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Come Support The Amazing Team Seth!

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We adore Team Seth! She has not only brightened our blog (she’s our Dr. Who expert!), but has been a friend of the brilliant Letters to Twilight, too! ( You already knew she was an amazing writer, but also a fabulous author. Let’s all support her tomorrow evening!

On Thursday June 14th at 6:00pm PDT Lorena Gay will be interviewed by Australian author Fiona Leonard on Twitter about her new book On the Cusp of the Earth; a gripping story of a young engineer with a dark past she wants to forget and a mysterious coworker she can’t help but feel attracted to. While on a business trip together to Russia, war is declared with the United States and they are forced to flee the country amidst the newfound chaos, discovering along the way that the other is hiding something, but neither is quite sure what.

Lorena entered the Indie Publishing arena by serializing her novel and has some great insights about this new publishing channel. Find out about her experiences, her novel and plans for the future when she talks with Fiona on Thursday.

The interview will be conducted via a tweet chat. To follow, simply go to, log in with your twitter account, and type in the hashtag #lorenachat.

You can follow the interview live on tweetchat or by following @fionajleonard or @lorenagay


A Dr. Who guest post from Team Seth

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@ GoTeamSeth delighed us with a guest post! We love you, TS! And she’s getting hitched this weekend, let’s wish her all the best for a long and happy life together w/ Mr. Seth. Eat, drink and be married!

Who dat?!

Team Seth writes:

As your Doctor Who delegate and lover of Murray Gold, I have produced the attached interview for you.  Here is the introduction:

Since we always only get lame red carpet or “behind-the-scenes” interviews with our favorite cast and crew members, asking inane and repetitive questions that yield nothing of interest to us viewers, I decided to take matters into my own hands. No need to know “What projects are you working on now?” or “What inspiration did you draw on for the pregnancy scenes?”.  We don’t care! We care about sex, drugs, and rock n roll… and if we’re being honest, mostly just sex. Come on, Ian Smoulderholder’s animal rights tweets? Not why we love him.

So, as the apparently appointed Doctor Who expert for TalkSupe, I took it upon myself to interview Murray Gold via twitter. You are likely asking, “Who the hell is he, TeamSeth?” Murray Gold is self-proclaimed on his twitter account a “Curious Sisyphean New York music/lit/aimless gym bunny type. Also weatherman.”  Some people call him a genius, others call him God. I call him “the man I want to come and break up my wedding this Saturday.”  Mr. Seth has even OKed this (see, Murray, all will be fine–you just have to fly down and rent a car).

But, the mainstream media will claim Murray as the four time BAFTA nominated composer of Doctor Who (among other notable things).  Hence his Supe interviewee status. So, without further ado, here is the interview…Interview via Twitter

A Message From Team Seth…

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Doctor Who S6.E2: The One That’s Weirder and Scarier Than “Blink

This episode is so scary that I think I’m going to just tell it pictorially with captions with the help of many unnamed and unlinked tumblr accounts (shh). Literally I haven’t been able to rewatch it because it was so scary I’m worried to stay up all night for a week again. Again, Steven! (shakes fist towards Wales).

Three months later…

Amy, Rory, and River are chased down and murdered by Canton. (Oh, Canton, I still love you!)

Oh no!

What is that weird Toby markings all over their bodies? Ok, not precisely the same…they have tally marks and he has marks of the devil. OMG Is the Silence The Devil?!

Who the hale Toby is?

Where’s the Doctor then? Oh yeah, in a big hangar that used to house the plane from Oceanic Flight 815.

They’re buildin’ me into an inescapable prison, because the Pandorica worked out so well.

SURPRISE! Everyone’s alive! And now they’re back in the TARDIS, Amy isn’t pregnant, and Canton is all, “Why is my hand blinking?” and everyone’s all “Because you left yourself a message and then forgot.” Press play. How can you kill an enemy you can’t remember? By tallying it onto your body…or you could just record the interaction into your hand. Because that’s normal.

“Hey, I’ve got a great idea, let’s split up! Canton and Amy will go a creepy orphanage to try and sell life insurance, er, I mean to go find the little girl she shot.”

