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True Blood “Beeeeeel, RUN!!!”

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Or whatever the title was.

WC: So Sookie pretty much had the dream I’ve been having for forever, I even dreamt I had those abs!

She also dreamt of her “suitors”  in their traditional attire, Bill’s in his henley and Eric’s in his infamous black tank with the uber low Stefan neckline.

I miss them like this.

Briefly back!

EC: It seems we have forgotten about the previous two episodes… a lot of Sookie and Simpleton Eric frolicking naked. Way too much frolicking and not enough plot. However…I will try to fill in some plot from those episodes in discussion of events from this one. I really need to get back into True Blood. This is getting embarassing! 

That dream. I wasn’t missing that super low tank that Eric picked up from Forever 21 or Abercrombie & Fitch or where ever little 15-year old girls are shopping these days.

SWD: LOL, Forever 21!

EC: All Eric needs is a Hanes push up bra to go with the low necklines. Now stick him in a nice black Sam’s shirt like Damon wears… I’ll admit it, finally, Bill is looking more attractive these days. Also, as I step up onto my questionable feminist high-horse, Sookie got on my darn nerves. Was that her version of woman power? “I’ll let you both be my lovers!” What?!? You know what would be fun Sook? Instead say, “Screw both of you Mr. Bossy Pants. I’m going back to college and getting a high paying job where I won’t have to wear short-shorts.” Real women empowerment, not a twisted version of reverse Big Love.  

WC: So apparantly Jason “distracted” Jessica from her perpetual hymen pain with his “skills” in the bedromm, er I mean, truck bed.

EC: Jason and Jessica were hotter than all of that Sookie/Eric we’ve been watching. (Which is disappointing, because I had been looking forward to it.) Actually, Sam and Shifter Mom was hotter, too. Hmm…when they took away Eric memories, they took away his hotness. That’s just wrong.

I understand Hoyt is hurt, but he is being a huge jerk. The scene with Jessica crying to Nan about him was hilarious, but it made me want to hit Hoyt with something.

At least I moved the chainsaw out of the way.

WC: I didn’t cry during the ghost baby scene. Nope not at all, not one tear. *sniff sniff* #neededTissuesandaHug

EC: It was sweet when Mama Ghost was reunited with her baby! At first, I was trying to see the purpose of this subplot, but I think I have figured out where they are going with it. Jesus and Layfette are going to be the good witches to combat Marnie. I have a feeling they will be getting some help from Tara, Holly and the rest of the witches that are locked up in the magic shop. (Yay Tara! That’s a real friend saving Sookie like that. I still see Sookie pushing poor Tara under a bus for Eric or Bill…ridiculous.)

WC: Andy on V reminds of this little French bulldog I see when I run. Full of bark and gruff.

It's not me, IT'S THE V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EC: My sister has Frenchies…they are cute, little dog piggies. Like Andy. I wonder what’s going to happen with Terry and Andy? There is a lot of tension there.

WC: I can’t believe I am saying this. At least Amnesiax Eric wasn’t in it much. You know he is coming back so evil when he gets his memory back and it is gonna be good, like staking Talbot good.

EC: Eric is still kind of evil with all the fairy eating and witch attacking in the foggy cemetary scene last episode. (BTW…kudos to Bill for saving Tara. Bill is almost always the hero. Simpleton Eric, not so much. He’s just simple.) Ultimately, less Simpleton Eric, means more Alcide and Sam. Whoo hoo. Team Not Vampires. Wait a sec… what has happened to me?!?!?! Darn you, Ball!

WC: Alcide speaks! A lot! …and does burly manly things in his tank top. #approved

EC: See above. That equals a very happy me. I hope that Alcide’s going to take down that greasy hair werewolf who attacked Sa…I mean irritating little Sam brother, Tommy.

That reminds me…should Sookie be at least a bit concerned that Sam FIRED her. The girl has no income, but living off vampires. Ugh. 

I really want Sookie and Alcide in a relationship. They are veering so far away from the books that this could definitely happen. Please, let this happen!!!

Let's give this romance a chance!

WC: Debbie Does Deceit. What is she up to with the witch pseudo alliance? I hope someone *cough cough* kills her off soon.

EC: Debbie is not the sharpest tool in the shed, you know, she’s mean and dumb. I am so annoyed that Debbie’s still on this show. Fingers crossed that she is gone by the end of the season. 

