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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

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While WC Stacey was in Narnia, I wanted to watch this!

White Christmas…Not Supe Christmas…

posted by East Coast Stacey

Here at Talk Supe, we like to play pretend. We pretend certain actors have email converations, we pretend to interview fictional characters and we like to pretend we are casting directors and put our favorite actors into made up movies or remakes. (We would totally rock at that job, BTW.) One of my favorite holiday movies is White Christmas. My love for it knows no bounds. It was on AMC all weekend or was it TMC? (I get confused.) Plus I have it on DVD, so I thought to myself…what if I recast it with our favorite supernatural genre actors? The results were not pretty.

It would be much easier if I decided to use the cast of Glee. Matthew Morrison and Lea Michelle would be good choices. If I did that then it would be WAY too easy and make my job simple.

Hire Us! We make the perfect Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney!

Instead I decided to use actors not known for their singing and dancing…

Damon and Bella play Mr. and Mrs. Claus! Umm…no.
How about the Brits? I bet they can bring their tapping shoes and sing some holiday classics!

Okay...maybe not. They might be to serious with their supernatural angst for jazz hands.

This MIGHT work…if they can work together and not fight over the boys…

The great heroine girl fan battle begins!

Are maybe these two?

I'm a bit frightened here...

Maybe I should recast this movie instead and leave my favorite alone!

You just got to love the Muppets!