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Vampire Diaries Recap…Ghosts or…

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I can say that the Ghosts episode of Vampire Diaries brought memories of perfectly wonderful things. Perfectly wonderful things being THIS guy.


Uncle Mason!!!


Uncle Mason has been missed. Very missed. His charming little smile and that all American confidence of making Damon apologize. (Worst apology ever, by the way. Obviously, Damon needs much practice in this department.) I didn’t even mind when he had Damon tied up to a chair and was torturing him. It’s cute when Mason does things like that. Hopefully, Mr. Williamson can bring the ghosts back again, because…

We missed them! I missed Lexi and how she can put Stefan in his place.

I bet Lexi could even whip Lindsey Lohan into shape.

I missed Anna and how she gives Jeremy puppy dog eyes and tries so hard to do the right thing and messes up.


I'll do anything for you, Jeremy! Except give you the necklace that will put me back into limbo. But I'll do anything!

I missed Whitley from A Different World and wondered why she didn’t bring Dwayne Wayne back with her to the quad. Then Denise can complain about her dad, Dr. Huxtable. Umm…I mean Grams came back. #early90’sflashback


Remember when those clothes were cool? Well many of you don't, because you were babies. But Somerhalder does, because he's old like us.

I even missed creepy vampire dude who hung up the Head of the History Department at the Founder’s Day Death Event (Will they ever learn! Events and Mystic Falls never go well!) Actually, I didn’t miss vampire dude, but I think he used to play Nicholas on General Hospital in the old days. #tvnerd

The Cassidines on General Hospital are way more nerfarious than this vamp. Just sayin' #GeneralHospitalmemories

I didn’t miss this one.

Still questionable in the afterlife.

But this one WOULD have been a welcome addition.

Everybody misses Aunt Jenna! Well you would think so, but NOBODY mentioned her ghost coming back. Nice family you have there, Jenna.

Big Developments?

Bromance is BACK!

Platonic man love at it's finest

OVER! (You really didn’t think Bonnie would forgive you, Jeremy? Dumb boy)

At least you still have really cute shirts

Hieroglyphics! Wait…the originals were cave men with childlike art skills? Good luck figuring that out, Alaric!


"Man Doing The Chicken Dance" - Klaus age 3

Later this week we will talk about LAST week’s Vampire Diaries!  (Promise!) Talk supe is on Twitter… randomly… @talksupe 

Well Helloooo, Vampire Diaries!

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The Last Three Episode Refresher Course!

Well we have finally watched the three episodes and we are on the very edge of our seats! Since, we have majorly failed at recapping these episodes in a timely manner let’s do a very special refresher post to get us ready for tonight’s new episode! Just call us Professor EC and Professor WC and this is Vampire Diaries 102: Advanced Ghost Theories.  Are you ready? Because this WILL be on the final exam!

Stefan: Mr.  Ripper is full out bad guy. You know how Eric from True Blood is more fabulous bad than Simpleton Eric? Same thing applies here! He’s the school bully and psychopath! Plus, Elena’s twisted bodyguard!  Will he get his soul back? Hopefully, not this season!

SWD: Agreeed! Al of them are better bad. Stefan, Eric, Bill….what can we get Alcide to do next season?

That's one way to get suspended, young man!

Elena: I know I give Elena a hard time, but girl is finding her inner Buffy the Vampire Slayer and not wallowing in all things Stefan. She might love him, but did not hesitate to stab him with that neat stake glove. Elena is proving to be a heroine and not only the damsel in distress! (Finally!)

SWD: OK, I’m not all caught up. She stabs him? Awesome!

Mess with me and I'll stake you. Just not right now...I'm working on my glutes.

Damon: Is still Damon. An Elena protector, yet still the bad boy. Like “killing” Alaric, so he wouldn’t get in his way to take out Caroline’s Dad. I was worried that Damon would go soft, but after seeing his complete lack of caring with all of Stefan’s  bloody co-ed hijinks  it was a reminder that with Damon for any little bit of good there is still a whole lot of snark.

Please don't say the bromance is over!

