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The Smurfs… as supes!

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I took Snow Jr. to see the Smurf film over the weekend. It was cute and the adult jokes were actually lol-able. Decent soundtrack too. Snow Jr. even got out of her seat and started grooovin’ to “Back in Black”. Made mama so proud!

EC: We haven’t seen it yet. Of course, we like to wait for things to come on cable ot netflixs to watch movies. Yo know what’s on ONDEMAND…the Smurfs cartoon! I’ll watch those and then an episode of How I Met Your Mother to get my Neil Patrick Harris fix and pretend I saw the movie. BTW…I miss Doogie Howser.

But of course, these little blue buddies reminded me of… our SUPES! Please note the comparisons:


EC: They make Vampire Smurfs?!? I am so creeped out right now. Just like I was creeped out at the Halloween Dora book that had Boots the monkey dressed up like one. “Hola, Dora! I vant to suck your blood and count to six in Spanish!”

Papa Smurf: is the Carlisle. Full of wisdom, gentle, taking care of all his “adopted children”

Papa's beard is much more authorotative than Carlisle's scarves.

EC: You just need to add a lovely red scarf to ol’Papa. Also random comments like, “There will be many lives lost…when Azriel eats us all.” (Like in that ridiculous party scene in Eclipse..remember?”

Clumsy Smurf: is Bella! The source of all the turmoil, why all the smurfs (vampires) are now in danger. Turns heroic in the end.


EC: Bella turns heroic? Also, does Clumsy pop out an ill advised creepy child? Please, for the love of all that is good say “No”.

Gargamel: is Aro, but way less pretty. Old, into cave-y castle type lairs, trying to drain little ones of their essence.


EC: Aro pretty? With his weirdo creepy tresses? Actually, give Gargamel some Hair Club for Men and we’ve got brothers!

Azriel the cat: is Victoria. Chases and tracks the Smurfs/ Bella relentlessly. Even has red hair! OR he could be Jasper on a crazy buzz smelling blood.


EC: It really is a toss up! But I can see Jasper licking his lips just like Azriel.

Grouchy Smurf: Stefan Salvatore. Both masters of the pout. Smurf Off, people!!!


EC: Or Edward in his bossy pants moments…Wait isn’t there a Bossy Smurf?

Vanity Smurf:Vampire Diaries’ Katherine. Is there a scene where she doesn’t fluff her hair?


EC: Alice could be a possible option. Of course, she uses her vanity for good not evil.

Brainy Smurf: ????????? No one on True Blood. No one in Mystic Falls. Do we have a brainy supe? Oh, duh, EDWARD!!!


EC: That would work.

Gutsy Smurf: is Outlander’s Jamie Fraser. duh. And I’m just saying, Gutsy had the biggest feet of all the smurfs. Mmmphm.


EC: Oh boy. Is it just me or does this smurf look like Mike Meyers dressed up like Fat Bas**rd in Austin Powers. Just look hard and you’ll see it.

Smurfette: Sookie! One girl, surrounded by 99 inappropriate suitors.


EC: There should be a “Sam Smurf”. You know, the nice Smurf that Smurfette should be with, but she gets taken in with the no good ones instead.

And yes, of course I feel like a whack job comparing little blue creatures to big dead icy ones.

Sad for SWD (not a funny post)

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I had to put my beloved girl Jack Russell Terrier to sleep this morning. She had cancer. I kept thinking of a passage from AN ECHO IN THE BONE and how true I always thought it was. It’s just a fraction of why it’s so hard to lose a pet.


I could see the little gathering of horses, mules, and people moving in the slow chaos of imminent departure in front of the cabin. I wasn’t quite ready yet for goodbyes, though, and stepped into the wood to pull myself together.
The grass was long beside the trail, soft and feathery against the hem of my weighted skirts. Something heavier than grass brushed them, and I looked down to see Adso. I’d been looking for him most of yesterday; typical of him to show up at the last minute.
“So there you are,” I said, accusing. He looked at me with his huge calm eyes of celadon green, and licked a paw. On impulse, I scooped him up and held him against me, feeling the rumble of his purr and the soft, thick fur of his silvery belly.
He’d be all right; I knew that. The woods were his private game preserve, and Amy Higgins liked him and had promised me to see him right for milk and a warm spot by the fire in bad weather. I knew that.
“Go on, then,” I said, and set him on the ground. He stood for a moment, tail waving slowly, head raised in search of food or interesting smells, then stepped into the grass and vanished.
I bent, very slowly, arms crossed, and shook, weeping silently, violently.
I cried until my throat hurt and I couldn’t breathe, then sat in the grass, curled into myself like a dried leaf, tears that I couldn’t stop dropping on my knees like the first fat drops of a coming storm. Oh, God. It was only the beginning.
I rubbed my hands hard over my eyes, smearing the wetness, trying to scrub away grief. A soft cloth touched my face, and I looked up, sniffing, to find Jamie kneeling in front of me, handkerchief in hand.
“I’m sorry,” he said, very softly.
“It’s not—don’t worry, I’m … He’s only a cat,” I said, and a small fresh grief tightened like a band round my chest.
“Aye, I know.” He moved beside me and put an arm round my shoulders, pulling my head to his chest, while he gently wiped my face. “But ye couldna weep for the bairns. Or the house. Or your wee garden. Or the poor dead lass and her bairn. But if ye weep for your cheetie, ye know ye can stop.”
“How do you know that?” My voice was thick, but the band round my chest was not quite so tight.

