True Blood Season Finale: Predictions

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SWD: True, we have both read the books, but that doesn’t really mean too much since this series has drastically deviated. For the most part, I love the liberties True Blood takes *coughs* except Amnesic Eric. Glad your back Sheriff. *winks* Which makes seeing how things will tie up and what the cliff hangers will be rather surprising.

EC: I have decided to reread the books, because I am curious how it will be even possible to follow any of following books after the third one! For instance…Claudine’s dead, Claude isn’t a stripper, Jason isn’t a panther which will completely do away with a whole plot with Crystal in one of the books and where the heck is Quinn? My head is spinning. Of course, this is all forgiven because we still have the Lafayette. That character and his clothes are the best part of True Blood.

The show gives us little gems like THIS: Vampire "A-TEAM" ..or V-TEAM, if you will

Jason: Since he didn’t initially change into a panther, I’m guessing something messed up is going to happen at the next full moon, since he’s been sucking on Jessica’s vamper juice. I’m predicting, he turns into a flaming gay panther once a month. It will be like a big faaaaaaabulous period for Jason. In which case he will end up crushing on Hoyt for 2-3 days per month.

EC: Oh boy, WC…you just love Hoyt so much you will try to give him a relationship with anyone! It might work though. Those two are completely co-dependant with their beer drinking and cold pizza eating.   

I do think Jason NEEDS to become a panther, which is funny that I am saying this due to hating that plot point in the books, but so much that happens later ties up to that. I do love Jason and Jessica! Mentally, they are both about fourteen with a limited I.Q., but it is adorable.   Also, Jason is quite the romantic hero, a brainless hero, but still a romantic one. He’s my favorite today!

Oh Snaaaaaap! You did NOT jus go there grrrrrlfriend.

Debbie: Dead… but pregers? With Marcus or Alcide’s spawn?

EC: Whoa…She didn’t die. (Yet…fingers crossed) Marcus did though. Alcide did do the wolf equilivant of Amish shunning with that whole speech where he said, “I share flesh with you no longer, blah, blah, blah…” He really should have done that LAST season when she was hooking up with the Australian guy from UGLY BETTY last season.  

Alcide: Will do something cool, then the show will end and they’ll play The Black Keys, ” Howlin’ For You”

Howlin' For me? *blushes*

EC: Forget Jason! Team Alcide! Sure he killed Marcus, but that guy was BAD! It wasn’t like when Bill and Eric were going to bomb the magic shop that had innocent people in it. Plus, Alcide is a stoic and honorable man. Who tried to save Tommy and then stood by Sam! Alcide should be the hero of the show. (Even though Henry Cavill will make a great Superman, Joe could have too!)

My dream is to make the show all about Alcide and Sam saving the day! Oh and Jason can be their side kick! 

Sam: Will shift into “My Little Pony” so he can be a babysitter to What’s her Name’s daughter.

But remember, Sam has a Dark Side

EC: That just pony just gave me serious nightmares! Thanks a bunch.

Sam is the cutest potential daddy. I do see him with someone else…ahem…Tara…ahem Sookie. I don’t care which and Alcide can be with the other one. #TeamShifter/Wolf

Bill: Gets put in his place by Sookie

EC: Amen. Remember when I was slowly going to Team Bill? Forget it. He’s a bossy jerk who was going to kill Tara and Holly. (I like Holly, she’s a fun character. Plus, I think Tara needs a female friend that can be supportive and help with Tara’s self-esteem issues. As seen by the last episode.) 

Eric: Gets put in his place by Sookie.

EC: Double Amen. Remember when I was Team Eric? Forget it. He’s a bossy jerk who was going to kill Tara (multiple times) and Holly. Plus, he ate Sookie’s fairy godmother! That’s not cool!

Also, remember when I was Team Vampire? Forget it. That will only return for Vampire Diaries and Breaking Dawn. #AlcideandSamrock!

Tara: Somehow Bill will save Lafayette and Tara will be so thankful for the gesture that she will once again “change teams” and put the moves on Bill. This will incite Sookie to once again drum up feelings for Bill. Then next season we’ll have lots of “dream sequences” of Bill enjoying the battle for his affections from both ladies. #3Way

T: Hookah we crazy. S:Beeeeeeeeel (it's my turn to say it) is MAHINE!

EC: Did we forget Bill was about to make Tara into a smore? I didn’t it. Both of these girls need some “hairy” action, shifter style!

Pam: Puts a smackdown on everyone with one of her sassy lines. And she becomes the spokeswoman for Botox.

EC: Did you see how sad she was when Eric was mean to her? That sassy shrew has had the worst time this season! She needs some retail therapy! That Vamp loves her designer shoes!

Sookie: Turns in her “Runs with Vampires” sneakers for “Flirts with wolves” flip flops. I predict a Sookie Alcide hook up.

EC: From your mouth to Alan Ball’s ears! Except, fingers crossed, see below… 

Jesus: Dies saving Lafayette. He’s not on the posters, so therefore they will kill him off.

Just like the Old Testament, No Jesus!

EC: NO! NO, NO, NO! Jesus was just killed off of Southland and I cried! (Great show on TNT, by the way! Check it out!) HE can’t leave this on too! Even though his face changes into that scary mask. I will, however, enjoy seeing the last of Marnie. 

Terry, Arlene and the Bellefleur clan: They’re all going to get seduced by faeries, Siren song style.

EC: Terry is one of the best characters that was changed from the show with his special fort! He would be a great motivational speaker/drill Sargent! Of course, Andy is a lost cause. (Mostly now with him getting some fairy lovin’.) Poor Jason, truly is the smartest bunch of the Bon Temp’s finest. The crime rate must be off the charts.

Merlottes: Starts serving salads and Michelob Ultra beer.

EC: There goes the majority of the visitors who crave chicken wings and Bud.

Remember how I said look below? Another possible love match for Sookie? This guy is supposed to be making an appearance…


And he can bring along this guy! #missingFelicity 

Wouldn't it be lovely?

Talbot, Sophie Anne, and Tommy Mickens: show up as ghosts to haunt and taunt Bon Temps, oh wait, that’s Vampire Diaries (which starts soon!)

EC: SO excited! Hurray for Thursday!

One week to Bad Stefan!

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  1. ECS-I never told you that luv LaFayette!!! He’s my fav!

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