Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries is Now Upon Us Boys and Girls and I Have To Say…

posted by EC Stacey

“It’s about freaking time!”

Team Jacob Edward is going to refresh on the epic season two of Vampire Diaries for tonight’s season premiere! Thank goodness, because I forgot some major plot points!!!!!

Okay, so I really don’t have the right to say that since I watched part of Season 2 for the first time with WB’s re-runs and then the rest in a whirlwind the day the DVD came out until just the other day.  So kill me.  I’m used to large concentrated doses with watching Season 1 on DVD one episode after the other, and Season 2 in similar fashion.  Finally being caught up with the rest of the world kind of sucks!  I’m no longer allowed to sit in my bedroom with the remote saying, “just one more [episode]”. (EC: Me too!)

 When EC Stacey asked me if I wanted to do the honors and write a post about the start of VampDi Season 3, my first reaction was flattered and honored, my very next was similar to the feeling you get when you realize you have a test to take but didn’t study.  Literally the thought, “oh crap!  I should have taken notes!” ran through my head.

 You laugh, but seriously, SO much happened in Season 2.  You guys weren’t lying when you said that Season 2 was even better than Season 1.  And it seemed every episode had some major thing going on.

 “But TJE, you just watched the entire Season 2, it should all be fresh in your head for a recap,” you say?

Well, Season 2 went by in kind of a blur sitting in my bedroom taking hit after hit of VampDi as soon as my kidlets were sleeping or playing and poor Mr TJE being neglected (not really but he would probably tell you he was).

 Okay, so what did happen in Season 2? 

 Caroline turns into a vampire.  (that was interesting)

 We find out the Lockwoods are lycanthropes. 

“Dude, what’s with your eyes?” “ It’s um, the fluorescents.”

Damon kills hot Uncle Mason Lockwood… who was doing Katherine. (She really is willing to do anything to get what she wants isn’t she?  Well, okay, so the guys she does aren’t exactly trolls or anything.)

A moment of silence for Mason


Elena and Stefan fake fight.  (I hate you.  –wink, wink—) 

The newest plan to kill Katherine backfires (shocker) because Katherine had a witch put a spell on her which essentially delivers every blow they give to Katherine to Elena too, only she’s human, so she nearly dies.  (she’s outsmarted us again!)

Do they not get that already?  You just can’t kill her.  She’s like a cockroach.  Plus Katherine always knows what they’re going to do, she’s quite cunning.  No.  She’s more evolved than a cockroach.  It’s like if Edward and Alice had a kid that turned out to be an evil incarnate of them (sorry for the Twilight reference, I couldn’t help myself). 

Katherine’s like a real demon baby!

Katherine can’t literally read minds like Edward or tell the future like Alice, but she can read people and predict their next moves with such accuracy she may as well have those supernatural abilities.  But unlike Edward and Alice, Katherine doesn’t use her talents for the greater good.

Moving on.

There are new witches in town… well warlocks to be precise.  But we don’t like them because they’re on Elijah’s side.  Elijah is an original and is out to kill Elena.

We also meet Rose, who kidnaps Elena, but then ends up working with Damon to search for Klaus.

Elena offers herself up to Klaus.  (silly, silly girl)

Tyler triggers the curse (inevitable) and Caroline helps him through it.  You know, I kind of like those two together. Caroline is taken hostage and tortured by a couple of werewolves.  Jerks.

Katherine is back out of the tomb… did I mention that above.  Right, she was in the tomb, now she’s playing nice and joining team Salvatore to kill Klaus.  But she still can’t be trusted.

Klaus is… Alaric?!?!  WTF?  Well, no, he’s not, he’s just borrowing the body with his witch and warlock buddies help.  I did not see that one coming.

Klaus is werewolf/vamp hybrid

Isobel kills herself under Klaus’ compulsion in front of Elena’s eyes.

(Hmmm… I wonder… if Jake and Renesmee have babies, would their spawn be super-creatures like Klaus?  DUDE!  THAT is how the Cullen’s will overthrow the Volturi!  I finally figured it out!  They’ll have a whole litter (hehe) of super-creatures!)

We’re going to kick Volturi butt!

Ahem.  Sorry.  VampDi.  Not Twilight.  Right.  Focus TJE.

Elijah after Elena un-stakes him gets him to agree to help her kill Klaus.

We find out Elijah was in love with Katherine too…. I’m starting to think every guy fell in love with Katherine.  Jeesh.

Caroline and Tyler narrowly escape being hybrid sacrifices but Tyler bites Damon in the process.  (OH NO!)

Damon freaks out, not trusting Elijah’s get away, and forces Elena to drink his blood.  She effectively freaks out and confesses she loves Stefan but doesn’t want forever with him because she doesn’t want to be a vampire.  (break my heart for Stefan)  😦

John sacrifices himself to keep Elena human and alive after Klaus drains her blood.

Klaus is not thwarted by Caroline and Tyler escaping.  Instead he uses Jules for the wolf and Jenna as the vampire.  (holy what!?!?!?)

Klaus performs the ritual and begins to turn wolf.  Bonnie, having the power of one hundred dead witches weakens him to the point of his death.  Elijah punches through Klaus’ chest to finish him off as he agreed to, but Klaus convinces him into not killing him saying he’ll show Elijah where their family is.  (Stupid, stupid, stupid!)

Bonnie barters with Emily to safe Jeremy’s life because she loves him (I like them together)… but there seems to be a price… dead vampires(!?)

Damon is dying from the werewolf bite.  Stefan, desperately trying to save his brother, seeks out Klaus for a cure.  Klaus is the cure and Stefan pays the price slamming bag after bag of human blood, like alcoholic downing booze under Klaus’ command.  Katherine delivers the cure to Damon just in the nick of time.

Did I get it all?  No?  Too bad, that’s a LOT and my head is spinning.

So, what do I want to happen this season?  There are a lot of things, but the biggest one:  I personally hope that Elena falls in love with Damon.  What!?  Don’t hate me for that.  I like Stefan and all, but dang it, Damon deserves to get the girl for once.  Besides, Elena loves Stefan for how he is.  Damon used to be that brother until he got all surly.  Everything Elena hated about Damon, is exactly what Stefan is like now…. And Damon is softening up, showing more emotion.  They’re switching roles.  It’s only appropriate for Elena to fall in love with Damon while Stefan is out being a “ripper” for Klaus.

Think about it.

 Do you agree?  Do you think I’m the most horrible person for wanting that?

What do you want to see happen in Season 3?



4 Responses to “Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries is Now Upon Us Boys and Girls and I Have To Say…”

  1. Nope you’re not horrible for wanting that as I’m not horrible for predicting the fact that I’m going to be Team-Stefan-the-Ripper.

    I forgot all that happened this season, thanks TJE for the recap! Especially loved “Katherine, you just can’t kill her, she’s like a cockroach”

    I wonder things for this season too: like what will Elijah’s hair be like and who will have the best outfits (Bonnie).

  2. Twi-Mom (Not like on "O") Says:

    I think I want Damon and Elena together but, not at the expense of loosing Snarky Damon and his great comments. I dont think I could handle him all whinny and wussy like Stefan.

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