WC: So when Sam takes the horsey camping, how is this a good idea? To be out in the open WOODS when you are “taking a vacation” from a werewolf, who runs in the woods?

EC: I kind of like Shifter Mommy. She’s seems like a good mom/school teacher with really questionable choices in men. I have no idea why she would ever find Greasy Wolf attractive. He’s gross. The only thing I don’t like is that Sam can’t rekindle a relationship with Tara right now. He’s good for Tara, for heavens sakes he became a BUNNY for the little girl. Tara needs a man sensitive enough to shift into a bunny. It was too cute.

WC: So Eric is trying to Kill Bill, Sookie’s warning him, and I can’t wait to see a good Beeeeeeeel/ Air-rick fight. Hopefully Bill will beat the Fang out of him, and when I say Fang I mean amnesia.

EC: We can only hope that Bill succeeds and we can get the normal Eric back. Oh and Pam’s face from falling off. Her face is way too much like a zombie’s and I hate zombie movies. They are too scary and Pam’s face is giving me nightmares! 

Or they can kiss and make up!

WC: Bring back the viking! …and Jesus’ dad. (Was that out loud?)

EC: Jesus’s dad? Yuck! What’s wrong with you? Eric goes simpleton and you latch on to any dark character you can find? You need a good dose of Vampire Diaries and their good looking evil STAT! Damon and Klaus…much better.
SWD: LOL, EC. Too true!

EC likes her bad guys pretty, not creepy and old. When is VampDi coming back on?

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I miss the Viking Sheriff :(

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Eric needs his memeory back, STAT.

I miss this:

I'm perfect.

and I could go for a Viking falshback:

Raiding Bon Temps for Witches!

Like this:

Let’s bring back the BAMFiness! I know, I know… I read the books. 😉

Maybe the Vikings could use some help from the Scots?

A Message From Team Seth…

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Doctor Who S6.E2: The One That’s Weirder and Scarier Than “Blink

This episode is so scary that I think I’m going to just tell it pictorially with captions with the help of many unnamed and unlinked tumblr accounts (shh). Literally I haven’t been able to rewatch it because it was so scary I’m worried to stay up all night for a week again. Again, Steven! (shakes fist towards Wales).

Three months later…

Amy, Rory, and River are chased down and murdered by Canton. (Oh, Canton, I still love you!)

Oh no!

What is that weird Toby markings all over their bodies? Ok, not precisely the same…they have tally marks and he has marks of the devil. OMG Is the Silence The Devil?!

Who the hale Toby is?

Where’s the Doctor then? Oh yeah, in a big hangar that used to house the plane from Oceanic Flight 815.

They’re buildin’ me into an inescapable prison, because the Pandorica worked out so well.

SURPRISE! Everyone’s alive! And now they’re back in the TARDIS, Amy isn’t pregnant, and Canton is all, “Why is my hand blinking?” and everyone’s all “Because you left yourself a message and then forgot.” Press play. How can you kill an enemy you can’t remember? By tallying it onto your body…or you could just record the interaction into your hand. Because that’s normal.

“Hey, I’ve got a great idea, let’s split up! Canton and Amy will go a creepy orphanage to try and sell life insurance, er, I mean to go find the little girl she shot.”

“The wall says ‘Leave now’, Amy.” “Yeah, I know.” “So…” “Let’s go further into this super creepy orphanage that reminds everyone of a really creepy horror film. Yeah?” “I hate British people. And women. I miss my black husband.” “Ok, let’s split up then!” (Ep1 revealed Canton is not just in an interracial relationship, but with a guy. DRAT. I still love him. Regardless of the fact we can never be together. Yes, I realize he’s a fictional character. YOU LOVE ERIC NORTHMAN–DO NOT JUDGE ME!)

I wonder what’s in this super creepy room. And why my message hand is blinking red. And why I can’t remember anything.

OH! That’s why! (insert super creeptastic music by Murray Gold here)

I just saw a batload of Silence. Maybe I should go into the room with the chick wearing a metal eyepatch. That seems like a safe choice.

Why the hell am I holding a baby…that looks a lot like me…and possibly the Doctor…but possibly Rory…or some third option.

Whoa. What is going on? You killed the Doctor! Right? I mean… wait, what? You’re a little girl? I shot you! Someone is going to come save me. I promise you that.


