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I Hope You Had A Lovely Thanksgiving or…

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posted by EC Stacey

Happy times...before Edward uses teeth

I Finally Saw Breaking Dawn…With Very Pregnant Ladies

*Spoilers. Of course, you are reading something about Breaking Dawn which means you’ve read it before and know what happens already without seeing the movie. HOWEVER, that book is enormous and I fell asleep twice while reading it. You might have forgotten the C-Section. Who am I kidding, that was the best part. 

First an apology from me (and most likely WC), I am sorry that we haven’t been as chatty lately. Let’s just say that consuming large amounts of turkey and decorating for Christmas it’s been busy at my house. Trust me when I say that to untangle Christmas lights to twist around tasteful garland for the staircase took me a hour. It was only one strand. My inner Martha Stewart is on overdrive and it’s only going to get worse when the Christmas cookies start being baked. So much worse, I promise you.  

To get myself back into blogging and ultimately annoying you with my thoughts on entertainment, I want to give you a little taste of when I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part One. I want to wait to give my complete thoughts on the flick with WC, but I thought you might be interested in a very interesting observation I made when seeing the film with some dear friends. Two of which who were VERY pregnant.  This is what happened…

Umm...really Bella? There's a baby in that tiny stomach? I might hate you.

After a lovely dinner at an Irish Pub, three friends of mine went along with me to see the movie. Two of which, J and L who are pregnant and K (like me) not at all. (See how I just have letters for their names? It’s a We Read or Watch Twilight Protection Device. You want to admit it, but you are slightly ashamed to say it to others. Like my sister did, when she refused to ask the artsy theater if they were playing it, because while it said they were online it wasn’t on the marquee. Keeping the street cred! So thanks Feat Lil J for outting her on that one. Glad you girls had fun at the wine bar instead.)   Now if you read the book, like J, K and myself you know the birth is umm…graphic. Sadly, L had no clue. Like zero. You see L never had an interest in reading the books or seeing the movies, but she did want to escape from the kids for a night before the newest bundle of joy arrived. Maybe, I should have warned her. Oh never mind, what would have been the fun in that!

Are seating arrangements were interesting. J must have won the coin toss, because she didn’t have to sit next to me.Poor J and K had experienced my crazy at Robert Pattinson movies before at Eclipse and Water for Elephants. Many comments would distract them from their viewing enjoyment like, “Looking good. Pretty Pattinson.” “Mmmph.” “Why is he doing that thing with his mouth? Does he have a piece of food in his teeth and needs to get it out? That’s not attractive!” Or the ever popular,”What the h*ll! They made him look like a freakin’ corpse.”  I am not fun to sit next to. At least L thinks I’m funny or at least when she wasn’t texting her hubby a play by play of the movie. Which I, in turn, found funny.

Look it's it's not. Ugh! Not enough Emmett and his inappropriate pregnancy comments in this flick!

That was until the big old birthing that demon baby. At this point, J knowing the story, was taking Bella in stride. Even though pregnant she was prepared for these developments. K just made some grimicing faces, she knew the deal even though seeing it was different from reading it. But dear L grabbed my arm. This was when her eyes got really big and she asked, “They are really showing this?” I laughed, because after sippy cup o’blood she shouldn’t have been surprised. Then Edward happened. 

L: Were those his teeth?”
EC: Teeth Cesarean!! (Me erupting into inappropriate giggles.)

Then this exchange.

EC: Is the baby kicking?
L: Yes! She’s moving around a lot!
EC: Your baby loves the demon baby! Just wait until Jacob imprints on it! (giggling)
L: What?!?

Somebody needs her 'Sippy Cup'

You might be wondering, has Breaking Dawn completely turned L off from the previous books and movies? No way, she’s going to borrow mine and start reading them! Good job, Director of Dream Girls you just converted the newest Ashamed TwiMom. (You should probably feel a little bad about that, Bill.)  

At least he was nice at some point during her pregnancy. Well until you know...teeth.

By the way…as a transplanted Maryland girl, why the heck is Pattinson running around wearing a Baltimore Orioles hat? Does he know that’s what that giant ‘O’ means? Does he know that the don’t win very much? Is he a Cal Ripkin fan? Ugh, this is going to bother me for at least a day.  

Does he even know what the 'O' means?


Whoa! He has ANOTHER one?!? There has to be a wildly inaccurate and goofy Celebrity Email Theater written about this!

Team Seth Movie Review: A Better Life

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posted by EC Stacey

Moving Away From New Moon...Weitz Brings Moving Drama

Team Seth is back to give us her thoughts on Chris Weitz’s new movie!

Chris Weitz Actually Responds on Twitter!


