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I Finally Watched Being Human British Finale, But…

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Sadness…utter sadness

I Just Can’t Talk About It

I realize that the finale was a LONG, LONG time ago, but I just couldn’t watch it when it aired. I wanted to, I really did. Unfortunately, I heard the rumors and I was hesitant. Finally, I decided to be tough and just watch the darn thing. I mean, seriously, it’s just a television show. I’m could handle it. Well, I was wrong. I cried like a girl. Which wasn’t very shameful, because I am in fact a girl. The shame comes from the fact that I am still weepy over the Mitchell reveal. I would love to discuss it with all of you, but I can’t…because…sniff…sniff… Hey guess where Aidan Turner (Mitchell) is off to now…

Middle Earth with this kid!

SWD: I don’t think I’m on board with this whole Hobbit thing. I like tall, like uber tall (Mr. Snow is 6’4″), Does that make me a heightist?… said by the 5′ 2 1/5″  girl.

That’s right… he’s going to be in The Hobbit, the prequel to Lord of the Rings. Playing a…dwarf. Color me confused, gang. Will they CGI him to make him short? Make the sets really big? I have seen bit and pieces of the previous movies, so I wasn’t sure ‘Mitchell’ could get me to see The Hobbit, until I found out this…

Bret’s a Dwarf Too!!!

I love the Flight of the Concords! The only bad thing is…


No Jermaine :0(


 I mean look at these two…together! Sure, Jermaine will have to play a giant, but…

They are a matched set. Like salt and pepper shakers. You can’t have one without the other!
I really miss that show. I should get more of their tunes off of iTunes.
SWD: Awe, I need to see this!
Anyway, Martin Freeman from the British version of The Office if playing the lead…

The Original Jim

I would like it even more to see…

Aww...American Jim

I would even watch that horribly reviewed Kate Hudson movie for you, John Kranski. I really would.
So what is this post even about? I have no clue. It was Memorial Day on Monday and summer is upon is. Next week should make more Talk Supe sense. If that is even really possible. Have a great weekend!
 SWD: I hear ya! I started drinking Thursday night and finished Monday night. *Wonders* Can I still call it Memorial day if I don’t remember it?