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“The ‘Hunger’ Games”

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If it’s called the HUNGER Games, why is Peeta named after a delicious flat bread? Is it paying homage to his baker father?

I would have named him, “Grumbling Belly.” That makes him sound Native American. Hmmm, sure, I’d make him Native American, Quileute of course.

Pita vs. Peeta, what’s a few vowels?


I’m even gently singed, like the snack!

And don’t get me started on CINNA



Shake your Bon Bon, Cinna! #TimelyRickyMartinreferenceFTW


Sweet and delicious.

What’s next? President Gyro?


The MockingJay is minE!

I’m so lost I need mapquest

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I haven’t read anything in forever. I started a Gabaldon book in, wait for it… November and I’m only a 1/4 of the way through. And it’s a brand new Jamie book. But our art hard drive died and I renamed the new one “Claire” cuz if she can find her way back and forth through time, she sure isn’t going to loose my art libraries.

I haven’t seen Vampire Diaries since the Holidays.

I saw Breaking Dawn once. Once. Bought it, It’s still in the packaging.

I don’t even skim the Truebie posts on my FB timeline.

Being Human what?

Downtown Abbey what?

I haven’t read the Hunger Games.

I didn’t know 50 shades of Grey, was based on a certain fanfiction that I never read.

*sigh* What have I been doing???

Nothing important. Going to bed at 9 after making dinner and doing laundry. Work has been INSANELY crazy for months and I have no free time to catch up on the important Supernatural stuff! Damn you people and needing your t-shirts (kidding, fates, I don’t need to tempt you), I need my internet catch up time. Anywhooooo

We just started “Breaking Bad” last night. 3 episodes in on season 1. *sigh* I hear it’s addictive. Like the fact I can’t wait to get home, slap dinner together, bounce the kiddo to bed and settle in for some good meth drama.


Bow hunter

I'm so cluess, I'm assuming she's hunting some wolfpack from one of the franchises I'm behind on.

That luminous Vampire Skin

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You know how those vamps look poreless? Well I think I may be on to something. I have dry skin, small pores, and some minimal rosacia on my cheek (one more than the other, HOT!) not to mention some “mom lines” on my forehead. So I put on foundation, and it looks, well, fine, but not Vampiricly smooth. I have neice skin, it *should* lok better than this what gives.

Well, I think I found out: VASELINE!

Just like the Flaming Lips song!!!

I put it on before my foundation (a pan-stik from Max Factor that is ah-maz-ing… and I’m usually totally a M.A.C. girl). It erases everything and even gives the luminous vampire glow!

…now how to get my teeth vampy white.

courtesy of Crest White Strips, True Blood edition

The Smurfs… as supes!

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I took Snow Jr. to see the Smurf film over the weekend. It was cute and the adult jokes were actually lol-able. Decent soundtrack too. Snow Jr. even got out of her seat and started grooovin’ to “Back in Black”. Made mama so proud!

EC: We haven’t seen it yet. Of course, we like to wait for things to come on cable ot netflixs to watch movies. Yo know what’s on ONDEMAND…the Smurfs cartoon! I’ll watch those and then an episode of How I Met Your Mother to get my Neil Patrick Harris fix and pretend I saw the movie. BTW…I miss Doogie Howser.

But of course, these little blue buddies reminded me of… our SUPES! Please note the comparisons:


EC: They make Vampire Smurfs?!? I am so creeped out right now. Just like I was creeped out at the Halloween Dora book that had Boots the monkey dressed up like one. “Hola, Dora! I vant to suck your blood and count to six in Spanish!”

Papa Smurf: is the Carlisle. Full of wisdom, gentle, taking care of all his “adopted children”

Papa's beard is much more authorotative than Carlisle's scarves.

EC: You just need to add a lovely red scarf to ol’Papa. Also random comments like, “There will be many lives lost…when Azriel eats us all.” (Like in that ridiculous party scene in Eclipse..remember?”

Clumsy Smurf: is Bella! The source of all the turmoil, why all the smurfs (vampires) are now in danger. Turns heroic in the end.


EC: Bella turns heroic? Also, does Clumsy pop out an ill advised creepy child? Please, for the love of all that is good say “No”.

Gargamel: is Aro, but way less pretty. Old, into cave-y castle type lairs, trying to drain little ones of their essence.


EC: Aro pretty? With his weirdo creepy tresses? Actually, give Gargamel some Hair Club for Men and we’ve got brothers!

Azriel the cat: is Victoria. Chases and tracks the Smurfs/ Bella relentlessly. Even has red hair! OR he could be Jasper on a crazy buzz smelling blood.


EC: It really is a toss up! But I can see Jasper licking his lips just like Azriel.

Grouchy Smurf: Stefan Salvatore. Both masters of the pout. Smurf Off, people!!!


