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True Blood “Beeeeeel, RUN!!!”

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Or whatever the title was.

WC: So Sookie pretty much had the dream I’ve been having for forever, I even dreamt I had those abs!

She also dreamt of her “suitors”  in their traditional attire, Bill’s in his henley and Eric’s in his infamous black tank with the uber low Stefan neckline.

I miss them like this.

Briefly back!

EC: It seems we have forgotten about the previous two episodes… a lot of Sookie and Simpleton Eric frolicking naked. Way too much frolicking and not enough plot. However…I will try to fill in some plot from those episodes in discussion of events from this one. I really need to get back into True Blood. This is getting embarassing! 

That dream. I wasn’t missing that super low tank that Eric picked up from Forever 21 or Abercrombie & Fitch or where ever little 15-year old girls are shopping these days.

SWD: LOL, Forever 21!

EC: All Eric needs is a Hanes push up bra to go with the low necklines. Now stick him in a nice black Sam’s shirt like Damon wears… I’ll admit it, finally, Bill is looking more attractive these days. Also, as I step up onto my questionable feminist high-horse, Sookie got on my darn nerves. Was that her version of woman power? “I’ll let you both be my lovers!” What?!? You know what would be fun Sook? Instead say, “Screw both of you Mr. Bossy Pants. I’m going back to college and getting a high paying job where I won’t have to wear short-shorts.” Real women empowerment, not a twisted version of reverse Big Love.  

WC: So apparantly Jason “distracted” Jessica from her perpetual hymen pain with his “skills” in the bedromm, er I mean, truck bed.

EC: Jason and Jessica were hotter than all of that Sookie/Eric we’ve been watching. (Which is disappointing, because I had been looking forward to it.) Actually, Sam and Shifter Mom was hotter, too. Hmm…when they took away Eric memories, they took away his hotness. That’s just wrong.

I understand Hoyt is hurt, but he is being a huge jerk. The scene with Jessica crying to Nan about him was hilarious, but it made me want to hit Hoyt with something.

At least I moved the chainsaw out of the way.

WC: I didn’t cry during the ghost baby scene. Nope not at all, not one tear. *sniff sniff* #neededTissuesandaHug

EC: It was sweet when Mama Ghost was reunited with her baby! At first, I was trying to see the purpose of this subplot, but I think I have figured out where they are going with it. Jesus and Layfette are going to be the good witches to combat Marnie. I have a feeling they will be getting some help from Tara, Holly and the rest of the witches that are locked up in the magic shop. (Yay Tara! That’s a real friend saving Sookie like that. I still see Sookie pushing poor Tara under a bus for Eric or Bill…ridiculous.)

WC: Andy on V reminds of this little French bulldog I see when I run. Full of bark and gruff.

It's not me, IT'S THE V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EC: My sister has Frenchies…they are cute, little dog piggies. Like Andy. I wonder what’s going to happen with Terry and Andy? There is a lot of tension there.

WC: I can’t believe I am saying this. At least Amnesiax Eric wasn’t in it much. You know he is coming back so evil when he gets his memory back and it is gonna be good, like staking Talbot good.

EC: Eric is still kind of evil with all the fairy eating and witch attacking in the foggy cemetary scene last episode. (BTW…kudos to Bill for saving Tara. Bill is almost always the hero. Simpleton Eric, not so much. He’s just simple.) Ultimately, less Simpleton Eric, means more Alcide and Sam. Whoo hoo. Team Not Vampires. Wait a sec… what has happened to me?!?!?! Darn you, Ball!

WC: Alcide speaks! A lot! …and does burly manly things in his tank top. #approved

EC: See above. That equals a very happy me. I hope that Alcide’s going to take down that greasy hair werewolf who attacked Sa…I mean irritating little Sam brother, Tommy.

That reminds me…should Sookie be at least a bit concerned that Sam FIRED her. The girl has no income, but living off vampires. Ugh. 

I really want Sookie and Alcide in a relationship. They are veering so far away from the books that this could definitely happen. Please, let this happen!!!

Let's give this romance a chance!

WC: Debbie Does Deceit. What is she up to with the witch pseudo alliance? I hope someone *cough cough* kills her off soon.

