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True Blood Season Finale…

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When I was about to think that True Blood was going to go out with a wimper it went out with a bang! Two of them in fact. I must add that I wasn’t exactly pleased by these developments, yet they sure were surprising and exciting! Let’s just get to the most important parts…

Good bye Jesus!!! That’s right, the poor guy was killed off in another show. (RIP, Detective in Southland) By the character’s possessed boyfriend. Layfette is going to need therapy on this one!

Worst date ever!

Marnie was sent off with Sookie’s grandmother, where ever dead people go in True Blood. I was hoping something more dramatic. But it seems that Jesus will be hanging around and haunting Layfette due to his medium abilities. Which sure will put a damper on any future relationships. (Which reminds me of Jeremy, of Vampire Diaries, issues. It’s starting to get annoying how these show are mimicing each other.)

Bill and Eric were almost vampire BBQ, which would have put a damper on their budding bromance. Which will now be more possible that Sookie kicked them to the curb!

Nope to King Bill. Royality is such a bossy pain sometimes.

Nope, Simpleton Eric and Snarky Eric. Loving one vampire is enough without dealing with multiple personalities!

Hello, Handsome! Sookie's head is quite taken with your hero personality and those...abs.

Noel from Felicity stops by, but not as Quinn! If you are to have an actor like Scott Foley, you give him a BIG ROLE. Not one that centers on Terry, Arlene and Andy. One that hooks him up with Sookie. It’s Noel, people! He didn’t end up with Felicity, he should at least get some action with the lead heroine of this show!

Why doesn't Felicity...I mean Sookie...want me?

Looks like our favorite psychopathic king is coming back!

Welcome back, King Crazy!

Sam buried a brother and gained a family…and a crazy mother wannabe. Also, didn’t know until now that Sam’s shirts are also available for funerals. Hmm.

Jason gets beat up, but manages to get a lady.

Jason gets the girl, but loses the boy

Finally, Tara… not everyboy’s favorite, but I always liked her. Couldn’t Ball at least let her have some happiness and… a relationship with Sam. Tara kept saving Sookie this season and all she gets in a bullet in the brain! Is she really dead? In the hospital? Will someone turn her into a vampire? Will Layfette have constant companions with the ghostly Tara and Jesus? I could imagine their running commentary on his outfits right now! (That would be pretty funny!)

Real friends will take a bullet for you, even after you keep defending the vampire that's always trying to kill that friend. Poor Tara!

At least, no more Debbie! (yay!)

Freedom, Alcide! Freedom!!!!

Can’t wait for next summer! Already counting down the days!

True Blood Season Finale: Predictions

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SWD: True, we have both read the books, but that doesn’t really mean too much since this series has drastically deviated. For the most part, I love the liberties True Blood takes *coughs* except Amnesic Eric. Glad your back Sheriff. *winks* Which makes seeing how things will tie up and what the cliff hangers will be rather surprising.

EC: I have decided to reread the books, because I am curious how it will be even possible to follow any of following books after the third one! For instance…Claudine’s dead, Claude isn’t a stripper, Jason isn’t a panther which will completely do away with a whole plot with Crystal in one of the books and where the heck is Quinn? My head is spinning. Of course, this is all forgiven because we still have the Lafayette. That character and his clothes are the best part of True Blood.

The show gives us little gems like THIS: Vampire "A-TEAM" ..or V-TEAM, if you will

Jason: Since he didn’t initially change into a panther, I’m guessing something messed up is going to happen at the next full moon, since he’s been sucking on Jessica’s vamper juice. I’m predicting, he turns into a flaming gay panther once a month. It will be like a big faaaaaaabulous period for Jason. In which case he will end up crushing on Hoyt for 2-3 days per month.

EC: Oh boy, WC…you just love Hoyt so much you will try to give him a relationship with anyone! It might work though. Those two are completely co-dependant with their beer drinking and cold pizza eating.   

I do think Jason NEEDS to become a panther, which is funny that I am saying this due to hating that plot point in the books, but so much that happens later ties up to that. I do love Jason and Jessica! Mentally, they are both about fourteen with a limited I.Q., but it is adorable.   Also, Jason is quite the romantic hero, a brainless hero, but still a romantic one. He’s my favorite today!

Oh Snaaaaaap! You did NOT jus go there grrrrrlfriend.

Debbie: Dead… but pregers? With Marcus or Alcide’s spawn?

EC: Whoa…She didn’t die. (Yet…fingers crossed) Marcus did though. Alcide did do the wolf equilivant of Amish shunning with that whole speech where he said, “I share flesh with you no longer, blah, blah, blah…” He really should have done that LAST season when she was hooking up with the Australian guy from UGLY BETTY last season.  

Alcide: Will do something cool, then the show will end and they’ll play The Black Keys, ” Howlin’ For You”

Howlin' For me? *blushes*

EC: Forget Jason! Team Alcide! Sure he killed Marcus, but that guy was BAD! It wasn’t like when Bill and Eric were going to bomb the magic shop that had innocent people in it. Plus, Alcide is a stoic and honorable man. Who tried to save Tommy and then stood by Sam! Alcide should be the hero of the show. (Even though Henry Cavill will make a great Superman, Joe could have too!)