Caroline and Tyler: I love Caroline! She’s funny and you have got to love her hate of Rebekah. Steal her Queen Bee status? Caroline is going to have none of that if she can help it! Now in regards to Tyler…you know all of my comments about my complete lack of any affection for that character? Well it’s coming back! It’s like the world is making sense again. A jerky Tyler… a jerky hybrid Tyler is even better! You know what could possibly be EVEN better? Tyler being Klaus’s little lap dog/wolf! Yeah,this could be good!

SWD: I missed the episode pictured below. Ummmmmmm, Tyler’s outfit. he looks like a pirate. Not diggin his white boy do-rag. It’s too big.

You know you are a creep when you wear pirate head gear, lapdog.

Bonnie and Matt: Bonnie, you help Matt bring back his dead sister and then you help him send her back to her special limbo crazy town. Guess what that means? Bonnie and Matt, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G…I will let you finish the song at your own leisure.

SWD: They’re hooking up? I really need to catch up.

Yup. It's sooo going to happen.

Jeremy Gilbert, Ghost Whisper: I like when Jeremy has a job to do. A job that doesn’t include whining to Bonnie. Which makes Mr. “I see dead people”  much more enjoyable. And now that Anna’s back (I liked her the first time around), I think I will be happy to see the end of Jeremy and Bonnie. (Bonnie’s the whiner now. Just say thank you to the ghost, Miss Cranky Pants!) Ohh…Jeremy also can touch Ghost Anna, yeah, bye Bonnie.


Klaus and the Prank Day from Hell: Most frightening episode? This one. It was scary and exciting, plus Klaus and Stefan were at their worst. Though to be fair, Stefan didn’t want to be. Not really. This was a game changer. It also sent Klaus away, but hopefully not for long!

Not a good day. Not a good day, at all.

Katherine and the Vampire, Vampire Slayer: She became his tasty snack. Oh FYI, the guy playing VVS (Vampire, Vampire Slayer) was Jerry Jacks on General Hospital. Just in case you were curious.

Been back to Port Charles lately?

Guess who’s back…

SWD: Wait, WHAT!!!!

…and, told you so!

Happy days are here again! (For a little while at least!)

Secret Circle Episode 2: “Bound” or…

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In anticipation of tonight’s episode…

He better not start singing, “Friday, I’m in Love”.

Buddy, Are You Wearing Eyeliner?

*Poof! Spoilers!*

Here we go with episode two, and it appears this show is starting to find it’s groove. We had more humor, some more special effects (aka magic) and more character development. My only problem still…Adam. I don’t know what the issue is fully. He’s seems very intense, has super dark eyelashes (like he’s wearing mascara and eyeliner) and has a staring problem. He’s one episode away from starting a THE CURE tribute band. I can see him serenading, FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE to Cassie in the quad on, you know, Friday and then singing, BOYS DON’T CRY to Diana on Monday. He’s a fickle, fickle boy. I had an idea of Adam in my head when I read the books in my teenager years, in between the times I was getting my doses of teen angst in the Sweet Valley High series. This television Adam is like a Edward Cullen/Stefan Salvatore hybrid, witch edition. Isn’t two of those, enough?

My original idea of Adam was found in these books.

Don’t worry… characters on shows grow on me and perhaps Adam will someday. Hopefully, by the next episode. Now that I vented…(sorry about that!) what happened in “Bound”? This is the picture recap…

Cassie tries to light a candle. Instead she breaks Nick's window.


That teaches a guy to be a Peeping Tom, immediately after he has with another girl.


School is hard enough without having these two in your class.Obviously, starting dangerous fires in school does not actually set off the sprinkler system. #safetyfail"


"I will serende The Cure songs to you forever...after I sing them to Cassie first."


Mr. Staring Problem is going to teach Cassie some "magic". (Is that what the kids are calling it these days?)


Oh I get it...their forbidden love creates the energy of light. Ugh. But it makes a nifty party trick!


Making "potions" is not a good thing, young man. Also you need to hang out with nicer girls like...Cassie.


What did I tell you about hanging out with nice girls, Don Juan? (Plus making poor Melissa jealous is just not cool.)


It's all fun and games until you magically push the Student Council President to her death on the jagged rocks.