He made a small, rueful sound.
“Because I canna weep for those things, either, Sassenach. And I havena got a cat.”
I sniffled, wiped my face one last time, and blew my nose before giving him back the handkerchief, which he stuffed into his sporran without grimace or thought.
Lord, he’d said. Let me be enough. That prayer had lodged in my heart like an arrow when I’d heard it and thought he asked for help in doing what had to be done. But that wasn’t what he’d meant at all—and the realization of what he had meant split my heart in two.
I took his face between my hands, and wished so much that I had his own gift, the ability to say what lay in my heart, in such a way that he would know. But I hadn’t.
“Jamie,” I said at last. “Oh, Jamie. You’re … everything. Always.”
An hour later, we left the Ridge.

Liffey Guinness McPooch
Wishing You all the eggs you can eat on the Other Side.
Luv, mama

Stupid Rocks!

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Flying to Scotland to give these a good swift kick in the stones.

Picture it: A cold and stormy April (?!) night. A young (??!!) woman sits alone in front of her fireplace finishing, “An Echo in the Bone.” A clap of thunder rings out (thunder, it’s SoCal, we don’t really get thunder, weird) making her small dogs bark as she reads, “…but you’re my wolf.”
…and that’s it!!!


Another year until #8, eh?!!!! No, I canna take it! Damn you, stupid rocks for being just too good to put down! Rocks, and by rocks I mean JAMMF you have OWNED me since Sept!

I am missing my Frasers, Murrays, Mackenzies, Greys, and Hunters already… it’s been a day.

I couldn’t have managed w/ out MOP Echo posts and comments.

…and as for Claire and LJ…

...During...Was LJG really thinking THIS?

Haven’t we all been a little curious to make our gays change teams? Even temporarily? I enjoyed LJ and Herself, and I’m ashamed, me with my Ian, uh, I mean Jamie uh I mean both crush.

Some thoughts:

– Whenever I read, “Rachel Hunter” I thought of the actual, “Rachel Hunter” model and ultimate non Quaker.

THIS is her modest dress. Thee has got to be kidding me.

– What happened to William’s fondness for Rachel?
– I feel gipped out of an Ian and Rachel reunion scene
– Since they took the ship back to France together, I’m thinking a Michael and Joanie hook up?
– And, surprisingly, Rollo made it out of this?!


an odd “Awe” moment

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Echo in the Bone, p. 724, Diana Gabaldon

“Twelve-point Caslon,” Jamie said, giving the text a prfessional glance. “I will say the leading’s terrible,’ he added critically. “And the gutters are half what they should be. Even so-” He flipped the book shut and looked at me, one eyebrow raised.

Jamie talks type. *Swoon* …A way to a graphic designers heart is through Font talk.

Now let's talk x height, Jamie

wait a minute, 12 point Caslon is by no means small! Sassenach DOES need glasses.

Update on previous post

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Well this is new… April Fools on me!

Manip face tattoos on me, SWD, and I'll cutta bitch

Mr. Snow isn’ here this evening, which usually means I’d be watching Spartacus “What Not to Wear” or the “Real Bitches of Somewhere.” But I’m not. I’m watching a SF Giants game waiting for Tim to pitch (I know a pitchers name???!! WTF?)! Sports?!!! *Gasp*

I blame my earlier post

and my Ian fondness.

OMG TimIan and ROLLO!!!!! *Dies* #doglover

Damn you Outlander (well, Echo in he Bone), wine, Ian the Brave, and Tim Lincecum!! Bring me back my girliness!! It’s Friday night fer feck’s sake!

That’s it, I’m adding highlights, painting my toes pink and listening to Sia.




This is getting out of hand: Casting Outlander with…..

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…Baseball players.