KIDNAPPED! “Imma tie you to the chair and pace a lot.” “The Doctor’s coming.” “No one is coming. You don’t remember do you?” (paces) “Remember what? Remember WHAT?”

Oooh! Let me capture this for my Halloween costume this year!

We’re just hanging out, trying on 1960s spectacles and figuring out how to out-man the other guy while we save the universe from the Silence… oh, and save Amy, too.

Yup, I’m still awesome.

“The good news, Pond, is that we found you.” “And the bad?” “I have to flirt with River before we save you and the universe. Which is even weirder than you know…”

“SPOILERS, Doctor!” “Hush, River. I wasn’t going to tell them you were a screamer.”

“Okay, everyone pay very close attention because I’m about to do something really, really clever. Like cleverer than usual.”

“You should kill us all on sight. Otherwise the creepy little girl from The Ring will come for you!!!”

The jig is up, buddy!

Peace out, River! “Oh my god, we’re kissing. First time for everything, eh, River?” “And a last.” (sad face!)

Did somebody say Creepy Little Girl? Regenerating? Yeah… Who IS she?

That wasn’t enough of a cliffhanger? Okay, fine: Is she, or isn’t she?


Basically. See you next time for Ep.4, The Doctor’s Wife. We’re skipping Ep3 because it’s really lame.


I Didn’t Watch the Teen Choice Awards But…

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Let’s Pretend I Did

Why am I here? I am starring in The Help for goodness sakes!

Let get to the truth first…I completely forgot the Teen Choice Awards was on. Oh..and I wouldn’t have watched them anyway because I am an adult with a toddler and a preschooler, so the fact that I co-write this blog and write “stories” is really embarassment enough for one girl. (BTW…writing this while drinking Pinot Grigio. Drinking and writing…oh enjoy the insanity.) But, I did look at the pictures on PopSugar before I fell asleep on the couch watching True Blood. (That couch is way too comfy!) Which reminds me…the True Blood recap is going to be a double addition due to sleeping through last week episode TWICE. Not that it wasn’t good, but it’s summer and the gin & tonics make me sleepy. Also, I am trying to try to talk myself out of being team witch,which is seriously happening. Anyway, here is my review of the show I didn’t watch, because seriously all the screaming teenagers make my ears bleed.

Okay little Biebers, I understand. I loved New Kids On The Block back in the day. Had a Donnie Walberg Beach Towel, but...seeing the Biebs makes my eyes bleed. You'll understand when you become a parent.


Seriously, you HAVEN'T done anything with that hair? Are you going through some issues with being a heartthrob? This is getting ridiculous. Those little girls need to be mobbing you with scissors and hair gel not admiration.


Fine jailbait, I'll admit's time for a Rob hair .


Alright Ashley, it's time to channel your inner Alice Cullen and get out that MARK makeup starter kit and fix that Rob up!


Nice job. Ashley! Kellan looks pretty! Now get to work on Rob.


It's the Harry Potter guys! Umm...I might have only watched the one with Rob in it and turned it off before his character died. Awkward. Oh and embarassing.


Hi Glee cast! Where's the lovely Mr. Shue? Right he's my age so he's at a bar.


Somerhalder, did you forget how old you are? You can meet Matthew Morrison and I at a bar. *rolling eyes*


On a more positive note...I liked Nikki's dress.


Back to old people at teen award shows...hey there cougar! Trying to get close to the Biebs? *that image is disgusting and I just gagged*


You two were there. Why? Oh and Walberg, your kid is too young to be there, so don't use that as an excuse. Just slightly questionable parenting.


Has a plague descended upon us? The Kardashian Clan are here too?!? I am really worrying for society at this moment.


Rudy from The Cosby Show?!? I am so old! *crying into a glass of Pinot Grigio*


Who the heck is this? The girl who sang that horrible Friday song? Really?!? I am trembling about the future.


Let's end on a postive note! Normally this would be Rob or Ian, but...Rob has horrible hair and Ian has regressed to 15 year-old.

I need more wine…

The Smurfs… as supes!

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I took Snow Jr. to see the Smurf film over the weekend. It was cute and the adult jokes were actually lol-able. Decent soundtrack too. Snow Jr. even got out of her seat and started grooovin’ to “Back in Black”. Made mama so proud!

