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New Year’s Resolutions for a Supe Filled 2012

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posted by EC Stacey

Yup, I watched the dude from ED in this.

Time to Kick Off 2012 Supernatural Style

Dear Actors and Actresses of Supernatural Shows (and TalkSupe Readers),

EC here. I need to apologize. With all the holiday decorating, baking and channeling of entertaining queen, Martha Stewart I have neglected you. The Christmas times fill me with so much holiday spirit that instead of watching eternal love and scary undead things, I watch holiday movies starring Tom Cavanagh (from that show ED) on basic cable. Oh and there was an awesome one that starred Dawson from Dawson’s Creek. Not to forget the Santa town movie starring DJ from Full House! (Obviously, I love the cheesiest of Christmas movies.) Stop giving me dirty looks, Ian Somerhalder. Go recycle something!

Also in this...

For this reason, I am making my New Year’s Resolutions for you, shows like Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Secret Circle, etc. #QuestionablePriorities

1. Dear Vampire Diaries, I will try my best this new year to watch and blog about your episodes in a timely manner. I will not watch Parks & Recreation on DVR, 15 times in a row and laugh my self silly then feel unable to deal with Mystic Falls angst. I will also not write a letter to Kevin Williamson to add Aziz Anzari to the Vamp Di cast for a comedic sidekick to Damon and Stefan. (Even though they really need one.)

What these two grumps needs is some...

Tom Haverford bringing some 50 Cent freestyles

2. Dear True Blood, I will sit through an episode this summer without complaining the whole time that the show is way too different than the books. I will just be happy that Lafayette is still alive and not curse the death of Tara. I will TRY not to write a letter to Alan Ball to make the show all about Alcide and Sam. Those two men sure know how to rock the Sam’s shirt!

Look! It's the plaid sporting Dynamic Duo!

3. Dear Supernatural, I will try to watch the episodes I’ve missed so far this season. Which is all of them.

I'm so very sorry!

4. Dear Secret Circle, I will forgive you for killing off Nick and introducing that bland Ken Doll. Never mind. Not forgiven.

Williamson, you are NOT FORGIVEN!

I will, however, limit Adam eyeliner jokes to every OTHER episode.

Don't make a Cure joke. Don't make a Depeche Mode joke. Don't make a... This is already not working.

5. Dear Breaking Dawn, I will try not to make fun of you. Who I am kidding. I will still make fun of you and create more Fake Celebrity Email Theaters starring that Pretty Pattinson.

A: Do you think they are making fun of my outfit? J: No,darlin'. Carlisle's wig, definitely.

6. Dear Being Human (British and U.S. Editions), I will try my best not to compare the two of you. It really isn’t fair to make comparisons, but instead attempt to find positives about each. (I still find the British far superior, but I am giving you a chance season 2!)

Some days we wish we were British.

7. Dear Walking Dead, I still won’t watch you. (Stupid, nightmare giving zombies!)

Please no nightmares!

8. I will try not to watch DVR recordings of The New Girl and Glee that I have already watched, instead I will watch all the previously mentioned shows like Vamp Di that are filling up my DVR along with cooking shows. (Except that zombie one. Eww!)

I love this show! It adorkable!

I promise all of this to all of you. Except that I really should admit that I am not the best at keeping resolutions. At all. Plus that New Girl is soo funny! I could watch it all day long!

Your friend, EC Stace

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards: Why Pattinson Needs to Take Awesome Lessons From Sudeikis

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posted by EC Stacey
What the HECK was this guy drinking? And where can I get some?


The Everything Twilight Awards…I Mean the 2011 MTV MOVIE AWARDS was an event. Or a fiasco. My inability to actually decide how I feels about it is the reason it took me so long to write this post. (Also, it’s summertime and my head is still in the clouds after reading that delicious Skarsgard interview in GQ.)
SWD: I walked by this GQ in the grocery store, rubber necked, and plowed right into a dad who was laughing at me. Good times
EC: I can say, without a doubt, that THIS GUY was brilliant…

My NEW celebrity crush for 2011

 That’s right the funny man brought joy to my MTV MOVIE AWARD watching experience. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a drunk, blabbering Rob saying unbleeped curse awards.  I missed the confused and unintentionally funny Pattinson from year’s past and was bored of the PR packaged version that was all over the publicity for Eclipse. (That overpolished version should only be seen in little Taylor Lautner, not Rob. Is nothing sacred anymore?!?) However(and it’s a big one), I have a feeling if Rob had a comedy mentor to guide him, we might actually have a man that can cross movie genres! Rob doing a comedy would feel so right!

SWD: Here’s my suggestion. They make a Hangover 3 and it takes place in Scotland (the kilts are begging to adorn Bradley Cooper) but they start out in London and meet Patti… drunken hijinx ensue… off to the Highlands where there are plenty of sheep jokes and inappropriately tossed cabers….

"You really think I can be funny? That would be bloody brilliant! But my handler's only want me to play suave Edward Cullen types!"


Good start, Robbie! Making weird faces while eating is your first step towards comedy domination! really eat like that? bad.

