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Mr. Pattinson…It’s Time For Your Hair Intervention! Comic Con Edition

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Remember the Good Old Days?

What Was the Scariest Thing at Comic Con?

This is not the good old days...this is a cry for help

EC: Robert…Robert…Robert…what are we going to with you? Cosmopolis has wrapped,so there should be no need to have that disturbing mess on your head. Supposedly, you want to be taken seriously as an actor. I get that. I really do. BUT, and this is a big BUT (and I cannot lie. *giggle* Sorry I just channeled some old school rap, because that hair style is so ridiculous, I’m regressing into my inner 13 year old.), no one can take anyone seriously wearing an ode to the band Flock of Seagulls on their head. (Flock of Seagulls, you ask? Well Rob, I was young when they were popular too. Just watch VH1’s Remember the 80’s! You can so learn so much that really should be forgotten. Like those hideous 80’s neon sunglasses, that I have been seeing everywhere this summer. Ugh. #thingsthatshouldremainburied

SWD: So much eighties stuff is in style. Since I do “Remember the eighties (or eh-ies as my cronies fondly speak of them) I had neon glasses, and strange haircuts and I wanted to be a Go-Go. I wish I’d held on to my oversized earrings and pegged skinny jeans, I could have made some dough on e-bay, #authenticVintage

EC: Now I am assuming that the unfortunate hairstyle is due to the Cosmopolis film. I haven’t read the book, since I am now reading The Help (ahem fan fiction). Diving into the world of racial inequality of the 1950’s South. (Just admit it…reading fan fiction, where Bella is actually awesome). You know IMPORTANT literature. (Fan fiction.) However, is it possible that Paul Giamatti decided to shave “the pretty boy” (that’d be you) after getting “the pretty boy” drunk on Merlot? Because everybody knows, Paul hates that Merlot! #thingslearnedforwatchingSideways)

You're going down, pretty boy!Get these two to Banana Republic or at least Target. No more Thrift Stores!

SWD: Off topic: Did you see “Bottle Shock?” I liked it better than Sideways (eye candy and the girl has cute 70’s shirts and boots)

EC: Here’s my question…do you think its a good idea to keep one side long, while trying to grow the other side back? Why not just cut the other side to match? (SWD: I vote mohawk, I ALWAYS vote mohawk *winks at young Ian and Rehvenge)EC: Do you want to match Kristen’s questionable black bra/white teeshirt look? That’s just you two taking the white trash look to a whole new level.

SWD: Colored bra+ sheer shirt = 80’s for the 10’s. I grew up in the age of early Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. The sheer was mesh, so I think LeStew is actually, classing the look up. Now if it were the iconic Madonna cone bra… we’d have another story.

Here at Talk Supe,we are here to help! Here is some helpful suggestions!

Water for Elephants:

EC: Just cut it short. You really did look nice in this movie.

Much better. Plus you would stop looking like a patient in the psych ward.

The Vampire Diaries Cast @ Comic Con:

EC: They sometimes have some confusing clothing choices, but more times then not they look good. Most important, their hair looks great!

You can have fun with your style and still look good. Just stay away from tiny hats! Ahem…Somerhalder.

SWD: The entire cast of VampDi has amazing hair. Always.

Wait, did I say that? Did I forget Klaus’ Elizabethan wig or early Elijah’s good boy hair? Well they both look good in the end.

True Blood Cast @ Comic Con:

EC: They are adults. Even if they are the same age as you, they act like adults. You are 25, Robert. Observe how grown ups dress at work. (Okay, slightly more fashionable then in an office, but still professional/attractive.)

SWD: Hold on, this is True Blood were talking about. When do they actually “dress” for work, unless it’s the “sock of destiny” #notComplaining

They clean up nice after all the dirty stuff happening in Bon Temps

SWD: Looking good, Joe’s so lovely I’m not even noticing the “v” is going into Stefan territory

Always a lovely and classy couple.

Robert, meet your style icon.

SWD: I’m sorry EC, did you say something. I got distracted.^

And speaking of socks…

Fun with Socks = Good, Crazy with Hair = Bad

Supernatural @ Comic Con

EC: Sam and Dean not only can bring cool to casual, but they can kick butt. Learn this and you can get great new acting gigs!

