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New Year’s Resolutions for a Supe Filled 2012

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posted by EC Stacey

Yup, I watched the dude from ED in this.

Time to Kick Off 2012 Supernatural Style

Dear Actors and Actresses of Supernatural Shows (and TalkSupe Readers),

EC here. I need to apologize. With all the holiday decorating, baking and channeling of entertaining queen, Martha Stewart I have neglected you. The Christmas times fill me with so much holiday spirit that instead of watching eternal love and scary undead things, I watch holiday movies starring Tom Cavanagh (from that show ED) on basic cable. Oh and there was an awesome one that starred Dawson from Dawson’s Creek. Not to forget the Santa town movie starring DJ from Full House! (Obviously, I love the cheesiest of Christmas movies.) Stop giving me dirty looks, Ian Somerhalder. Go recycle something!

Also in this...

For this reason, I am making my New Year’s Resolutions for you, shows like Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Secret Circle, etc. #QuestionablePriorities

1. Dear Vampire Diaries, I will try my best this new year to watch and blog about your episodes in a timely manner. I will not watch Parks & Recreation on DVR, 15 times in a row and laugh my self silly then feel unable to deal with Mystic Falls angst. I will also not write a letter to Kevin Williamson to add Aziz Anzari to the Vamp Di cast for a comedic sidekick to Damon and Stefan. (Even though they really need one.)

What these two grumps needs is some...

Tom Haverford bringing some 50 Cent freestyles

2. Dear True Blood, I will sit through an episode this summer without complaining the whole time that the show is way too different than the books. I will just be happy that Lafayette is still alive and not curse the death of Tara. I will TRY not to write a letter to Alan Ball to make the show all about Alcide and Sam. Those two men sure know how to rock the Sam’s shirt!

Look! It's the plaid sporting Dynamic Duo!

3. Dear Supernatural, I will try to watch the episodes I’ve missed so far this season. Which is all of them.

I'm so very sorry!

4. Dear Secret Circle, I will forgive you for killing off Nick and introducing that bland Ken Doll. Never mind. Not forgiven.

Williamson, you are NOT FORGIVEN!

I will, however, limit Adam eyeliner jokes to every OTHER episode.

Don't make a Cure joke. Don't make a Depeche Mode joke. Don't make a... This is already not working.

5. Dear Breaking Dawn, I will try not to make fun of you. Who I am kidding. I will still make fun of you and create more Fake Celebrity Email Theaters starring that Pretty Pattinson.

A: Do you think they are making fun of my outfit? J: No,darlin'. Carlisle's wig, definitely.

6. Dear Being Human (British and U.S. Editions), I will try my best not to compare the two of you. It really isn’t fair to make comparisons, but instead attempt to find positives about each. (I still find the British far superior, but I am giving you a chance season 2!)

Some days we wish we were British.

7. Dear Walking Dead, I still won’t watch you. (Stupid, nightmare giving zombies!)

Please no nightmares!

8. I will try not to watch DVR recordings of The New Girl and Glee that I have already watched, instead I will watch all the previously mentioned shows like Vamp Di that are filling up my DVR along with cooking shows. (Except that zombie one. Eww!)

I love this show! It adorkable!

I promise all of this to all of you. Except that I really should admit that I am not the best at keeping resolutions. At all. Plus that New Girl is soo funny! I could watch it all day long!

Your friend, EC Stace

A Message From Team Seth…

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Plaid and the Silence in the Summer of ’69: Doctor Who Series 6, Ep1 Recap

So, I left you at the funeral on the lake… I did forget to mention that the “old dude with the gasoline” said to them, “I’m Canton Everett Delaware III and I won’t be seeing you again, but you’ll be seeing me.”  River quickly realizes that they all have blue envelopes for their invitations that are numbered. She’s #2, Amy and Rory are #3, and Canton is #4. “Who is #1? Who does the Doctor trust more than anyone else?”  (I hate when you realize how obvious wording is after the fact, it’s like when you think of that perfect comeback 2 hours after the insult’s been given)  River, Amy, and Rory peace out old man Canton and head back to the 1950s diner to put their heads together. There it is on a table, the fourth envelope…#1.  But no one to go with it. In a build up as long and annoying as the one I’ve just written, we find out that #1 is the Doctor! 