EC: Debbie is not the sharpest tool in the shed, you know, she’s mean and dumb. I am so annoyed that Debbie’s still on this show. Fingers crossed that she is gone by the end of the season. 

WC: So when Sam takes the horsey camping, how is this a good idea? To be out in the open WOODS when you are “taking a vacation” from a werewolf, who runs in the woods?

EC: I kind of like Shifter Mommy. She’s seems like a good mom/school teacher with really questionable choices in men. I have no idea why she would ever find Greasy Wolf attractive. He’s gross. The only thing I don’t like is that Sam can’t rekindle a relationship with Tara right now. He’s good for Tara, for heavens sakes he became a BUNNY for the little girl. Tara needs a man sensitive enough to shift into a bunny. It was too cute.

WC: So Eric is trying to Kill Bill, Sookie’s warning him, and I can’t wait to see a good Beeeeeeeel/ Air-rick fight. Hopefully Bill will beat the Fang out of him, and when I say Fang I mean amnesia.

EC: We can only hope that Bill succeeds and we can get the normal Eric back. Oh and Pam’s face from falling off. Her face is way too much like a zombie’s and I hate zombie movies. They are too scary and Pam’s face is giving me nightmares! 

Or they can kiss and make up!

WC: Bring back the viking! …and Jesus’ dad. (Was that out loud?)

EC: Jesus’s dad? Yuck! What’s wrong with you? Eric goes simpleton and you latch on to any dark character you can find? You need a good dose of Vampire Diaries and their good looking evil STAT! Damon and Klaus…much better.
SWD: LOL, EC. Too true!

EC likes her bad guys pretty, not creepy and old. When is VampDi coming back on?

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Sookie, oh Snap!

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30 Days until…





And they better play the Black Keys, “Howlin’ For You” Sometime this season.

The Epic Tale of Blacksmith Tyler or…

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The Gigantic Vampire Diaries Recap-alooza

posted by EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)
“Aww…Girly Wolf, we hardly knew ya!

*Spoilers for those of you that been even more busy than us to watch! * I was watching the Hallmark Channel…umm…I mean accidentially turned to it when flipping to…ahh…Conan. That’s it, CONAN. When I came upon one of the fifty, Love Comes Softly tv movies. The first one starred a widowed Katherine Heigel (from Grey’s Anatomy, before she started starring in ridiculous Romantic Comedies. I use both of those words loosely.) who while in the wilds of the Prairie met herself a widower. He saved her…married her and blah, blah, blah. Then they made a million more of these things with her decendants. While I was gagging at, I mean watching Hilary Duff’s sister (Hi there, random and really bad casting!), who did I see but our wolf boy Tyler…playing a smiley blacksmith! I was mesmerized by this nice blacksmith being played by Pissy, and to my astonishment, I liked him! So when Tyler reappeared on Vampire Diaries, I was…happy. Before we start the recap…I am going to eat my words. I like Tyler now. Stop smirking to yourselves. Seriously. Stop. It. I am not kidding here, people. I will take it back. Please, let us not discuss this again!

It's my new favorite blacksmith!

Alright…let’s get back to the recapping, by doing it in sections! ELIJAH

Things that could have sad...

First, that picture above is WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED! It would have been fantastic, awesome and given Alaric something more to do than become cheesy Klaus. Plus I love that jacket she’s wearing. Instead, we get Elijah’s epic tale of loving Katherine and getting all attracted to our buddy, Elena. (Come on now…another admirer? Can we please hook a Bonnie up? With someone that isn’t Whiny.)
How did we leave things with our maybe sort of good, sort of bad friend with the floppy hair? Saving his stupid brother. It’s like they are the old school Stefan and Damon. Only one isn’t in touch with his inner Edward Cullen and the other is just a chauvanistic wind bag. (Talking to you Klaus!)
SWD: What’s with Elijah’s accent? What’s it supposed to be… Do we just classify it as the vague vampire standard “Old Language”. Klaus is clearly British, and their bros.. so why is Elijah speaking angsty mumblish?


Bow down peasents and admire my beautiful Golden Retriever wig!

