Grey?  I am a colorful bloke. There was this one time when Tom and I got ahold of some grey paint, but it was only to paint a rocking chair.


ROMANTICSTEFAN: It’s a porn book based on Twilight fanfiction, Rob! My wife likes to read it aloud. It scares me.

VAMPSDONTSPARKLE: You are an idiot too, Paul.

MCROBBASE: This is brilliant! You want to be like me…or Edward.

VAMPSDONTSPARKLE: I certainly do not want to be a sparkly, pent up, virgin vampire. I think infusing some Damon in that flick would help. Plus, I am good with nudity.

MCROBBASE: I think Michael Fassbender would be a great choice if nudity should be taken in consideration.

ROMANTICSTEFAN: I second that motion.

VAMPSDONTSPARKLE: I hate you both.

MCROBBASE: I think you could be good too, Alex.

SWEDEVAMP: How did you get this number? I told my agent to make it unlisted.

VAMPSDOITBIGGERINTEXAS: Does anyone have any diapers? Little guy did a poopy.


MCROBBASE: I have some in my bag for Tom and Sienna’s little one. I babysit on Thursdays. What size do you need, Jackson?

TEENWOLF: Hey guys. Why don’t you ever text me?

VAMPSDONTSPARKLE: What’s up, baby lover?

TEENWOLF: Oh, come on!

Don’t you wish THAT happened at Comic Con?


Vampire Diaries Recap…Ghosts or…

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I can say that the Ghosts episode of Vampire Diaries brought memories of perfectly wonderful things. Perfectly wonderful things being THIS guy.


Uncle Mason!!!


Uncle Mason has been missed. Very missed. His charming little smile and that all American confidence of making Damon apologize. (Worst apology ever, by the way. Obviously, Damon needs much practice in this department.) I didn’t even mind when he had Damon tied up to a chair and was torturing him. It’s cute when Mason does things like that. Hopefully, Mr. Williamson can bring the ghosts back again, because…

We missed them! I missed Lexi and how she can put Stefan in his place.

I bet Lexi could even whip Lindsey Lohan into shape.

I missed Anna and how she gives Jeremy puppy dog eyes and tries so hard to do the right thing and messes up.


I'll do anything for you, Jeremy! Except give you the necklace that will put me back into limbo. But I'll do anything!

I missed Whitley from A Different World and wondered why she didn’t bring Dwayne Wayne back with her to the quad. Then Denise can complain about her dad, Dr. Huxtable. Umm…I mean Grams came back. #early90’sflashback


Remember when those clothes were cool? Well many of you don't, because you were babies. But Somerhalder does, because he's old like us.

I even missed creepy vampire dude who hung up the Head of the History Department at the Founder’s Day Death Event (Will they ever learn! Events and Mystic Falls never go well!) Actually, I didn’t miss vampire dude, but I think he used to play Nicholas on General Hospital in the old days. #tvnerd

The Cassidines on General Hospital are way more nerfarious than this vamp. Just sayin' #GeneralHospitalmemories

I didn’t miss this one.

Still questionable in the afterlife.

But this one WOULD have been a welcome addition.

Everybody misses Aunt Jenna! Well you would think so, but NOBODY mentioned her ghost coming back. Nice family you have there, Jenna.

Big Developments?

Bromance is BACK!

Platonic man love at it's finest

OVER! (You really didn’t think Bonnie would forgive you, Jeremy? Dumb boy)

At least you still have really cute shirts

Hieroglyphics! Wait…the originals were cave men with childlike art skills? Good luck figuring that out, Alaric!


"Man Doing The Chicken Dance" - Klaus age 3

Later this week we will talk about LAST week’s Vampire Diaries!  (Promise!) Talk supe is on Twitter… randomly… @talksupe 

Breaking Dawn is coming…sooo…

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It's Back...

