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SWD: OK, I’m not going to even begin to pretend that I have a clue about what’s going on on Vampire Diaries. I’ve watched like 20 minutes, in the last 4 months. #ImAwesome

EC: I’ve watched! Everything, but the last one. But it is dvr’ed and ready to view! I’m just waiting for that one above (SWD)to catch up, because I don’t want to spoil her on all the goodness! Don’t worry… I’ll keep on her! Hopefully, we can have a massive VampDi refresher post sometime this week. Or next. I have a new puppy, so it depends if she let’s me sleep in past 5 A.M. #likeanewbabywithneedleteeth  #likeifJacobBlackwasyourpetandatehisownpoop

SWD: So…. I’ll share my shopping experience with ya’ll

Whilst strolling through Target last week, looking to pick up some thank-you notes and a shower squeegee, I happened upon this lil gem:

Team tees at Tar-jay!

SWD: I saw these, then quickly checked the men’s section for Team Bella boxers. Alas, there were none. I did, however find a “scratch and sniff” t-shirt for SWD jr. in the kids section. I wonder why this technology can’t be used on the Robward, TayCob tees? Rob’s would smell like beer beard and Tay’s would be shaving cream. Don’t you totes think he smells like shaving cream? Maybe they could have Bella sports bras that would smell like deoderant win/win! Speaking of sports, I’d totally rock that Rob shirt to the gym. Nothing like putin some nice pit stains on ol’ Eddie.

EC: AHHH!!! I might want the Pattinson one. Not to actually wear in public, but when I take the puppy out for her a millionth walk outside to not piddle on my floor. Actually, the Jacob shirt would be more appropriate, but creepy. #alwaysbejailbaitevenat50

Nevermind, the neighbors might be weirded out. I could sleep in one. Except my family would be weirded out. Hmm…I COULD wear Edward while cleaning the house. That would be completely an Edward approved activity!

One Response to “T-Rific!”

  1. SWD- Just wanted to let you know that the most recent episode was the best so far this season! & I cant wait for this Thursday’s episode!!!

    ECS- WHAT! You haven’t seen last Thursday’s epi? Even Steve saw it!

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