The question of this season’s big bad Klaus could be, “Is he truly a scary bad guy?” He is an obnoxious one. That is true. But is he scary enough to have our heroine quaking in her designer boots? Let’s look at the gold standard, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (the tv show) to answer this important question. For you young’uns, I suggest renting it on Netflixs or searching for the rerun, because it is that good. You see, every season they had some great and creepy villians, while keeping up with the romance and teen angst. Trust me, Vampire Diaries is close to that and is a far better than the sad attempt at villians terrorizing the good people of Forks. (James and Victoria? Oh please. And the Volturi? The scariest thing about them is their wardrobe and love of scarfs. Like Damon’s ex girlfriend! hee hee.) The difference is that BUFFY wasn’t afraid to make their bad guys scary looking! The bad guys of Mystic Falls look like they just got back from manscaping at the local salon. (A nice pedicure and highlights for Klaus, please! Oh and he would like a lemon slice in his glass of blood!) Give me a scar, burn or anything, to make him seem bad. Pretty please?
SWD: I’m with you. I get confused when the baddies are ‘scaped and clothed properly. With Klaus, however, he looks like my college boyfriend, sans blue doc martens and baggy rave clothes. So I have no problem associating him with evil.
“Okay, so which one of you is the jerk and who’s the nice guy? I am so confused!”

Just like Nancy Drew, our Caroline is left figuring out what happened to the personalities of her two suitors! Pissy got a soul and has been quite charming. (Must be channeling his inner Hallmark Channel blacksmith) While Matt has been taking pissy to whole new level of pouting, huffing and stomping his feet. What’s a girl to do? Well…not talk to her mom, because she just might stake her. SWD: I think Caroline needs to seek some older council… say in the form of Alaric. He has a history of his girlfriends turning vamp, and she already is one. However he also has a history of his vampire luvahs ending up dead. I can’t handle it if Caroline dies. I will miss her wardrobe too much.


I wish. Instead we get…

Remember at the beginning of a romance when everybody wore cute shirts?





I'm just going to whine in your face until you cave or turn me into a frog

SWD: I did enjoy the “Witch-Off” between Bonnie and that other witch. All that fire and brimstone. All that was missing was the Carmina Burana.


"Remember the good old days when we would kick around the old ball and wear funny hats?"

The boys continued to beat each other up, pine over Elena and try to sacrifice themselves for love. Klaus kicked poor Stefan’s butt. Damon force feed Elena. (I know she’s a thin girl, Damon, but wouldn’t a hamburger work better?) Oh…and Damon got bit by our buddy Tyler. That’s what I call a bad day for the boys! At least they weren’t mourning their lady, BUT… SWD: Edward Cullen would be so proud of his emo buddy Stefan pulling a martyr move to save his beloved! You know, I think Rob may even email Paul about. Hint hint, EC. Here’s what I think, with his new wolf-y bite (my inner mom totally wanted to doctor his owe-ie up with a Hello Kitty Band-Aid and a popsicle) Damon will also become a hybrid and defeat Klaus. BODY COUNT

We will miss you Sark…I mean Elena’s Daddy. You turned out to be a pretty good guy. You should have let Jeremy do it.
SWD: See, I didn’t watch ALIAS (right?), so I don’t know his Sark-i-ness. I just know him as closer talker John and he gives me the heebe jeebes. So I didn’t mourn his dirt face plant.

See ya, Dad!

Jenna had potential. Potential and a kickin’ wardrobe. Another example of replacing Jeremy instead of her! Plus, just think of all the missed opportunities with Alaric and Elijah. There is always room for more love triangles. (Chick Flick 101)

SWD: *mumbles* Now that she’s dead, can I have her boyfriend wardrobe? *Thinks* This sounds familliar… I have multiple attacks of wardrobe envy towards this show. And Klaus, I’m a little upset that you put a stake hole in Jenna’s cute jacket. One suffers for fashion, not the other way around. That poor little jacket didn’t need to be sacrificed too.

Plus wolf girl above. Poor Jules, you snarly little thing!
And the sister witch. Who didn’t deserve to be saved by her brother and dad.

This puppy:


Also, can we not forget…
How did you pop up on here? Miss you, Uncle Mason!
Just one last time before tonight’s season finale…

So sad!!!!!