So, A Better Life has nothing to do with the supernatural, but it’s directed by Chris Weitz, who has experience directing vampires, werewolves, and ice bears. I’d say that’s supey enough. Chris wrangled up the New Moon gang again for the task: editor Peter Lambert, composer Alexandre Desplat, and cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe.  I may or may not have a mini-crush on all of these talented men, but it’s justified (and more like how I crush on Francisco Goya and Mark Twain). These men all do impressive work and they love what they do…which to me is undeniably attractive.

The Magic Makers

The film tells the tale of an illegal immigrant, Carlos Galindo, living in Los Angeles struggling to give his son Luis the life he never had. The passion of the filmmakers and cast is rather apparent in the heart-breaking and thought-provocative impact of the film. You will not leave this film feeling uplifted (and you’ll likely need to fix your mascara in the bathroom), but you will leave feeling better for having seen it. And not in the pretentious manner of conceit one feels after making an obscure book purchase at an independently-owned used book store.

A Father and Son's Quest for a Better Life

When the film plays off your emotions, it’s due to its strong acting, smart pacing, and a lack of caricatures. In this interview with ReThink, Chris states: “I think it’s hard to point the camera at someone without showing sympathy for them. In that regard, we’re sympathetic toward Demián Bichir’s character. Especially for the amazing performance he gives.”  And what a performance! Bichir (Weeds, Che), who plays Carlos, takes his character arc to heart and gives an Oscar-worthy performance. José Julián, a newcomer who plays Luis, seems flat at first, but that’s the point. As we follow the father-son relationship–the true focus of the film–Julián really kicks it up a notch. By the time Luis asks his dad, “Why did you have me?” you want to tell him you love him and give him a big hug, rather than knock him upside the head.

Chris went through extensive efforts to make the film “authentic”, I encourage you to watch the aforementioned interview and read this article (  to learn about what they were (start at para. 12). Chris does this. It’s his thing. In New Moon, he made sure the First Nations’ kids did a walk-through of the Quileute sets to give the nod that they are true to life. This dedication to authenticity is what I most admire Chris for, and A Better Life serves to showcase his knack for the small, but important details.

My critiques? I thought the climax was brilliant without music, but they add in a bit at the height of it. The actors made this scene perfect; there was no need for any music. The script called for the characters to translate whatever phrase they’d just said in Spanish into English. As a sometimes bilingual writer, I know you have to do this. Not everyone speaks Spanish, and of course the longer bits are subtitled, but it kept driving me nuts. Third and final critique is that the Charro performance montage went on a touch longer than necessary and that took me out of the film.

EC: Bichir was also AMAZING on Weeds!

Chris told me if A Better Life doesn’t rock that he was done making movies. I hope he doesn’t stop. I also hope that he doesn’t go back to ‘epic series,’ which I believe he has a distaste for anyway. His ability to tell an honest and compelling story is refreshing and truly sets him apart.

Dear Chris, Please let me in your next movie. Where I can wear tee shirts and smile. Your Friend, Rob

 I can’t say much more about this film without boring you with excessive details. Just go see it before it leaves town.


98 min. running time. Select U.S. theaters (which seem to change weekly, so double check before you go!). Opens July 29 in UK and Ireland.

EC: We LOVE guest posts! Have something you would like to share? Just email us…!

Rosie the Elephant is Team Jacob! My Water for Elephants Review

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I might be having happy flashbacks!

posted by EC Stacey

I have now had two weeks to process my reactions to watching the film, Water for Elephant. I needed to calm myself down to the Robe…I mean visual overload. To give you a truly objective view of this film, not just my making googly eyes at the lead, heroic male. I first want to let you know that I saw this film with fellow members of my book club. A fantastic group of intelligent, classy and funny ladies who are not crazy like me. Honestly, they would be the better people to ask, because they are completely objective. (Unlike me. Pattinson = Pretty.) They all likes it, but pointed out that some parts did deviate from the great book. They, however, are not writing this review. I am. hee hee hee.

Well...hello there, handsome!

  The film’s director knew his target audience. This guy. If you counted the amount of close-ups, he would win. The next most popular…

Friends Forever

Rosie probably was the true heroine of the film!

But…Reese’s costumes were lovely.

Oops! Got distracted by the tux!

I was thinking about this…
I want a horse, so I can wear a cool vintage outfit!
Oscar Winners + Good Script =

Always work with the best!

A win for this guy!
So overall impression…exciting, romantic and a complete movie for older women unrealistically swooning for younger men. (Thanks a bunch, Reese!) 

Not fair.

Or this…
To recap…Pattinson was pretty and Reese had some pretty, cute vintage clothes. Which for me, it always comes back to the clothes. sigh.