EC: He’s on Supernatural too! I knew he looked familiar!

WHOA. Amy Pond can’t handle this.  River Song slaps him.  And Rory is like, “Amy, you’re not this stupid, stop trying to be.” but in a nicer way then he and River spell out the whole situation for Amy [and the audience] of how this Doctor is a younger doctor (“our” Doctor from the viewer’s timeline POV) and not the one we just saw die, BUT we can’t tell this Doctor that we saw him die because it’ll cross timelines and terrible things could happen (yada yada, Time Lordy stuff). Our foursome (heh) decides to go to 1969 regarding the lunar mission because, well, that’s what the older Doctor said he was interested in before he died.

Then we see Canton being taken to the president by the FBI all film noir-style, and Nixon and him are chatting about this awkward phone call Nixon keeps getting from a little girl saying the space man is coming to eat her (if only the Doctor would say that to me…).  The TARDIS lands in the oval office in invisible mode (WHAT?!) and the Doctor eavesdrops on their convo. Without his Jammie Dodgers, the Doctor still manages to evade the secret service and pinpoint the location of the mysterious call.  All the while Amy takes a little detour to the bathroom where she encounters none other than the weird alien she saw, and forgot. Steven Moffat does it again and creates another excessively terrifying villain (that kept me up scared more than one night!). Basically we find out later they’re a race called the Silence and it reminds us of series 5 with all the references to “the silence coming” and “silence will fall”. So, the thing with the Silence is that when you’re looking at them you can see them, but as soon as you look away you forget that segment of time ever happened. So, of course, Amy takes a photo of it with her camera phone.

How can Amy forget about this creepy guy?

The space suit...1960's style

So, off they go, The Legs, The Nose, and Mrs. Robinson, along with Canton, to find the ANI caller, who is in Cape Kennedy, FL (present day Cape Canaveral–not that they really filmed it there). And, no shock, it’s a warehouse type setting with crates and alien tech hanging around. Including this 1960s space suit that is the same as the one the astronaut who shot the Doctor. The “alien tech” looks more like food than anything and soon River discovers one of the “food tubes” is going down a sewer hatch.

When he speaks, you listen!

Finally Canton adjusts to the whole, you know, TARDIS thing, tells the Doctor “Nice ride.” and essentially disappears from the scene except for some minor dialogue. Which is a shame, because his voice is actually quite gruff and sexy. Like how we all imagined Klaus was going to sound before we actually saw the actor. When Canton says “Nice ride.” it reminds you of whenever Eric Northman speaks and makes you want to give him suggestive glances. (I may have a little Canton crush, luckily I can purchase this tshirt…

Team's Seth's little crush...

So, River makes some joke about being “quite the screamer”, forcing us all to think about her taking it hard from Matt Smith, before going down (heh) the hatch that the alien tube thingy is hanging in to see what’s down there. Of course the creepy aliens are down there, which she promptly forgets. Rory goes down to help her and then we have a touching moment where she lays out some serious foreshadowing and they discover a locked secret room that’s UM, the friggin space ship from last season’s episode “The Lodger”. !!!Steven, you’re such a mindf**k!!!

Team Seth just had a mindfu...behave!

Above ground, Amy, Doctor, and Canton hear the little girl yelling for help and rush towards her voice–but something’s wrong with Amy (oh noes!) and she HAS to tell the Doctor that she’s pregnant.  She does it in such a way that we’re convinced it’s his, even though she doesn’t say it out right.  Canton’s knocked out. An astronaut approaches, Amy goes for Canton’s gun, the astronaut raises her visor to show she’s the little girl, and BANG! Amy shoots her.

But who is she?


Greek System with a Bite

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Yes, we're THAT old!


