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New Year’s Resolutions for a Supe Filled 2012

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Yup, I watched the dude from ED in this.

Time to Kick Off 2012 Supernatural Style

Dear Actors and Actresses of Supernatural Shows (and TalkSupe Readers),

EC here. I need to apologize. With all the holiday decorating, baking and channeling of entertaining queen, Martha Stewart I have neglected you. The Christmas times fill me with so much holiday spirit that instead of watching eternal love and scary undead things, I watch holiday movies starring Tom Cavanagh (from that show ED) on basic cable. Oh and there was an awesome one that starred Dawson from Dawson’s Creek. Not to forget the Santa town movie starring DJ from Full House! (Obviously, I love the cheesiest of Christmas movies.) Stop giving me dirty looks, Ian Somerhalder. Go recycle something!

Also in this...

For this reason, I am making my New Year’s Resolutions for you, shows like Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Secret Circle, etc. #QuestionablePriorities

1. Dear Vampire Diaries, I will try my best this new year to watch and blog about your episodes in a timely manner. I will not watch Parks & Recreation on DVR, 15 times in a row and laugh my self silly then feel unable to deal with Mystic Falls angst. I will also not write a letter to Kevin Williamson to add Aziz Anzari to the Vamp Di cast for a comedic sidekick to Damon and Stefan. (Even though they really need one.)

What these two grumps needs is some...

Tom Haverford bringing some 50 Cent freestyles

2. Dear True Blood, I will sit through an episode this summer without complaining the whole time that the show is way too different than the books. I will just be happy that Lafayette is still alive and not curse the death of Tara. I will TRY not to write a letter to Alan Ball to make the show all about Alcide and Sam. Those two men sure know how to rock the Sam’s shirt!

Look! It's the plaid sporting Dynamic Duo!

3. Dear Supernatural, I will try to watch the episodes I’ve missed so far this season. Which is all of them.

I'm so very sorry!

4. Dear Secret Circle, I will forgive you for killing off Nick and introducing that bland Ken Doll. Never mind. Not forgiven.

Williamson, you are NOT FORGIVEN!

I will, however, limit Adam eyeliner jokes to every OTHER episode.

Don't make a Cure joke. Don't make a Depeche Mode joke. Don't make a... This is already not working.

5. Dear Breaking Dawn, I will try not to make fun of you. Who I am kidding. I will still make fun of you and create more Fake Celebrity Email Theaters starring that Pretty Pattinson.

A: Do you think they are making fun of my outfit? J: No,darlin'. Carlisle's wig, definitely.

6. Dear Being Human (British and U.S. Editions), I will try my best not to compare the two of you. It really isn’t fair to make comparisons, but instead attempt to find positives about each. (I still find the British far superior, but I am giving you a chance season 2!)

Some days we wish we were British.

7. Dear Walking Dead, I still won’t watch you. (Stupid, nightmare giving zombies!)

Please no nightmares!

8. I will try not to watch DVR recordings of The New Girl and Glee that I have already watched, instead I will watch all the previously mentioned shows like Vamp Di that are filling up my DVR along with cooking shows. (Except that zombie one. Eww!)

I love this show! It adorkable!

I promise all of this to all of you. Except that I really should admit that I am not the best at keeping resolutions. At all. Plus that New Girl is soo funny! I could watch it all day long!

Your friend, EC Stace

The eyes have it!.. Alice Cullen’s, that is.

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I’m a total make up geek. I love it! I love engaging in the deep and meaningful activity of watching make-up tutorials on youtube. I was watching one, while listening to Pandora radio, and “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” came on. Which of course got me thinking about Twilight and Alice Cullen’s awesome eye make-up!

circa Eclipse, I believe

Sure, the bronze eye color makes it pop, but it’s a great netral-with-a -little-somethin-somethin look. Nice lip color too.

Here’s a  New Moon pic. A little more bronze-y on the eyeliner and the lip is a warmer red. Looks fab with the black top.