“The wall says ‘Leave now’, Amy.” “Yeah, I know.” “So…” “Let’s go further into this super creepy orphanage that reminds everyone of a really creepy horror film. Yeah?” “I hate British people. And women. I miss my black husband.” “Ok, let’s split up then!” (Ep1 revealed Canton is not just in an interracial relationship, but with a guy. DRAT. I still love him. Regardless of the fact we can never be together. Yes, I realize he’s a fictional character. YOU LOVE ERIC NORTHMAN–DO NOT JUDGE ME!)

I wonder what’s in this super creepy room. And why my message hand is blinking red. And why I can’t remember anything.

OH! That’s why! (insert super creeptastic music by Murray Gold here)

I just saw a batload of Silence. Maybe I should go into the room with the chick wearing a metal eyepatch. That seems like a safe choice.

Why the hell am I holding a baby…that looks a lot like me…and possibly the Doctor…but possibly Rory…or some third option.

Whoa. What is going on? You killed the Doctor! Right? I mean… wait, what? You’re a little girl? I shot you! Someone is going to come save me. I promise you that.


KIDNAPPED! “Imma tie you to the chair and pace a lot.” “The Doctor’s coming.” “No one is coming. You don’t remember do you?” (paces) “Remember what? Remember WHAT?”

Oooh! Let me capture this for my Halloween costume this year!

We’re just hanging out, trying on 1960s spectacles and figuring out how to out-man the other guy while we save the universe from the Silence… oh, and save Amy, too.

Yup, I’m still awesome.

“The good news, Pond, is that we found you.” “And the bad?” “I have to flirt with River before we save you and the universe. Which is even weirder than you know…”

“SPOILERS, Doctor!” “Hush, River. I wasn’t going to tell them you were a screamer.”

“Okay, everyone pay very close attention because I’m about to do something really, really clever. Like cleverer than usual.”

“You should kill us all on sight. Otherwise the creepy little girl from The Ring will come for you!!!”

The jig is up, buddy!

Peace out, River! “Oh my god, we’re kissing. First time for everything, eh, River?” “And a last.” (sad face!)

Did somebody say Creepy Little Girl? Regenerating? Yeah… Who IS she?

That wasn’t enough of a cliffhanger? Okay, fine: Is she, or isn’t she?


Basically. See you next time for Ep.4, The Doctor’s Wife. We’re skipping Ep3 because it’s really lame.


A Message From Team Seth…

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Plaid and the Silence in the Summer of ’69: Doctor Who Series 6, Ep1 Recap

So, I left you at the funeral on the lake… I did forget to mention that the “old dude with the gasoline” said to them, “I’m Canton Everett Delaware III and I won’t be seeing you again, but you’ll be seeing me.”  River quickly realizes that they all have blue envelopes for their invitations that are numbered. She’s #2, Amy and Rory are #3, and Canton is #4. “Who is #1? Who does the Doctor trust more than anyone else?”  (I hate when you realize how obvious wording is after the fact, it’s like when you think of that perfect comeback 2 hours after the insult’s been given)  River, Amy, and Rory peace out old man Canton and head back to the 1950s diner to put their heads together. There it is on a table, the fourth envelope…#1.  But no one to go with it. In a build up as long and annoying as the one I’ve just written, we find out that #1 is the Doctor! 

EC: He’s on Supernatural too! I knew he looked familiar!

WHOA. Amy Pond can’t handle this.  River Song slaps him.  And Rory is like, “Amy, you’re not this stupid, stop trying to be.” but in a nicer way then he and River spell out the whole situation for Amy [and the audience] of how this Doctor is a younger doctor (“our” Doctor from the viewer’s timeline POV) and not the one we just saw die, BUT we can’t tell this Doctor that we saw him die because it’ll cross timelines and terrible things could happen (yada yada, Time Lordy stuff). Our foursome (heh) decides to go to 1969 regarding the lunar mission because, well, that’s what the older Doctor said he was interested in before he died.