My dream is to make the show all about Alcide and Sam saving the day! Oh and Jason can be their side kick! 

Sam: Will shift into “My Little Pony” so he can be a babysitter to What’s her Name’s daughter.

But remember, Sam has a Dark Side

EC: That just pony just gave me serious nightmares! Thanks a bunch.

Sam is the cutest potential daddy. I do see him with someone else…ahem…Tara…ahem Sookie. I don’t care which and Alcide can be with the other one. #TeamShifter/Wolf

Bill: Gets put in his place by Sookie

EC: Amen. Remember when I was slowly going to Team Bill? Forget it. He’s a bossy jerk who was going to kill Tara and Holly. (I like Holly, she’s a fun character. Plus, I think Tara needs a female friend that can be supportive and help with Tara’s self-esteem issues. As seen by the last episode.) 

Eric: Gets put in his place by Sookie.

EC: Double Amen. Remember when I was Team Eric? Forget it. He’s a bossy jerk who was going to kill Tara (multiple times) and Holly. Plus, he ate Sookie’s fairy godmother! That’s not cool!

Also, remember when I was Team Vampire? Forget it. That will only return for Vampire Diaries and Breaking Dawn. #AlcideandSamrock!

Tara: Somehow Bill will save Lafayette and Tara will be so thankful for the gesture that she will once again “change teams” and put the moves on Bill. This will incite Sookie to once again drum up feelings for Bill. Then next season we’ll have lots of “dream sequences” of Bill enjoying the battle for his affections from both ladies. #3Way

T: Hookah we crazy. S:Beeeeeeeeel (it's my turn to say it) is MAHINE!

EC: Did we forget Bill was about to make Tara into a smore? I didn’t it. Both of these girls need some “hairy” action, shifter style!

Pam: Puts a smackdown on everyone with one of her sassy lines. And she becomes the spokeswoman for Botox.

EC: Did you see how sad she was when Eric was mean to her? That sassy shrew has had the worst time this season! She needs some retail therapy! That Vamp loves her designer shoes!

Sookie: Turns in her “Runs with Vampires” sneakers for “Flirts with wolves” flip flops. I predict a Sookie Alcide hook up.

EC: From your mouth to Alan Ball’s ears! Except, fingers crossed, see below… 

Jesus: Dies saving Lafayette. He’s not on the posters, so therefore they will kill him off.

Just like the Old Testament, No Jesus!

EC: NO! NO, NO, NO! Jesus was just killed off of Southland and I cried! (Great show on TNT, by the way! Check it out!) HE can’t leave this on too! Even though his face changes into that scary mask. I will, however, enjoy seeing the last of Marnie. 

Terry, Arlene and the Bellefleur clan: They’re all going to get seduced by faeries, Siren song style.

EC: Terry is one of the best characters that was changed from the show with his special fort! He would be a great motivational speaker/drill Sargent! Of course, Andy is a lost cause. (Mostly now with him getting some fairy lovin’.) Poor Jason, truly is the smartest bunch of the Bon Temp’s finest. The crime rate must be off the charts.

Merlottes: Starts serving salads and Michelob Ultra beer.

EC: There goes the majority of the visitors who crave chicken wings and Bud.

Remember how I said look below? Another possible love match for Sookie? This guy is supposed to be making an appearance…


And he can bring along this guy! #missingFelicity 

Wouldn't it be lovely?

Talbot, Sophie Anne, and Tommy Mickens: show up as ghosts to haunt and taunt Bon Temps, oh wait, that’s Vampire Diaries (which starts soon!)

EC: SO excited! Hurray for Thursday!

One week to Bad Stefan!

True Blood Epi 6 : “I wish I Was the Moon”

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…Or  “True Blood, you’re doing it wrong!”

^I’ll get to that at the end, but you book readers get where I’m going with this.

EC: What the heck happened in episode 5? Oh right! Jason’s weird/hilarious dream about Jessica becoming Hoyt. Oh and Eric getting frisky with Sookie! Those were the important things, right?

*sings* I got the Sheriff, but I didn't get no hot Sookie

King Bill: So Eric and Sookie are having an ab-off on the sofa when Bill vamp speeds in and hypothetically throws a bucket of cold water on the action.  Eric attacks him and we almost have a shish kabill. Luckily Sookie screached loudly enough that Bill was Eric’s king and Eric goes down on one knee to honor his liege. (EC: That girl has a powerful set of lungs! I think I lost my hearing after her wailing cat impression.) Then we end up back at Bills, where we have “Locked Up Abroad: Vamp edition.” It’s a little party in Bill’s Basement of Broken Wills. Pam is falling apart, literally, but her Pamisims are on fire, calling Bill a “pompus little dork”, coining “dork” as the newest offending 4 letter word.Nan pops up on Bill’s screen and is impressed and surprised he has coraled Eric. *raises eyebrow* Why is she surprised? Bill gets her permission to impose the true death on Eric. Yes, I was shocked, shocked I tell you that Bill wants Eric dead. Awe what happened to the bromance? Well Nan signs off and we see that Bill’s computer wallpaper is, in fact, wallpaper!

