Secret Circle Recap…umm…

posted by EC Stacey


Soo…my dvr problems should be fixed for tonight’s episode and Team Seth gave me a recap of the prior episodes (not this one) from the commercials she watched. I’m sure something was missed, but nah…probably not. I didn’t see Nick die, but I am still sad. I also think Nick shouldn’t have been replaced by his big brother the witch killer aka Ken doll. (because, he looks like a boy Barbie.) Prove me wrong, Williamson, prove me wrong.

Really? Where's Barbie and her pink car to pick you up and take you to the Dream House?


So what can I say about this episode, that I haven’t actually watched, but saw the commercials when watching last week’s EXCELLENT Vampire Diaries?

Hey Cassie, liking The Blind Melon are we?

Seriously… was EVERYBODY a bumblebee this Halloween? Was it the IT costume? Are people having Blind Melon flashbacks? Because I bet Cassie was like 3 when that video came out. Somebody must of been watching VH1’s 90’s Video Countdown. (While Adam was watching VH1 Classic channel’s the 80’s show. Where better to get your The Cure and Depeche Mode fix?)  

Gone, so gone. Boo Hoo!

Ugh. Let’s see what happens tonight.

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