Sassy expression not included

And in Breaking Dawn? Forgetaboutit! Wickedly fabulous! I’m not a big fan of how they styled her pixie ‘do, they’re is soooo much more you can do with a pixie ‘do, but alas, they didn’t ask me. Wah.

"Wicked Pixie eyes" <- that should be a M.A.C. color palette name!

See how far she’s come since the original twilight? Her eyes were very “Sunday Brunch here:

NAtural and cute, but uhhh, let's leave that for Bella

So how about you? Have you ever tried to do “Alice” makeup? Try it, it’s fun. And what happens when you  apply it and mess it all up, well then Jackie O shades of course!

Scarf also good for a bad hair day, or if you accidently end up with a haircut that looks like a Summit wig.

Bella, get real.

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What do you mean a wedding dress and chucks?

I’m a big fan of the TLC show, “What Not To Wear.” I do think they’re a bit harsh sometimes, and sometimes they frump up their pawns beyond minivan status, but almost all of the time, the fashion victims do look better afterwards.

One of my favorite moments featured an awkward tomboy-ish woman who claimed, during her solo shopping trip,  that she couldn’t walk in high heels. Stacey,while watching said footage, gave Clinton the “really? Pah-lease” look. The fashion challenged woman, will call her, “Linda” said she never learned to walk in high heels. Clinton then turns to Stacey and asks, “Stacey, when does the average woman learn to walk in heels?” To which Stacey replied, “Two and a half.”

Not a week later, my then 2 and a half year came toddling down the hall in my 4″ platform suede Steve Maddens. Doing excellantly.

So “Linda”  think you’re full of shit, and so is Bella.

So that little scene in Breaking dawn where she is teetering in the heels Alice picked out for her… so lame. Sure Bella’s clumsy, and this was in the books, but really? It’s just not believable. Yes, in a book about a love triangle between a vampire, a werewolf, and a boring human , the shoe misrepresenation is what I find far fetched.

The new Uggs... for Alice

Fact: Bella was raised mostly by her mother Rene. Rene’s a hookah, for goodness sake! We see her thong in Eclipse, not to mention her uber cropped jorts. Rene is a heel wearer, dare I say a wedge heel wearer. Renee would have had suede Steve Madden wedges around the house for a 2 and a half year old Bella to play in. Rene would have drilled some shoe skills into Bella.

Fact: Bella took ballet. remember, what’s his face tried to kill her there? Yeah, well Ballerina’s can walk on their friggin toes. A 3 inch pump isn;t going t phase them.

Fact: Bella is always trying to mack on edward, who is much taller than her. She is always trying to climb all up in his biz-nass to get him to kiss her. Well, she must be standing on her tip toes for that. And with all that toe work, she’d build up some strong calf muscles. Ergo, heel wearing would be a breeze.

Starter Loubs for Bella


So, I call bullshit on the heels. Bella, sack up and slip on the Loubs!!!

EC: Umm… I can’t walk in heels. I can barely walk in flats. Oh and I wear my Converse…a lot. Oh no…I’m BELLA!!!!

That luminous Vampire Skin

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You know how those vamps look poreless? Well I think I may be on to something. I have dry skin, small pores, and some minimal rosacia on my cheek (one more than the other, HOT!) not to mention some “mom lines” on my forehead. So I put on foundation, and it looks, well, fine, but not Vampiricly smooth. I have neice skin, it *should* lok better than this what gives.

Well, I think I found out: VASELINE!

Just like the Flaming Lips song!!!

I put it on before my foundation (a pan-stik from Max Factor that is ah-maz-ing… and I’m usually totally a M.A.C. girl). It erases everything and even gives the luminous vampire glow!

…now how to get my teeth vampy white.

courtesy of Crest White Strips, True Blood edition

I Hope You Had A Lovely Thanksgiving or…

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Happy times...before Edward uses teeth

I Finally Saw Breaking Dawn…With Very Pregnant Ladies

*Spoilers. Of course, you are reading something about Breaking Dawn which means you’ve read it before and know what happens already without seeing the movie. HOWEVER, that book is enormous and I fell asleep twice while reading it. You might have forgotten the C-Section. Who am I kidding, that was the best part. 

