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A Pretty, Bouncy Happy Halloween

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Posted by East Coast Stacey
I like sparkly things like: makeup, costumes and…this.


Happy Halloween, to all our Talk Supe friends! I know that a lot of you are eagarly awaiting the big candy-thon that is heading your way. Not to mention, some of you might be heading to a rockin’ Halloween party with your favorite guys and ghouls. Gosh, WC Stacey (SWD) already modeled some fabulous costume ideas for you. Well here’s my deepest, darkest secret for only you guys…I am not that excited about the Great Pumpkin Day.

I love Fall with it’s turning leaves, apple cider and pumpkin pies. Halloween, however, fills me with dread. That day means scary masks, trick or treating in blustery Northern weather and gory Halloween movies.  If I do ever dress up for Halloween it’s usually things like angels, princesses, the occasional hippie chick and Strawberry Shortcake. Oh and not sexy versions, but non-threatening cute ones. Also, something usually bad happens in those costumes like the fateful year my sophmore year of college, when I landed face first in amud puddle wearing an angel costume. This is a cautionary tale of not drinking and trying to climb a fence while wearing heels in the rain. Mud just doesn’t come out of white, people!

You see I DO like supernatural  movies and television shows. but really only the romantic ones that are pretty much glorified soap operas with minimal gore. Just not scary, super gory ones like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Friday the 13th. Don’t even get me started on Saw and Hostel. Want to see a girl chanting, “Please make it stop” under a blanket. Well, that would be me on most Halloweens. 

Add in some zombies, oh I hate zombies, and see a new side of fear. AMC’s new zombie show, Walking Dead is going to do me in. How I miss you Don Draper and your Mad Men! I couldn’t even enjoy last night’s NBC’s Community, since they did a zombie spoof. (The Office, however, with it’s ‘Bill Compton’ Andy and ‘Sookie’ Meredith was all types of hilarious!)  It did, however, lead me to an important discovery…I really like vampire stuff, but aren’t they just really pretty zombies? Who drink blood, instead of munching on their victim’s brains? They are both the undead. So for this Halloween, instead of frightening you, dear readers, with ghastly images (I do not want THOSE on my harddrive) I will be showing you happy Halloween images. Enjoy! 



Aww...pretty zomb...vampire brothers. Warms the cold heart, don't you think?



Don’t Damon and Stefan Salvatore give you all types of warm fuzzies? Stefan in his lumberjack shirts and cartigans. Damon ripping out Uncle Mason’s heart. Wait… what… *sniff, sniff* Damon how could you!




Ohh…look it’s our buddy Sam!

This shirt is a cute, Halloween costume!


A puppy…wearing a Halloween costume!


Sam…don’t turn into this!
A kitten, too!


Sam will definitely not be turning into this!


 Isn’t it really all about the romance…
This is MY kind of Halloween movie!

 and this…

This is MY kind of supernatural show!


This is a supernatural show that while scary, a wimp like me can handle… 
Every show needs a ghost like Annie, a werewolf like George and, of course, a vampire like Mitchell


 Somebody I know really likes this…
Happy Halloween, WC Stacey! 

  Because I wrote this post…one more time…THIS…

This is a nice Halloween image.


 Have a wonderful Halloween!
Getting my blanket ready to hide under,
EC Stacey
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Halloween: Playing Supe dress-up

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Posted by WestCoastStacey/SWD

Ahhh, finally Halloween is just around the corner. I have always loved Halloween, even as a wee tiny lass. I would always come up with very inventive costumes and sometimes would change various times during the night. As a small child, I dressed as the usual child things, bride, baby, wonder woman, etc. But as I got older, say ten, I started to gravitate to the more unusual, darker, costumes. Sure I was a pirate, but I was a battling matey, complete with battle scars and a enormous bruise on my face that my mother couldn’t even look at. I did a beautiful make- up job, wound make up was my specialty. (side note: Seriously, in my “Stage Make-Up” college course (aren’t you jealous of my major) I got an A+ for my final project, specialty wounds. I did vampire make up complete with deep puncture wounds that “bled” when the “skin” was punctured.) So it’s no wonder that some of the highlights in my costume repertoire have been: Victor Pascow (the dead jogger from Pet Semetary): age 14, Bride of Dracula: age 18, Coachman of Death, age: 19, Lady MacBeth complete with foot long dagger protruding from my gut: age 20, Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction) after the incident (complete with red “target” and syringe) age :21, Titanic victim: age 23, dead Blair from The Facts of Life age:25, Sorceress age: 26, … and later, as I decided the smexy costumes were more fun…Captain Hooker. But still, the creeptasticness of the macabre has always been there, and finally, during this month alone (and well, on this blog daily…)  I get to let me ghoulish flag fly.

And which supe will I choose to dress as this year? *Second Hand embarassment ahead*

Your friendly neighborhood sunscreen... Sookie


Vamp Bill... and Sam?

Grieving widow Sophie Anne

Lafayette? Get your V, hookuh




For this month only I do not have to hide my bliss when stumbling upon items such as this:

It’s a Vamp Buffett

I do not have to bypass fondling toy coffins in Target because it’s Halloween for goodness sake. It’s during this time of year that the middle of the road stores sell the stuff you’d only find at Hot Topic…or Forest Lawn.

Target becomes Swoonable

It’s like for a month we are free to ogle our vamps, werewolves, men in cowboy costumes (oh wait.. that may be something else) out in the open.

The downside? Overhearing people discussing Halloween vampires, ghosts, witches, etc. and dying to join their conversation  with my $0.02, but restraining. Because, well, a  random stranger pontificating on the quality of fangs in “Costume Castle” and wondering why they can’t have ones that make that cool clicking noise like on True Blood is, well, just weird.

Whoosh-click *FANGS*

So, with a Halloween lovin’ mama, what is Snow Jr. going to dress as? Well, I took her to the costume super store aka “costume in a bag”. Yes, this coming form the former costume designer who made everything and would change costumes a few times during Halloween, because I couldn’t choose. Anyway, we’re in the store and she’s asking me “Mommy, what is this…and what is that…” I say, ‘Oh that’s a zombie, that’s a ghost, that’s a vampire.” She answers. “Oh mommy, I don’t like vampires.”  I snicker and mumble, “you will”.  Then we pass a Twilight poster on the way out.  #trainingstartsnow.

Trying to get Mr. Snow to wear devil contacts and a cape #whenhellfreezesover
-west coast stacey (SWD)