Luckily, bad Faye's mommy and bad Diana's daddy have a crystal to bring her back to life.


Oops! It also kills your grandpa!


Luckily, those powers are officially binded! That will make everything better! Right? Right? At least a little? *crickets*

What will happen tonight, dear readers? Hopefully, more Cassie and Nick scenes. (One can only hope!)

Vampire Diaries Recap: The Birthday or…

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We're Back!

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

*Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers everywhere too!

Vampire Diaries is back and it’s looking great. Damon surrounded by well placed bubbles looks mighty great! Tonight is episode two, so let’s look back to last Thursday and get reminded by the big plot points. (Aka making jokes about the big plot points.)

So much going on...which means a great season of Vampire Diaries!

When Will They Ever Learn…Mystic Falls Events Equal Casualties:

It’s Elena’s 18th Birthday, y’all! You know what that means…she’s legal for Civil War era vampires! (That’s creepy when you see it written down. Yikes!) What a way to celebrate your birthday then to be confronted be a “Bubbly”Damon. Then a massive party planned by Caroline’s party planning company, Not a Good Idea Events. Underage drinking, sexual frolicking and usually a dead body. When will they ever learn…large functions in Mystic Falls never turn out good!

This guy likes bubble baths.

Ohh…bye, bye Scarf Lady! (That was just harsh, Stefan.)

I will miss you...actually your collection of scarves.


A good party for Mystic Falls means beer, making out and only one death

Here Comes The Ripper:

Somebody's being a very bad boy.

You know how we didn’t dig Simpleton Eric on True Blood? Well, the opposite for Ripper Stefan! He’s better when he’s bad. Take that Edward Cullen! (Your Twilight mention of the post) Those poor girls in the house! Also, poor Alaric when saw what Stefan did to those girls. Rolling heads do nothing to help settle upset stomachs. They didn’t show it, but I bet Damon had to leave the room to giggle. At least Stefan put them together again, like those dolls you can get for your daughters that you can change their outfits by popping off a torso and maybe an arm. Do they still make those?

Did you really need to make me see that girl's head fall off? I lost my ham and cheese sandwich.

Look who it is…'s little Simon!

Poor Reverend Camden…Simon left 7th Heaven and became a dirty werewolf trucker who drinks beers named Ray. Since I watched 7th Heaven when I was a youn’un to ogle the guy who played Simon’s brother. I find this disturbing, but kind of cool. Like when Stefan used Ray as a human dart board. Poor Ray…not only was he all marked up by darts, but he’s a vamp/wolf. That can’t be a comfortable transformation.

Guess this is what happens when you stop going to Sunday School!

“I See Dead People.” Jeremy Style:

"I see dead girlfriends...who wants to get their chronic on?"

All of a sudden Jeremy looks hot again. Is it because Bonnie was pretty much MIA this episode and he couldn’t whine at her? Or is it that Ghost Whisper might be getting an actual plot. He’s the Vampire Diaries Lafayette. (Question, will he now see Jesus from True Blood and start dressing more flamboyantly? I would much prefer seeing Jesus then Vicki and Anna. Just sayin’.) I am concerned that Jeremy is going to go down hill now that he’s partaking again in the wacky weed and hanging out with annoying Matt. (Sorry WC, he’s my new least favorite character now that Tyler’s been redeemed.)

Hello Tyler and Caroline! The Two Most Narcissistic Characters Are Actually Wonderful Together:

I'm pretty and you're's been destined in the stars

Do opposites attract? Sometimes. Do two characters that actually have like personalities, but one like to bite necks and the other gets REALLY hairy once a month have super chemistry? Absolutely!!! These two get jealous and fight. Then they go at it like the rabbits they both chase and then eat. Much better, than that Caroline and prejudiced Matt mess! 

Unfortunately, new love cannot go smooth! (The ratings would plummet!) Caroline get’s shot by Tyler’s mom. (That’s the future mother-in-law from hell. That’s never a good sign for a future relationship!)

Those Poor Star Crossed Lovers! Sniff Sniff!

The final scene with the sad Stefan and Elena phone call brought a tear to my eyes! But not enough to get rid of Ripper Stefan!