So, did you all know we Stacey’s were in the same sorority? Sure, different chapters, different universities, and (slightly) different years, but the same letters nonetheless. Our actual houses may have differed, as well as the paths of the walk of shame, (EC:  Ours was a much longer walk…the more they tried to segregate the boys and girls, the more coeds crossed the quad wearing Dave Matthews teeshirts and oversized sweatpants.), but we both have nightmares about red carnations and Bessie Grooms. (EC: Hey Feat LilJ, you were the President of my Chapter.  Who would have thought we would be discussing  Supe stuff. Nope, we were watching Buffy together even back then! Also just for a fun note: Our sorority has a Founder’s Day like Mystic Fall, but with no Salvatore Brothers or, you know, carnage) Anyway, I was watching one of my favorite movies, “Sorority Boys”  and it got me to thinking… What if there was a Greek System for our Supernatural friends? We think it would go something like this:

Welcome to the hallowed halls of the University of Vlad.  Home of the Fighting Impalers.  Where you come for the academics and remain, because well…you become the undead.

Hell week has a whole new meaning

Fraternity- Kappa Omicron Kappa (KOK), like the Delta house was also known as “Animal House” this one is simply known as ‘HELL House”, due to the Benjamin Moore:  Bahama Sunrise paint that Eric chose for the walls.) KOK houses the alpha male Vampires. Eric Northman is president and Damon Salvatore is Pledgemaster. Have you seen Vampire Diaries season 1? Our Damon would put the fear in to those incoming freshman boys. Hazing becomes a new art form when you have to take out a werewolf! Mitchell (Being Human) is an honorary member of KOK, as of last semester’s behavior. (What! You haven’t watched it yet? Tsk Tsk!) Emmett is the member best known for crushing cans of TruBlood on his head and surfing the stairs on a coffin lid. (That’s my boy!)

Hide your pledge paddle

Fraternity- Rho Omicron Tau (ROT), consists of the Volturi (sans Jane)- it’s all male, as all fraternities are, but …. we still think, ahem, Aro (and Caius, don’t forget Caius) prefers it that way. Their letters are embroidered on their silk Hermes scarves in calligraphy. There’s no blood keg in this mausoleum, these boys drink out of goblets and listen to early Baroque chamber music. Initiation consists of, um, actual spanking spiking.  Won in last years IFC Trivia Bowl challenge, Talbot in a Jar resides in their trophy case.

We're evolved men. You won't be afraid of our bathrooms.

Fraternity- Episilon Mu Omicron (EMO), is similiar to real life Lambda Chi. Led by president Edward Cullen, many self loathing, yet gorgeous, sensitive and caring, yet lethal, vamps reside at EMO. The RUSH chair, Stefan Salvatore holds monthly gatherings (every 28 days or so) to attract new members. (He’s a teacher that one. A very sensitive teacher) This is serious business. Period. Bill Compton is the resident advisor to EMO, but has been seen as of late partying at KOK. EMO is a dry house and is located next to the sorority Nu Alpha Gamma (NAG) for this reason. The parties there are not the most exciting, the boys seem to listen to Matchbox 20, John Mayer and Taylor Swift, while holding hands and talking about…feelings. (Mostly theirs, the drama queens)

Sorority- Nu Alpha Gamma (NAG), is compromised of our human sympathizers (Angela, Tara, etc) who are lonely and miserable because they are the late night/one night hook ups of the supe greeks.  They’re the Jack in the Box drive thru meals for supes. Their house mom, or house aunt, because she’s young, cool and hip is Aunt Jenna. She allows boys (“boys”?) on the second floor. *wink wink* Some of the girls are ultra cranky, like Tara. Not a good thing, now that she’s rooming with Bonnie. They didn’t know that young lady can start fires with her mind during Rush. Oops. Those two young ladies are going to be trouble for KOK, but very popular at DOG.

Sorority- Sigma Nu Kappa (SN(ac)K), It’s just Bella, Elena and Sookie. Their walls are completely covered in maxi pads, because if one drop of accidental bloodshed escapes this house, a feeding frenzy would ensue. These girls are the most sought out on campus for that reason.  Bella Swan was originally the president, but was usurped by Miss Stackhouse due to Bella’s wishy-washiness almost getting them slaughtered weekly. Elena, well as social chair, she plays with her hair and is constantly texting Stefan about buying her wine coolers.