EC: We haven’t seen it yet. Of course, we like to wait for things to come on cable ot netflixs to watch movies. Yo know what’s on ONDEMAND…the Smurfs cartoon! I’ll watch those and then an episode of How I Met Your Mother to get my Neil Patrick Harris fix and pretend I saw the movie. BTW…I miss Doogie Howser.

But of course, these little blue buddies reminded me of… our SUPES! Please note the comparisons:


EC: They make Vampire Smurfs?!? I am so creeped out right now. Just like I was creeped out at the Halloween Dora book that had Boots the monkey dressed up like one. “Hola, Dora! I vant to suck your blood and count to six in Spanish!”

Papa Smurf: is the Carlisle. Full of wisdom, gentle, taking care of all his “adopted children”

Papa's beard is much more authorotative than Carlisle's scarves.

EC: You just need to add a lovely red scarf to ol’Papa. Also random comments like, “There will be many lives lost…when Azriel eats us all.” (Like in that ridiculous party scene in Eclipse..remember?”

Clumsy Smurf: is Bella! The source of all the turmoil, why all the smurfs (vampires) are now in danger. Turns heroic in the end.


EC: Bella turns heroic? Also, does Clumsy pop out an ill advised creepy child? Please, for the love of all that is good say “No”.

Gargamel: is Aro, but way less pretty. Old, into cave-y castle type lairs, trying to drain little ones of their essence.


EC: Aro pretty? With his weirdo creepy tresses? Actually, give Gargamel some Hair Club for Men and we’ve got brothers!

Azriel the cat: is Victoria. Chases and tracks the Smurfs/ Bella relentlessly. Even has red hair! OR he could be Jasper on a crazy buzz smelling blood.


EC: It really is a toss up! But I can see Jasper licking his lips just like Azriel.

Grouchy Smurf: Stefan Salvatore. Both masters of the pout. Smurf Off, people!!!


EC: Or Edward in his bossy pants moments…Wait isn’t there a Bossy Smurf?

Vanity Smurf:Vampire Diaries’ Katherine. Is there a scene where she doesn’t fluff her hair?


EC: Alice could be a possible option. Of course, she uses her vanity for good not evil.

Brainy Smurf: ????????? No one on True Blood. No one in Mystic Falls. Do we have a brainy supe? Oh, duh, EDWARD!!!


EC: That would work.

Gutsy Smurf: is Outlander’s Jamie Fraser. duh. And I’m just saying, Gutsy had the biggest feet of all the smurfs. Mmmphm.


EC: Oh boy. Is it just me or does this smurf look like Mike Meyers dressed up like Fat Bas**rd in Austin Powers. Just look hard and you’ll see it.

Smurfette: Sookie! One girl, surrounded by 99 inappropriate suitors.


EC: There should be a “Sam Smurf”. You know, the nice Smurf that Smurfette should be with, but she gets taken in with the no good ones instead.

And yes, of course I feel like a whack job comparing little blue creatures to big dead icy ones.

True Blood Epi 6 : “I wish I Was the Moon”

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…Or  “True Blood, you’re doing it wrong!”

^I’ll get to that at the end, but you book readers get where I’m going with this.

EC: What the heck happened in episode 5? Oh right! Jason’s weird/hilarious dream about Jessica becoming Hoyt. Oh and Eric getting frisky with Sookie! Those were the important things, right?

*sings* I got the Sheriff, but I didn't get no hot Sookie

King Bill: So Eric and Sookie are having an ab-off on the sofa when Bill vamp speeds in and hypothetically throws a bucket of cold water on the action.  Eric attacks him and we almost have a shish kabill. Luckily Sookie screached loudly enough that Bill was Eric’s king and Eric goes down on one knee to honor his liege. (EC: That girl has a powerful set of lungs! I think I lost my hearing after her wailing cat impression.) Then we end up back at Bills, where we have “Locked Up Abroad: Vamp edition.” It’s a little party in Bill’s Basement of Broken Wills. Pam is falling apart, literally, but her Pamisims are on fire, calling Bill a “pompus little dork”, coining “dork” as the newest offending 4 letter word.Nan pops up on Bill’s screen and is impressed and surprised he has coraled Eric. *raises eyebrow* Why is she surprised? Bill gets her permission to impose the true death on Eric. Yes, I was shocked, shocked I tell you that Bill wants Eric dead. Awe what happened to the bromance? Well Nan signs off and we see that Bill’s computer wallpaper is, in fact, wallpaper!