Celebrity Theater: Paul Plans a Party

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Paul aka Stefan, might be my favorite. In that, when I write for him, I imagine him to be the best little brother ever. (I always wanted a little brother) Is he really like the way picture him? Probably not. But enjoy this little story of Paul planning a party for his friends…

P.S…This isn’t at all,not even a little bit real. Just in case you were confused.

"To create the perfect party, you'll need a few things: Martha Stewart Entertaining, a signature fruity cocktail and tapas! It's going to be legendary!"

Neil: That guy seriously needs to step away from my catch phrase!

"Shh...Don't forget the flower arrangements, Nina. Orchids and Gerber Daisies. They'll be the hit of the party!"

"Dude,don't forget to put out the recycling bins! I don't care if the blue clashes with your color scheme. Ohh...I'll bring some organic hummus, pita chips and fine honeys."

"Another Paul party? Please don't tell me it's another Murder Mystery Weekend. He threw a hissy fit when all the guys decided to watch the Celtics play the Lakers instead."

"Oh yeah! I love going to a fly party! I'll bring the wine coolers! This is so exciting! I am totally Team Edward!"

That's Twilight! I don't sparkle and drive a Volvo. What the he...

"Don't worry mates,I'll be there! Can't have a party without the Brit Pack! Aziz, let's do some karaoke of Jay Z!"

"That'll be dope!"

"100 Monkey's will totally play your party, Paul!"

"Wait...what...I was just going to put a Dave Matthews playlist on my IPod!"

"Come on, Paul! Dave has nothing on us. We played the same song for 45 minutes. With a bongo. Now that's what I call music!"

"I tried to tell him no, Paul! Jackson looked so sad. Like I kicked his puppy. Just let them play one song...45 minutes? You have to be kidding me!"

"Paul's having a party? I didn't get invited again! These guys have a bias against guys playing wolves. I'll call Taylor and see if he wants to meet me at the arcade."

" did tell everybody that this is a costume party? Right? Paul?"


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Being Human, American Style! Episode 2

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Bringing the Sweaters, Supernatural Style!

What does he have to do with Being Human, good ol'USA? You'll see...

I must admit, when watching Being Human, Yankee Edition, I get distracted. Not by pretty things, because Mitchell isn’t in this one. It’s how my mind wanders, for instance, when seeing the Annie sweater on Sally, that I want one too. Then thanks to the ‘reporting’ of our sorority sister, Feat Lil J that the show is set in Boston. Which leads me to think with a quick trip on the highway I can be in Boston. Take in the sites, wander through Harvard yard, go to an awesome Irish pub/restaurant that I enjoyed with my hubby during our courting stage. You know, romantic warm fuzzies. Then something violent happens on Being Human USA and I am thrust back into the show.

Why is this? Well, I imagine it’s because I have seen it before. With accents. Which doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying it, but I do miss the original. It’s kind of like watching all the different film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, then remembering how much you love the Colin Firth movie. It’s not that you don’t like the other ones, it’s just you miss Colin Firth.

Wait a minute...I like Matthew Macfadyen's Darcy too!

SWD: Oh Stace, I ‘ve never been to Boston and have always wanted to go. Maybe we could do a  Being Human tour 2012. Speaking of Annie’s sweaters… wait, are we still calling them Annie’s sweaters on the yankee edition? Let’s, because “Sally Sweaters” sounds too Nick Jr.,  like a ditzy character that should be in the Laurie Berkner band or something. Back to the sweaters. I wore mine today, in honor of our post. Also did you notice at the end when Sally was floating down the stairs the lyrics to the song were “….wearing a sweater”. SyFy knows the power of the wool.

EC: Sorry…lost track there…Being Human…right…


You know you couldn't resist watching episode two!Look... It's Acts Like A Pouty Teen Wolf!


Saved By The Vamp – Aidan Style

So Josh’s big secret was discovered by his sister, due to Aidan’s super save the day actions. Let’s give that boy a cape! He was able to swallow the blood lust and be there for his friend. An admirable trait for the “good vampires”. But…riddle me this…how was Josh’s sister so easily able to see her brother writhing around in a cellar in pain and not want to get him to a doctor? Even if she bought Aidan’s excuse, “He’s crazy!” You would think she would call her parents due to the fact that their mom was loco too. Color me confused.