Then we see Canton being taken to the president by the FBI all film noir-style, and Nixon and him are chatting about this awkward phone call Nixon keeps getting from a little girl saying the space man is coming to eat her (if only the Doctor would say that to me…).  The TARDIS lands in the oval office in invisible mode (WHAT?!) and the Doctor eavesdrops on their convo. Without his Jammie Dodgers, the Doctor still manages to evade the secret service and pinpoint the location of the mysterious call.  All the while Amy takes a little detour to the bathroom where she encounters none other than the weird alien she saw, and forgot. Steven Moffat does it again and creates another excessively terrifying villain (that kept me up scared more than one night!). Basically we find out later they’re a race called the Silence and it reminds us of series 5 with all the references to “the silence coming” and “silence will fall”. So, the thing with the Silence is that when you’re looking at them you can see them, but as soon as you look away you forget that segment of time ever happened. So, of course, Amy takes a photo of it with her camera phone.

How can Amy forget about this creepy guy?

The space suit...1960's style

So, off they go, The Legs, The Nose, and Mrs. Robinson, along with Canton, to find the ANI caller, who is in Cape Kennedy, FL (present day Cape Canaveral–not that they really filmed it there). And, no shock, it’s a warehouse type setting with crates and alien tech hanging around. Including this 1960s space suit that is the same as the one the astronaut who shot the Doctor. The “alien tech” looks more like food than anything and soon River discovers one of the “food tubes” is going down a sewer hatch.

When he speaks, you listen!

Finally Canton adjusts to the whole, you know, TARDIS thing, tells the Doctor “Nice ride.” and essentially disappears from the scene except for some minor dialogue. Which is a shame, because his voice is actually quite gruff and sexy. Like how we all imagined Klaus was going to sound before we actually saw the actor. When Canton says “Nice ride.” it reminds you of whenever Eric Northman speaks and makes you want to give him suggestive glances. (I may have a little Canton crush, luckily I can purchase this tshirt…

Team's Seth's little crush...

So, River makes some joke about being “quite the screamer”, forcing us all to think about her taking it hard from Matt Smith, before going down (heh) the hatch that the alien tube thingy is hanging in to see what’s down there. Of course the creepy aliens are down there, which she promptly forgets. Rory goes down to help her and then we have a touching moment where she lays out some serious foreshadowing and they discover a locked secret room that’s UM, the friggin space ship from last season’s episode “The Lodger”. !!!Steven, you’re such a mindf**k!!!

Team Seth just had a mindfu...behave!

Above ground, Amy, Doctor, and Canton hear the little girl yelling for help and rush towards her voice–but something’s wrong with Amy (oh noes!) and she HAS to tell the Doctor that she’s pregnant.  She does it in such a way that we’re convinced it’s his, even though she doesn’t say it out right.  Canton’s knocked out. An astronaut approaches, Amy goes for Canton’s gun, the astronaut raises her visor to show she’s the little girl, and BANG! Amy shoots her.

But who is she?


A Message From Team Seth…

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We have a guest post today from Team Seth! #DrWho in America. Yippee Kai Yay!


Doctor Who Comes to America, Arthur Darvil Shines, and Neil Gaiman Is Still A Hero of Mine


As the ever so splendid Mr. Moffat indicated, Doctor Who Series 6 was cut in half and the first 7 episodes just finished up a few weeks ago.  I will attempt to recap for Supe readers, though I do suggest visiting the UK so you can watch them on BBC’s website, unless you have BBC America, in which case just catch the reruns (generally on Tuesdays and Fridays unless they’ve changed up the schedule). No definitive date for the kick off of part 2, but they did say Fall 2011, so you know, if we can wait out VampDi, we can wait out the Doctor. #ScrewWaiting

So, we start out the series in Rory and Amy’s new pad in, well, we have no clue actually.  We assume Leadworth, but it looks a little too posh/modern for Leadworth.  Regardless, they receive an invitation in the mail in TARDIS blue envelope that is a set of coordinates. Hurriedly they head the great nation of America (as BBC’s ad campaign indicated they would–Stetsons and all, yawn.) to the middle of nowhere Utah (yes, it was shot in actual Monument Valley, UT–not in the quarries near Cardiff they always use) where they encounter the Doctor.  During their hugs, his Stetson is shot off by none other than the lovely River Song. Now, if you don’t recall who River is, that’s very sad, but also critical that you do remember, so here’s my quickie on her:

River Song first appears in season 4 with David Tennant in a two-parter where she’s the mysterious woman who knows him, and knows him well.  So well that he’s told her the one thing that he’s never told anyone before–his real name, which she whispers in his ear.  The Doctor has never met her before.  At the end of the two-parter she dies in order to save the Doctor, but he manages to preserve her consciousness using the sonic screwdriver he gave her in the future. It is in these episodes that she establishes her go to line: “Spoilers”, because, as we soon learn in Season 6, Ep1, her timeline is the opposite of the Doctor’s. (Mr. Moffat, just because Tennant has a tartan doesn’t mean we must always inadvertently reference Outlander!)