EC: Pam’s face is making me literally ill. I have a hard time looking at the screen when she’s on. Have I mentioned lately that I hate zombie movies? That’s the reason why. Also…did you notice something odd about Nan in her teleconference with Bill? She seemed to be…ahh…enjoying something while talking to him. Why is it that I think Alan Ball cut something out in this scene? (Watch the scene again on your DVR’s. You will definitely notice something odd there.) 

King Bill is annoying the heck out of me. I miss gentleman Bill who didn’t wear suits and wasn’t putting people (or attractive Vikings) to death. Come back to us, Bill, come back!

SWD: *Confession time for SWD* I like Bill way more as BadBill and I *hangs head in shame* like Eric less as EmoNorthman. And you KNOW how big of an Eric fan I am.  See, I have a baddy addy.

I'm making SWD change Vamp Teams

Witch Marnie: So, Marnie’s a cutter. After some bleeding and pleading,  she gets possessed by Antonia, “bob” from Twin Peaks style. Will her hair turn gray? Will she kill Laura Palmer? (EC: I miss Twin Peaks! Now I want cherry pie and teh guy who played Agent Cooper to be in a good show again.)  Anyhow, Marnie becomes the “Vampire Whisperer,”  making Fr. turned Sheriff Luis submit into downard dog with her devil horn hand gesture. I’m so trying this on my dog later.

EC: Are the witches really the bad guys? The one possessing Marnie seems to be pretty justified in wanting to get revenge. Those scenes were upsetting. Okay, maybe destroying every vampire might be taking it to far, but after going through what she did I can under stand wanting to bring some pain. 

Jesus and Lafayette in Mexico:Lafayette objects for “Goat Tongue for breakfast”. Please, man up Laffy, goat tongue is not for afternoon tappas! I find Jesus’ grandpa… wait for it… sexy as hell. I want him to play Murtagh (yes, more #Outlander), Latino style. He has the boys out in the yard finding a wiling animal to sacrifice. Of course, since this is True Blood, it’s not a gopher, but a rattlesnack. Jesus goes all Steve Irwin and grabs the snake. Hawt G-pa tells Laffy to protect Jesus and then sics the rattler on Jesus neck. Then Laffy, like witch Marnie, gets possesed by Tito Ortiz, oh wait I mean Tio Luca, and we’re all sure Luca is going to be loco, right? Good. Maybe Tio will cut off Laffy’s braids. Where’d the cute mohawk go, Laffy?

You dissin' my braids, hookah?

EC: You joking about Jesus’s grandpa, right?

SWD: I’m not, lol… see above “baddy addy”.

EC: That dude freaks me out. You kow what also freaked me out…that rattlesnake. Poor Layfette. He is going to be doing some weird stuff now. Can’t a guy just hang out with his honey for an episode and just chill?

Demon ghost baby: Something starts a fire in the Bellefleur “boudoir” but Mikey’s guardian ghost (whom I swear was Jared Leto’s “Love” interest in “How to Make an American Quilt”) puts him outside. That whole house burns and all the Bellfleur fam are left with is the dirty creepy doll. And Terry’s armadillo? Where did that come from? Mr. Molina’s biology class? But I did kind of dig Arlene’s Etsy style morning after sweater.

EC: Vampires, werewolfs and ghosts…Oh my! We now have almost everything supernatural represented now in True Blood! I might be losing track of storylines. Are any of these going to tie in at all? Is the ghost a witch, too? That baby is adorable. I don’t like him being around creepy things. Unlike, Breaking Dawn, there can be a vampire show with a cute baby. Just not ones with ridiculous names and questionable births.

Law Enforcement: V’ed up Andy shows  can lift Lazy Boy armchairs and swing dates with witches. Go Andy, Holly was imnpressed with the Gun Show! But you ARE barking up the wrong tree with Sam. He will go raging bull, literally, on your arse if you’re not careful.

EC: I might have a started reading my Martha Stewart magazine and zoned out on this part. Yummy summer recipes…

The Merlotte Boys: Distraugh Tommy shifts into Sam, opens the bar, fires Sookie and steals Sam’s… not money this time, but his “horse tail”. I think Tommy just wanted to know what it felt like to be in a true Sam shirt.  Tommy is sickened by this human shift, or maybe it was going horsey style, and Sam finds him passed out when he returns home.