EC: Pam’s face is making me literally ill. I have a hard time looking at the screen when she’s on. Have I mentioned lately that I hate zombie movies? That’s the reason why. Also…did you notice something odd about Nan in her teleconference with Bill? She seemed to be…ahh…enjoying something while talking to him. Why is it that I think Alan Ball cut something out in this scene? (Watch the scene again on your DVR’s. You will definitely notice something odd there.) 

King Bill is annoying the heck out of me. I miss gentleman Bill who didn’t wear suits and wasn’t putting people (or attractive Vikings) to death. Come back to us, Bill, come back!

SWD: *Confession time for SWD* I like Bill way more as BadBill and I *hangs head in shame* like Eric less as EmoNorthman. And you KNOW how big of an Eric fan I am.  See, I have a baddy addy.

I'm making SWD change Vamp Teams

Witch Marnie: So, Marnie’s a cutter. After some bleeding and pleading,  she gets possessed by Antonia, “bob” from Twin Peaks style. Will her hair turn gray? Will she kill Laura Palmer? (EC: I miss Twin Peaks! Now I want cherry pie and teh guy who played Agent Cooper to be in a good show again.)  Anyhow, Marnie becomes the “Vampire Whisperer,”  making Fr. turned Sheriff Luis submit into downard dog with her devil horn hand gesture. I’m so trying this on my dog later.

EC: Are the witches really the bad guys? The one possessing Marnie seems to be pretty justified in wanting to get revenge. Those scenes were upsetting. Okay, maybe destroying every vampire might be taking it to far, but after going through what she did I can under stand wanting to bring some pain. 

Jesus and Lafayette in Mexico:Lafayette objects for “Goat Tongue for breakfast”. Please, man up Laffy, goat tongue is not for afternoon tappas! I find Jesus’ grandpa… wait for it… sexy as hell. I want him to play Murtagh (yes, more #Outlander), Latino style. He has the boys out in the yard finding a wiling animal to sacrifice. Of course, since this is True Blood, it’s not a gopher, but a rattlesnack. Jesus goes all Steve Irwin and grabs the snake. Hawt G-pa tells Laffy to protect Jesus and then sics the rattler on Jesus neck. Then Laffy, like witch Marnie, gets possesed by Tito Ortiz, oh wait I mean Tio Luca, and we’re all sure Luca is going to be loco, right? Good. Maybe Tio will cut off Laffy’s braids. Where’d the cute mohawk go, Laffy?

You dissin' my braids, hookah?

EC: You joking about Jesus’s grandpa, right?

SWD: I’m not, lol… see above “baddy addy”.

EC: That dude freaks me out. You kow what also freaked me out…that rattlesnake. Poor Layfette. He is going to be doing some weird stuff now. Can’t a guy just hang out with his honey for an episode and just chill?

Demon ghost baby: Something starts a fire in the Bellefleur “boudoir” but Mikey’s guardian ghost (whom I swear was Jared Leto’s “Love” interest in “How to Make an American Quilt”) puts him outside. That whole house burns and all the Bellfleur fam are left with is the dirty creepy doll. And Terry’s armadillo? Where did that come from? Mr. Molina’s biology class? But I did kind of dig Arlene’s Etsy style morning after sweater.

EC: Vampires, werewolfs and ghosts…Oh my! We now have almost everything supernatural represented now in True Blood! I might be losing track of storylines. Are any of these going to tie in at all? Is the ghost a witch, too? That baby is adorable. I don’t like him being around creepy things. Unlike, Breaking Dawn, there can be a vampire show with a cute baby. Just not ones with ridiculous names and questionable births.

Law Enforcement: V’ed up Andy shows  can lift Lazy Boy armchairs and swing dates with witches. Go Andy, Holly was imnpressed with the Gun Show! But you ARE barking up the wrong tree with Sam. He will go raging bull, literally, on your arse if you’re not careful.

EC: I might have a started reading my Martha Stewart magazine and zoned out on this part. Yummy summer recipes…

The Merlotte Boys: Distraugh Tommy shifts into Sam, opens the bar, fires Sookie and steals Sam’s… not money this time, but his “horse tail”. I think Tommy just wanted to know what it felt like to be in a true Sam shirt.  Tommy is sickened by this human shift, or maybe it was going horsey style, and Sam finds him passed out when he returns home.

EC: I stopped reading Martha Stewart after Andy’s scenes were over. The only reason I even watched Tommy’s scenes was that he looked like Sam. What a little jerk. Can he morph into a fly and someone hit him with a fly swatter? Problem solved!

Tara: Gets found by her girlfriend who likes Bon Temps Tara. Glad someone does cuz I’ve had an earful of Tara-self pity. Why is she still in BT anyway? She’s pissed at Sookie, Laffy and Jesus are frolicking on an advenure, she’s dissing on Merlottes, she’s on the vampire’s naughty list. GTFO of “Dodge” Tara.