These boys can work the hair and the Sam's Shirts!

 SWD: That IS a Sam shirt.. Alcide wore it last episode, and Sam wore it last season. Love it!
EC: We have so much hope for you, Rob. This intervention is for your own good. Now we just need to work on your umm…interesting…clothing choices.

Alright, I'll admit it. Just start listening to Taylor.

Team Seth Movie Review: A Better Life

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Moving Away From New Moon...Weitz Brings Moving Drama

Team Seth is back to give us her thoughts on Chris Weitz’s new movie!

Chris Weitz Actually Responds on Twitter!


So, A Better Life has nothing to do with the supernatural, but it’s directed by Chris Weitz, who has experience directing vampires, werewolves, and ice bears. I’d say that’s supey enough. Chris wrangled up the New Moon gang again for the task: editor Peter Lambert, composer Alexandre Desplat, and cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe.  I may or may not have a mini-crush on all of these talented men, but it’s justified (and more like how I crush on Francisco Goya and Mark Twain). These men all do impressive work and they love what they do…which to me is undeniably attractive.

The Magic Makers

The film tells the tale of an illegal immigrant, Carlos Galindo, living in Los Angeles struggling to give his son Luis the life he never had. The passion of the filmmakers and cast is rather apparent in the heart-breaking and thought-provocative impact of the film. You will not leave this film feeling uplifted (and you’ll likely need to fix your mascara in the bathroom), but you will leave feeling better for having seen it. And not in the pretentious manner of conceit one feels after making an obscure book purchase at an independently-owned used book store.

A Father and Son's Quest for a Better Life

When the film plays off your emotions, it’s due to its strong acting, smart pacing, and a lack of caricatures. In this interview with ReThink, Chris states: “I think it’s hard to point the camera at someone without showing sympathy for them. In that regard, we’re sympathetic toward Demián Bichir’s character. Especially for the amazing performance he gives.”  And what a performance! Bichir (Weeds, Che), who plays Carlos, takes his character arc to heart and gives an Oscar-worthy performance. José Julián, a newcomer who plays Luis, seems flat at first, but that’s the point. As we follow the father-son relationship–the true focus of the film–Julián really kicks it up a notch. By the time Luis asks his dad, “Why did you have me?” you want to tell him you love him and give him a big hug, rather than knock him upside the head.

Chris went through extensive efforts to make the film “authentic”, I encourage you to watch the aforementioned interview and read this article (  to learn about what they were (start at para. 12). Chris does this. It’s his thing. In New Moon, he made sure the First Nations’ kids did a walk-through of the Quileute sets to give the nod that they are true to life. This dedication to authenticity is what I most admire Chris for, and A Better Life serves to showcase his knack for the small, but important details.

My critiques? I thought the climax was brilliant without music, but they add in a bit at the height of it. The actors made this scene perfect; there was no need for any music. The script called for the characters to translate whatever phrase they’d just said in Spanish into English. As a sometimes bilingual writer, I know you have to do this. Not everyone speaks Spanish, and of course the longer bits are subtitled, but it kept driving me nuts. Third and final critique is that the Charro performance montage went on a touch longer than necessary and that took me out of the film.

EC: Bichir was also AMAZING on Weeds!

Chris told me if A Better Life doesn’t rock that he was done making movies. I hope he doesn’t stop. I also hope that he doesn’t go back to ‘epic series,’ which I believe he has a distaste for anyway. His ability to tell an honest and compelling story is refreshing and truly sets him apart.

Dear Chris, Please let me in your next movie. Where I can wear tee shirts and smile. Your Friend, Rob

 I can’t say much more about this film without boring you with excessive details. Just go see it before it leaves town.


98 min. running time. Select U.S. theaters (which seem to change weekly, so double check before you go!). Opens July 29 in UK and Ireland.

EC: We LOVE guest posts! Have something you would like to share? Just email us…!

True Blood Recap: Gettin’ An Eyeful, True Blood Style

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Today’s installment of the True Blood recap is brought to you by…

SAM'S SHIRTS. Short or long sleeved you can't go wrong with a Sam's Shirt. Don't shift without one!