EC: I stopped reading Martha Stewart after Andy’s scenes were over. The only reason I even watched Tommy’s scenes was that he looked like Sam. What a little jerk. Can he morph into a fly and someone hit him with a fly swatter? Problem solved!

Tara: Gets found by her girlfriend who likes Bon Temps Tara. Glad someone does cuz I’ve had an earful of Tara-self pity. Why is she still in BT anyway? She’s pissed at Sookie, Laffy and Jesus are frolicking on an advenure, she’s dissing on Merlottes, she’s on the vampire’s naughty list. GTFO of “Dodge” Tara.

EC: I think Tara is drawn to the absolute worse place for her. Or she’s still secretly in love with Sam. (fingers crossed!) Of everything that happened to her, it seems to be a case of her being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If I was Tara, I would hate Eric too. He tried to kill her in the second episode. Also, all the vampire hate is completely justified after that Franklin mess. I think, listen up Alan Ball, that the kick ass Tara needs to show up and throw it down. Make her a vampire slayer. Something to give the girl some power. (I really miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon could give lessons on creating strong female leads!)

Jess and Jason have a Meadow Scene!:  It’s the new TB couple: Jassica! Firstly, so much classic Jason lines in this episode, like  his voicemail message saying, “If I’m not here, call 911 and ask for me.” and “…like I’m extar good at sex… and shooting.” So Sookie stiffles a giggle when Jason says he’s a werepanther, like we all did when we read “werepanther” in the books. He wants Sookie to shoot him if he changes, she wants to help him, and not just “change his kittty litter.” Good one. He takes off and has a panic attack. Which, Jessica senses and rushes to his aid, as apparanty her boobs are Xanax. So they bond and lie down in the meadow. Ah the wilderness, *coughs* Eric and Sookie*. Jason is kind of sad he’s not a werepanther and Jessica assures him that he is “special”. Oh yes Jason, you are definitely “special” *see above “Jason-isms.”

EC: What the heck happened to the plot of Jason being a werepanther? That was a HUGE plot point of the books. I understand veering slightly from the written text, but there is major things that if you are using the basic outlines of the book series that need to be in the show. You already killed off Claudine and now this! The Sookie and Jason scene was cute though. Also, Jason and Jessica are like little children together. I like them together! She’s a very young girl, so it’s understandable that she would want to explore other relationships. I have a feeling Hoyt will not be pleased. 

Eric Sookie Meadow Scene: The part I we have all been waiting for. The “Leg Hitch” of True Blood. The Eric- Sookie shower scene….! ^ Yes, this is what I meant in the above rant . Apparantly,  we had the epic shower scene last season w/ Sookie and Bill so no loofah time for the sheriff I guess. They er, uh, went au natural. Plus 1 for ball here as he did keep the camera on Eric the whole time. Please note, Bill Condon, you better have shot Breaking Dawn with the same camera techniques in mind. Anyway, back to the woods of Bon Temps. Now, don’t they remember the woods during a full moon (no, we don’t mean Eric’s) are SUPEr crowded with shifters? Who will see them? Who will be interrupting the romp. I’m guessing it will be Alcide and Debbie. maybe they’ll join in. Well, without Debbie of course. Wait, was that out loud?

EC: Hot, Sookie/Eric action. I also agree, Alcide. But he should be in every scene. Also, could you imagine a Edward and Bella forest/meadow scene like this one? Nope, me either. This would happen… 

Edward: Your locks glimmer like sunlight fallling on fall leaves.

Bella: Let’s make out.

Edward: No my love! I cannot control my urges!  Let me wax poetic about the depths of the pools of you chocolate eyes.

Bella: Please, Edward! Can I get at least a little tongue?

Edward: You are such a child! *stomps off* 

In conclusion, why did Bill let Eric go? Why was he emoting on his porch? My DVR cut off here and switched to live mode, so I  missed some minutes. It flashed from Bill’s frown to Eric’s splendor in the grass. Did I miss a plot point?