Memories..of pouting at each other

What do you think of the first episode of the new season? Let us know in the comments or on twitter @talksupe!  


True Blood Season Finale…

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When I was about to think that True Blood was going to go out with a wimper it went out with a bang! Two of them in fact. I must add that I wasn’t exactly pleased by these developments, yet they sure were surprising and exciting! Let’s just get to the most important parts…

Good bye Jesus!!! That’s right, the poor guy was killed off in another show. (RIP, Detective in Southland) By the character’s possessed boyfriend. Layfette is going to need therapy on this one!

Worst date ever!

Marnie was sent off with Sookie’s grandmother, where ever dead people go in True Blood. I was hoping something more dramatic. But it seems that Jesus will be hanging around and haunting Layfette due to his medium abilities. Which sure will put a damper on any future relationships. (Which reminds me of Jeremy, of Vampire Diaries, issues. It’s starting to get annoying how these show are mimicing each other.)

Bill and Eric were almost vampire BBQ, which would have put a damper on their budding bromance. Which will now be more possible that Sookie kicked them to the curb!

Nope to King Bill. Royality is such a bossy pain sometimes.

Nope, Simpleton Eric and Snarky Eric. Loving one vampire is enough without dealing with multiple personalities!

Hello, Handsome! Sookie's head is quite taken with your hero personality and those...abs.

Noel from Felicity stops by, but not as Quinn! If you are to have an actor like Scott Foley, you give him a BIG ROLE. Not one that centers on Terry, Arlene and Andy. One that hooks him up with Sookie. It’s Noel, people! He didn’t end up with Felicity, he should at least get some action with the lead heroine of this show!

Why doesn't Felicity...I mean Sookie...want me?

Looks like our favorite psychopathic king is coming back!

Welcome back, King Crazy!

Sam buried a brother and gained a family…and a crazy mother wannabe. Also, didn’t know until now that Sam’s shirts are also available for funerals. Hmm.

Jason gets beat up, but manages to get a lady.

Jason gets the girl, but loses the boy

Finally, Tara… not everyboy’s favorite, but I always liked her. Couldn’t Ball at least let her have some happiness and… a relationship with Sam. Tara kept saving Sookie this season and all she gets in a bullet in the brain! Is she really dead? In the hospital? Will someone turn her into a vampire? Will Layfette have constant companions with the ghostly Tara and Jesus? I could imagine their running commentary on his outfits right now! (That would be pretty funny!)

Real friends will take a bullet for you, even after you keep defending the vampire that's always trying to kill that friend. Poor Tara!

At least, no more Debbie! (yay!)

Freedom, Alcide! Freedom!!!!

Can’t wait for next summer! Already counting down the days!

True Blood Epi 6 : “I wish I Was the Moon”

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…Or  “True Blood, you’re doing it wrong!”

^I’ll get to that at the end, but you book readers get where I’m going with this.

EC: What the heck happened in episode 5? Oh right! Jason’s weird/hilarious dream about Jessica becoming Hoyt. Oh and Eric getting frisky with Sookie! Those were the important things, right?

*sings* I got the Sheriff, but I didn't get no hot Sookie

King Bill: So Eric and Sookie are having an ab-off on the sofa when Bill vamp speeds in and hypothetically throws a bucket of cold water on the action.  Eric attacks him and we almost have a shish kabill. Luckily Sookie screached loudly enough that Bill was Eric’s king and Eric goes down on one knee to honor his liege. (EC: That girl has a powerful set of lungs! I think I lost my hearing after her wailing cat impression.) Then we end up back at Bills, where we have “Locked Up Abroad: Vamp edition.” It’s a little party in Bill’s Basement of Broken Wills. Pam is falling apart, literally, but her Pamisims are on fire, calling Bill a “pompus little dork”, coining “dork” as the newest offending 4 letter word.Nan pops up on Bill’s screen and is impressed and surprised he has coraled Eric. *raises eyebrow* Why is she surprised? Bill gets her permission to impose the true death on Eric. Yes, I was shocked, shocked I tell you that Bill wants Eric dead. Awe what happened to the bromance? Well Nan signs off and we see that Bill’s computer wallpaper is, in fact, wallpaper!

