Vampire Diaries Recap: The Birthday or…

posted by EC Stacey

We're Back!

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

*Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers everywhere too!

Vampire Diaries is back and it’s looking great. Damon surrounded by well placed bubbles looks mighty great! Tonight is episode two, so let’s look back to last Thursday and get reminded by the big plot points. (Aka making jokes about the big plot points.)

So much going on...which means a great season of Vampire Diaries!

When Will They Ever Learn…Mystic Falls Events Equal Casualties:

It’s Elena’s 18th Birthday, y’all! You know what that means…she’s legal for Civil War era vampires! (That’s creepy when you see it written down. Yikes!) What a way to celebrate your birthday then to be confronted be a “Bubbly”Damon. Then a massive party planned by Caroline’s party planning company, Not a Good Idea Events. Underage drinking, sexual frolicking and usually a dead body. When will they ever learn…large functions in Mystic Falls never turn out good!

This guy likes bubble baths.

Ohh…bye, bye Scarf Lady! (That was just harsh, Stefan.)

I will miss you...actually your collection of scarves.


A good party for Mystic Falls means beer, making out and only one death

Here Comes The Ripper:

Somebody's being a very bad boy.

You know how we didn’t dig Simpleton Eric on True Blood? Well, the opposite for Ripper Stefan! He’s better when he’s bad. Take that Edward Cullen! (Your Twilight mention of the post) Those poor girls in the house! Also, poor Alaric when saw what Stefan did to those girls. Rolling heads do nothing to help settle upset stomachs. They didn’t show it, but I bet Damon had to leave the room to giggle. At least Stefan put them together again, like those dolls you can get for your daughters that you can change their outfits by popping off a torso and maybe an arm. Do they still make those?

Did you really need to make me see that girl's head fall off? I lost my ham and cheese sandwich.

Look who it is…'s little Simon!

Poor Reverend Camden…Simon left 7th Heaven and became a dirty werewolf trucker who drinks beers named Ray. Since I watched 7th Heaven when I was a youn’un to ogle the guy who played Simon’s brother. I find this disturbing, but kind of cool. Like when Stefan used Ray as a human dart board. Poor Ray…not only was he all marked up by darts, but he’s a vamp/wolf. That can’t be a comfortable transformation.

Guess this is what happens when you stop going to Sunday School!

“I See Dead People.” Jeremy Style:

"I see dead girlfriends...who wants to get their chronic on?"

All of a sudden Jeremy looks hot again. Is it because Bonnie was pretty much MIA this episode and he couldn’t whine at her? Or is it that Ghost Whisper might be getting an actual plot. He’s the Vampire Diaries Lafayette. (Question, will he now see Jesus from True Blood and start dressing more flamboyantly? I would much prefer seeing Jesus then Vicki and Anna. Just sayin’.) I am concerned that Jeremy is going to go down hill now that he’s partaking again in the wacky weed and hanging out with annoying Matt. (Sorry WC, he’s my new least favorite character now that Tyler’s been redeemed.)

Hello Tyler and Caroline! The Two Most Narcissistic Characters Are Actually Wonderful Together:

I'm pretty and you're's been destined in the stars

Do opposites attract? Sometimes. Do two characters that actually have like personalities, but one like to bite necks and the other gets REALLY hairy once a month have super chemistry? Absolutely!!! These two get jealous and fight. Then they go at it like the rabbits they both chase and then eat. Much better, than that Caroline and prejudiced Matt mess! 

Unfortunately, new love cannot go smooth! (The ratings would plummet!) Caroline get’s shot by Tyler’s mom. (That’s the future mother-in-law from hell. That’s never a good sign for a future relationship!)

Those Poor Star Crossed Lovers! Sniff Sniff!

The final scene with the sad Stefan and Elena phone call brought a tear to my eyes! But not enough to get rid of Ripper Stefan!

Memories..of pouting at each other

What do you think of the first episode of the new season? Let us know in the comments or on twitter @talksupe!  



5 Responses to “Vampire Diaries Recap: The Birthday or…”

  1. TeamJacobEdward Says:

    that phone call at the end killed me too. Though like you, not enough to want to have Ripper Stefan go anywhere. He’s hotter as a naughty boy.

    Thank you! I knew I’d recognized Ray! Now I know why, (shout out for 7th Heaven… I liked watching it for little Simon’s older brother too). 🙂

    I like Tyler and Caroline together. I’m with you on Matt, I’m just not feeling it… Though poor guy, one ex goes for a vamp after him, the next for a werewolf. Matt apparently is the springboard into supernatural relationships.

    I actually kind of liked News Reporter Chick too, but with her gone and Stefan gone off the deep end it just sets things up nicely for Elena to get caught up in some Damon action. I’m thinking it should be some consoling gone too far… What? 😉

  2. (SWD here)
    *waves from a pile of work*
    I haven’t watched this episode yet. #BadBloger.
    Did Caroline get all skinny? No, please no.

    Look closely, is 7th Heaven Simon wearing the same shirt Alcide wore on the last epi of True Blood? Is there an offical werewolf plaid store? Did they get a lycanthrope Groupon?

    I’m watching tonight. can’t wait to see the ripper!

  3. Tyler is super hot. Enough said!

  4. Simon!?! How did I not recoginize him?! And yes, I watched for Matt too! Here’s a funny though…Remember the “adopted Camden”, the baseball player? He’s on the new Teen Wolf show! So when does Matt do his werewolf bit? I think I’d like to see that!

    Also, Jeremy. I think it’s the new haircut that makes him look better!

  5. Twi-Mom (Not like on "O") Says:

    I cannot believe I did not figure out that was Simon!! The facial hair messed me up. I loved 7th Heaven when the London Bros were on. I am such a sucker for tall dark haired guys. (FYI Jason was in a 1991 TV movie about vamps called “Blood Ties”) I don’t know if that is good or pathetic to admit I have been obsessed with vamps for that long!!

    I agree Stefan/The Ripper is so much Hotter than Emo Stefan. It looks like Alric might take Damon’s place as the drunken smart ass. Drinking at a party with all your under age students. I wish my teachers would have been that cool in high school.

    I am LOVING Tyler and Caroline. Much better match than her and Matt.

    I have already watched this weeks and not a spoiler but they have taken another Heroes actor in. For those in the know HRG is now on VD. Cannot wait to see what develops. Lets just hope he lasts longer than the other side charectors. RIP UNCLE MASON!!!

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