Well Helloooo, Vampire Diaries!

posted by EC Stacey

The Last Three Episode Refresher Course!

Well we have finally watched the three episodes and we are on the very edge of our seats! Since, we have majorly failed at recapping these episodes in a timely manner let’s do a very special refresher post to get us ready for tonight’s new episode! Just call us Professor EC and Professor WC and this is Vampire Diaries 102: Advanced Ghost Theories.  Are you ready? Because this WILL be on the final exam!

Stefan: Mr.  Ripper is full out bad guy. You know how Eric from True Blood is more fabulous bad than Simpleton Eric? Same thing applies here! He’s the school bully and psychopath! Plus, Elena’s twisted bodyguard!  Will he get his soul back? Hopefully, not this season!

SWD: Agreeed! Al of them are better bad. Stefan, Eric, Bill….what can we get Alcide to do next season?

That's one way to get suspended, young man!

Elena: I know I give Elena a hard time, but girl is finding her inner Buffy the Vampire Slayer and not wallowing in all things Stefan. She might love him, but did not hesitate to stab him with that neat stake glove. Elena is proving to be a heroine and not only the damsel in distress! (Finally!)

SWD: OK, I’m not all caught up. She stabs him? Awesome!

Mess with me and I'll stake you. Just not right now...I'm working on my glutes.

Damon: Is still Damon. An Elena protector, yet still the bad boy. Like “killing” Alaric, so he wouldn’t get in his way to take out Caroline’s Dad. I was worried that Damon would go soft, but after seeing his complete lack of caring with all of Stefan’s  bloody co-ed hijinks  it was a reminder that with Damon for any little bit of good there is still a whole lot of snark.

Please don't say the bromance is over!

Caroline and Tyler: I love Caroline! She’s funny and you have got to love her hate of Rebekah. Steal her Queen Bee status? Caroline is going to have none of that if she can help it! Now in regards to Tyler…you know all of my comments about my complete lack of any affection for that character? Well it’s coming back! It’s like the world is making sense again. A jerky Tyler… a jerky hybrid Tyler is even better! You know what could possibly be EVEN better? Tyler being Klaus’s little lap dog/wolf! Yeah,this could be good!

SWD: I missed the episode pictured below. Ummmmmmm, Tyler’s outfit. he looks like a pirate. Not diggin his white boy do-rag. It’s too big.

You know you are a creep when you wear pirate head gear, lapdog.

Bonnie and Matt: Bonnie, you help Matt bring back his dead sister and then you help him send her back to her special limbo crazy town. Guess what that means? Bonnie and Matt, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G…I will let you finish the song at your own leisure.

SWD: They’re hooking up? I really need to catch up.

Yup. It's sooo going to happen.

Jeremy Gilbert, Ghost Whisper: I like when Jeremy has a job to do. A job that doesn’t include whining to Bonnie. Which makes Mr. “I see dead people”  much more enjoyable. And now that Anna’s back (I liked her the first time around), I think I will be happy to see the end of Jeremy and Bonnie. (Bonnie’s the whiner now. Just say thank you to the ghost, Miss Cranky Pants!) Ohh…Jeremy also can touch Ghost Anna, yeah, bye Bonnie.


Klaus and the Prank Day from Hell: Most frightening episode? This one. It was scary and exciting, plus Klaus and Stefan were at their worst. Though to be fair, Stefan didn’t want to be. Not really. This was a game changer. It also sent Klaus away, but hopefully not for long!

Not a good day. Not a good day, at all.

Katherine and the Vampire, Vampire Slayer: She became his tasty snack. Oh FYI, the guy playing VVS (Vampire, Vampire Slayer) was Jerry Jacks on General Hospital. Just in case you were curious.

Been back to Port Charles lately?

Guess who’s back…

SWD: Wait, WHAT!!!!

…and, told you so!

Happy days are here again! (For a little while at least!)


2 Responses to “Well Helloooo, Vampire Diaries!”

  1. TeamJacobEdward Says:

    I know the last few episodes could have been summarized by “What the –bleep–?!”

    That was exactly what escaped my mouth at the end of the episode the last few times I watched.

  2. Ladies CW shows are now on Hulu…. So don’t worry ant DVR issues! And I was so happy to see Uncel Mason back…CW must have him on another show stat!

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