EC: I think Tara is drawn to the absolute worse place for her. Or she’s still secretly in love with Sam. (fingers crossed!) Of everything that happened to her, it seems to be a case of her being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If I was Tara, I would hate Eric too. He tried to kill her in the second episode. Also, all the vampire hate is completely justified after that Franklin mess. I think, listen up Alan Ball, that the kick ass Tara needs to show up and throw it down. Make her a vampire slayer. Something to give the girl some power. (I really miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon could give lessons on creating strong female leads!)

Jess and Jason have a Meadow Scene!:  It’s the new TB couple: Jassica! Firstly, so much classic Jason lines in this episode, like  his voicemail message saying, “If I’m not here, call 911 and ask for me.” and “…like I’m extar good at sex… and shooting.” So Sookie stiffles a giggle when Jason says he’s a werepanther, like we all did when we read “werepanther” in the books. He wants Sookie to shoot him if he changes, she wants to help him, and not just “change his kittty litter.” Good one. He takes off and has a panic attack. Which, Jessica senses and rushes to his aid, as apparanty her boobs are Xanax. So they bond and lie down in the meadow. Ah the wilderness, *coughs* Eric and Sookie*. Jason is kind of sad he’s not a werepanther and Jessica assures him that he is “special”. Oh yes Jason, you are definitely “special” *see above “Jason-isms.”

EC: What the heck happened to the plot of Jason being a werepanther? That was a HUGE plot point of the books. I understand veering slightly from the written text, but there is major things that if you are using the basic outlines of the book series that need to be in the show. You already killed off Claudine and now this! The Sookie and Jason scene was cute though. Also, Jason and Jessica are like little children together. I like them together! She’s a very young girl, so it’s understandable that she would want to explore other relationships. I have a feeling Hoyt will not be pleased. 

Eric Sookie Meadow Scene: The part I we have all been waiting for. The “Leg Hitch” of True Blood. The Eric- Sookie shower scene….! ^ Yes, this is what I meant in the above rant . Apparantly,  we had the epic shower scene last season w/ Sookie and Bill so no loofah time for the sheriff I guess. They er, uh, went au natural. Plus 1 for ball here as he did keep the camera on Eric the whole time. Please note, Bill Condon, you better have shot Breaking Dawn with the same camera techniques in mind. Anyway, back to the woods of Bon Temps. Now, don’t they remember the woods during a full moon (no, we don’t mean Eric’s) are SUPEr crowded with shifters? Who will see them? Who will be interrupting the romp. I’m guessing it will be Alcide and Debbie. maybe they’ll join in. Well, without Debbie of course. Wait, was that out loud?

EC: Hot, Sookie/Eric action. I also agree, Alcide. But he should be in every scene. Also, could you imagine a Edward and Bella forest/meadow scene like this one? Nope, me either. This would happen… 

Edward: Your locks glimmer like sunlight fallling on fall leaves.

Bella: Let’s make out.

Edward: No my love! I cannot control my urges!  Let me wax poetic about the depths of the pools of you chocolate eyes.

Bella: Please, Edward! Can I get at least a little tongue?

Edward: You are such a child! *stomps off* 

In conclusion, why did Bill let Eric go? Why was he emoting on his porch? My DVR cut off here and switched to live mode, so I  missed some minutes. It flashed from Bill’s frown to Eric’s splendor in the grass. Did I miss a plot point?

Mr. Pattinson…It’s Time For Your Hair Intervention! Comic Con Edition

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Remember the Good Old Days?

What Was the Scariest Thing at Comic Con?

This is not the good old days...this is a cry for help

EC: Robert…Robert…Robert…what are we going to with you? Cosmopolis has wrapped,so there should be no need to have that disturbing mess on your head. Supposedly, you want to be taken seriously as an actor. I get that. I really do. BUT, and this is a big BUT (and I cannot lie. *giggle* Sorry I just channeled some old school rap, because that hair style is so ridiculous, I’m regressing into my inner 13 year old.), no one can take anyone seriously wearing an ode to the band Flock of Seagulls on their head. (Flock of Seagulls, you ask? Well Rob, I was young when they were popular too. Just watch VH1’s Remember the 80’s! You can so learn so much that really should be forgotten. Like those hideous 80’s neon sunglasses, that I have been seeing everywhere this summer. Ugh. #thingsthatshouldremainburied

SWD: So much eighties stuff is in style. Since I do “Remember the eighties (or eh-ies as my cronies fondly speak of them) I had neon glasses, and strange haircuts and I wanted to be a Go-Go. I wish I’d held on to my oversized earrings and pegged skinny jeans, I could have made some dough on e-bay, #authenticVintage

EC: Now I am assuming that the unfortunate hairstyle is due to the Cosmopolis film. I haven’t read the book, since I am now reading The Help (ahem fan fiction). Diving into the world of racial inequality of the 1950’s South. (Just admit it…reading fan fiction, where Bella is actually awesome). You know IMPORTANT literature. (Fan fiction.) However, is it possible that Paul Giamatti decided to shave “the pretty boy” (that’d be you) after getting “the pretty boy” drunk on Merlot? Because everybody knows, Paul hates that Merlot! #thingslearnedforwatchingSideways)

You're going down, pretty boy!Get these two to Banana Republic or at least Target. No more Thrift Stores!

