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Secret Circle Episode 2: “Bound” or…

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posted by EC Stacey:

In anticipation of tonight’s episode…

He better not start singing, “Friday, I’m in Love”.

Buddy, Are You Wearing Eyeliner?

*Poof! Spoilers!*

Here we go with episode two, and it appears this show is starting to find it’s groove. We had more humor, some more special effects (aka magic) and more character development. My only problem still…Adam. I don’t know what the issue is fully. He’s seems very intense, has super dark eyelashes (like he’s wearing mascara and eyeliner) and has a staring problem. He’s one episode away from starting a THE CURE tribute band. I can see him serenading, FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE to Cassie in the quad on, you know, Friday and then singing, BOYS DON’T CRY to Diana on Monday. He’s a fickle, fickle boy. I had an idea of Adam in my head when I read the books in my teenager years, in between the times I was getting my doses of teen angst in the Sweet Valley High series. This television Adam is like a Edward Cullen/Stefan Salvatore hybrid, witch edition. Isn’t two of those, enough?

My original idea of Adam was found in these books.

Don’t worry… characters on shows grow on me and perhaps Adam will someday. Hopefully, by the next episode. Now that I vented…(sorry about that!) what happened in “Bound”? This is the picture recap…

Cassie tries to light a candle. Instead she breaks Nick's window.


That teaches a guy to be a Peeping Tom, immediately after he has with another girl.


School is hard enough without having these two in your class.Obviously, starting dangerous fires in school does not actually set off the sprinkler system. #safetyfail"


"I will serende The Cure songs to you forever...after I sing them to Cassie first."


Mr. Staring Problem is going to teach Cassie some "magic". (Is that what the kids are calling it these days?)


Oh I get it...their forbidden love creates the energy of light. Ugh. But it makes a nifty party trick!


Making "potions" is not a good thing, young man. Also you need to hang out with nicer girls like...Cassie.


What did I tell you about hanging out with nice girls, Don Juan? (Plus making poor Melissa jealous is just not cool.)


It's all fun and games until you magically push the Student Council President to her death on the jagged rocks.


Luckily, bad Faye's mommy and bad Diana's daddy have a crystal to bring her back to life.


Oops! It also kills your grandpa!


Luckily, those powers are officially binded! That will make everything better! Right? Right? At least a little? *crickets*

What will happen tonight, dear readers? Hopefully, more Cassie and Nick scenes. (One can only hope!)