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I Didn’t Watch the Teen Choice Awards But…

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Let’s Pretend I Did

Why am I here? I am starring in The Help for goodness sakes!

Let get to the truth first…I completely forgot the Teen Choice Awards was on. Oh..and I wouldn’t have watched them anyway because I am an adult with a toddler and a preschooler, so the fact that I co-write this blog and write “stories” is really embarassment enough for one girl. (BTW…writing this while drinking Pinot Grigio. Drinking and writing…oh enjoy the insanity.) But, I did look at the pictures on PopSugar before I fell asleep on the couch watching True Blood. (That couch is way too comfy!) Which reminds me…the True Blood recap is going to be a double addition due to sleeping through last week episode TWICE. Not that it wasn’t good, but it’s summer and the gin & tonics make me sleepy. Also, I am trying to try to talk myself out of being team witch,which is seriously happening. Anyway, here is my review of the show I didn’t watch, because seriously all the screaming teenagers make my ears bleed.

Okay little Biebers, I understand. I loved New Kids On The Block back in the day. Had a Donnie Walberg Beach Towel, but...seeing the Biebs makes my eyes bleed. You'll understand when you become a parent.


Seriously, you HAVEN'T done anything with that hair? Are you going through some issues with being a heartthrob? This is getting ridiculous. Those little girls need to be mobbing you with scissors and hair gel not admiration.


Fine jailbait, I'll admit's time for a Rob hair .


Alright Ashley, it's time to channel your inner Alice Cullen and get out that MARK makeup starter kit and fix that Rob up!


Nice job. Ashley! Kellan looks pretty! Now get to work on Rob.


It's the Harry Potter guys! Umm...I might have only watched the one with Rob in it and turned it off before his character died. Awkward. Oh and embarassing.


Hi Glee cast! Where's the lovely Mr. Shue? Right he's my age so he's at a bar.


Somerhalder, did you forget how old you are? You can meet Matthew Morrison and I at a bar. *rolling eyes*


On a more positive note...I liked Nikki's dress.


Back to old people at teen award shows...hey there cougar! Trying to get close to the Biebs? *that image is disgusting and I just gagged*


You two were there. Why? Oh and Walberg, your kid is too young to be there, so don't use that as an excuse. Just slightly questionable parenting.


Has a plague descended upon us? The Kardashian Clan are here too?!? I am really worrying for society at this moment.


Rudy from The Cosby Show?!? I am so old! *crying into a glass of Pinot Grigio*


Who the heck is this? The girl who sang that horrible Friday song? Really?!? I am trembling about the future.


Let's end on a postive note! Normally this would be Rob or Ian, but...Rob has horrible hair and Ian has regressed to 15 year-old.

I need more wine…

Mr. Pattinson…It’s Time For Your Hair Intervention! Comic Con Edition

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Remember the Good Old Days?

What Was the Scariest Thing at Comic Con?

This is not the good old days...this is a cry for help

EC: Robert…Robert…Robert…what are we going to with you? Cosmopolis has wrapped,so there should be no need to have that disturbing mess on your head. Supposedly, you want to be taken seriously as an actor. I get that. I really do. BUT, and this is a big BUT (and I cannot lie. *giggle* Sorry I just channeled some old school rap, because that hair style is so ridiculous, I’m regressing into my inner 13 year old.), no one can take anyone seriously wearing an ode to the band Flock of Seagulls on their head. (Flock of Seagulls, you ask? Well Rob, I was young when they were popular too. Just watch VH1’s Remember the 80’s! You can so learn so much that really should be forgotten. Like those hideous 80’s neon sunglasses, that I have been seeing everywhere this summer. Ugh. #thingsthatshouldremainburied

SWD: So much eighties stuff is in style. Since I do “Remember the eighties (or eh-ies as my cronies fondly speak of them) I had neon glasses, and strange haircuts and I wanted to be a Go-Go. I wish I’d held on to my oversized earrings and pegged skinny jeans, I could have made some dough on e-bay, #authenticVintage

EC: Now I am assuming that the unfortunate hairstyle is due to the Cosmopolis film. I haven’t read the book, since I am now reading The Help (ahem fan fiction). Diving into the world of racial inequality of the 1950’s South. (Just admit it…reading fan fiction, where Bella is actually awesome). You know IMPORTANT literature. (Fan fiction.) However, is it possible that Paul Giamatti decided to shave “the pretty boy” (that’d be you) after getting “the pretty boy” drunk on Merlot? Because everybody knows, Paul hates that Merlot! #thingslearnedforwatchingSideways)

You're going down, pretty boy!Get these two to Banana Republic or at least Target. No more Thrift Stores!

SWD: Off topic: Did you see “Bottle Shock?” I liked it better than Sideways (eye candy and the girl has cute 70’s shirts and boots)

EC: Here’s my question…do you think its a good idea to keep one side long, while trying to grow the other side back? Why not just cut the other side to match? (SWD: I vote mohawk, I ALWAYS vote mohawk *winks at young Ian and Rehvenge)EC: Do you want to match Kristen’s questionable black bra/white teeshirt look? That’s just you two taking the white trash look to a whole new level.

SWD: Colored bra+ sheer shirt = 80’s for the 10’s. I grew up in the age of early Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. The sheer was mesh, so I think LeStew is actually, classing the look up. Now if it were the iconic Madonna cone bra… we’d have another story.

Here at Talk Supe,we are here to help! Here is some helpful suggestions!

Water for Elephants:

EC: Just cut it short. You really did look nice in this movie.

Much better. Plus you would stop looking like a patient in the psych ward.

The Vampire Diaries Cast @ Comic Con:

EC: They sometimes have some confusing clothing choices, but more times then not they look good. Most important, their hair looks great!

