Happiest of Birthdays to…Not Who You Think!

posted by EC Stacey


Wishes she could be "Steve"

I know that today is the hallowed day that Isabella Marie Swan was born. Except, Isabella Maria Swan is not real. She’s a character in Twilight. However, there is someone who was born today that is pretty fantastic and she’s real. So here is the top reasons my sister, “Steve” (her super heroine name) is cooler than the fictional Bella.

"Steve" loves these little guys!

1. “Steve” doesn’t stumble through life like Bella. Or for that matter, stumble over curbs, logs or the occasionally thin air. (That would be me.)

2. “Steve” is getting a doctorate AND running a non-profit. Bella just wants to get changed into the undead. Priorities, Bella, priorities!

3. While Bella runs around in over sized flannels and dirty converse, “Steve” rocks in Anthropologie and Banana Republic! (And teeth shirts, which is odd and somewhat Cullen approved.)

4. Bella only cares for Edward, while “Steve” does great things for her friends, family and the clients of her non-profit.

5. “Steve” has a cool husband who takes great photographs and doesn’t creepily watch her sleep. (at least I hope not.)

"Sorry, Bella. I only want to watch "Steve" sleep now." (BTW, "Steve" would be creeped out)

6. Bella sits arounds mooning over Wuthering Heights and Edward, while “Steve” runs around doing millions of actually important things.

7. “Steve” is a talented artist. Bella…umm…might be able to cook fish.

"Steve" does love the Vampire Diaries! Happy Thursday!

So I ask all of you to wish “Steve” the happiest of birthdays!   

2 Responses to “Happiest of Birthdays to…Not Who You Think!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Steve! I hope to meet you one day because I too love Anthropologie, art and.. teeth!

  2. Happy bday “Steve”!!! Luv the pics of the French bulldogs… Nice touch ECS;)

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