First an apology from me (and most likely WC), I am sorry that we haven’t been as chatty lately. Let’s just say that consuming large amounts of turkey and decorating for Christmas it’s been busy at my house. Trust me when I say that to untangle Christmas lights to twist around tasteful garland for the staircase took me a hour. It was only one strand. My inner Martha Stewart is on overdrive and it’s only going to get worse when the Christmas cookies start being baked. So much worse, I promise you.  

To get myself back into blogging and ultimately annoying you with my thoughts on entertainment, I want to give you a little taste of when I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part One. I want to wait to give my complete thoughts on the flick with WC, but I thought you might be interested in a very interesting observation I made when seeing the film with some dear friends. Two of which who were VERY pregnant.  This is what happened…

Umm...really Bella? There's a baby in that tiny stomach? I might hate you.

After a lovely dinner at an Irish Pub, three friends of mine went along with me to see the movie. Two of which, J and L who are pregnant and K (like me) not at all. (See how I just have letters for their names? It’s a We Read or Watch Twilight Protection Device. You want to admit it, but you are slightly ashamed to say it to others. Like my sister did, when she refused to ask the artsy theater if they were playing it, because while it said they were online it wasn’t on the marquee. Keeping the street cred! So thanks Feat Lil J for outting her on that one. Glad you girls had fun at the wine bar instead.)   Now if you read the book, like J, K and myself you know the birth is umm…graphic. Sadly, L had no clue. Like zero. You see L never had an interest in reading the books or seeing the movies, but she did want to escape from the kids for a night before the newest bundle of joy arrived. Maybe, I should have warned her. Oh never mind, what would have been the fun in that!

Are seating arrangements were interesting. J must have won the coin toss, because she didn’t have to sit next to me.Poor J and K had experienced my crazy at Robert Pattinson movies before at Eclipse and Water for Elephants. Many comments would distract them from their viewing enjoyment like, “Looking good. Pretty Pattinson.” “Mmmph.” “Why is he doing that thing with his mouth? Does he have a piece of food in his teeth and needs to get it out? That’s not attractive!” Or the ever popular,”What the h*ll! They made him look like a freakin’ corpse.”  I am not fun to sit next to. At least L thinks I’m funny or at least when she wasn’t texting her hubby a play by play of the movie. Which I, in turn, found funny.

Look it's it's not. Ugh! Not enough Emmett and his inappropriate pregnancy comments in this flick!

That was until the big old birthing that demon baby. At this point, J knowing the story, was taking Bella in stride. Even though pregnant she was prepared for these developments. K just made some grimicing faces, she knew the deal even though seeing it was different from reading it. But dear L grabbed my arm. This was when her eyes got really big and she asked, “They are really showing this?” I laughed, because after sippy cup o’blood she shouldn’t have been surprised. Then Edward happened. 

L: Were those his teeth?”
EC: Teeth Cesarean!! (Me erupting into inappropriate giggles.)

Then this exchange.

EC: Is the baby kicking?
L: Yes! She’s moving around a lot!
EC: Your baby loves the demon baby! Just wait until Jacob imprints on it! (giggling)
L: What?!?

Somebody needs her 'Sippy Cup'

You might be wondering, has Breaking Dawn completely turned L off from the previous books and movies? No way, she’s going to borrow mine and start reading them! Good job, Director of Dream Girls you just converted the newest Ashamed TwiMom. (You should probably feel a little bad about that, Bill.)  

At least he was nice at some point during her pregnancy. Well until you know...teeth.

By the way…as a transplanted Maryland girl, why the heck is Pattinson running around wearing a Baltimore Orioles hat? Does he know that’s what that giant ‘O’ means? Does he know that the don’t win very much? Is he a Cal Ripkin fan? Ugh, this is going to bother me for at least a day.  

Does he even know what the 'O' means?


Whoa! He has ANOTHER one?!? There has to be a wildly inaccurate and goofy Celebrity Email Theater written about this!