A Message From Team Seth…

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Plaid and the Silence in the Summer of ’69: Doctor Who Series 6, Ep1 Recap

So, I left you at the funeral on the lake… I did forget to mention that the “old dude with the gasoline” said to them, “I’m Canton Everett Delaware III and I won’t be seeing you again, but you’ll be seeing me.”  River quickly realizes that they all have blue envelopes for their invitations that are numbered. She’s #2, Amy and Rory are #3, and Canton is #4. “Who is #1? Who does the Doctor trust more than anyone else?”  (I hate when you realize how obvious wording is after the fact, it’s like when you think of that perfect comeback 2 hours after the insult’s been given)  River, Amy, and Rory peace out old man Canton and head back to the 1950s diner to put their heads together. There it is on a table, the fourth envelope…#1.  But no one to go with it. In a build up as long and annoying as the one I’ve just written, we find out that #1 is the Doctor! 

EC: He’s on Supernatural too! I knew he looked familiar!

WHOA. Amy Pond can’t handle this.  River Song slaps him.  And Rory is like, “Amy, you’re not this stupid, stop trying to be.” but in a nicer way then he and River spell out the whole situation for Amy [and the audience] of how this Doctor is a younger doctor (“our” Doctor from the viewer’s timeline POV) and not the one we just saw die, BUT we can’t tell this Doctor that we saw him die because it’ll cross timelines and terrible things could happen (yada yada, Time Lordy stuff). Our foursome (heh) decides to go to 1969 regarding the lunar mission because, well, that’s what the older Doctor said he was interested in before he died.

Then we see Canton being taken to the president by the FBI all film noir-style, and Nixon and him are chatting about this awkward phone call Nixon keeps getting from a little girl saying the space man is coming to eat her (if only the Doctor would say that to me…).  The TARDIS lands in the oval office in invisible mode (WHAT?!) and the Doctor eavesdrops on their convo. Without his Jammie Dodgers, the Doctor still manages to evade the secret service and pinpoint the location of the mysterious call.  All the while Amy takes a little detour to the bathroom where she encounters none other than the weird alien she saw, and forgot. Steven Moffat does it again and creates another excessively terrifying villain (that kept me up scared more than one night!). Basically we find out later they’re a race called the Silence and it reminds us of series 5 with all the references to “the silence coming” and “silence will fall”. So, the thing with the Silence is that when you’re looking at them you can see them, but as soon as you look away you forget that segment of time ever happened. So, of course, Amy takes a photo of it with her camera phone.

How can Amy forget about this creepy guy?

The space suit...1960's style

So, off they go, The Legs, The Nose, and Mrs. Robinson, along with Canton, to find the ANI caller, who is in Cape Kennedy, FL (present day Cape Canaveral–not that they really filmed it there). And, no shock, it’s a warehouse type setting with crates and alien tech hanging around. Including this 1960s space suit that is the same as the one the astronaut who shot the Doctor. The “alien tech” looks more like food than anything and soon River discovers one of the “food tubes” is going down a sewer hatch.

When he speaks, you listen!

Finally Canton adjusts to the whole, you know, TARDIS thing, tells the Doctor “Nice ride.” and essentially disappears from the scene except for some minor dialogue. Which is a shame, because his voice is actually quite gruff and sexy. Like how we all imagined Klaus was going to sound before we actually saw the actor. When Canton says “Nice ride.” it reminds you of whenever Eric Northman speaks and makes you want to give him suggestive glances. (I may have a little Canton crush, luckily I can purchase this tshirt…

Team's Seth's little crush...

So, River makes some joke about being “quite the screamer”, forcing us all to think about her taking it hard from Matt Smith, before going down (heh) the hatch that the alien tube thingy is hanging in to see what’s down there. Of course the creepy aliens are down there, which she promptly forgets. Rory goes down to help her and then we have a touching moment where she lays out some serious foreshadowing and they discover a locked secret room that’s UM, the friggin space ship from last season’s episode “The Lodger”. !!!Steven, you’re such a mindf**k!!!

Team Seth just had a mindfu...behave!

Above ground, Amy, Doctor, and Canton hear the little girl yelling for help and rush towards her voice–but something’s wrong with Amy (oh noes!) and she HAS to tell the Doctor that she’s pregnant.  She does it in such a way that we’re convinced it’s his, even though she doesn’t say it out right.  Canton’s knocked out. An astronaut approaches, Amy goes for Canton’s gun, the astronaut raises her visor to show she’s the little girl, and BANG! Amy shoots her.

But who is she?