Everyone finds a bone at DOG house

Fraternity -Delta Omicron Gamma (DOG), is led by Alcide Herveaux. The Lockwood men, Jacob, George, Sam, Quil, Embry and the rest howl it up nightly in this dog house. It’s a mess in that house with all the…umm…marking taking place.  Poor George is always running around the house with paper towels and saying, “Honestly, we are gentlemen.  Could you please attempt to use the lavatory?” They all take turns patrolling the borders of the Row, making sure no one is eaten during a midnight walk of shame. Also, in this house, these puppies get neutered if imprinting on underage coeds occurs. They do lock up Tyler in the basement often, not for turning, just being generally annoyed by him.

Being this hot is draining

Sorority- Delta Iota Epsilon (DIE), These are the badass female supes. This is obvs. the top sorority and their parties are killers. All the male Greeks are dying, well, many of them are already dead, to get into a DIE party. With fashionista president Alice Cullen, their Rush outfits are the best. No stupid matching sleeveless blazers, pearl necklaces, and khaki shorts here. Well, there may be pearl necklaces, but those come later, thanks to the KOK house. (oh boy…you didn’t just go there!) Jane is Pledge “Educator”. Not a step is missed during initiation with her in charge. Pam, Katherine, Jessica and Sophie Anne have been known to do naked row runs and end up for days in the KOK basement. No chains needed, unless requested.

Fraternity- Beta Rho Omicron (BRO) Our semi- supernatural friends, men with some powers, but not full blown supe. Members include Alaric, Lafayette, Jesus, the brothers Winchester: Sam and Dean, and Jeremy, aka Whiny-the-vampire-Slayer (although he’s just a pledge they took in at the last minute because finances were down due to Jason Stackhouse’s infamous bottomless keg stands…and take bottomless to mean both the keg and Jason). And Jeremy  has a hot sister they want to bang. Well, Lafayette and Jesus just want to go sparkly belt shopping with her. Most likely he will be kicked out before initiation and sent to live with his sister. She’s the only one who can stand him. Bella likes to bake him cookies.

Newton on a mission to reinstate panty raids

Fraternity- The house known as  DUL (Delta Upsilon Lambda ) boasts (really?) Mike Newton as President, Eggs as Social Chair and Eric Yorkie as house decorator. House decorator, that’s uh, a new one. Tyler likes to pick up the ladies in his rockin’ van. Head of Campus Security, Charlie keeps a  close watch on this one due to their abnormal activity of having 40’s (the malt beverage, to Yorkie’s dismay) parties on the front lawn, which has more than it’s fair share of couches. Also surprisingly, he hangs outside of Edward’s EMO house cleaning his shotgun, instead of watching out for the coeds at the party house of KOK. Priorities, Chief, priorites. Just cause, Bella only likes to hang out at EMO and DUL, doesn’t mean you don’t have a job to do!

Row Gods: Eric Northman, Alcide Herveaux, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale (He brings the good vibrations to every gathering! Also 100 Monkeys, but not everybody’s perfect)… oh Hale, aren’t they alll row gods?
Row goddesses: EC and SWD, because it’s our blog, dammit.
Interfraternity Council (IFC) President: Carlisle “can’t we all just get along” Cullen
And of course, Panhellenic President: Jessica Stanley (Of course, she is)

So there you have it. By no means do these houses use white togas in their initiation rituals. They do a full outright ritual sacrifice, with stonehenge rocks, lamb blood and virgins. White’s just too hard to clean… besides, initiaiton is always after labor day.

Oopsie. I guess that left a mark.

Love in the Lyre and stealing KOK’s composite,
the Staceys
**Trivial fact, each series has a Sam: Merlotte, Clearwater, and Winchester. *


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It Might Have Ethan Hawke, but Daybreakers Is No Reality Bites

Posted by EC Stacey

First a disclaimer, I might be a supernatural movie and show fan but I am also very particular. If you looked at me you would see a preppy girl that likes pink, sassy music and Meg Ryan movies. For this reason, I seem to enjoy the supernatural stuff on the fluffier side. I need romance, happy endings, and vampires who like wearing pastels or plaid shirts. (Don’t you judge me.) When I originally rented the movie Daybreakers, it wasn’t for the vampire angle, honest! It was all about Ethan Hawke. He was my high school crush and I find myself watching many of his movies for this reason. My opinion on the flick, which might be a different viewpoint than many others, was I was disappointed. Why, you might ask? It wasn’t that bit of 90’s cinema greatness that was Reality Bites.