SWD: Off topic: Did you see “Bottle Shock?” I liked it better than Sideways (eye candy and the girl has cute 70’s shirts and boots)

EC: Here’s my question…do you think its a good idea to keep one side long, while trying to grow the other side back? Why not just cut the other side to match? (SWD: I vote mohawk, I ALWAYS vote mohawk *winks at young Ian and Rehvenge)EC: Do you want to match Kristen’s questionable black bra/white teeshirt look? That’s just you two taking the white trash look to a whole new level.

SWD: Colored bra+ sheer shirt = 80’s for the 10’s. I grew up in the age of early Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. The sheer was mesh, so I think LeStew is actually, classing the look up. Now if it were the iconic Madonna cone bra… we’d have another story.

Here at Talk Supe,we are here to help! Here is some helpful suggestions!

Water for Elephants:

EC: Just cut it short. You really did look nice in this movie.

Much better. Plus you would stop looking like a patient in the psych ward.

The Vampire Diaries Cast @ Comic Con:

EC: They sometimes have some confusing clothing choices, but more times then not they look good. Most important, their hair looks great!

You can have fun with your style and still look good. Just stay away from tiny hats! Ahem…Somerhalder.

SWD: The entire cast of VampDi has amazing hair. Always.

Wait, did I say that? Did I forget Klaus’ Elizabethan wig or early Elijah’s good boy hair? Well they both look good in the end.

True Blood Cast @ Comic Con:

EC: They are adults. Even if they are the same age as you, they act like adults. You are 25, Robert. Observe how grown ups dress at work. (Okay, slightly more fashionable then in an office, but still professional/attractive.)

SWD: Hold on, this is True Blood were talking about. When do they actually “dress” for work, unless it’s the “sock of destiny” #notComplaining

They clean up nice after all the dirty stuff happening in Bon Temps

SWD: Looking good, Joe’s so lovely I’m not even noticing the “v” is going into Stefan territory

Always a lovely and classy couple.

Robert, meet your style icon.

SWD: I’m sorry EC, did you say something. I got distracted.^

And speaking of socks…

Fun with Socks = Good, Crazy with Hair = Bad

Supernatural @ Comic Con

EC: Sam and Dean not only can bring cool to casual, but they can kick butt. Learn this and you can get great new acting gigs!

These boys can work the hair and the Sam's Shirts!

 SWD: That IS a Sam shirt.. Alcide wore it last episode, and Sam wore it last season. Love it!
EC: We have so much hope for you, Rob. This intervention is for your own good. Now we just need to work on your umm…interesting…clothing choices.

Alright, I'll admit it. Just start listening to Taylor.

True Blood Recap: Gettin’ An Eyeful, True Blood Style

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Today’s installment of the True Blood recap is brought to you by…

SAM'S SHIRTS. Short or long sleeved you can't go wrong with a Sam's Shirt. Don't shift without one!

EC:  There was a lot of development in this past Sunday’s episode, so let’s get to MY favorite part…drunken, simple-minded Eric. Sure, he can’t remember anything, but not only did Eric inherit Jason’s ridiculous looking sleeveless hoodie, he also now has gained Jason’s cluelessness. Yes, I miss bad boy Eric. (As does Team Seth) However, this is a fun bit of distraction to see Alexander play a goof ball. It’s not only refreshing, but makes me giggle. Particularly, the drunken gooseing of Miss Stackhouse. Who knew that fairy blood equals the same buzz of a six pack of Bud Light. (Cause they are down south, y’all.) It also inspires this:

SWD: My fav line,” Croccccccccoooooooddddiiiiiiiloooooos” said in menacing crazy Viking voice. This is soo book Eric, even down to the wearing of Jason’s old sweatshirts. Or wait, did Sookie pick up Eric some clothes from Walmart? Either way, Viking sheriff in Gildan is funny. I’m thinking the black tanks of previous seasons were American Apparel. They go uber low with the U necks. Just ask VD’s Stefan.

It's like talking to a very tall toddler

EC:  Also, the added Alcide bonus…  

Fun at the creek during the summer, Bon Temps style

EC:  I mean come on now, Ball is an evil mastermind! This scene is the reason that the female demographic for these types of shows and movies are so high. It certainly isn’t the gore factor. No, it’s the shirtless men…umm…I mean romance! That’s it…romance! The scene with Sookie, Alcide and Eric was pretty funny. Which is good, because the rest of it was an angst fest. Starting with Debbie getting ready to jump back on the crazy train. At least we had an almost Sookie/Eric kiss!

SWD: Sookie looked so cute in that scene too! I want her green mini jacket.  Friend of a friend has 4 large, menacing dogs (rott, shepherd, etc.) and a chihuahua. The chihuahua OWNS them. It reminds me of Sookie and her pack of alphas.