But who can help? You could go get some training at the Actor’s Studio in New York! No time? Hmm…

Perfect! These two can help! If an InSync Boy can become hilarious and have great chemistry with Kunis then...

 SWD: Would this, erm, work? Rob has big hands and usually works with Stewie… I think we’d have a better effect with Tom Stu!!! 🙂

Oh no! Skinny, little Taylor saw this...


Poor boy is so confused right now! Also, because Robert did this...


THIS is funny!

How about her for a mentor?

She will eat you alive.


I suggest being in a movie with THIS charming red head! (They are the best you know!)


This man should be your GURU! (Just like Somerhalder worships Deepak Chopra)

You can be on Funny or Die's Between Two Ferns, Rob! Just try to have some dignity and contain the giggles.


Oops! Got distracted by Xavier and Rob's comment about ripping off Bryce's head and her having a baby in her tummy. Awkward!

Just promise me to never become THIS GUY!
This is my advice to you dear Robert. Just promise that next time you will drink a little less ‘courage juice’ and embrace your inner sillly. (It’s more than enough.)
SWD: Random: I recently learned they make Justin Bieber T-shirts in men’s sizes. That’s just wrong. 


Celebrity Theater: Paul Plans a Party

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posted by East Coast Stacey

Paul aka Stefan, might be my favorite. In that, when I write for him, I imagine him to be the best little brother ever. (I always wanted a little brother) Is he really like the way picture him? Probably not. But enjoy this little story of Paul planning a party for his friends…

P.S…This isn’t at all,not even a little bit real. Just in case you were confused.

"To create the perfect party, you'll need a few things: Martha Stewart Entertaining, a signature fruity cocktail and tapas! It's going to be legendary!"

Neil: That guy seriously needs to step away from my catch phrase!

"Shh...Don't forget the flower arrangements, Nina. Orchids and Gerber Daisies. They'll be the hit of the party!"

"Dude,don't forget to put out the recycling bins! I don't care if the blue clashes with your color scheme. Ohh...I'll bring some organic hummus, pita chips and fine honeys."

"Another Paul party? Please don't tell me it's another Murder Mystery Weekend. He threw a hissy fit when all the guys decided to watch the Celtics play the Lakers instead."

"Oh yeah! I love going to a fly party! I'll bring the wine coolers! This is so exciting! I am totally Team Edward!"

That's Twilight! I don't sparkle and drive a Volvo. What the he...

"Don't worry mates,I'll be there! Can't have a party without the Brit Pack! Aziz, let's do some karaoke of Jay Z!"

"That'll be dope!"

"100 Monkey's will totally play your party, Paul!"

"Wait...what...I was just going to put a Dave Matthews playlist on my IPod!"

"Come on, Paul! Dave has nothing on us. We played the same song for 45 minutes. With a bongo. Now that's what I call music!"

"I tried to tell him no, Paul! Jackson looked so sad. Like I kicked his puppy. Just let them play one song...45 minutes? You have to be kidding me!"

"Paul's having a party? I didn't get invited again! These guys have a bias against guys playing wolves. I'll call Taylor and see if he wants to meet me at the arcade."

" did tell everybody that this is a costume party? Right? Paul?"


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Twilight in Pawnee- Parks and Recreation Recap

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You can tell I’m a Unicorn…
Posted by EC Stacey



I have an important admission…I DVR Vampire Diaries. It’s true I watch Damon and Stefan either late at night or early in the morning while the family is asleep. What I do like to watch to unwind on Thursday nights is the NBC comedy block. Well, not the two new ones. I’m not impressed with them, but the originals. Community, The Office, 30 Rock and most importantly, Parks and Recreation. How much do I love Parks and Recreation? See the guy above, his name is Aziz Ansari and I just saw his stand up show this past weekend. Hilarious, I tell you, absolutely hilarious!
What does this have to do with supernatural shows and Twilight?  Well, Aziz tweeted about the Twilight movies before hosting the MTV Movie awards last year…AND I am sure he met Pattinson and the other two at the awards. It’s the 6 degrees of separation, Twilight style. The question is: How does Kevin Bacon fit into this? Never mind, you may ponder this on your own time.  Also, last night’s Parks and Recreation was all about a Twi Dad(!) wanting to put copies of the Twilight into the Pawnee time capsule.   

Observe…the mysterious Twi Dad. Can be spotted by the Forks approved plaid shirt

 Why was this episode so funny? Well, the good writers knew their material. The battle in the city council meeting between the religious right (Quivering!) and the anti religion people (The book is full of religious metaphors!) is exactly what has been the debate for this book series for the longest time. We also had how the books related to poor Tom’ s love life. (Just in case you wondered…he’s Team Edward.)

The book club with Twi Dad chained up in Leslie’s office, describing the books? I snickered.  Plus…this revelation…

Donna wants to teach...

...this guy, to be a man. hee hee

And calls this one "Skinny Legs McGee" hee hee

Overall, the episode also had plenty of my favorite character…


So thank you Parks and Recreation for cheering up my day!

Kudos to you!

Oh wait…

Stop giving me dirty looks, boys! I adore you guys, too. (They are so sensitive!)

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