This was ultimately an unrealistic viewpoint that I held while watching the film. Of course, it wasn’t the same the movie, those two have NOTHING in common. Unfortunately, I was waiting patiently for it to happen the entire time. Daybreakers, had an interesting premise. Vampires had taken over the world and exhausted the food supply. That’s right kiddies, the human population was going extinct. See…pretty interesting. I should have been into it, I wanted to be into it, but…it was dark. I wanted slacker hipsters, a 90’s alternative soundtrack, shopping at a gas station’s store and most importantly Janeane Garofalo.

I sat through the movie envisioning a whole different type of film. One where Reality Bites becomes a vampire flick. Now this could be awesome or the worst idea in the history of cinema. Probably the latter, but still fun to think about. You have your slacker vampire Troy, a dirty Edward Cullen, falling in love with the human Winona Ryder’s Lelaina. (Imagine a cool Bella, you know, with aspirations) Troy has to save Lelaina from the evil machinations of Ben Stiller’s Michael Grates. You see, he is still an MTV type television ex, who wants to create a Real World vampire/human reality show, but his end game is to turn Lelaina. Throw in some comedy stylings from Garofalo and Steve Zahn. Musical interludes from Lisa Loeb and Evan Dando from the Lemonheads and we have ourselves a questionable movie that might be slightly better than Grease 2. But now that I mentioned Evan Dando I must admit, I sure do miss the 90’s music scene.

You are probably saying to yourself, “EC…what have you been drinking?” Well, seltzer with a dash of extremely tired. Daybreakers was probably a good flick, except extremely violent. Ethan Hawke is not quite the same guy that I had posters of when I was a junior in high school, but still a good actor. I am disappointed to see he still chain smokes in all his movies, it must be in his contract. Overall, checkout Daybreakers if you want a new take on the vampire genre. Do, however, make sure you aren’t sleepy to the point of delusion. I’m off to my basement to dig out my VHS of Reality Bites. I am in the mood for some slacker goodness.

Kiddie Meals… Supes for our Teacups

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Two worlds I thought wouldn’t collide. Sexy vampires and children’s programming. But that is just what has been going on. Recently, Jackson Rathbone crooned a Birthday Wish to Dora the Explorer. Vampy drawl’ing Jasper on Dora… whaa?

EC: Which my kid went crazy for…well at least about Dora. Her birthday is a HUGE deal. Then I went crazy seeing my pretend little brother singing to a cartoon character. I mean I’ve done that before when watching Yo Gabba Gabba, when little Elijah Wood did his ‘dancy dance’, my inner fangirl came out and I jumped up screaming for that silly hobbit.

The makers of cartoons totally threw us mom’s a bone when Seasame Street gave us “True Mud”

EC: Darn it! I missed it! My kid “too big” for the Street! Ugh. That was pure greatness…did you SEE the little Sam with his teeny tiny Sam Shirt? I DIED! A muppet Layfette, too! I would love to see a sparkly Edward muppet, too.

Now HERE's where a Sparkly vampire belongs

Ohh…Sesame street Twilight spoof! Brillliant! That is the brillance of Sesame Street. Sure they won’t let Katy Perry flash her boobs at the preschool set. (Umm…Katy what exactly WERE you thinking with that outfit choice?) But, they will spoof True Blood and Mad Men. Is it bad that I wanted a muppet Don Draper to seduce the letter ‘A’?

WC: Maybe the letter Q… ’cause it has a nice tail.

EC: That’s a good one! I also want to see a Joan Muppet. Joan is cool.

WC: The Joan juggs ‘un grouch’ Oscar and turn Bert and Ernie straight.