Yesterday was the season opener, and thanks to Mr. Snow’s domination of the remote control (he was cooking dinner so I couldn’t complain ) passing fancy of sports viewing, I witnessed the LA Dodgers beat (boo, I’m in the OC… Angel fan, here) the SF Giants. Now I don’t care about sports at all… well I was overly engrossed in the England vs. Scotland rugby match, but that’s understandable… however, something caught my eye and attracted my full attention. I usualy tune out, turn off, and drop out into sleep or a wine coma when there are some sort of games being played on my tv. But now I have a new vested interest in our national pasttime: scouring the line-ups for Outlanderness.
I found a new (young) Ian Murray

San Francisco Giants pitcher, Tim Lincecum.

Watch Out Arch, TimIan can really throw!

Fo rthe past few books, I have been nursing an acute fondness for Ian. Something about the buckskins worn with a plaid. Moccasins + kilt= Mmmphm

Tulach Ard!! Oh wait, that’s the Mackenzie war cry. What’s the Mohawk war cry?

I’m like halfway through Echo in the Bone. and I’m loving Ian the Brave!

Yup TimIan, you know you could rock Young Ian's buckskins... kilt...buckskins.....Big #IanCrush. THIS didn't help.

Then later in the game I see this:

Clayton Kershaw is kind of young JAMMFy!

and what about…

…Buster Posey as William?

Ian speaking to William about the colonies best brothels?

Could Pat Burrell be Roger Mac? Nah. Well, maybe 80’s Lallybroch Roger. Nah. #noBlades4aMackenzie

At least I now can appease the husband who says, “Why can’t you be like a normal girl and have crushes on baseball players?”

And Mr. Snow is VERRA suspicious of why I can now name 4 non-Angel baseball players. #HeKnows

Uh oh.. wait until the weekend when I cast Roger Mac with PGA pro Bubba Watson.

Brianna likes my 9 Iron

What, no?

Questions re: Outlander series

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 or people in the 18th century were dumb.

 Or I’m the dumb one (the likely). Some of these questions may have been answered in the books and I forgot, again, I drink whenever when I read. I’m about 150 pages into “Echo in The Bone”, so maybe some of this will get straightened out in the future. Or maybe it’s answered in the Outlander companion. But it’s like Twilight and wondering about periods… sometimes we just have to ask:

Wooooooohooooo! Muskets up!


• No one questions the fact that Brianna is American.. .but Claire supposedly fled to France before Culloden? How did she end up in America… then back to Scotland… then back to America? It’s not a hop on Virgin Atalantic flight. Boat passage was rough. Did people do it much more than once in a lifetime?

•How do they explain that Brianna grew up in Boston? Wouldn’t people have asked she and Claire about living in Boston? If she knew of Samuel Adams and his beer skills?

An American, a Sassenach, and two Scots walk into a bar... no really, and none of us think it's strange.

•How does Jocasta overlook the fact that Roger is supposed to be a Mackenzie from Inverness, but not related to her, Dougal or Column? Or know anything about him and his family?

I didna see this Mackenzie lad at the last gathering... Did you, Dougal?

....and I would have definitely noticed that "black devil" at our last gathering. How about you Hector?

•Brianna, an engineer, can get consulting jobs back in the 80’s? Where did she hone her modern day engineering knowledge? Things would have changed since she got out of college.  Industries change. Trust me. I’m a graphic designer, if I spent 10 years absent, and then dropped back into it, do you know how far design software would have advanced? It’d be best to go BACK in time and help Fergus out w/ L’Oignon’s printing press. He’d be lucky to have me and my useless vast knowledge of fonts.

Show me your "Helvetica" and I'll show YOU a "Good Times"

•Why does Roger Mac have to cut his hair when they go back? It’s the late 70’s early eh-ies. Long hair was the style!  ALL the musicians had long hair! Why is he struggling to find an occupation when he could just pick up a guitar and start a band? Write a book? Be a minister? No, Rog, be a rockstar. Oh wait, you’re roughly in your mid-thirties, rockstar start-up days have passed. *Thinks* SH*T! I’m the same age as Roger Mac, my rockstar days never had a chance either… never mind the fact that I can’t sing, dance, or play a musical instrument.

but I bet Brianna dinna like #DiscoFan

• Roger’s a historian, fer feck’s sake. He goes back to find Brianna. He gets all his shots and stuff… doesn’t he google (or whatever the means of research was in the seventies) himself, see if he does anything cool? See if there’s a record of he and Brianna and co.?

•Who in the world was the foot massaging mystery man? Or was it even a man? Maybe Phaedra was gettin’ friendly.

Uh oh, Claire's a light sleeper.

And most importantly…

•Who was Laoghaire boning?

That's not the arse d'Jaimie