Nice Shoes!!!



But the mystery of who exactly River is remains.  Season 5, with Matt Smith’s Doctor, we re-meet her in a cheeky and sexy opening to Ep. 4, (wearing these amazing Christian Louboutins–Jealous!)”Time of Angels” and have adventures with her, the creepy Weeping Angels and Amy with some clever foreshadowing in this two-parter. We learn that River can fly the TARDIS and that she has killed a man, a good man. “The best man I’ve ever known.” she says. The prison ship beams her up and River is gone until the two-part finale (she likes two-parters) of season 5… The Pandorica Opens and Big Bang. Here we see her chide the Doctor more, show extensive knowledge and concern regarding him, and be a total badass shooting a Dalek after making it beg for mercy.


The question still remains… Who is River Song?!  Her presence in the finale ends with an exchange between her and the Doctor outside the TARDIS that goes:

The Doctor: Are you married, River?

River Song: Are you asking?

The Doctor: Yes.

River Song: Yes.

The Doctor: Hang on, did you think I was asking you to marry me or-or-or-or asking if you were married?

River Song: Yes.

The Doctor: No, but was that yes or yes?

River Song: Yes.

So, now you’re up to date as to where River and the Doctor stand in their flirty little relationship and we can move onto the diner scene where they all catch up and we find out that the Doctor has aged quite a few years since last season. For the first time ever, River can converse with him about different adventures they had because finally their timelines are actually overlapping somewhat.

The group heads to a Lake Mead lookalike for a picnic and it’s very not Doctor Who like–at all. Happy, drinking wine, smiley, sitting and not running, open spaces, sunshine… Then Amy sees this creepy looking alien far away and promptly forgets about it (knowing Amy though, she sometimes just doesn’t say anything–like last season when sand came out of her eye and she’s all “Oh, I’m fine.”  No, hon, sand just came out of your eye–she’s too much like Sookeh sometimes).

At this juncture we’re all thinking, “So, what is Murray Gold going to do this season because it feels like indie film meets CW show and She and Him would fit better here than the National Orchestra of Wales.”  So, naturally, an astronaut comes out of the water, the Doctor goes to have a chat with it warning no one to stop what happens next, no matter what, and he is shot and then re-shot by the astronaut during his regeneration (so he’s actually dead dead).

The companions flip out (Amy screams and River shoots at the astronaut until she runs out of ammo–did I mention I love River?), some random old dude shows up with gasoline, and they have an Irish–er, Gallifreyan–funeral for him that brings back memories of watching Tristan and Isolde.

So, if the Doctor is dead and it’s only ten minutes into the fifty-minute show of a series that’s called Doctor Who, what the hale is going to happen?

Spoilers 🙂


July Housekeeping Edward Cullen Style…

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Why can't people keep things organized! I am going to stick on my pouty face.

I know that we said we are on a break, but… I just need to give you some teasers from the next couple of weeks! Just can’t help myself!
First…Team Seth gives us some glimpses into the land of Dr.Who. (She’s the expert!)

Maybe Team Seth can help me determing the origin of this stone? Or at least help me figure out what's going to happen next season!

Thanks a bunch Starz’s, now WC Stacey is going to cry! (But you are bringing me Torchwood, so at least we’re good.)

Only one season! Now people will only remember me for my black robes, flamboyant scarves and trying to kill off Bella!

We really…I PROMISE discuss this book!

Did you know...the author retweeted WC Stacey?

Breaking Dawn madness is upon us…feathers and sippy cups…

B: Can I have some more eggs? E: I see how it is, wife! As soon as you put a ring on it, I become your slave! I don't see shackles on the stove and I don't see you running out to the meadow and draining a deer for me! Some respect would be nice!

Celebrity Email Theater!

Miss us yet, ladies? Or our party planning prowess? Ain't no party, like a Mystic Falls party

Ohh…and most importantly True Blood Recaps!