EC: No doubt. I’ve heard they have magical powers

EC: I think we can help other actors in Supe shows and movies get connected with the kiddos early. Need to start the youth early with this genre. In an appropriate way. If not…it’s going to be a whole lot of iCarly and Ashley’s Jonas Brother. For instance… Rob Pattinson. Let’s just take out Elijah Wood of the Yo Gabba Gabba ‘dancey dance’, and insert Rob. The awkward brillance of this would both be a turn on and just plain hilarious!

There's a party in my...tummy?

WC/SWD: Oh Stace, Rob singing, “They’re’s a Party in My Tummy…” with Taylor Lautner and Boo Boo Stewart singing the carrots part of, “yummy so yummy”

Bill Nye and Ian teach kids, and moms, about chemistry... and Biology

Only Prada shoes in this neighborhood, Fred

EC: I can see Ian Somerhalder doing a environmental science show for the kids. Have you read his tweets? He brings up so many interesting environment issues to light that I am one part inspired and another slightly cranky part wants to throw my plastic water bottle at his head for making me feel guilty. (yes. I know he’s right)

Anyway, how about Ian and Bill Nye, the science guy do a show on the Planet Green channel that combines saving the environment and doing science experiments. They’ll be like the funny odd couple! I would definitely watch that show and I’m not good with scientific things as shown by my high school Chemistry grades. (not good, my friends, not good)

WC/SWD: Or Pam Ravensroft, aka Kristin Von Beaverhausen (I just always think of her name as Karen’s alias on “Will and Grace”, “Anastasia Beaverhausen”) going on Mr. Rogers. You know, becuase Pam has great shoes. She could offer some shoe tips for good ol’ sweater totin’ Rogers.

EC: I see Kellen and his abs on Veggie Tales. I wouldn’t watch it though. Those freaky little vegtables look at me with those gigantic eyes and judge me. True, they are a cartoon, but they judge. They really do.

Watch your hands pea pod, he’s a man of the Word
WC/ Swd: Yes! Those judging Veggie Tale eyes are like freakazoid minions of satan, kind of like those annoying “Love is…” kids, but in uber preach-y Veggie form.

Run from these lobotomized kids before they become...

Talk Supe is Now on Twitter!

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We throw shoes at bitches
posted by East Coast Stacey

Talk Supe Is Now On Twitter!

 Need to know when the latest Talk Supe is ready for your reading pleasure? Follow The Staceys on Twitter. Just follow @talksupe to get all info on new posts, fun videos and just random silliness throughout the day! We can’t wait to connect with you and discuss what’s happening on your favorite supernatural shows, books and movies! Also coming soon… Talk Supe Book Club!



Supernatural- the Show

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The Jackets that save the world

WC/SWD: Fletch and I were watching some man channel with burly men doing manly things, like Ted Nugent bow hunting or something. I wasn’t paying attention, I was reading the Anthropologie catalog, when suddenly there were attractive men on the screen. Oh, it’s a commercial for some show.. but what? “Supernatural”, I had never heard of this show but I was intrigued by the pretty idea of another show having to do with supes (*note and holy cow, it’s been on since 2005?! I’m not surprised, I’ve never seen Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, or CSI anything). I asked East Coast Stacey about it.
EC:  I love this show! It has pretty boys, and I know that is a big Stacey plus. More than that it is a different take on the genre.  Not only do you have the vampires, werewolves etc., but also a fight between good vs. evil. God vs. the devil. Angels and demons, but it’s mixed up because who really is the good guy? Also, it’s VERY scary.  Okay, I just love Sam and Dean.

Looks like Stacey isn't the only one who loves them. (click this)

 WC:  So, I set it on the DVR list, (*side note- Now our DVR playlist is pretty funny. Me: Vampire Diaries, True Blood reruns, Supernatural, Being Human, Mad Men, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Dora the Explorer (for the kiddo, ya’ll). My husbands’s DVR ‘d shows: Whale Wars, Deadliest Catch, Holmes on Homes, Elk Fever, Hunt for Big Fish, Seasons on the Fly, World of Beretta, Skins (I am hoping this is a hunting show, but I don’t think soo…..)).  thinking, one day I’ll be able to get sucked into yet another cult series.

