A Dr. Who guest post from Team Seth

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

@ GoTeamSeth delighed us with a guest post! We love you, TS! And she’s getting hitched this weekend, let’s wish her all the best for a long and happy life together w/ Mr. Seth. Eat, drink and be married!

Who dat?!

Team Seth writes:

As your Doctor Who delegate and lover of Murray Gold, I have produced the attached interview for you.  Here is the introduction:

Since we always only get lame red carpet or “behind-the-scenes” interviews with our favorite cast and crew members, asking inane and repetitive questions that yield nothing of interest to us viewers, I decided to take matters into my own hands. No need to know “What projects are you working on now?” or “What inspiration did you draw on for the pregnancy scenes?”.  We don’t care! We care about sex, drugs, and rock n roll… and if we’re being honest, mostly just sex. Come on, Ian Smoulderholder’s animal rights tweets? Not why we love him.

So, as the apparently appointed Doctor Who expert for TalkSupe, I took it upon myself to interview Murray Gold via twitter. You are likely asking, “Who the hell is he, TeamSeth?” Murray Gold is self-proclaimed on his twitter account a “Curious Sisyphean New York music/lit/aimless gym bunny type. Also weatherman.”  Some people call him a genius, others call him God. I call him “the man I want to come and break up my wedding this Saturday.”  Mr. Seth has even OKed this (see, Murray, all will be fine–you just have to fly down and rent a car).

But, the mainstream media will claim Murray as the four time BAFTA nominated composer of Doctor Who (among other notable things).  Hence his Supe interviewee status. So, without further ado, here is the interview…Interview via Twitter

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