The Secret Circle…Next Vampire Diaries?

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I hope Marnie fromTrue Blood isn't running this group

Tonight is the second episode of the Secret Circle. For this reason, we feel that you need our seal of approval of this new show. (Actually, you don’t. But we do have a inflated sense of self and feel that our opinions matter. Just humor us for a bit.) So what did we think? Here’s the breakdown…

1. Like the first episode (the entire season one) of Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle needs to find it’s groove:

It’s always hard to determine the worth of the first episode of a new show by the very first episode. There are always a few exceptions, like Zooey Deschanel’s The New Girl and Will Arnett’s Up All Night. The first episode’s of those two were hilarious and you should definitely check them both out. But, usually except if the show is horrible, it takes a couple episodes. Like with last Thursday’s Secret Circle, the episode was setting up characters and the beginnings of the plot. While there were some cool things going on it was still a bit dry. Hopefully, the next episode will bring in some lighthearted fun to the angst. It took Vampire Diaries the whole first season to go from pretty good to fantastic. Kevin Williamson and Company must have figured out the formula, so hopefully the transition will go quicker. 

Faye: "You have potential, Cassie." Cassie: "Potential to be in a series that can have be critically acclaimed AND actually have viewers?"

2. It’s all about the characters:

The Girls:

All I need is to get Lux's snark into this character

I have always liked the actress who plays Cassie, Britt Robertson. (Of course, the character was a red head in the books, but I will forgive that for now.) She was great on the show Life Unexpected, full of snark and toughness. You can only see glimmers of this in the character of Cassie. Of course, these are two different characters. I just would love to see a female character that is a strong role model for young women. (Even Vamp Di’s Elena isn’t at that point yet.) Let’s see what happens next episode.

I need to get back to Salem! I need to find Patch and Kayla...oh...wrong show.

Look it’s Stephenie from Days of Our Lives! Actually, it’s head witch Diana. It will be interesting to see if she can bring something extra to the character who even in the book was a virtuous character. Which means…yawn.

This is my bad girl look. It's the look I give the whole episode.

The bad girl is Faye. Yeah…umm…let’s get this character to be more well rounded and well dressed.

Got nothing.

There is another girl. I don’t think they really said anything about her, except that she’s Faye’s sidekick.

The Boys:

Will you love me if I have Edward Cullen hair?

Adam is Cassie’s star crossed love/Diana’s boyfriend. It’s like they took Stefan and Edward Cullen (for you Twilight fans) rolled them up, made them human and a wet blanket. The kid’s all squinty smouldering  stares, fishy kissy lips and creepy protective girly manliness over Cassie. I need this character to be attractive likeable and he’s not there yet. Either he will grow on me (like a fungus) or I need one of those soap opera type recasts. You know the ones, one episode the actor is there then magically a pretty actor is in the next episode in that part.

Hey Adam...don't you have a girlfriend?

I also need to point out that while I think he’s supposed to be a good guy, Adam’s drunk dad is a bit too interested in Cassie. All intense looks and “I loved your Mom. You look like her.” It’s as if he wants Adam to date Cassie to fill in for his lost love affair or to distract him for breaking the law and dating her himself. Actually, that could be interesting.

This is a romantic lead I could like

Nick. Oh Nick. You had me at Peeping Tom. Now that kid can be the bad boy romantic lead. Not the boarder-line cheater romantic lead. (See above). Plus, he has humor potential.  

The Villians:

Creepy and well dressed! It's like a hetero episode of Queer as Folk.

Diana’s Dad is played by Gale Harold from Queer as Folk! He plays fantastic bad guys. Also, well dressed gay men. Now this is what I like to see in a show. His character already has killed Cassie’s mom and almost murdered Adam’s dad! This should be interesting to see how it plays out with the big mystery of the books. I won’t give anything away, but rewatch the scene where he starts the fire at Cassie’s house. Take note of his wet footprints, but there is no water around.

I used to be the ingenue…

Faye’s mom is played by Natasha Henstridge. Didn’t she play that alien in Species? (Which I never watched, but I heard it was scary from the guy I had a crush on in 12th grade.) Now she’s playing a mom and high school principal. I feel so old.

3. Special Effects and Drama

That's the way to woo a girl! Pretty, sparkly water droplets!

That’s where this show is mirroring Vampire Diaries! We had the big house fire, Cassie’s car bursting into flames, pretty water droplet’s filling the sky and Adam’s dad drowning on the floor of the diner. If they can get that silly thing of character development fixed, we can have a great show.

You could have just helped her out of the car. Her legs aren't broken, Romeo.


Look out! It's the well dressed fire starter!

4. Humor.

Vampire Diaries is funny. Intentionally funny. (Unlike the Twilight movies, which are unintentionally funny and the intentionally funny is lame.) Secret Circle needs more funny like a snarky Damon. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Bringing the snark...One episode at a time!

So when watching Secret Circle tonight, keep an open mind. There is a lot of possibility in this one and it might be a great fit for the CW and Vampire Diaries.

Let us know what you thought about the first episode in the comments or @talksupe on Twitter.


2 Responses to “The Secret Circle…Next Vampire Diaries?”

  1. i thought it was soooo good! i’m excited for this show. after i saw this episode i went out and bought the books and read them and actually i like the secret circle books more than the vampire diaries books. yay for the 2nd episode!

  2. Um…verdict is still out for this show. At least for me it is. Miss Lux’s snarky clever comments! And totally agree that we need moments of humor … Will be watching next Thursday to see if this will happen

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