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We have a guest post today from Team Seth! #DrWho in America. Yippee Kai Yay!


Doctor Who Comes to America, Arthur Darvil Shines, and Neil Gaiman Is Still A Hero of Mine


As the ever so splendid Mr. Moffat indicated, Doctor Who Series 6 was cut in half and the first 7 episodes just finished up a few weeks ago.  I will attempt to recap for Supe readers, though I do suggest visiting the UK so you can watch them on BBC’s website, unless you have BBC America, in which case just catch the reruns (generally on Tuesdays and Fridays unless they’ve changed up the schedule). No definitive date for the kick off of part 2, but they did say Fall 2011, so you know, if we can wait out VampDi, we can wait out the Doctor. #ScrewWaiting

So, we start out the series in Rory and Amy’s new pad in, well, we have no clue actually.  We assume Leadworth, but it looks a little too posh/modern for Leadworth.  Regardless, they receive an invitation in the mail in TARDIS blue envelope that is a set of coordinates. Hurriedly they head the great nation of America (as BBC’s ad campaign indicated they would–Stetsons and all, yawn.) to the middle of nowhere Utah (yes, it was shot in actual Monument Valley, UT–not in the quarries near Cardiff they always use) where they encounter the Doctor.  During their hugs, his Stetson is shot off by none other than the lovely River Song. Now, if you don’t recall who River is, that’s very sad, but also critical that you do remember, so here’s my quickie on her:

River Song first appears in season 4 with David Tennant in a two-parter where she’s the mysterious woman who knows him, and knows him well.  So well that he’s told her the one thing that he’s never told anyone before–his real name, which she whispers in his ear.  The Doctor has never met her before.  At the end of the two-parter she dies in order to save the Doctor, but he manages to preserve her consciousness using the sonic screwdriver he gave her in the future. It is in these episodes that she establishes her go to line: “Spoilers”, because, as we soon learn in Season 6, Ep1, her timeline is the opposite of the Doctor’s. (Mr. Moffat, just because Tennant has a tartan doesn’t mean we must always inadvertently reference Outlander!)

Nice Shoes!!!



But the mystery of who exactly River is remains.  Season 5, with Matt Smith’s Doctor, we re-meet her in a cheeky and sexy opening to Ep. 4, (wearing these amazing Christian Louboutins–Jealous!)”Time of Angels” and have adventures with her, the creepy Weeping Angels and Amy with some clever foreshadowing in this two-parter. We learn that River can fly the TARDIS and that she has killed a man, a good man. “The best man I’ve ever known.” she says. The prison ship beams her up and River is gone until the two-part finale (she likes two-parters) of season 5… The Pandorica Opens and Big Bang. Here we see her chide the Doctor more, show extensive knowledge and concern regarding him, and be a total badass shooting a Dalek after making it beg for mercy.


The question still remains… Who is River Song?!  Her presence in the finale ends with an exchange between her and the Doctor outside the TARDIS that goes:

The Doctor: Are you married, River?

River Song: Are you asking?

The Doctor: Yes.

River Song: Yes.

The Doctor: Hang on, did you think I was asking you to marry me or-or-or-or asking if you were married?

River Song: Yes.

The Doctor: No, but was that yes or yes?

River Song: Yes.

So, now you’re up to date as to where River and the Doctor stand in their flirty little relationship and we can move onto the diner scene where they all catch up and we find out that the Doctor has aged quite a few years since last season. For the first time ever, River can converse with him about different adventures they had because finally their timelines are actually overlapping somewhat.

The group heads to a Lake Mead lookalike for a picnic and it’s very not Doctor Who like–at all. Happy, drinking wine, smiley, sitting and not running, open spaces, sunshine… Then Amy sees this creepy looking alien far away and promptly forgets about it (knowing Amy though, she sometimes just doesn’t say anything–like last season when sand came out of her eye and she’s all “Oh, I’m fine.”  No, hon, sand just came out of your eye–she’s too much like Sookeh sometimes).

At this juncture we’re all thinking, “So, what is Murray Gold going to do this season because it feels like indie film meets CW show and She and Him would fit better here than the National Orchestra of Wales.”  So, naturally, an astronaut comes out of the water, the Doctor goes to have a chat with it warning no one to stop what happens next, no matter what, and he is shot and then re-shot by the astronaut during his regeneration (so he’s actually dead dead).

The companions flip out (Amy screams and River shoots at the astronaut until she runs out of ammo–did I mention I love River?), some random old dude shows up with gasoline, and they have an Irish–er, Gallifreyan–funeral for him that brings back memories of watching Tristan and Isolde.

So, if the Doctor is dead and it’s only ten minutes into the fifty-minute show of a series that’s called Doctor Who, what the hale is going to happen?

Spoilers 🙂



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