That luminous Vampire Skin

posted by snowwhitedrifted (West Coast Stacey/ SWD)

You know how those vamps look poreless? Well I think I may be on to something. I have dry skin, small pores, and some minimal rosacia on my cheek (one more than the other, HOT!) not to mention some “mom lines” on my forehead. So I put on foundation, and it looks, well, fine, but not Vampiricly smooth. I have neice skin, it *should* lok better than this what gives.

Well, I think I found out: VASELINE!

Just like the Flaming Lips song!!!

I put it on before my foundation (a pan-stik from Max Factor that is ah-maz-ing… and I’m usually totally a M.A.C. girl). It erases everything and even gives the luminous vampire glow!

…now how to get my teeth vampy white.

courtesy of Crest White Strips, True Blood edition

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