EC: Pam’s face is making me literally ill. I have a hard time looking at the screen when she’s on. Have I mentioned lately that I hate zombie movies? That’s the reason why. Also…did you notice something odd about Nan in her teleconference with Bill? She seemed to be…ahh…enjoying something while talking to him. Why is it that I think Alan Ball cut something out in this scene? (Watch the scene again on your DVR’s. You will definitely notice something odd there.) 

King Bill is annoying the heck out of me. I miss gentleman Bill who didn’t wear suits and wasn’t putting people (or attractive Vikings) to death. Come back to us, Bill, come back!

SWD: *Confession time for SWD* I like Bill way more as BadBill and I *hangs head in shame* like Eric less as EmoNorthman. And you KNOW how big of an Eric fan I am.  See, I have a baddy addy.

I'm making SWD change Vamp Teams

Witch Marnie: So, Marnie’s a cutter. After some bleeding and pleading,  she gets possessed by Antonia, “bob” from Twin Peaks style. Will her hair turn gray? Will she kill Laura Palmer? (EC: I miss Twin Peaks! Now I want cherry pie and teh guy who played Agent Cooper to be in a good show again.)  Anyhow, Marnie becomes the “Vampire Whisperer,”  making Fr. turned Sheriff Luis submit into downard dog with her devil horn hand gesture. I’m so trying this on my dog later.

EC: Are the witches really the bad guys? The one possessing Marnie seems to be pretty justified in wanting to get revenge. Those scenes were upsetting. Okay, maybe destroying every vampire might be taking it to far, but after going through what she did I can under stand wanting to bring some pain. 

Jesus and Lafayette in Mexico:Lafayette objects for “Goat Tongue for breakfast”. Please, man up Laffy, goat tongue is not for afternoon tappas! I find Jesus’ grandpa… wait for it… sexy as hell. I want him to play Murtagh (yes, more #Outlander), Latino style. He has the boys out in the yard finding a wiling animal to sacrifice. Of course, since this is True Blood, it’s not a gopher, but a rattlesnack. Jesus goes all Steve Irwin and grabs the snake. Hawt G-pa tells Laffy to protect Jesus and then sics the rattler on Jesus neck. Then Laffy, like witch Marnie, gets possesed by Tito Ortiz, oh wait I mean Tio Luca, and we’re all sure Luca is going to be loco, right? Good. Maybe Tio will cut off Laffy’s braids. Where’d the cute mohawk go, Laffy?

You dissin' my braids, hookah?

EC: You joking about Jesus’s grandpa, right?

SWD: I’m not, lol… see above “baddy addy”.

EC: That dude freaks me out. You kow what also freaked me out…that rattlesnake. Poor Layfette. He is going to be doing some weird stuff now. Can’t a guy just hang out with his honey for an episode and just chill?

Demon ghost baby: Something starts a fire in the Bellefleur “boudoir” but Mikey’s guardian ghost (whom I swear was Jared Leto’s “Love” interest in “How to Make an American Quilt”) puts him outside. That whole house burns and all the Bellfleur fam are left with is the dirty creepy doll. And Terry’s armadillo? Where did that come from? Mr. Molina’s biology class? But I did kind of dig Arlene’s Etsy style morning after sweater.

EC: Vampires, werewolfs and ghosts…Oh my! We now have almost everything supernatural represented now in True Blood! I might be losing track of storylines. Are any of these going to tie in at all? Is the ghost a witch, too? That baby is adorable. I don’t like him being around creepy things. Unlike, Breaking Dawn, there can be a vampire show with a cute baby. Just not ones with ridiculous names and questionable births.

Law Enforcement: V’ed up Andy shows  can lift Lazy Boy armchairs and swing dates with witches. Go Andy, Holly was imnpressed with the Gun Show! But you ARE barking up the wrong tree with Sam. He will go raging bull, literally, on your arse if you’re not careful.