EC: Our DVR’s are very similar, my friend! But throw in some Dr. Who and Dexter for me.  Oh and some Top Gear, Yankees games and F1 Racing.  Wait a sec…isn’t Skins a ‘dirty’ teen show on BBC America? Is Fletch trying to hide it from you? Hmm… at my house we like the teen show Inbetweeners on BBC America, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

We're looking for some Angels... Like Stacey and Stacey

WC: Flash forward to the next Friday. I’m at the gym, on the treadmill, when I casually look up to see what is on the closest TV. It’s an attractive dude in a business suit in an elevator, talking/ yelling/ arguing with another attractive young dude in a cadet jacket. Looks promising. Ohhh, suit dude attacked jacket! They roll out of the elevator fighting (mind you, there is no sound, just the closed captioned type)! Someone throws a burlap hood over Suit’s head and bludgeons him repeatedly as blood soaks through the fabric. Whoa, this just got a hell of a lot more interesting. Oh look, and I’m already at a running pace without realizing it. Yada yada yada, some more stuff happens, I think Suit is dead, but no. He is brought to some ramshackled  house and the hood is removed, he is perfectly fine, tied up, restrained, and covered in blood (ahhh, dreamy) but fine. OK, covered in blood and smirking, Suit looks kind of Eric Northman-esque. Needless to say I am sucked in.

Here we are, gentlemen!

 EC:  Supernatural is full of the carnage, even more than Vampire Diaries.  Which is quite bold of the WB, home to Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Last season’s Devil and Angel saga was full blood and scary stuff. This show is perfect for a Halloween marathon.  I also like how the funny is mixed in to the perfect degree. Don’t forget, when they play the song Don’t Fear The Reaper, during the recap of the previous episodes, it just sums the whole show up.
WC: Oh I love that song.. the version they play in “Scream.”Creeptastic!
Awe… Get Some
WC:  Then Cadet Jacket is joined by cute Fatigue Jacket and they are confronting Suit about something. Stuff happens and I realize Suit is a bad guy and the Army Jackets are the good guys. Of course they are, they’re hot, yet wholesome looking. Hey wait, is that…is Fatigue Jacket “Dean” from “Gillmore Girls?” When did he become a man? Because he was a scrawny kid when I watched that show, when I was in my mid twenties. Alexis Bledell or Lauren Graham (or me) didn’t age, did we? Dammit delusional chick time machine mind.
EC: First, I miss Gilmore Girls.  I love it so much I watch the reruns on the Family Channel.  I also loved Dean, but my sister loved the dude from Heroes, Milo something. Fun note, my college boyfriend looked like Logan and was also evil. (Feat Lil J, you know who…) Oh and Stacey, we didn’t age at all, because we are forever young and cute like Lauren Graham.
WC: Totally feasible thanks to Revitalift.
EC: By the way, the guy who plays Supernatural’s Dean, was Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives.  I might of had a gigantic crush on him in High School and would be “sick”, so I could watch him. Now I watch reruns of Supernatural to get my daily fix. (I have not grown up at all.)

We never outgrow a bromance, but ewwww, they're supposed to be real brothers.

 WC:  So, more stuff happens. A creepy guy with yellow eyes (definitely not golden Edward Cullen eyes, more like venomous snake eyes… you know, like LeStew or Lil Kim, but yellow and more demon-y) shows up with some invisible hounds of hell. Then they pour salt everywhere. Mmmm, salt, invisible dogs, JCREW jackets… this is my kind of show!

Creepy eye colage. Pet Semetary eyes added for extra creepiness, and balance.

EC: Scary demon! Yay! This show is so full of win. Oh and I want Uncle Bobby to be my demon fighting uncle. I loved that actor when he was on HBO’s Deadwood, too!
WC: I don’t know who Uncle Bobby is yet (I’m bad with names), but was he the one on Deadwood that would say “c-suckers” a lot? … oh wait, that was the whole cast.
WC:  After watching the new episodes, I am still completely lost, but I am totally on board. Between shape shifting babies, Parker Lewis, Djinn fighting and manly hotness, I’ll be along for the ride, with Sam and Dean, speeding off into the sunset in their shiny, black, manly, muscle cars.
EC:  You have just completely, sumed up why I love this show! Now you need to catch up with the previous seasons! You will not be disappointed

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