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Secret Circle…

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No clue.

Here’s the problem, my DVR no longer has the Secret Circle episodes. That I have failed to watch. Good news is that I watched all the Vampire Diaries. #Priorities

Sooo…we need you assistance dear readers. Could YOU catch us up? Either give us a run down in the comments? Or write a guest post! Feel free to be funny! Like jokes about Adam’s very dark eye lashes. He is either very lucky to have such lashes (I’m jealous) or he likes 8’s hair bands. You decide! Guest posts can be sent to

Thanks guys!

We have MAJOR catch up to do…

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posted by EC and WC Staceys

Why are the Staceys doing this to us?!? Why?!?

It’s been busy…REALLY BUSY for the both of us. So expect gigantic and hilarious catch up posts about the Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle, which we need to stay up late and watch on our DVR’s. So here’s a challenge, you get to tell us a thing or two. In the comment section, tell us what you think about what happened so far on Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle and even Twilight. (Breaking Dawn is coming, y’all!)  Here are some suggestions:

Anything about these can even make something up and pretend it's fanfiction. I don't care, just make it rated T for my sensitive eyes. I might blush.


Bad boys can be cool...on television


It HAS to be eyeliner, right? Or he really loves Culture Club?


Decisions that make us mad... We will miss you, Nick...

how about….

Fade to black, Meyer's style


I'm worried about that dress after that engagement ring! How about you?


Chess? Really?

New post soon!

Vampire Diaries

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I’m so behind on Vamp Di! I’m about halfway through last weeks episode.

I heard last night’s episode was really good. Is Elijah back? Who did Katherine flirt with? What did Elena complain about? Did Jeremy go all Demi Moore with his “Ghost”?

I’m hoping to catch up this weekend.

I ripped

Vampire Diaries: The End of the Affair

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…Or NOW we’re talking.

SWD: No hiking, camping or flannel… Costumes, drama, angst! ! AND flashback Stefan!

mmmmm, flappers

SWD: Costumes: I luv me some 20’s dresses and waved bob haircuts, red lipstick, and sparkly jewels. I need to watch more Boardwalk Empire.

EC: Flashbacks make me happy, because of the fabulous costumes! I love those 1920’s duds, as much as I love the Civil War costumes! (Still swooning over them.) 

SWD: Klaus has a crush on Stefan: Because seriously, why wouldn’t he want to party with Damon? Damon is right, he is much better at this sort of thing. Vampire’s can glamour/compel each other? Ohhh, this is why he chose Stefan. Stefffy and Becky were a hot little item. I like them together.

Love during Prohibition

EC: Damon is too much of a bad boy to be with Klaus. They would always try to outdo one another. Drinking contests at sorority houses. (Drinking what? Well the options are limitless and probably gross.) You can’t have two alpha males hanging out, Klaus needs a wingman and the loverboy that can keep his little sister in line.

I'm sooo doing your sister

SWD: The witch with the bitchin’ earrings and hair flowers. She’s like Vamp Di’s Sam Merlotte. Or if Tara, Lafayette and Sam merged into one character. Win=WIN.

EC: I liked her. (Like I like most witches on this show.) She and Damon seemed to be buddies and you can tell she can hold her own with these vamp boys. Good for her!

Nobody messes around in my bar!

SWD: Klaus’ sister: Rebecca. Uh oh, did Stefan re gift her necklace to Elena? Uh oh, #thisWouldn’veHappenedIfHe’dGoneToZalesTiffanys

EC: You know, Stefan is going to use that old excuse, “I couldn’t remember that it belonged to somebody else, Elena!” Then he’ll do some “manly” weeping and begging. Probably wearing his tight v-neck shirt. Somedays he makes little Elena look like the man in the relationship. It’s basically, Sullen Hero Vampire 101. Equal parts heroics/martyer equates to girlish whining and begging. Also called The Edward Cullen Syndrome. You can also find this definition in the dictionary when looking up the name Bill Compton.

You can find my picture in the dictionary under "Brooding" and "Weepy"

SWD: Caroline’s Daddy’s “Tough Love”: Worse than “Scared Straight”, or that wilderness-drop-your-kid-off-in-the-Arizona-desert and let them survive themselves off of their addiction, Caroline’s daddy goes all Betty Ford on her.

The questionable cure for vampire addiction

EC: It makes me think of when Caroline’s Daddy aka HRG was on Heroes. He would always protect his immortal daughter, The Cheerleader and go torture chamber on all the other Heroes/Villians on the show. Now on Vampire Diaries he’s using all those torture techniques on Caroline. BTW…I miss Heroes. The first season was so good and had great potential, then went down hill. So the opposite of what happened to Vampire Diaries.