That’s right, kids Breaking Dawn is amongst us. In celebration or for some of cringing anticipation will be bringing the joy by having special Twilight inspired posts. Celebrity Email theater? Yep! Character Email Theater? You betcha! A random review of the sountrack? Uh Huh! An even more random review or the random reviews coming out about the movie? Ahh why not! Making fun of the more unusual plot points? You better believe it!

Looking for his baby in all the wrong places. *snicker*


B: Is this really the end? E: No, my darling. There is another installment with a group of random characters and no epic battle. B: Oh. I at least get to arm wrestle Emmett? E: That's yet to be determined, my love. B: Damn it.

But, you may ask, what about Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle? You two already are complete slackers when writing recaps, are you finally admitting you are behind? Fine, you are right! But…we will still try to keep up or at least catch up on the shows. Promise!


We can't believe you keep forgetting about us with all that "sparkly vampire" nonsense.

We have MAJOR catch up to do…

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posted by EC and WC Staceys

Why are the Staceys doing this to us?!? Why?!?

It’s been busy…REALLY BUSY for the both of us. So expect gigantic and hilarious catch up posts about the Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle, which we need to stay up late and watch on our DVR’s. So here’s a challenge, you get to tell us a thing or two. In the comment section, tell us what you think about what happened so far on Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle and even Twilight. (Breaking Dawn is coming, y’all!)  Here are some suggestions:

Anything about these can even make something up and pretend it's fanfiction. I don't care, just make it rated T for my sensitive eyes. I might blush.


Bad boys can be cool...on television


It HAS to be eyeliner, right? Or he really loves Culture Club?


Decisions that make us mad... We will miss you, Nick...

how about….

Fade to black, Meyer's style


I'm worried about that dress after that engagement ring! How about you?


Chess? Really?

New post soon!

Vampire Diaries: The End of the Affair

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…Or NOW we’re talking.

SWD: No hiking, camping or flannel… Costumes, drama, angst! ! AND flashback Stefan!

mmmmm, flappers

SWD: Costumes: I luv me some 20’s dresses and waved bob haircuts, red lipstick, and sparkly jewels. I need to watch more Boardwalk Empire.

EC: Flashbacks make me happy, because of the fabulous costumes! I love those 1920’s duds, as much as I love the Civil War costumes! (Still swooning over them.) 

SWD: Klaus has a crush on Stefan: Because seriously, why wouldn’t he want to party with Damon? Damon is right, he is much better at this sort of thing. Vampire’s can glamour/compel each other? Ohhh, this is why he chose Stefan. Stefffy and Becky were a hot little item. I like them together.

Love during Prohibition

EC: Damon is too much of a bad boy to be with Klaus. They would always try to outdo one another. Drinking contests at sorority houses. (Drinking what? Well the options are limitless and probably gross.) You can’t have two alpha males hanging out, Klaus needs a wingman and the loverboy that can keep his little sister in line.

I'm sooo doing your sister

SWD: The witch with the bitchin’ earrings and hair flowers. She’s like Vamp Di’s Sam Merlotte. Or if Tara, Lafayette and Sam merged into one character. Win=WIN.

EC: I liked her. (Like I like most witches on this show.) She and Damon seemed to be buddies and you can tell she can hold her own with these vamp boys. Good for her!

Nobody messes around in my bar!

SWD: Klaus’ sister: Rebecca. Uh oh, did Stefan re gift her necklace to Elena? Uh oh, #thisWouldn’veHappenedIfHe’dGoneToZalesTiffanys

EC: You know, Stefan is going to use that old excuse, “I couldn’t remember that it belonged to somebody else, Elena!” Then he’ll do some “manly” weeping and begging. Probably wearing his tight v-neck shirt. Somedays he makes little Elena look like the man in the relationship. It’s basically, Sullen Hero Vampire 101. Equal parts heroics/martyer equates to girlish whining and begging. Also called The Edward Cullen Syndrome. You can also find this definition in the dictionary when looking up the name Bill Compton.

You can find my picture in the dictionary under "Brooding" and "Weepy"

SWD: Caroline’s Daddy’s “Tough Love”: Worse than “Scared Straight”, or that wilderness-drop-your-kid-off-in-the-Arizona-desert and let them survive themselves off of their addiction, Caroline’s daddy goes all Betty Ford on her.