SWD: I didn’t get it either. Do you think he Glamored/compelled/Dazzled/ whatever they’re calling vamp hypnotism on this show. Also, do we know yet how they can day walk? Will we find out later?

Josh’s cardigan

Dear Stefan, THIS is how a supe wears a cardi. Why does it work on Josh and not Stefan? Because Josh is kind of adorkable and that’s what a cardigan says (said by girl  currently wearing a cardigan). Stefan is too calm, cool, and collected for this conservative garment. For his preppier moods, Stefan needs more of this: but his wardrobe intervention will be another post.

Sally, Sally, Sally…You Can Do SO Much Better

For those of you who HAVE not watched the British version, I will not spoil the reason that Miss Sally is still lurking around the grungy apartment. (Like those who lurk around the blog and don’t comment. Teasing. I adore you lurkers.) I will, however, put this into your head. First…why is Danny so darn annoying? Just keep that in the back of your head while viewing. Also, why didn’t Sally and Danny put some fresh paint up in their crib. Seriously, that is a depressing color in that place. Quick! Aidan, Josh get your supernatural painting powers on and lighten up that place!

SWD: No kidding, wasn’t Home Depot open on move-in day? They couldn’t pick up a gallon of Sunset Sunrise Splash? Danny kind of seems like a sunset magic kind of guy. Oh, and pick up some light bulbs for that dark hallway while they’re at it. Or maybe a baby gate or some glow tape at the top of the stairs. Maybe a nightlight in the hallway. We have dangerous stairs too. So steep my dog goes down on three legs because he’s going so fast. #great4kids

 She’s Back…And Not A Nice Young Lady

That’s right, Aidan’s clean up crew didn’t clean up his mess. Instead, they took it home, gave it sharp teeth and sent it off to make an even bigger mess for the gang.  Umm…was her name Amanda…you know the redhead…

She's a maneater...literally!


First, she tries to eat Josh, but true to Twilight and every other supe show, the wolves are downright stinky. Lucky Josh. Unfortunately, for annoying, can’t take a hint nurse girl or newest vamp was still hungry. Well…not annoying anymore.  Not actually anything.

SWD: She’s rather trampy too. We all know from Horror Movies 101 that the slutty chick is the first to get offed. Um, that didn’t sound right. But you know what I mean. There is a dissertation on this in Scream. 




Jaco…I Mean Bishop Is Still Scary

Mark Pelligrino is downright frightening. In a v-neck sweater even. I liked Lost’s Jacob, but he was creeptastic on Supernatural. I wouldn’t want his cop to pull me over for speeding. I don’t think the fine will be a ticket.

SWD: He IS creepy…. like windowless white van  driving creepy.

Overall Impressions of Numero 2

Well, it was scary and creepy. The characters are growing on me. So…I’ll see you next week Being Human! Ohh…new Vampire Diaries tonight! Yee ha! Also…guess what’s playing on BBC3…Being Human Series 3! Cannot Wait!!!

See you next time!

What did you think? Tell us in the comments! Excited about tonight’s Vampire Diaries?

SWD: I am I am!

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SWD's affectionately nicknamed "Flaming Staircase of Death"


It looks the same, BUT Being Human-American Style

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It looks the same, but not quite. Must be the accents…

The Staceys’ present:

A Yankee Doodle Being Human Recap of Episode 1

 posted by EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

 There used to be a Disney movie that used to be on television occasionally in the 80’s called the Parent Trap. The 60’s movie that Lindsey Lohan remade when she wasn’t in rehab and had the cute red hair. Well, as I (EC) watched the premiere of the American version of Being Human, that movie came to mind. You see, this new version of Being Human LOOKS a lot like the British version. When you dig a bit deeper, there are some glaring differences. Let’s figure it out together, shall we?

