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Somerhalder is Saving the World! One Hosting Gig at a Time…

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posted by East Coast Stacey

Saving the Earth...and fedoras. Every single day...

Blue August on Planet Green = A Week of Somerhalder Hosting Duties August 21


EC:You can learn interesting things when watching programs on the Planet Green Channel. For instance, how the Grizzly Bears and salmon co-exist to make a functioning eco-system. Now, I believe in making our world greener. I recycle,while growing tomatoes and basil in the garden (still alive! whoo hoo!). Someday, I might even trade in my “boat” aka SUV, for a Prius or horse and buggy when the kiddies get too big for the car seats. I might not, like some people (ahem, Ian), get to travel to far off places and save woodland creatures. Create a save the world foundation (Ahem, ahem Ian. But very cool).  Or spout off earth friendly reminders on Twitter, when not bashing sparkly British vampires (ahem again, Ian).  So, when learning about the bears and the fish, I was not surprised to see that our buddy Ian is hosting a week of eco television programs about all aspects of water.

Planet Green figures out a way to get a higher females 13-50 demographic

EC: It was a natural progression for our favorite earth friendly vampire playing actor. Frolicking on beaches, saving sea animals and cleaning the precious water that sustains us all. It is very admirable. Maybe, not beach frolicking, but the rest is GREAT! I might, in the nicest and most respectful way, that Ian trades is his tiny fedoras for a nice baseball cap. They work so much better for cleaning up litter from beaches then a sassy tiny hat. (Plus, I have a sassy fedora and I don’t want to match.)

Baseball caps protect your face from the sun's rays AND look rugged.


This offers no protection. It also makes you look like a gient wearing a toddler's hat.


SWD: That hat  might be a pork pie. They run smaller… it’s the fedora’s version of a baby tee. But again, fashion vs. function. For true sun protection, I suggest something from REI or Orvis.

Proper sun hats for Ian:

Stylish chapeaux courtesy of Orvis.


Next year, I have an even better idea than just hosting a week of shows you aren’t even on…go on one for a save the whales adventure!

This is taking it to the next level!


EC: The Animal Planet and working on the vessel, the Steve Irwin, will give you a lot of save the earth experience. 

SWD: This show owns our DVR. Mr. Snow and I watch all sea faring adventures (WW, Deadliest Catch, Swords-life on the line). Is it wrong they make me hungry? Crab legs, Mmmmmm. Swordfish steak, delish.

This is your captain, Ian. This guy is SERIOUS about saving whales and not going to music festivals or movie awards

SWD: Captain Ian looks very menacing, even in a hoodie. Paul, take note.
EC: You can ride around one of these! It will toughen you up for the next season of Vampire Diaries!
If Heroes girl can get arrested saving dolphins (or something), you can too!

Saving the world, not only on television

EC: Here’s a video about your foundation, because we really and truly admire your dedication to the planet. (We kid, because we like you. But give Pattinson a break, the boy seems sensitive.)