EC:  There was a lot of development in this past Sunday’s episode, so let’s get to MY favorite part…drunken, simple-minded Eric. Sure, he can’t remember anything, but not only did Eric inherit Jason’s ridiculous looking sleeveless hoodie, he also now has gained Jason’s cluelessness. Yes, I miss bad boy Eric. (As does Team Seth) However, this is a fun bit of distraction to see Alexander play a goof ball. It’s not only refreshing, but makes me giggle. Particularly, the drunken gooseing of Miss Stackhouse. Who knew that fairy blood equals the same buzz of a six pack of Bud Light. (Cause they are down south, y’all.) It also inspires this:

SWD: My fav line,” Croccccccccoooooooddddiiiiiiiloooooos” said in menacing crazy Viking voice. This is soo book Eric, even down to the wearing of Jason’s old sweatshirts. Or wait, did Sookie pick up Eric some clothes from Walmart? Either way, Viking sheriff in Gildan is funny. I’m thinking the black tanks of previous seasons were American Apparel. They go uber low with the U necks. Just ask VD’s Stefan.

It's like talking to a very tall toddler

EC:  Also, the added Alcide bonus…  

Fun at the creek during the summer, Bon Temps style

EC:  I mean come on now, Ball is an evil mastermind! This scene is the reason that the female demographic for these types of shows and movies are so high. It certainly isn’t the gore factor. No, it’s the shirtless men…umm…I mean romance! That’s it…romance! The scene with Sookie, Alcide and Eric was pretty funny. Which is good, because the rest of it was an angst fest. Starting with Debbie getting ready to jump back on the crazy train. At least we had an almost Sookie/Eric kiss!

SWD: Sookie looked so cute in that scene too! I want her green mini jacket.  Friend of a friend has 4 large, menacing dogs (rott, shepherd, etc.) and a chihuahua. The chihuahua OWNS them. It reminds me of Sookie and her pack of alphas.

EC: Pam gets a face lift. Or is it face melt? It looked painful. Now we know that hippie Marnie is possessed by a very pissed off ancient witch. Being burned at the stake will do that to a girl. #lessonslearnedfromSalem. Massachusetts that is. Not #lessonslearnedfromDaysofourLivesSalem. However, both Days of Our Lives and True Blood had characters that were possessed. Plus, True Blood is pretty much a gory soap opera. Now they should just have Sami Brady do a crossover.

SWD: That freaked me out! Poltergeist flashbacks!

Pam, if you were interested in getting some work done, I would have suggested a certified plastic surgeon.

EC:  Oh Bill…Bill…Bill…you went from your dream girl, Sookie to your great, great, great granddaughter. Dude, that’s messed up. Must be good to be king. Not! Karma is going to be biting you on the bottom. Look, it already did! Sookie wouldn’t let you look for Eric in her house. That’s right, she’s going to leave you for a Viking! Oh and the grandmother from WHO’S THE BOSS is flirting with you. Oh where, oh where, is Tony Danza when you need him?

SWD: Mona! The original cougar… still going strong and chatting up Bill. Oh wait, he’s older. Betty White needs to be on True Blood. She could be Octavia!

Well this was a bad idea, Bill.

EC:  There was a bunch of shifter drama. Sam’s lady has a kid and a crazy ex. Who happens to be a werewolf. Of course. Couldn’t they just make the guy a crazy dentist or something? Maybe, a demented florist? Change things up a bit? Oh and more Tommy. Being that his dead beat parents put him on a steel chain leash, I don’t think will be getting away from Tommy for awhile. Ugh.

SWD: You KNOW Sam’s going to save him. Take him back in, buy him shirts.

Worst T.V. Parents of the Year Winners 2011

EC:  Poor Hoyt. His relationship with Jessica was already on shaky ground. It’s never a good thing when Jess decides to get relationship advice from PAM. It leads to naughty decisions like snacking on young men in the women’s bathroom. Seriously, that is not at all hygenic. It’s not like she’s a Edward Cullen type personality. If he was real, Edward would be carrying in sanitizing wipes and Purell. Which is funny, because he’s already dead.

