Secret Circle…

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No clue.

Here’s the problem, my DVR no longer has the Secret Circle episodes. That I have failed to watch. Good news is that I watched all the Vampire Diaries. #Priorities

Sooo…we need you assistance dear readers. Could YOU catch us up? Either give us a run down in the comments? Or write a guest post! Feel free to be funny! Like jokes about Adam’s very dark eye lashes. He is either very lucky to have such lashes (I’m jealous) or he likes 8’s hair bands. You decide! Guest posts can be sent to

Thanks guys!


One Response to “Secret Circle…”

  1. I don’t watch it, but here’s what I picked up from the previews during VampDi:

    Lux is still the main character and all the other girls blend together despite how much emphasis they had at the beginning when getting her into their occult, er, witch circle.

    There was a murder.
    Lux got blamed because she broke the circle (can you believe her?! What kind of a witch is she?! She should call Marnie for some tips on being creepily annoying.)

    Lux proved her innocence through some overdrawn-out unrealistic explanation that took up an entire episode but could’ve been explained in a half of a segment. Very CW style.

    Cliff hanger where Lux is almost killed.

    Who is the killer?! Man hand holding a knife?! ZOMG.

    The guy that wants to (maybe is?) having hot sex with Lux is being made out to be the killer. Which means he probably is not.

    A dark haired chick is now being made out to be the killer. Is she? Why is she doing this? I thought she was our friend! (James, let’s not play with our food) And now someone else is DEAD!

    Wait, guy who was carrying Lux, despite her unbroken legs, is holding a dagger with the symbol of the witch hunter on it! Seriously, why is it always a male Buffy now? “Why are you holding that man I want fiercely? Do you KNOW I’m a witch?” SILENCE.

    I’m guessing Lux is still alive and hot guy is now “bad”, but is in love with her and thus will not be able to kill her. Otherwise the series would jump the shark.

    How was that? 🙂

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