THE SETTING (aka I don’t know what state we’re in but it sure looks like England):

Let’s just lay it out there…whoever is the set director just stole or ‘borrowed’ the production notes from the English version. The house? THE SAME. The hospital? PRETTY DARN CLOSE TO BEING THE SAME. Geor…I mean, JOSH’S little wolfie club med (hospital basement)? YEP, THE SAME. The slightly rainy and foggy city? Forks…I mean ENGLAND. Talking about the good people of Forks…

SWD: I think they’re in Virginia. On the top of one of the buildings it read :Suffolk County. That’s in VA, right?

DIALOGUE (If it’s not going to have an accent I want some gangsta talk. Fo’Shizzle:  

We’ll be talking about the actual plotlines further down, but let me just point out the TWILIGHT mention by the ghost previously known as Annie, Sally. I banged my head on a table on that one. I like Twilight, I’ll admit it. But why is it that EVERY show has to mention it? Right now, I’ll take a True Blood, Buffy or even an old school Keanu and Winona Dracula shout out. Just not Twilight. Well until Breaking Dawn comes out, cause that’s going to be hilarious! Will there be more American references? There might have been others, but I watched the show at a wickedly early time in the morning. I might have missed them. 


Scrubbed up for apartment haunting, er hunting

SWD: I know!! Whereas I used to do an inner “Squee!!!” when Twilight was mentioned. Now I just kind of cringe with embarrassment as the overplaying of that card. Is it a SAG rule that if you have a vampire and a werewolf you have to mention Twilight? ‘Cause you don’t. True Blood doesn’t… oh wait, those books were written long BEFORE Twilight, when inter supernatural species could frolic unstereotyped through the moonlit soaked woods. But this vamp and wolf have a bromance, unseen in other series. Yay for the Keanu Winona Dracula ref, I heart that film so much, still.

EC: I miss the accents! Not one character has one. A would love some regional dialect of some sort. Southern, Western, Stephen King’s Maine would add a little flavor.

CHARACTERS (Mark Pelligrino is da bomb):

 Pleasantly surprised with the casting. I liked Sally. She was as daffy as Annie was in series one, so it’s a good start. (SWD: and the sweaters, they kept the cozy gray Annie sweaters!!!! #impressed. Those friggin sweaters are almost as epic as Sam Merlottes’ shirts, don’t mess with ’em)  Aidan? Grew on me as the episode went on. Not Mitchell, but he he’s good so far. Would I call him sexy, nope not my type. Plus, I still see him as his Smallville character. Maybe, I should just call him ‘Doomsday’ the whole time? hmm…

The sweater remains the same!! WIN


Josh. What can we say about Josh? He’s a pissy little thing, isn’t he? Maybe, George was too. I forgot, because I like George. Josh started out somewhat funny and adorkable, but just veered off too pissy boy. It’s a wait and see with this guy.

SWD: I’m in precise agreement with you on all points.

Bishop. Scary. Even wearing a v-neck sweater. (I bet Stefan wearing his cartigans and hoodies, wishes he could pull that off) Plus, Mark Pellegrino is just cool. Come on, he was Jacob on LOST! The devil on SUPERNATURAL! The guy can pull off good and evil in amazing ways. 


Aidan snacks on an elbow app

SWD: Yes, sooo creepy, and even creepier in the “Donnie Brasco” coat. The vampire brothel/loft reminded me of the Vegas’ hotel,  the Cosmopolitan commercials. What happens in Bishops’…. 



Wait, Josh has a sister?!? Did George?!?


The same. Well except for the lesbian sister…

SWD: I missed season one BBC BEing Human. Is this how they all met?


The wedding scene freaked me out a bit. Mostly, the little girl peering at Aidan out from under the table that was surrounded by bloody bodies of wedding guests. Eww! And creepy! And cool.

SWD: I sense they are going to do a really good job with the flashbacks. Will they compare to Stefan, Damon and Katherine flashbacks? Probably,in the scare and the carnage factor. Speaking of, I miss the VampDi flashbacks. Stefan’s a confederate cutie and he doesn’t sport the cardis. Anyway, back to Being Human’s flashbacks. Will they compare to True Blood’s Eric Viking days. Hell no because they’re not vikings and vikings do pillaging best.