EC: Pam gets a face lift. Or is it face melt? It looked painful. Now we know that hippie Marnie is possessed by a very pissed off ancient witch. Being burned at the stake will do that to a girl. #lessonslearnedfromSalem. Massachusetts that is. Not #lessonslearnedfromDaysofourLivesSalem. However, both Days of Our Lives and True Blood had characters that were possessed. Plus, True Blood is pretty much a gory soap opera. Now they should just have Sami Brady do a crossover.

SWD: That freaked me out! Poltergeist flashbacks!

Pam, if you were interested in getting some work done, I would have suggested a certified plastic surgeon.

EC:  Oh Bill…Bill…Bill…you went from your dream girl, Sookie to your great, great, great granddaughter. Dude, that’s messed up. Must be good to be king. Not! Karma is going to be biting you on the bottom. Look, it already did! Sookie wouldn’t let you look for Eric in her house. That’s right, she’s going to leave you for a Viking! Oh and the grandmother from WHO’S THE BOSS is flirting with you. Oh where, oh where, is Tony Danza when you need him?

SWD: Mona! The original cougar… still going strong and chatting up Bill. Oh wait, he’s older. Betty White needs to be on True Blood. She could be Octavia!

Well this was a bad idea, Bill.

EC:  There was a bunch of shifter drama. Sam’s lady has a kid and a crazy ex. Who happens to be a werewolf. Of course. Couldn’t they just make the guy a crazy dentist or something? Maybe, a demented florist? Change things up a bit? Oh and more Tommy. Being that his dead beat parents put him on a steel chain leash, I don’t think will be getting away from Tommy for awhile. Ugh.

SWD: You KNOW Sam’s going to save him. Take him back in, buy him shirts.

Worst T.V. Parents of the Year Winners 2011

EC:  Poor Hoyt. His relationship with Jessica was already on shaky ground. It’s never a good thing when Jess decides to get relationship advice from PAM. It leads to naughty decisions like snacking on young men in the women’s bathroom. Seriously, that is not at all hygenic. It’s not like she’s a Edward Cullen type personality. If he was real, Edward would be carrying in sanitizing wipes and Purell. Which is funny, because he’s already dead.

SWD: Hoyt/Crystal hook up?

EC: Jessica’s saved Jason’s life with her blood. You know what that means…Jason and Jessica hook up ahead! (Which I am kind of loving!) Anything to het him away from crazy panther chick. All that inbreeding has made her a nut. It’s not going to end well. Mostly for Hoyt. He is definitely going to be moving back in with his Momma.  

SWD: Jason’s crzy “V” dreams are going to be insane@!

Let's all remember the good times, because they sure aren't going to last much longer

EC: I have a bad feeling that poor baby is going to be blamed for the evil doings of that creepy doll. Actually, what the heck is wrong with Terry and Arlene? That doll is nasty! Can you imagine the germs? Who cares if it’s evil. They should have a least put that thing in the washing machine or the fire place. That would be responsible parenting!

SWD: And I thought Cabbage Patch Dolls were creepy, but that thing?! Give me a Chuckie doll anyday.

Even Hoyt shouldn't be touching that nasty thing and he's a grown up!

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Embracing the Guilty Pleasure…Another Vampire Diaries Convert

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Hey pretty lady! We can rock historical costumes like that Jasper can. Who's the real confederate now?


What’s Happens When You Leave Forks? Head Right Over to Mystic Falls!

EC: We love talking to you all about our favorite shows, books and movies! We REALLY love when you send us posts about them! One of our favorite people, Team Jacob Edward writes to tell us about her new found enjoyment of our friends from Mystic Falls! (Just wait until she watches, Season 2! Actually, she needs to catch up now! We need her to watch Season 3 in real time with us!)

Dear Talk Supe…. do you guys do entries in letter form?  Or is that weird?  Oh well, I’m going with it.
I finally lost my VD/VampDi/Vampire Diaries/Whatever virginity last week.
Per the prompting of many, but mostly from the enthusiasm from EC Stacey, I purchased the first season of Vampire Diaries some time ago.  I almost immediately watched about ½ the first episode, but I wasn’t sucked (ha) into it immediately and that was it for awhile, as it then sat collecting dust—until late last week that is.

Silly girl! This guy can never collect dust!

My husband went on a hunting trip (you know, the non-vampire kind of hunting) and I wasn’t in the reading or writing mood that first night he was gone.  The kids were in bed, and I decided that meant I should watch something that my husband would surely not ever want to watch with me.  Immediately I thought of watching the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice or running the gamut of the three Twilight movies.  But then I remembered the Vampire Diaries DVDs of the first season that I’d purchased and decided to at least get my money’s worth by watching the dang thing.
I can’t tell you the exact moment I was hooked, but what I can tell you is that for the entirety of those days, I got WAY too little sleep, my kids received too little interaction with their mother (they did a lot of playing outside (thank goodness it was nice out)… and were allowed to watch an extra movie or two… bad mom) and I was actually glad I am not working at the present moment because it meant more VD watching opportunities.  (Shame.  Oh, the shame.)