EC: I might have a started reading my Martha Stewart magazine and zoned out on this part. Yummy summer recipes…

The Merlotte Boys: Distraugh Tommy shifts into Sam, opens the bar, fires Sookie and steals Sam’s… not money this time, but his “horse tail”. I think Tommy just wanted to know what it felt like to be in a true Sam shirt.  Tommy is sickened by this human shift, or maybe it was going horsey style, and Sam finds him passed out when he returns home.

EC: I stopped reading Martha Stewart after Andy’s scenes were over. The only reason I even watched Tommy’s scenes was that he looked like Sam. What a little jerk. Can he morph into a fly and someone hit him with a fly swatter? Problem solved!

Tara: Gets found by her girlfriend who likes Bon Temps Tara. Glad someone does cuz I’ve had an earful of Tara-self pity. Why is she still in BT anyway? She’s pissed at Sookie, Laffy and Jesus are frolicking on an advenure, she’s dissing on Merlottes, she’s on the vampire’s naughty list. GTFO of “Dodge” Tara.

EC: I think Tara is drawn to the absolute worse place for her. Or she’s still secretly in love with Sam. (fingers crossed!) Of everything that happened to her, it seems to be a case of her being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If I was Tara, I would hate Eric too. He tried to kill her in the second episode. Also, all the vampire hate is completely justified after that Franklin mess. I think, listen up Alan Ball, that the kick ass Tara needs to show up and throw it down. Make her a vampire slayer. Something to give the girl some power. (I really miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon could give lessons on creating strong female leads!)

Jess and Jason have a Meadow Scene!:  It’s the new TB couple: Jassica! Firstly, so much classic Jason lines in this episode, like  his voicemail message saying, “If I’m not here, call 911 and ask for me.” and “…like I’m extar good at sex… and shooting.” So Sookie stiffles a giggle when Jason says he’s a werepanther, like we all did when we read “werepanther” in the books. He wants Sookie to shoot him if he changes, she wants to help him, and not just “change his kittty litter.” Good one. He takes off and has a panic attack. Which, Jessica senses and rushes to his aid, as apparanty her boobs are Xanax. So they bond and lie down in the meadow. Ah the wilderness, *coughs* Eric and Sookie*. Jason is kind of sad he’s not a werepanther and Jessica assures him that he is “special”. Oh yes Jason, you are definitely “special” *see above “Jason-isms.”

EC: What the heck happened to the plot of Jason being a werepanther? That was a HUGE plot point of the books. I understand veering slightly from the written text, but there is major things that if you are using the basic outlines of the book series that need to be in the show. You already killed off Claudine and now this! The Sookie and Jason scene was cute though. Also, Jason and Jessica are like little children together. I like them together! She’s a very young girl, so it’s understandable that she would want to explore other relationships. I have a feeling Hoyt will not be pleased. 

Eric Sookie Meadow Scene: The part I we have all been waiting for. The “Leg Hitch” of True Blood. The Eric- Sookie shower scene….! ^ Yes, this is what I meant in the above rant . Apparantly,  we had the epic shower scene last season w/ Sookie and Bill so no loofah time for the sheriff I guess. They er, uh, went au natural. Plus 1 for ball here as he did keep the camera on Eric the whole time. Please note, Bill Condon, you better have shot Breaking Dawn with the same camera techniques in mind. Anyway, back to the woods of Bon Temps. Now, don’t they remember the woods during a full moon (no, we don’t mean Eric’s) are SUPEr crowded with shifters? Who will see them? Who will be interrupting the romp. I’m guessing it will be Alcide and Debbie. maybe they’ll join in. Well, without Debbie of course. Wait, was that out loud?

EC: Hot, Sookie/Eric action. I also agree, Alcide. But he should be in every scene. Also, could you imagine a Edward and Bella forest/meadow scene like this one? Nope, me either. This would happen… 

Edward: Your locks glimmer like sunlight fallling on fall leaves.

Bella: Let’s make out.

Edward: No my love! I cannot control my urges!  Let me wax poetic about the depths of the pools of you chocolate eyes.

Bella: Please, Edward! Can I get at least a little tongue?

Edward: You are such a child! *stomps off* 

In conclusion, why did Bill let Eric go? Why was he emoting on his porch? My DVR cut off here and switched to live mode, so I  missed some minutes. It flashed from Bill’s frown to Eric’s splendor in the grass. Did I miss a plot point?