SWD: In conclusion, I enjoyed this version of Being Human, and I was expecting not to. IT got a little dark/ emo but that’s par for the course, we’ve learned with new supes struggling with their remnants of humanity. We all know, from Russell Eddington, Eric Northman, Aro, Elijah, Katherine and Damon, that once you get acclimated the bloodflow is a lot more fun. I know they won’t “fall off the wagon” because they are being human, but it validates the emonesss. I am very impressed Syfy!

Headshot/ Mugshot/ DogTag ID/ whatevs, we'll be watchin'

What can we expect:US Being Human

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posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West coast Stacey) and East Coast Stacey

Quick Note:  Being Human on SyFy premiered last night! I, (EC) watched part of it this morning. So far, so good. WC and I will have a full review for ou VERY SOON! Tomorrow, hopefully. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t playing very nicely, so keep your fingers crossed!

The Syfy channel is launching it’s own version of the awesome BBC show Being Human, and we’re nervous. Firstly the Brit version of this show is perfect, how can the US improve it?  They can’t. We Americans have messed up Top Gear, American Idol and Kitchen Nightmares. EC: That American Top Gear is just ridiculous. Not ridiculous in a good way! I haven’t seen the British version of the Office, but I hear it’s better too. EC: Wait…I love the American Office. Well I heart John Kranski. Why do we have to steal British shows? Are they going to do a remake of Monarch of the Glen set in San Diego? Instead of a highland Laird, Archie would be a landlord of a large apartment building where hijinks would ensue. He’d be the Mr. Ferley of the 2000’s. See, bad. EC: Supposedly, Entertainment Weekly thinks that it’s great.  Also, 13 episodes instead of 6. They are expanding the story, which will be the same as the British version. Questions and more questions! So, what will we see from Syfy? Who knows, but I know what we won’t see:


Does the US measure up?




Cozy and classy: Annie's magic sweater


US Annie (Sally) needs:

Annie’s comfy gray sweaters. Here in the US, we’re all about the boobs. So ghost Annie (Sally) will be in cami’s and halters. Wait, just checked photographic evidence! Nope…American girl ghost ‘Sally’ has the sweater! The inmportant thing to look out for is if she gives those come hiter looks to Mitc…Aidan or a little sister teasing to Gero…Josh. We need to get these names straight.

Uh oh, I miss the mismatched china teacups

Annie constantly making tea. Tea isn’t really our pasttime beverage. So Annie will just keep opening cans of Coors Light. Or Starbucks Coffee. We Americans love coffee and product placement in out television programs. 

US me will suck, but not as well.

US Mitchell (Aidan) will not be:

We’ll miss the dark curls. And the accent. Mitchell is a good mix of light in dark. You would really like to do shots with him at the pub and maybe a pint or two, but when it’s time to go home…it might be a bit nerve wracking walking down a dark alley home. American Mitchell, I mean Aidan, seems creepy. It remains to be seen if he can bring the humour and charm. Honestly, we love our Mitchell slightly evil, but he needs to have the heart and slight romantic vibe with Annie. Fun note: American Mitchell was Doomsday on Smallville. Why do I (EC) know this? Tom Welling (Superman) is adorable and I might be a really cute nerd who likes that show.  


Already missing the accent and the curls, but...I'll give you a chance Doomsday.


 US George (JOSH) isn’t:


By 'George', I think he's got it!


 British George is the man. Seriously, it might be a personal preference, but I like my George slightly dorky and whiny. His disfunctional BFF’s with Annie makes my day. They get cranky at each other about messes, but the two of them come together when they need help. For this reason, American ‘George’ needs to bring it. He needs to bring the whiny dorky and mix it with the reluctant sweetness, that saves him from the throttling you want to give him for being annoying. Plus the American version might be TOO attractive. The British George is cute, but American TV always has to bring the ‘sex’ appeal. There really is no need. Umm…observe the picture below…wait a minute…umm…nevermind. No sex appeal here. It looks like a mugshot. That was a bit unfair of the photographer!


A Geor...I mean JOSH mug shot.

Let’s all hope that the American version will have all the supernatural bonding, cool stories, funny moments and scares as the original. But being this is filmed in the U.S.A, it might be Baywatch with vamps. Luckily, the Being Human vampires don’t burn up or sparkle. Ha! Surfing vampires. This amuses me.





 What do you think of a US version of Being Human? Let us know!

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