Distracting mommies since 2009

I still can’t say that I love VD more than Twilight.  Twilight, I think will always be in its own special place that nothing else will ever really touch.  But VD definitely contained some of the same crack that Twilight has, as I kept watching “just one more” episode until they were gone.
The thing that makes this important is:  I AM NOT A VAMPIRE PERSON!
I hear your disbelief, because (despite my love-split name) I love Twilight and Edward and, well, Edward is a vampire.  Yes, yes, I know that’s true but really I’m not a vampire person.  When I was told by a friend that I just HAVE to read Twilight, as soon as I heard it was a love story between a human girl and a vampire, my nose crinkled and I stopped listening.  If it weren’t for feeling obligated to at least give the story a shot since that friend had loaned the book to me by practically shoving it into my arms insisting I read the thing, I would have missed out on my favorite (albeit, irrationally favorite) story.

Do you really still love me more? I might be...BOTHERED!


You stole my line...BOTHERED!

So, after I devoured the Twilight series, I tried to put aside my prejudice and be more open about other books involving vampires.  I read the Almost Human series that had been described as “an adult Twilight.”  To my credit, I read the entire Trilogy.  It was okay, I’d recommend it to someone who’s into vampire books, but I found myself cheering for the girl to end up with the human guy over the vampire guy.
Not giving up, I borrowed Interview with a Vampire, by Anne Rice.  I think that was probably two years ago now…. I still haven’t been able to find it in me to read past the first page, it’s still on my bookshelf, and I’ve actually forgotten who I’ve borrowed it from.
Then, I broke down and watched the first season of True Blood after many recommendations to watch it.  I liked it.  It was okay.  But again, I found myself disappointed as I was unable to “fall” for Bill, the vampire that Sookie found so irresistible.  Again, it was okay, but the vampires were altogether too creepy to me to be desirable.  That being said, I did like it enough that I wouldn’t be opposed to watching the next season. (So, kind of progress, right?)

Oh Sookie! Why do they not love me as much as Edward, Stefan and mostly Damon?

I’ve read other books with vampires in them too, like the Mortal Instruments series.  Which although it’s about Nephellim, it has vampires in it.  The vampires in the Mortal Instruments books just mostly weirded me out.  (Though, the book that just came out did warm me up to one a bit.  So a bit more progress, maybe?)
I also read A Discovery of Witches (recommended by none other than EC Stacey, herself).  Again, I liked it.  Actually, I liked it a LOT.  And I was ticked off where the book ended, knowing that I’m going to have to wait an entire YEAR until the next one comes out. But the reason I liked the book so much, was not because of the vampire guy in it.  It was because of the main character, her powers and her discovery of her powers in the 2nd half of the book.  I was enchanted by all the things that witches in general could do.  But the main vampire guy/love interest, Matthew?  Eh, he was okay.   I liked him well enough and all.  Actually better than any of the other vampires in the other failed attempts I’d had, but I still didn’t feel that draw to him.  (Again, progress, but not quite there.)

Hey Luca…Forks needs some witches! Wait a minute, they have Rosalie! Actually, she’s a ‘B’ word that rhymes with witch.

Oh no, you didn't!


So I was shocked when I realized that I was a little obsessed with the Vampire Diaries.  Let’s just say this up front, I still don’t feel about Stefan or Damon the way I feel about Edward, but I do like them a lot (breakthrough!).  And I’m ALL for (haha, I almost wrote Katherine) Elena becoming a vampire (like I was for Bella in Twilight = another breakthrough!). I’m actually rooting for it. (Woah!)  And I’m so full of questions and I have so many things I could discuss; like Bonnie and the huge chip on her shoulder she acquired after she came back from the funeral or Caroline making all us blondes seem shallow and airheaded (I may have dark hair at the moment, but I am a natural blonde) or WHEN DID I START ROUTING FOR DAMON INSTEAD OF AGAINST HIM?????  How the HELL did that happen?!?!  Maybe I’ll write about that some time… there are so many things I could say about Damon and Stefan… and Damon.  🙂

Look into our want to be our biggest fan. Oh...and buy EC Stacey that purple dress. (EC: Just kidding! But, no I really do want that dress!)

But, after many failed attempts with finding love for non-Twilight vampires, I find myself kind of there again.  (And it feels great!)  Now I’m just impatiently waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD, to catch up to the rest of you and then be rationed out episodes on a weekly basis too.  (It’s better that way for me… String along the hits so I don’t OD on the VD crack).  What I don’t understand is; what is it about this TV series captured my interest about vampires when so many other shows and books failed?  I have some thoughts, and I think I know what my husband would say, but I’d like to hear your theories.

But Breaking Dawn is coming! Darn television and it's multiple seasons!

But our season starts in September! People have to wait for November for you!

Longwindedly Befuddled,

A big thank you, to Team Jacob Edward! We can’t wait for her to write more for us! Let her know in the comments what a great letter she wrote and YOUR feeling about Vampire Diaries and Twilight. Oh and to make things even more interesting for your DVR’s…

True Blood starts in June!