The questionable cure for vampire addiction

EC: It makes me think of when Caroline’s Daddy aka HRG was on Heroes. He would always protect his immortal daughter, The Cheerleader and go torture chamber on all the other Heroes/Villians on the show. Now on Vampire Diaries he’s using all those torture techniques on Caroline. BTW…I miss Heroes. The first season was so good and had great potential, then went down hill. So the opposite of what happened to Vampire Diaries.

Remember Heroes? I do.

SWD: Stefan goes Edward Cullen on Elena and gives her “the Talk: “You don’t belong in my world Bella, Elena.” And now he’s free to hook up with Rebecca. And Damon can swoop in to mend that broken Elena heart, but where will Katherine fit in? Dah Dah Dum…

Are you over sensitive, moody and have a martyer complex? Then you have The Edward Cullen Syndrome. Get a backbone ASAP.

EC: See! Another classic example of The Edward Cullen Syndrome, New Moon Edition! Ohh…Angel did it on Buffy, too! I need to concentrate on Damon and Eric Northman. Those anti-heroes are the best. The best at not annoying me. You know who’s grown on me…Tyler. He was so sweet to Caroline…what is wrong with me! Ugh!!!

Too sweet! Now I have to take back some of what I said about Tyler. Sigh.

SWD: Looking forward to tonight’s epi!

EC: Me too! Because, she’s back!


Vampire Diaries Recap: The Birthday or…

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We're Back!

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

*Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers everywhere too!

Vampire Diaries is back and it’s looking great. Damon surrounded by well placed bubbles looks mighty great! Tonight is episode two, so let’s look back to last Thursday and get reminded by the big plot points. (Aka making jokes about the big plot points.)

So much going on...which means a great season of Vampire Diaries!

When Will They Ever Learn…Mystic Falls Events Equal Casualties:

It’s Elena’s 18th Birthday, y’all! You know what that means…she’s legal for Civil War era vampires! (That’s creepy when you see it written down. Yikes!) What a way to celebrate your birthday then to be confronted be a “Bubbly”Damon. Then a massive party planned by Caroline’s party planning company, Not a Good Idea Events. Underage drinking, sexual frolicking and usually a dead body. When will they ever learn…large functions in Mystic Falls never turn out good!

This guy likes bubble baths.

Ohh…bye, bye Scarf Lady! (That was just harsh, Stefan.)

I will miss you...actually your collection of scarves.


A good party for Mystic Falls means beer, making out and only one death

Here Comes The Ripper:

Somebody's being a very bad boy.

You know how we didn’t dig Simpleton Eric on True Blood? Well, the opposite for Ripper Stefan! He’s better when he’s bad. Take that Edward Cullen! (Your Twilight mention of the post) Those poor girls in the house! Also, poor Alaric when saw what Stefan did to those girls. Rolling heads do nothing to help settle upset stomachs. They didn’t show it, but I bet Damon had to leave the room to giggle. At least Stefan put them together again, like those dolls you can get for your daughters that you can change their outfits by popping off a torso and maybe an arm. Do they still make those?

Did you really need to make me see that girl's head fall off? I lost my ham and cheese sandwich.

Look who it is…'s little Simon!

Poor Reverend Camden…Simon left 7th Heaven and became a dirty werewolf trucker who drinks beers named Ray. Since I watched 7th Heaven when I was a youn’un to ogle the guy who played Simon’s brother. I find this disturbing, but kind of cool. Like when Stefan used Ray as a human dart board. Poor Ray…not only was he all marked up by darts, but he’s a vamp/wolf. That can’t be a comfortable transformation.

Guess this is what happens when you stop going to Sunday School!

“I See Dead People.” Jeremy Style:

"I see dead girlfriends...who wants to get their chronic on?"