You can have fun with your style and still look good. Just stay away from tiny hats! Ahem…Somerhalder.

SWD: The entire cast of VampDi has amazing hair. Always.

Wait, did I say that? Did I forget Klaus’ Elizabethan wig or early Elijah’s good boy hair? Well they both look good in the end.

True Blood Cast @ Comic Con:

EC: They are adults. Even if they are the same age as you, they act like adults. You are 25, Robert. Observe how grown ups dress at work. (Okay, slightly more fashionable then in an office, but still professional/attractive.)

SWD: Hold on, this is True Blood were talking about. When do they actually “dress” for work, unless it’s the “sock of destiny” #notComplaining

They clean up nice after all the dirty stuff happening in Bon Temps

SWD: Looking good, Joe’s so lovely I’m not even noticing the “v” is going into Stefan territory

Always a lovely and classy couple.

Robert, meet your style icon.

SWD: I’m sorry EC, did you say something. I got distracted.^

And speaking of socks…

Fun with Socks = Good, Crazy with Hair = Bad

Supernatural @ Comic Con

EC: Sam and Dean not only can bring cool to casual, but they can kick butt. Learn this and you can get great new acting gigs!

These boys can work the hair and the Sam's Shirts!

 SWD: That IS a Sam shirt.. Alcide wore it last episode, and Sam wore it last season. Love it!
EC: We have so much hope for you, Rob. This intervention is for your own good. Now we just need to work on your umm…interesting…clothing choices.

Alright, I'll admit it. Just start listening to Taylor.

Somerhalder is Saving the World! One Hosting Gig at a Time…

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Saving the Earth...and fedoras. Every single day...

Blue August on Planet Green = A Week of Somerhalder Hosting Duties August 21


EC:You can learn interesting things when watching programs on the Planet Green Channel. For instance, how the Grizzly Bears and salmon co-exist to make a functioning eco-system. Now, I believe in making our world greener. I recycle,while growing tomatoes and basil in the garden (still alive! whoo hoo!). Someday, I might even trade in my “boat” aka SUV, for a Prius or horse and buggy when the kiddies get too big for the car seats. I might not, like some people (ahem, Ian), get to travel to far off places and save woodland creatures. Create a save the world foundation (Ahem, ahem Ian. But very cool).  Or spout off earth friendly reminders on Twitter, when not bashing sparkly British vampires (ahem again, Ian).  So, when learning about the bears and the fish, I was not surprised to see that our buddy Ian is hosting a week of eco television programs about all aspects of water.

Planet Green figures out a way to get a higher females 13-50 demographic

EC: It was a natural progression for our favorite earth friendly vampire playing actor. Frolicking on beaches, saving sea animals and cleaning the precious water that sustains us all. It is very admirable. Maybe, not beach frolicking, but the rest is GREAT! I might, in the nicest and most respectful way, that Ian trades is his tiny fedoras for a nice baseball cap. They work so much better for cleaning up litter from beaches then a sassy tiny hat. (Plus, I have a sassy fedora and I don’t want to match.)

Baseball caps protect your face from the sun's rays AND look rugged.


This offers no protection. It also makes you look like a gient wearing a toddler's hat.


SWD: That hat  might be a pork pie. They run smaller… it’s the fedora’s version of a baby tee. But again, fashion vs. function. For true sun protection, I suggest something from REI or Orvis.

Proper sun hats for Ian:

Stylish chapeaux courtesy of Orvis.


Next year, I have an even better idea than just hosting a week of shows you aren’t even on…go on one for a save the whales adventure!

This is taking it to the next level!


EC: The Animal Planet and working on the vessel, the Steve Irwin, will give you a lot of save the earth experience. 

SWD: This show owns our DVR. Mr. Snow and I watch all sea faring adventures (WW, Deadliest Catch, Swords-life on the line). Is it wrong they make me hungry? Crab legs, Mmmmmm. Swordfish steak, delish.

This is your captain, Ian. This guy is SERIOUS about saving whales and not going to music festivals or movie awards

SWD: Captain Ian looks very menacing, even in a hoodie. Paul, take note.
EC: You can ride around one of these! It will toughen you up for the next season of Vampire Diaries!
If Heroes girl can get arrested saving dolphins (or something), you can too!

Saving the world, not only on television

EC: Here’s a video about your foundation, because we really and truly admire your dedication to the planet. (We kid, because we like you. But give Pattinson a break, the boy seems sensitive.)

EC gets on Somerhalders good side

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Poor EC has been without power for over 14 hours now, due to the severe thunderstorms. One upside to this is that she is now VERY eco- friendly, because she doesn’t have a choicethere isn’t any electricity being used unnecessarily. Therefore, she will be getting the honorary “Eco Ranger” award from our resident environmental activist, Ian Somerhalder. Now I know his favorite scenes on Vampire Diaries have to be when they do the flash back scenes. No not just because he gets to rub up on Katherine, but because this was a kinder, gentler time for our earth. No lights, no leafblowers, no Hummers. Ian is in heaven thinking of all the purities the world had in flashback Mystic Falls.

Ian says, "Go Green, Girlfriend!"

I bet Ian even gives the cast little eco-friendly pep talks during takes.

'Be strong Stefan, I need you to drain the starters of the Industrial Revolution...' Stefan: 'But I don't want to do that. I think I'll like mass produced, excessively deep v-neck T-shirts. Organic cotton or not.'

But with Eli Whitney's cotton gin, also comes the horrific article known as the zipper.

I’m confused, why will I hate this “zipper” you speak of?

Oh my…. I think I understand

Take THAT Spinning Jenny

Think Globally Act Locally indeed!