Well ladies...I am back. Do you find my odd, extremely low, mesh tank top fetching?

We miss you all and will be back soon! Follow us on twitter @talksupe 

A Message From Our Dr. Who Expert, Team Seth!

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Today’s post comes from our friend Team Seth. Thanks Team Seth for reminding us that one good way to keep our government from taking us deep up our karma is to give back:

 Forget the CPA, I Need A Doctor!

 So, I finally did my taxes last week and I decided that I needed to buy a house, get married, buy a hybrid car, have a kid (or 12, whatever), and donate tons of money to non-profits so I wouldn’t have to pay as much. Then I thought about whether or not the companions of the Doctor would have to pay taxes. I mean, I realize that Rose’s job was kaput after her workplace exploded, and Martha was in medical school so she wasn’t exactly getting paid for her work, and Donna had just been fired… hm, I’m sensing a theme here. But Amy Pond, she was working.  She was a kiss-o-gram.

Kiss-O-Gram procedure for onion breath

 And And technically Rory, Mickey, and Capt’n Jack are all companions, and they all work. Though would Torchwood employees pay taxes? Certainly they must! Anyhow, that was my thought process… if you’re traveling through time, how does that affect your employment status? (Mind you, I know NOTHING about taxes in England, so all of this could be irrelevant). Then I went on to think about what the Doctor could claim. He had a daughter (well, she’s alive, he just doesn’t know) and he’s been married quite a few times, though I’m not sure if you can still be married to deceased people, so I guess it would depend on the date he filed… Then I thought about him giving to non-profits. I guess the Doctor doesn’t do this exactly, not with money anyway, but he definitely works hard to help people in need (whether they know they’re in need or not)

Helping a thing in need. Is it a Twi fan? Cause it bleeds purple and Purples Cool.

  and to bridge cultural barriers. The Doctor likes to bring hope to people (all people, not just the human species of course), and he offers second chances. There’s always a choice. That’s his thing and he instills it in all of his companions and many of the people he meets.

So, this sprung a whole other thought process into effect for me. What if, leading up to the big Series 6 premiere on April 23rd (mark your calendars!), I took a What Would the Doctor Do approach and did what I could to give hope to people in need? Then I thought, what if more than just I did it? Let’s not forget that Doctor Who as a show and franchise participates in at least two major donation-thons with the BBC: Children in Need special and Red Nose Day special (comic relief… get it?). But, that’s in England and we’re not (well, me and the Staceys are not anyway), so any donating and service work I did would have to be on this side of the Atlantic. I mean, I’m sure you can donate to those organizations online, but, it might be easier to donate to places over here given currency conversion and international fees etc.

I should explain that one of my 2011 resolutions was to give back more to the local and global communities, so coming up with my own little Doctor Who donating thing is really just a way to kick my butt into gear to getting this resolution actually started. That said, I kicked off my Doctor Who Countdown this past Friday, April 8th when I began rewatching Series 5. The plan is to manage to fit in all 14 episodes (including the Christmas special) over the next 3 weeks before the big Series 6 premiere. If you don’t own all the seasons of Doctor Who like I do, but you really want to celebrate the season–and possibly your tax refund!–then start watching on April 18th at 5pm ET/PT on BBC America for the first and second episodes of Series 5! The fun continues up until the premiere, including AN ALL DAY MARATHON on April 22nd. No wonder they call it Good Friday, what’s gooder than a full day of Who?! 😉 Put the kettle on and settle in, the marathon begins at 6am.

So how is that relevant to donating? Well, April 18th kicks off the tax season for 2011 (sort of), which means any financial donations you make to accredited non-profits can be tax deductible for next year’s taxes. Yay! Give more, pay less! There’s lots of ways to give back, not just money-wise, and lots of ways to get your kids involved too. After all, Doctor Who began as a children’s programming fill-in show back in 1963. So, I’m turning my countdown into the beginnings of my giveback. I started a blog specifically for this to track my activities and allow others to post their own! Doctor Who Give Back Countdown. I’m going to send in the link to the Doctor Who Online (@drwhoonline) folks as well as (@nerdist) and maybe they will tweet it out. Who knows, maybe in time Doctor Who Giveback Countdown will be an unofficial “official” thing?

A canned good a day keeps the Doctor away! Or something like that.