All of a sudden Jeremy looks hot again. Is it because Bonnie was pretty much MIA this episode and he couldn’t whine at her? Or is it that Ghost Whisper might be getting an actual plot. He’s the Vampire Diaries Lafayette. (Question, will he now see Jesus from True Blood and start dressing more flamboyantly? I would much prefer seeing Jesus then Vicki and Anna. Just sayin’.) I am concerned that Jeremy is going to go down hill now that he’s partaking again in the wacky weed and hanging out with annoying Matt. (Sorry WC, he’s my new least favorite character now that Tyler’s been redeemed.)

Hello Tyler and Caroline! The Two Most Narcissistic Characters Are Actually Wonderful Together:

I'm pretty and you're's been destined in the stars

Do opposites attract? Sometimes. Do two characters that actually have like personalities, but one like to bite necks and the other gets REALLY hairy once a month have super chemistry? Absolutely!!! These two get jealous and fight. Then they go at it like the rabbits they both chase and then eat. Much better, than that Caroline and prejudiced Matt mess! 

Unfortunately, new love cannot go smooth! (The ratings would plummet!) Caroline get’s shot by Tyler’s mom. (That’s the future mother-in-law from hell. That’s never a good sign for a future relationship!)

Those Poor Star Crossed Lovers! Sniff Sniff!

The final scene with the sad Stefan and Elena phone call brought a tear to my eyes! But not enough to get rid of Ripper Stefan!

Memories..of pouting at each other

What do you think of the first episode of the new season? Let us know in the comments or on twitter @talksupe!  


Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries is Now Upon Us Boys and Girls and I Have To Say…

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“It’s about freaking time!”

Team Jacob Edward is going to refresh on the epic season two of Vampire Diaries for tonight’s season premiere! Thank goodness, because I forgot some major plot points!!!!!

Okay, so I really don’t have the right to say that since I watched part of Season 2 for the first time with WB’s re-runs and then the rest in a whirlwind the day the DVD came out until just the other day.  So kill me.  I’m used to large concentrated doses with watching Season 1 on DVD one episode after the other, and Season 2 in similar fashion.  Finally being caught up with the rest of the world kind of sucks!  I’m no longer allowed to sit in my bedroom with the remote saying, “just one more [episode]”. (EC: Me too!)

 When EC Stacey asked me if I wanted to do the honors and write a post about the start of VampDi Season 3, my first reaction was flattered and honored, my very next was similar to the feeling you get when you realize you have a test to take but didn’t study.  Literally the thought, “oh crap!  I should have taken notes!” ran through my head.

 You laugh, but seriously, SO much happened in Season 2.  You guys weren’t lying when you said that Season 2 was even better than Season 1.  And it seemed every episode had some major thing going on.

 “But TJE, you just watched the entire Season 2, it should all be fresh in your head for a recap,” you say?

Well, Season 2 went by in kind of a blur sitting in my bedroom taking hit after hit of VampDi as soon as my kidlets were sleeping or playing and poor Mr TJE being neglected (not really but he would probably tell you he was).

 Okay, so what did happen in Season 2? 

 Caroline turns into a vampire.  (that was interesting)

 We find out the Lockwoods are lycanthropes. 

“Dude, what’s with your eyes?” “ It’s um, the fluorescents.”

Damon kills hot Uncle Mason Lockwood… who was doing Katherine. (She really is willing to do anything to get what she wants isn’t she?  Well, okay, so the guys she does aren’t exactly trolls or anything.)

A moment of silence for Mason


Elena and Stefan fake fight.  (I hate you.  –wink, wink—) 

The newest plan to kill Katherine backfires (shocker) because Katherine had a witch put a spell on her which essentially delivers every blow they give to Katherine to Elena too, only she’s human, so she nearly dies.  (she’s outsmarted us again!)

Do they not get that already?  You just can’t kill her.  She’s like a cockroach.  Plus Katherine always knows what they’re going to do, she’s quite cunning.  No.  She’s more evolved than a cockroach.  It’s like if Edward and Alice had a kid that turned out to be an evil incarnate of them (sorry for the Twilight reference, I couldn’t help myself). 

