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July Housekeeping Edward Cullen Style…

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Why can't people keep things organized! I am going to stick on my pouty face.

I know that we said we are on a break, but… I just need to give you some teasers from the next couple of weeks! Just can’t help myself!
First…Team Seth gives us some glimpses into the land of Dr.Who. (She’s the expert!)

Maybe Team Seth can help me determing the origin of this stone? Or at least help me figure out what's going to happen next season!

Thanks a bunch Starz’s, now WC Stacey is going to cry! (But you are bringing me Torchwood, so at least we’re good.)

Only one season! Now people will only remember me for my black robes, flamboyant scarves and trying to kill off Bella!

We really…I PROMISE discuss this book!

Did you know...the author retweeted WC Stacey?

Breaking Dawn madness is upon us…feathers and sippy cups…

B: Can I have some more eggs? E: I see how it is, wife! As soon as you put a ring on it, I become your slave! I don't see shackles on the stove and I don't see you running out to the meadow and draining a deer for me! Some respect would be nice!

Celebrity Email Theater!

Miss us yet, ladies? Or our party planning prowess? Ain't no party, like a Mystic Falls party

Ohh…and most importantly True Blood Recaps!

Well ladies...I am back. Do you find my odd, extremely low, mesh tank top fetching?

We miss you all and will be back soon! Follow us on twitter @talksupe 

TS Housekeeping…Edward Cullen Style

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Goodness gracious, can Isabella ever clean her room?!?

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Well kids, Talk Supe has some important announcements. Okay maybe not IMPORTANT, like saving dolphins or building houses in Africa important. Just some FYI, for ya’ all. Like to keep nice and neat in these parts like Edward Cullen likes his Volvo.

Just look at him eat. Ugh. The mess! I swear if Newton doesn’t close his mouth when he eats…

 First things first…Talk Supe Book Club! 

Get to your local library, bookstore or however you load up the Kindle and start reading this book!  We will be discussing it and enjoying the Yoga stylings of Matthew. (He is somewhat Edward Cullen like. He like to umm…sniff too. Which is kind of creepy, but it supposed to be scary. Soo…) If you like Twilight, you’ll like this one. (Hopefully) It is also not YA, so it for the big girls and boys.

You might be wondering why we aren’t reading the next Outlander yet. Never fear! One of us (EC), still needs to head to the library to pick it up. But, for our Outlander friends, there are visits to SCOTLAND in DoW! Also, a terrific character called Hamish. (Who I imagine should be played by Alan Cummings, when they make the movie. Which you know they will!)

So let’s start reading!

Do you miss me, ladies?

No Vampire Diaries until April! (Darn you American Idol!)

I blame you for this JLO and Stephen Tyler…not to mention Ryan Seacrest. I REALLY blame Seacrest! Sniff, sniff… But until then we are going to attempt to talk more about this…

The originals are back and better than ever!

Being Human…The British Edition and a little of this…

The Yankee Doodle version

Of course, more adventures (completely made up nonsense) about our imaginary buddy…

My hoodie and I know how to throw a kicking party!

That’s right…

More Celebrity Email/Texting/Twitter/Pictorals Theater!

You know you love them.  

So here is your super duper update. Of course, we always have more surprises to come! So pickup Discovery of Witches and get ready to chat!

You're still Team Edward! Admit it! I'm charming, romantic, respectful...maybe a tiny bit intense, but...I will clean your house, just to stay number 1!

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Interview with a WereShifter part deux

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Going Down South w/the True Blood & Vampire Diaries Shifters

  • Snarrling Wolf

    Let's Talk

After a long journey back from Forks, WA (where we recapped our interview part 1 with our friends at Letters To Twilight!) we now find ourselves on a first class flight, complete with comfortable seats, all of our favorite movies, champagne and of course hot, straight MALE flight attendants. (If you couldn’t tell already, this is “pretend”…shh…) We arrived in Louisiana to meet up with the shifter boys of True Blood and Vampire Diaries. This time around we had Lafayette cook up a spread of Southern comfort food for these boys, mostly after the embarrassing lack of food at La Push. #hostessfail. The difference here is, with these boys, they are all wicked hot and we WANT them to remove their shirts. Plus they’re of age…

Mayo and Tyler

Not a creepy uncle!

