The Smurfs… as supes!

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

I took Snow Jr. to see the Smurf film over the weekend. It was cute and the adult jokes were actually lol-able. Decent soundtrack too. Snow Jr. even got out of her seat and started grooovin’ to “Back in Black”. Made mama so proud!

EC: We haven’t seen it yet. Of course, we like to wait for things to come on cable ot netflixs to watch movies. Yo know what’s on ONDEMAND…the Smurfs cartoon! I’ll watch those and then an episode of How I Met Your Mother to get my Neil Patrick Harris fix and pretend I saw the movie. BTW…I miss Doogie Howser.

But of course, these little blue buddies reminded me of… our SUPES! Please note the comparisons:


EC: They make Vampire Smurfs?!? I am so creeped out right now. Just like I was creeped out at the Halloween Dora book that had Boots the monkey dressed up like one. “Hola, Dora! I vant to suck your blood and count to six in Spanish!”

Papa Smurf: is the Carlisle. Full of wisdom, gentle, taking care of all his “adopted children”

Papa's beard is much more authorotative than Carlisle's scarves.

EC: You just need to add a lovely red scarf to ol’Papa. Also random comments like, “There will be many lives lost…when Azriel eats us all.” (Like in that ridiculous party scene in Eclipse..remember?”

Clumsy Smurf: is Bella! The source of all the turmoil, why all the smurfs (vampires) are now in danger. Turns heroic in the end.


EC: Bella turns heroic? Also, does Clumsy pop out an ill advised creepy child? Please, for the love of all that is good say “No”.

Gargamel: is Aro, but way less pretty. Old, into cave-y castle type lairs, trying to drain little ones of their essence.


EC: Aro pretty? With his weirdo creepy tresses? Actually, give Gargamel some Hair Club for Men and we’ve got brothers!

Azriel the cat: is Victoria. Chases and tracks the Smurfs/ Bella relentlessly. Even has red hair! OR he could be Jasper on a crazy buzz smelling blood.


EC: It really is a toss up! But I can see Jasper licking his lips just like Azriel.

Grouchy Smurf: Stefan Salvatore. Both masters of the pout. Smurf Off, people!!!


EC: Or Edward in his bossy pants moments…Wait isn’t there a Bossy Smurf?

Vanity Smurf:Vampire Diaries’ Katherine. Is there a scene where she doesn’t fluff her hair?


EC: Alice could be a possible option. Of course, she uses her vanity for good not evil.

Brainy Smurf: ????????? No one on True Blood. No one in Mystic Falls. Do we have a brainy supe? Oh, duh, EDWARD!!!


EC: That would work.

Gutsy Smurf: is Outlander’s Jamie Fraser. duh. And I’m just saying, Gutsy had the biggest feet of all the smurfs. Mmmphm.


EC: Oh boy. Is it just me or does this smurf look like Mike Meyers dressed up like Fat Bas**rd in Austin Powers. Just look hard and you’ll see it.

Smurfette: Sookie! One girl, surrounded by 99 inappropriate suitors.


EC: There should be a “Sam Smurf”. You know, the nice Smurf that Smurfette should be with, but she gets taken in with the no good ones instead.

And yes, of course I feel like a whack job comparing little blue creatures to big dead icy ones.

5 Responses to “The Smurfs… as supes!”

  1. Stacey, you run a blog dedicated to discussing supernatual entertainment…I think we’re past ‘whack job’ šŸ˜‰

    And, yes, the Outlander smurf seriously echoes Mike Meyers as Fat Bastard. Is that a cuss word now?

    • EC: It’s probably not considered a curse word, but being a mom makes everything a curse word to me. Like I heard someone say, “prick” and I got upset. Then I was informed that they “pricked their finger on a thorn.” The trials of motherhood. :0)

      • Snowwhitedrifed Says:

        Mine has made up her own expletives, which I have started to use: “oh bammershocks”

        But in the car I may have at least trained myself to “Mother… Nature!!!!!”

  2. I love this post! “Vanity Smurf” as “Katherine” and “Smurfette” as “Sookie Stackhouse are my favorites!

    Very creative and awesome!

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