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Happiest of Birthdays Ian Smoulder…umm…Somerhalder!

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The Birthday Boy





Posted by EC Stacey

So today is you birthday…welcome to your 30’s…wait…you’re already there. This isn’t one of those milestone birthdays or anything, but we still hope you party hard and tweet about positive environmental changes that we all can do. You know…turn off a light when exiting a room, give a hoot, don’t pollute or only you can prevent forest fires. All those types of things. In honor of your birthday, we give this very brief semi-fangirl ode to you.

While you were in Maryland did you enjoy some Old Bay on your crabs?

The first time, I saw you was in the show Young Americans. Actually, it was when you were filming in my hometown in Maryland. You all really shook things up in my small town. I come back home from college for summer vacation and I have a bizarre traffic circle on the main street. Do you even know how much that thing confused my grandmother? I honestly thought the poor woman was going to get in an…wait…lost track there, sorry. Yes, you all were loitering about. New attractive males hanging around the fake Friendly’s and crowding the locals out of the ONE coffee shop. (Not that I minded that one bit.) You said something to me once, which you would definitely not remember. I was hoping you would come back to town, but you got cancelled. It was a sad day for me…umm…the town.

SWD: Oh that pic, I thought it was an American Eagle ad! That’s a lot of chino… and not much hair product.

Here you are in Smallville. I was surprised to see you again, but then figured out you probably had a contract with the WB. I was sure they were going to cast you on Felicity. Anyway, I also thought it was eerie how much you looked like Superman…

You and Tom Welling should play brothers...seriously

See twins! Like WC Stacey and I...except we don't look alike

SWD: I haven’t watched Smallville in forever. Damon Ian was on it? * note to self, I should have kept watching.* I had a thing for Lex Luther (Michael Rosenbaum, who was also in one of my favorite movies Sorority Boys, hey don’t judge) . Oh shock, Lex, another Bad boy.

EC:Then came The Rules of Attraction. Hmm… Well… that was a WHOLE new side to the WB actors and actresses. Whoa…

SWD: I think I saw part of this movie. I remember a girl in a cute jacket with a funky haircut….didn’t she…. Well, I just remember her jacket.

EC: I think you are thinking of something different. Maybe the Pulse movie he was in with Veronica Mars? This was a very ‘dirty’ show on HBO. THe guy that’s on Parks and Recreations was in it too. Now that is an actor playing two COMPLETELY different roles! Wowza!

Look there you are! Not in the jumping on the bed with Dawson scene...

The reason I actually watched the movie (before I decided to be Team Pacey)…

SWD: Hee hee hee, Dawson lov-ah!

Oh Dawson, you got kind of creepy when you left The Creek

Then there was Tell Me You Love Me. I didn’t add any pictures of that, because the were explicit. Honestly, our readers would get in trouble opening that up at work and could you imagine if children walked into the room! That’s all types of wrong, mister…Let’s skip to LOST.

My favorite character on Lost until...

I really enjoyed your character on LOST. Boone was such a great sidekick to Locke, but then they killed you off. I stopped watching for awhile until a friend convinced me to start watching for…

Not you too! Darn you, Lost Showrunners!

Charlie. Then good-bye Charlie. Okay the ending when… fine, I won’t mention it. Will people just watch the ending, so I can talk about it! It’s been MONTHS! Of course, I’m still not allowed to talk about The Sopranos ending either.

SWD: C’mon Stace, you already spoiled the ending of 6 Feet Under on letterstotwilight. What happens on LOST. I’ve never seen it.

We adore Damon

Finally, you came back to us in Vampire Diaries. You had our appreciation when your were creating carnage in Season One and bringing the snark this season. We might tease your show, but we love it and the actors involved. Aren’t you happy to know that this includes you?

Happy Birthday, Ian! Have a wonderful time tonight. Think of us when your drinking your microbrew and hanging with your posse. We’ll be the girls sitting at home with our cups of tea watching Modern Family.


EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

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