Location 2: MERLOTTE’S BAR & GRILL, Bon Temps LA

Uncle Mayonaise
Uncle mayo,Werewolf

EC: First question, I am concerned with the pain of shifting…
Tyler (Vampire Diaries): It hurts like a bitch.
Uncle Mayonnaise (Note: We call him Uncle Mayonnaise because they keep mumbling hot stuff’s name. We think it’s Mason which reminds SWD of mayonnaise…): Language Tyler. You speak nicely to these lovely ladies.

EC: *to Mayo* I think I love you. Umm…yeah…those twilight wolves just “poof” become gigantic wolves.

Tyler: *to Mason* Whatever, douche.

Alcide Herveaux
Howl for Alcide

Alcide: It’s not the most comfortable feelin’. I’ve heard tell of this Washington pack. I heard that their phasing doesn’t look real.
Can I get you ladies some iced tea?
snowwhitedrifted/ SWD: Sweet tea for me, thanks Alcide *winks while thinking, sweet tea? Are you kidding*. Hell, it’s after noon, make it a long island.

SWD: And Sam what’s your experience with the feeling of shifting?

Sam: It doesn’t hurt or anythin’. I can just turn into anythin’ I want. Just pick it. I like being a dog, but I’ve been a cow and even a bird. I don’t do cats.

Sam Merlotte: the Puppy
Sam Merlotte: the Puppy. Woof.

Hello, Mr. Williamson. I need the history of weres in Mystic Falls…oh…huh…really?…Thanks. Sorry girls, he hasn’t written it yet. Jumped on this werewolf band
EC: While you’re on the phone, ask him what Ian’s doing… and if I can get his number.
Lafayette : Here you go hookuhs, veggie burgers with bacon… extra pickles. *smirks*

SWD: Oh Sammy, you dawg! Tara says you bark.

SWD: Do any of your shirts get ruined when you shift? You have such a lovely collection of tight western shirts, I would hate for any of them to get harmed during phasing.

Sam: Well, like Eric has the abilities to make panties magically disappear, I can do it with my shirts. They’re safe.

EC: Sam, May I have one of those fine shirts? They look snuggly. You could continue wearing it, during the snuggling. I am so okay with that.

Tyler: Are we done? The Tarheels are playing on TV. This so lame.

Uncle Mason: Quit it, Tyler. You see, the legend of the werewolf in Mystic Falls…is …umm…

EC: You don’t know? I really can’t help you, because I don’t remember if werewolves were in The Vampire Diaries books and if they were I don’t remember. It’s been awhile since I was sixteen.

Uncle Mayo: Hold on a sec, let me call Kevin Williamson. wagon that Twilight started.

Lafayette and vodka
Dees Hookuh’s been drinkin’

SWD: *wonders if I could trade him Jacob Black’s cell number for some Viking V*

Lafayette: Hey Hookuh, *points to SWD* I have a blue sweater that wants to meet you.

SWD: *drools* …K

In enters OZ (Buffy) and George (Being Human)

OZ: EC, what are you doing here! Why are you salivating over these other wolves? I was your original wolf boyfriend.

EC Stacey is always, somehow,In the land of Oz

George: Pardon…I don’t actually know why I am here. I was supposed to meet a Mr. Pattinson in New Orleans. I was going to fly back to England with him. * pushes glasses up on his nose * My friend Mitchell, would like to teach him what real vampires who can walk in the sun are supposed to do. (Note: Watch this show!)

HoooOUCHwlll!!!! Yes, this hurts like a MoFo!

SWD: Oh that Mitchell *I want a pint of his Guinness*

Lafayette: Come on in, wolf boys. Let me get you some bowls of Terry’s Chili. I like men that can eat, unlike those NASTY vampires.
* EC and SWD think: NASTY!….Yum..
Lafayette: When you hookuh’s interviewin’ witches cause I’ve got some shizz that needs discussin’
Jason: *Awkwardly stumbling in the bar * Hey y’all. Am I panther, yet? I feel kinda funny…

Here Kitty kitty kitty
Here Kitty kitty kitty