True Blood Season 4… Eric: Dazed and Confused

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Sookie, get him some Havaianas!

We’re starting on episode #3, since we were on vacation for the first 2 episodes.

EC: Let me just jump in and say that the first two episodes were crazy! From the Shifter Dinner Parties, Tara’s new romantic life, and Bill being the King of Louisana it was a wild ride. Also, fairy land was unexpected. Nice to see Barry again, but this where the show and the books are veering very far away from each other. I am curious to see why Sookie’s power is so intense that she can electrocute the Fairy Queen. Also, Claude (Claudine’s brother), was disappointing! Where is the egotistical, homosexual stripper from the books?

I have to say, I love Bill’s house! And the fact that he’s the new king!  Bill looks fantastic too. Has he even said, “Sookeh” yet? I miss #TalkLikeBillCompton days on twitter.

EC: I like to see he is doing this to protect Sookie, but he’s getting around with all the ladies, isn’t he? Isn’t Portia related to him? Eww. Fun fact: The actress playing Portia was also on Dexter AND Vampire Diaries!

"Well Mr. Compton, I WAS looking for Mr. Damon Salvatore in Mystic Falls. I guess you'll do."

I love Lafayette. I love that he wants to go make ammends with the vamps. I love his new mohawk and sparkly skull belts. Speaking of… enough about Sam’s shirts, lets talk about Sam’s belts! If STARZ wins for the best earrings on cable, Sam gets the best belt buckles in prime time award.

EC: Sam’s shirts are always perfection! Even though they are pairing him with the shifter lady that can become her mom (Sam and Tommy foreshadowing?), there is still some nice Sam and Tara chemistry. I swear, the girl becomes a lesbian and she gets her kick ass back. Finally, no more weepy Tara!

The episode where Tara got her groove back

Hotshot looks like this weird little hick “town” (I use this term loosely. It’s just a bunch of sheds and rusted out trucks and washing machines in the yards) we drove through on the way home from the Eastern Sierras. Love the weirdness of hwy 395. Of course I yelled out the window for Jason. How freaky are the panthers gnawing on his stomach? Ewww. Which reminds, we haven’t really had something shockingly uber gross or explicit yet, like Lorena . I am expecting it this Sunday.

Where's the ooze this season?

EC: Thanks a bunch for the nasty picture…I feel ill.  But everything in Hotshot is gross, like the hillybilly children digging into the raw meat the Jason brought them. It’s like the movie deliverence. I am waiting for one of the young’ uns to break out a banjo. Poor Jason! And the previews for Sunday are making things look even worse for him!

Hey Jason! I hope you like cats!

Alcide and Debbie. Debbie and Alcide. Why Alcide why? Debbie? No. But she’s got to be around for a major plot point. Still. It doesn’t matter anyway, who is looking at Debbie when Alcide is on screen? 

EC: And I was so excited to see Alcide…Debbie, you ruin everything!

What should have happened at Alcide's house...

Jessica’s eye make up is fabulous again this season. I’m curious how the trouble in paradise scenario with she and Hoyt is going to play out. Look up Hoyt on IMDB. He looks so different with normal hair. And by different I mean RAWR. Terry Bellefleur too.

EC: Remember Terry on Gilmore Girls! He played Lane’s husband/bandmate! He was GREAT on Gilmore Girls. I loved that show… Anyway, Terry is also a great daddy. Which is great, because now baby Mikey has that creeptastic doll. That thing is the scariest thing on the show! 

Note to Bella, THIS is how you rock a plaid shirt.


Or maybe, Bella needs some florals too? #truebloodsouthernfashion

OK, Eric Northman in boards shorts and a sleeveless hoodie cracks me up. Please put him in Ugg boots to complete the laid-back-surfer-in-Bon-Temps look.  Scared puppy dog Eric is bringing it! That “I’m a good boy” guilty oops smile after he killed Sookie’s fairy godmother? Priceless! Wasn’t she the faker creepy fairy from the first episode? Didn’t she morph into pointy teeth fairy?

R.I.P. Claudine! Wait! She's still in the next books! Uh oh!