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A Non Supe Movie/DVD Review: The Town

Posted in Talk Supe Movie Review on June 21, 2011 by talksupe
posted by EC Stacey


Affleck, Hamm and the City of Boston = A Great Flick

I know, I know…this blog is called Talk Supe. Which usually means that we usually give at least one way to tie in a supernatural element into our posts. Well not this time. Hear me out. It’s great to be well rounded and like lots of different things. For instance, I DVR Vampire Diaries.That’s right, I’ll admit it, I DVR it every week. What do I watch instead? NBC Comedy Thursday. After a long day cleaning the house and chasing the kids you need a laugh, some John Kranski, Tina Fey and the whole cast of Parks and Recreation. That’s why I say to all of you, that this East Coast girl highly recommends this thrilling crime drama brought to you by Mr. Jennifer Garner…I mean Ben Affleck.

Just because I wasn't in Alias, doesn't mean I'm second rate. I won an Oscar darn it! Don't see people saying this about Damon. Matt Damon! Not that vampire guy!

Plus any movie starring the star of the brilliant Mad Men is super in my book! Plus, Jon Hamm is a great mix of sexy intelligent, but arrogant as the FBI agent trying to take down a group of bank robbers. 


I would be happy to come in for questioning, Mr. Draper. Oops, that would be Mad Men. Hey, that'll work too! Question me about advertising!

 Then there was this scene…

That's a whole lot of masculinity on the screen. Nice!

You have to have some action…

I'm not too sure about Hamm's shooting/constipated face, but there is a lot of intense stand offs in this movie!

Of course, I’m a girl so I need the romance…

No! Not from that train wreck!

This is the right one!

Aww! Much better choice.

 I can see why the Hurt Locker won the Oscar!

Jeremy Renner is INTENSE!

These masks were the scariest parts!

Worse than the Scream mask. Bring on the nightmares!

 My favorite part…

Beautiful Boston...home of the delicious Sam Adams Brew

Rent it for the weekend! (Well for adults only!) You’ll be glad you did. I mean it does have Jon Hamm in it!