Katherine’s like a real demon baby!

Katherine can’t literally read minds like Edward or tell the future like Alice, but she can read people and predict their next moves with such accuracy she may as well have those supernatural abilities.  But unlike Edward and Alice, Katherine doesn’t use her talents for the greater good.

Moving on.

There are new witches in town… well warlocks to be precise.  But we don’t like them because they’re on Elijah’s side.  Elijah is an original and is out to kill Elena.

We also meet Rose, who kidnaps Elena, but then ends up working with Damon to search for Klaus.

Elena offers herself up to Klaus.  (silly, silly girl)

Tyler triggers the curse (inevitable) and Caroline helps him through it.  You know, I kind of like those two together. Caroline is taken hostage and tortured by a couple of werewolves.  Jerks.

Katherine is back out of the tomb… did I mention that above.  Right, she was in the tomb, now she’s playing nice and joining team Salvatore to kill Klaus.  But she still can’t be trusted.

Klaus is… Alaric?!?!  WTF?  Well, no, he’s not, he’s just borrowing the body with his witch and warlock buddies help.  I did not see that one coming.

Klaus is werewolf/vamp hybrid

Isobel kills herself under Klaus’ compulsion in front of Elena’s eyes.

(Hmmm… I wonder… if Jake and Renesmee have babies, would their spawn be super-creatures like Klaus?  DUDE!  THAT is how the Cullen’s will overthrow the Volturi!  I finally figured it out!  They’ll have a whole litter (hehe) of super-creatures!)

We’re going to kick Volturi butt!

Ahem.  Sorry.  VampDi.  Not Twilight.  Right.  Focus TJE.

Elijah after Elena un-stakes him gets him to agree to help her kill Klaus.

We find out Elijah was in love with Katherine too…. I’m starting to think every guy fell in love with Katherine.  Jeesh.

Caroline and Tyler narrowly escape being hybrid sacrifices but Tyler bites Damon in the process.  (OH NO!)

Damon freaks out, not trusting Elijah’s get away, and forces Elena to drink his blood.  She effectively freaks out and confesses she loves Stefan but doesn’t want forever with him because she doesn’t want to be a vampire.  (break my heart for Stefan)  😦

John sacrifices himself to keep Elena human and alive after Klaus drains her blood.

Klaus is not thwarted by Caroline and Tyler escaping.  Instead he uses Jules for the wolf and Jenna as the vampire.  (holy what!?!?!?)

Klaus performs the ritual and begins to turn wolf.  Bonnie, having the power of one hundred dead witches weakens him to the point of his death.  Elijah punches through Klaus’ chest to finish him off as he agreed to, but Klaus convinces him into not killing him saying he’ll show Elijah where their family is.  (Stupid, stupid, stupid!)

Bonnie barters with Emily to safe Jeremy’s life because she loves him (I like them together)… but there seems to be a price… dead vampires(!?)

Damon is dying from the werewolf bite.  Stefan, desperately trying to save his brother, seeks out Klaus for a cure.  Klaus is the cure and Stefan pays the price slamming bag after bag of human blood, like alcoholic downing booze under Klaus’ command.  Katherine delivers the cure to Damon just in the nick of time.

Did I get it all?  No?  Too bad, that’s a LOT and my head is spinning.

So, what do I want to happen this season?  There are a lot of things, but the biggest one:  I personally hope that Elena falls in love with Damon.  What!?  Don’t hate me for that.  I like Stefan and all, but dang it, Damon deserves to get the girl for once.  Besides, Elena loves Stefan for how he is.  Damon used to be that brother until he got all surly.  Everything Elena hated about Damon, is exactly what Stefan is like now…. And Damon is softening up, showing more emotion.  They’re switching roles.  It’s only appropriate for Elena to fall in love with Damon while Stefan is out being a “ripper” for Klaus.

Think about it.

 Do you agree?  Do you think I’m the most horrible person for wanting that?

What do you want to see happen in Season 3?