True Blood: The off season

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What are they up to?

This Blood's for you!

It’s been a long time since September. It’s just as long until early June, when True Blood Season 4 will air. That’s a long time off, and they always say, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground…” So what do we think these devils  are up to in their spare time? Are they preparing for Season 4, “The Season of the Witch” (or as those of us who have read the books refer to it, “The Season of the Eric”. Seriously, if done right, and Ball hasn’t disappointed us yet, that shower scene will be more epic than the one in Psycho, and will ellicit more screams… not from horror). EC: I swear that shower scene… is it summer yet? I miss my show…also it was -2 degrees this morning. I hate you snow.

Sookie: Stocking up on apricot shower gel. See aforementioned shower reference. EC: Giggle. You might want to get the book now, just to prepare yourselves!

Lafayette and Jesus: polishing their broomsticks. Season of the witch, “Haaa’y”

Sam:  Road Trip! Combing the country in search of kick-ass belt buckles. EC: Hopefully, picking some more of those glorious shirts while he’s at it!

Alcide: Started an emo coutry band, called, “One Man Wolfpack”. 

EC: Are they going on tour with the Twilight wolves band, Imprinted on my Loins. BTW…gross.


Jason Stackhouse: Attending various Comic Cons. Picking up on the girls dressed as Bella and Alice. EC: Please. That poor boy will get confused and try to pick up on the Twi moms (SWD: like us??) dressed up like Rosalie. SWD: True, the panther may go for some cougar luv.

Vampire Bill: Well, if we’re going by the books, he’s not going to be to busy this season… so Bill is watching Vampire Diaries and wondering if he could audition for Klaus. He’s also sending emails to Jasper, wanting to do vamp versions of civil war re-enactments. 

EC: Then he can jam with 100 Monkeys! Bongos anyone?

I have found the juice!! Bambi is safe again.

Jessica: Micro-brewing TruBlood in her bath tub, peddling it to other vampires.

Hoyt: Formed a gangsta rap duo with Mike Newton, touring the country. However, they are only booked in comedy clubs, following Jay Mohr on the “White Boy ’11” tour. EC: I want to see them on Def Comedy Jam! They would last a total of 30 seconds until they are pulled off stage.

Nadine Fortenberry (the mom is Nadine right, I’ve forgot): She was on the blue team of Biggest Loser, and was indeed the biggest loser, whittling herself down to a size 4. She now trains the Shreveport wolfpack, getting them in “sock” shape.

Holly: Joined forces with the girls from “Practical Magicand is opening a small apothacary shop, their VIP customer: Claire Fraser. EC: I loved how you added Outlander! Almost ready to discuss book one!

Tara: In counseling. She knows she needs to get away from the bad boys before she ends up with Black Jack Randall. He’s the only one freakier than Franklin.

Evil enough for Tara? Oh yes.

EC: And that Franklin was pretty freaky! Fun note…this weekend I happened to catch the Natalie Portman movie Where the Heart Is and who did appear as the romantic love interest…Franklin. With a large curly fro. It was scarier than Franklin’s fangs! More fun…he was on the Tudors with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Last bit of fun…will be in Water For Elephants with our Robert Pattinson. I’m full of the fun facts today! Wait! I want him in Outlander too!

Sophie-Anne: EC: You know…I’ve heard she’s the reason that Spiderman the Musical keeps having the ‘accidents’. (Note to readers: The actress was rumoured to have been attched to the Broadway show) Russell wouldn’t let her try out for Mary Jane and now it’s revenge time! Plus, she’s bored. You can only play board games with your dinner so many times until it becomes ordinary.

Nan Flannagan: Watching, ” Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, developing a crush.

I miss my jar... it was quiet.

Talbot_Down_The_Drain: Eavesdropping in the pipes underneath Fangtasia. Eric sings showtunes when Pam does his highlights. Who knew? Talbot bubbles when Eric does his rendetion of “Cabaret”. EC: I bet Talbot loves Eric’s version of West Side Story.

Pam: Shoe shopping with the gals from Sex and the City. Shares pink cardigans with Charlotte, may be having a fling with Samantha, babysits (what?!!) Miranda’s teacup human. EC: Aww…Pam found her sensitive side on hiatus. Except, when the teacup human spits up formula on her pink velour track suit.

Rusell Eddington: Perfectly happy in is cement casing. He was buried with his iPhone and is kicking feathers on “Angry Birds”. He is also using his 3000 year old command of the english language to rule “Words with Friends” but thinks Godric cheats. He also set up a twitter account and tweets the night away. Follow him @VampRussell. #passingtimeincement

Eric Northman: exfoliating. Then slipping on his velour track suit and slipping on down to the Bada Bing with Tony Soprano. He’s looking for decor ideas for a Fangtasia remodel. EC: New Jersey is the epicenter of the umm…’classy’ gentlemens’ clubs. Ahh, Fuggetabout it!

So…i think it’s about five more months until True Blood! Let the countdown begin!

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