Remember Heroes? I do.

SWD: Stefan goes Edward Cullen on Elena and gives her “the Talk: “You don’t belong in my world Bella, Elena.” And now he’s free to hook up with Rebecca. And Damon can swoop in to mend that broken Elena heart, but where will Katherine fit in? Dah Dah Dum…

Are you over sensitive, moody and have a martyer complex? Then you have The Edward Cullen Syndrome. Get a backbone ASAP.

EC: See! Another classic example of The Edward Cullen Syndrome, New Moon Edition! Ohh…Angel did it on Buffy, too! I need to concentrate on Damon and Eric Northman. Those anti-heroes are the best. The best at not annoying me. You know who’s grown on me…Tyler. He was so sweet to Caroline…what is wrong with me! Ugh!!!

Too sweet! Now I have to take back some of what I said about Tyler. Sigh.

SWD: Looking forward to tonight’s epi!

EC: Me too! Because, she’s back!


A Dr. Who guest post from Team Seth

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@ GoTeamSeth delighed us with a guest post! We love you, TS! And she’s getting hitched this weekend, let’s wish her all the best for a long and happy life together w/ Mr. Seth. Eat, drink and be married!

Who dat?!

Team Seth writes:

As your Doctor Who delegate and lover of Murray Gold, I have produced the attached interview for you.  Here is the introduction:

Since we always only get lame red carpet or “behind-the-scenes” interviews with our favorite cast and crew members, asking inane and repetitive questions that yield nothing of interest to us viewers, I decided to take matters into my own hands. No need to know “What projects are you working on now?” or “What inspiration did you draw on for the pregnancy scenes?”.  We don’t care! We care about sex, drugs, and rock n roll… and if we’re being honest, mostly just sex. Come on, Ian Smoulderholder’s animal rights tweets? Not why we love him.

So, as the apparently appointed Doctor Who expert for TalkSupe, I took it upon myself to interview Murray Gold via twitter. You are likely asking, “Who the hell is he, TeamSeth?” Murray Gold is self-proclaimed on his twitter account a “Curious Sisyphean New York music/lit/aimless gym bunny type. Also weatherman.”  Some people call him a genius, others call him God. I call him “the man I want to come and break up my wedding this Saturday.”  Mr. Seth has even OKed this (see, Murray, all will be fine–you just have to fly down and rent a car).

But, the mainstream media will claim Murray as the four time BAFTA nominated composer of Doctor Who (among other notable things).  Hence his Supe interviewee status. So, without further ado, here is the interview…Interview via Twitter

The Breaking Dawn Trailer

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I FINALLY saw the Breaking Dawn trailer…


And I couldn’t give a sh*t.

I know! Weird! Is it because I really didn’t like the book? I couldn’t stand Edward by this point, well he was fine during the feathers but afterward. No longer do I see Edward and think:

EC: I might have to disagree with you on this one,my friend. I started jumping up and down like a 12 year old at a Justin Bieber concert. (The thought of which makes me cringe.) I was thrilled. Not that I particularly liked Breaking Dawn the book, but I did find it unintentionally hilarious. I feel that I will have the same reaction to the movie. Can you imagine the jokes that can be made? I can and they are going to be marvelous jokes!

They’re all so sullen. Sullen Cullens. Not a fan. 

EC: In my head, I already have jokes started about those Sullen Cullens and Jacob running through the woods singing songs like…Elvis’s “Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog”.  

I need to run off my pain!

Alice and Carlisle have the same haircut.

EC: Like father, like adopted vampire daughter.  Or more like where ever the wardrobe found those discount wigs. Probably in the coupon circular that comes with the Sunday newspaper. Those things always have a mail order wig company that you can order hideous wigs from or those creepy porcelean dolls.  

Bella’s baby bump looks like an ever so slight beer bloat, which a good pee will get rid of.

Maybe I just need to pee?

EC: I wish both times I had baby bumps they looked like that. Instead I resembled Shamu from Sea World.

I’m tired of the pasty white vamps.

I’ve been spoiled by True Blood and Vampire Diaries.

EC: Agreed. But there’s still a place in my heart for bossy sparkles…aka Edward. 

You love Charile! Don't give up and miss some prime Charlie snark!

So, it saddens me to say, ” Twilight…

EC: Don’t worry…I’ll get WC back on board!

They are so a vampire GAP ad.