EC: Or Edward in his bossy pants moments…Wait isn’t there a Bossy Smurf?

Vanity Smurf:Vampire Diaries’ Katherine. Is there a scene where she doesn’t fluff her hair?


EC: Alice could be a possible option. Of course, she uses her vanity for good not evil.

Brainy Smurf: ????????? No one on True Blood. No one in Mystic Falls. Do we have a brainy supe? Oh, duh, EDWARD!!!


EC: That would work.

Gutsy Smurf: is Outlander’s Jamie Fraser. duh. And I’m just saying, Gutsy had the biggest feet of all the smurfs. Mmmphm.


EC: Oh boy. Is it just me or does this smurf look like Mike Meyers dressed up like Fat Bas**rd in Austin Powers. Just look hard and you’ll see it.

Smurfette: Sookie! One girl, surrounded by 99 inappropriate suitors.


EC: There should be a “Sam Smurf”. You know, the nice Smurf that Smurfette should be with, but she gets taken in with the no good ones instead.

And yes, of course I feel like a whack job comparing little blue creatures to big dead icy ones.

STARZ.. You’re on the List!!! :(

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Camelot Season Finale SPOILERS!!!


Oh how I wish he was just squeezing some sense into her.. .but, alas.. no, not what happened.

Ok STARZ, firstly on the season finale of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, you bring back Crixus’ season 1 hair…

Scruff ALWAYS trumps High and Tight, STARZ!!!

and now THIS:

Sadly, that's not Cupid's arrow. *sniff sniff*

Really, STARZ, really? You know, HBO doesn’t kill off the pretties. Eric Northman is “alive” and well. Alcide and Sam are stil howlin’. Do I need to cancel you?

AND you also messed with Arthur’s mama? Low blow, STARZ, low blow. You don’t kill moms!

I'm totally kicking that nuns ass in the afterlife!

What are you going to do to us next season? Make Kay gain 400 pounds and become Merlin’s cat?

My sorceror skills are rusty. He was supposed to be a Percheron. Damn....


Like Texas, Don't mess with!!!!

 And when did THIS happen?

Isn't that Kay? Is that Morgan? Whaaaa?????!!!!

Okay, if Kay and Morgan hook up  next season, I think I’m back on bored.

But still, sad day for me.

R.I.P. #TeamLeontes

EC gets on Somerhalders good side

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Poor EC has been without power for over 14 hours now, due to the severe thunderstorms. One upside to this is that she is now VERY eco- friendly, because she doesn’t have a choicethere isn’t any electricity being used unnecessarily. Therefore, she will be getting the honorary “Eco Ranger” award from our resident environmental activist, Ian Somerhalder. Now I know his favorite scenes on Vampire Diaries have to be when they do the flash back scenes. No not just because he gets to rub up on Katherine, but because this was a kinder, gentler time for our earth. No lights, no leafblowers, no Hummers. Ian is in heaven thinking of all the purities the world had in flashback Mystic Falls.

Ian says, "Go Green, Girlfriend!"

I bet Ian even gives the cast little eco-friendly pep talks during takes.

'Be strong Stefan, I need you to drain the starters of the Industrial Revolution...' Stefan: 'But I don't want to do that. I think I'll like mass produced, excessively deep v-neck T-shirts. Organic cotton or not.'

But with Eli Whitney's cotton gin, also comes the horrific article known as the zipper.

I’m confused, why will I hate this “zipper” you speak of?

Oh my…. I think I understand

Take THAT Spinning Jenny

Think Globally Act Locally indeed!

Camelot gets re-styled

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Anyone else notice a change in appearance for our Camelot cast?

We've been manscaped!

•Gawain’s facial hair has been sculpted into an Ethan Hawk style goatee w/ scruff, rather than than the unkempt wildman look he has been sporting over the past few weeks.

•Kay is wearing darker tunics and now we see that boyfriend has got some biceps. *sends muffin basket to wardrobe department*

"I've been doing curlies for the girlies" (holla Frank Kramer)

•Leontes’ emo man bangs have been swept back. I hear ya Leontes, I get frustrated with my bangs too. And you don’t have the luxury of always toting around a little clip. BTW, I’m TOTALLY #TeamLeontes. Actually,  I’d be perfectly fine with a whole show on the Adventures of Kay and Leontes. Hear this STARZ?

I'm looking for some CREW

•However, Guinevere is still rocking the Xanadu look. Please. Can’t they just pop over to Ren Faire and get her a new circlet *costume nerd moment*

Where's MY wind machine?

See what I mean?

•But bring back Arthur’s ponytail. (What can I say, I came of age in the 90’s, I still have a fondness for the ponytail. I blame grunge and “Singles”).

I'm NOT "Mr. sensitive ponytail man"

But this IS. 

And don’t forget to watch the new episode tonight! I think Leontes finds out his wife is a smelly pirate hooker less than chaste.