Breaking Dawn is coming…sooo…

posted by EC Stacey


It's Back...

That’s right, kids Breaking Dawn is amongst us. In celebration or for some of cringing anticipation will be bringing the joy by having special Twilight inspired posts. Celebrity Email theater? Yep! Character Email Theater? You betcha! A random review of the sountrack? Uh Huh! An even more random review or the random reviews coming out about the movie? Ahh why not! Making fun of the more unusual plot points? You better believe it!

Looking for his baby in all the wrong places. *snicker*


B: Is this really the end? E: No, my darling. There is another installment with a group of random characters and no epic battle. B: Oh. I at least get to arm wrestle Emmett? E: That's yet to be determined, my love. B: Damn it.

But, you may ask, what about Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle? You two already are complete slackers when writing recaps, are you finally admitting you are behind? Fine, you are right! But…we will still try to keep up or at least catch up on the shows. Promise!


We can't believe you keep forgetting about us with all that "sparkly vampire" nonsense.


2 Responses to “Breaking Dawn is coming…sooo…”

  1. TeamJacobEdward Says:

    Hooray for sparkly vampires and shirtless werewolf guys!

    Bust up those headboards! Shred those pillows! Make us see feathers! And give us a bloody vampire c-section to distract us from the awkward baby imprinting!

    I’m so super pumped. ELEVEN DAYS! FINALLY!

    • EC: Agreed TJE! Can’t wait! I might have squealed at the commercial when Bella is approaching Edward when he was in the ocean. Then felt embarassed and hoping my family didn’t hear me make a fool out of myself.

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