SWD: Hoyt/Crystal hook up?

EC: Jessica’s saved Jason’s life with her blood. You know what that means…Jason and Jessica hook up ahead! (Which I am kind of loving!) Anything to het him away from crazy panther chick. All that inbreeding has made her a nut. It’s not going to end well. Mostly for Hoyt. He is definitely going to be moving back in with his Momma.  

SWD: Jason’s crzy “V” dreams are going to be insane@!

Let's all remember the good times, because they sure aren't going to last much longer

EC: I have a bad feeling that poor baby is going to be blamed for the evil doings of that creepy doll. Actually, what the heck is wrong with Terry and Arlene? That doll is nasty! Can you imagine the germs? Who cares if it’s evil. They should have a least put that thing in the washing machine or the fire place. That would be responsible parenting!

SWD: And I thought Cabbage Patch Dolls were creepy, but that thing?! Give me a Chuckie doll anyday.

Even Hoyt shouldn't be touching that nasty thing and he's a grown up!

Let us know what you though of this episode! Also, on Twitter @talksupe!

Somerhalder is Saving the World! One Hosting Gig at a Time…

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Saving the Earth...and fedoras. Every single day...

Blue August on Planet Green = A Week of Somerhalder Hosting Duties August 21


EC:You can learn interesting things when watching programs on the Planet Green Channel. For instance, how the Grizzly Bears and salmon co-exist to make a functioning eco-system. Now, I believe in making our world greener. I recycle,while growing tomatoes and basil in the garden (still alive! whoo hoo!). Someday, I might even trade in my “boat” aka SUV, for a Prius or horse and buggy when the kiddies get too big for the car seats. I might not, like some people (ahem, Ian), get to travel to far off places and save woodland creatures. Create a save the world foundation (Ahem, ahem Ian. But very cool).  Or spout off earth friendly reminders on Twitter, when not bashing sparkly British vampires (ahem again, Ian).  So, when learning about the bears and the fish, I was not surprised to see that our buddy Ian is hosting a week of eco television programs about all aspects of water.

Planet Green figures out a way to get a higher females 13-50 demographic

EC: It was a natural progression for our favorite earth friendly vampire playing actor. Frolicking on beaches, saving sea animals and cleaning the precious water that sustains us all. It is very admirable. Maybe, not beach frolicking, but the rest is GREAT! I might, in the nicest and most respectful way, that Ian trades is his tiny fedoras for a nice baseball cap. They work so much better for cleaning up litter from beaches then a sassy tiny hat. (Plus, I have a sassy fedora and I don’t want to match.)

Baseball caps protect your face from the sun's rays AND look rugged.


This offers no protection. It also makes you look like a gient wearing a toddler's hat.


SWD: That hat  might be a pork pie. They run smaller… it’s the fedora’s version of a baby tee. But again, fashion vs. function. For true sun protection, I suggest something from REI or Orvis.

Proper sun hats for Ian:

Stylish chapeaux courtesy of Orvis.


Next year, I have an even better idea than just hosting a week of shows you aren’t even on…go on one for a save the whales adventure!

This is taking it to the next level!


EC: The Animal Planet and working on the vessel, the Steve Irwin, will give you a lot of save the earth experience. 

SWD: This show owns our DVR. Mr. Snow and I watch all sea faring adventures (WW, Deadliest Catch, Swords-life on the line). Is it wrong they make me hungry? Crab legs, Mmmmmm. Swordfish steak, delish.

This is your captain, Ian. This guy is SERIOUS about saving whales and not going to music festivals or movie awards

SWD: Captain Ian looks very menacing, even in a hoodie. Paul, take note.
EC: You can ride around one of these! It will toughen you up for the next season of Vampire Diaries!
If Heroes girl can get arrested saving dolphins (or something), you can too!

Saving the world, not only on television

EC: Here’s a video about your foundation, because we really and truly admire your dedication to the planet. (We kid, because we like you. But give Pattinson a break, the boy seems sensitive.)

True Blood Season 4… Eric: Dazed and Confused

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Sookie, get him some Havaianas!

We’re starting on episode #3, since we were on vacation for the first 2 episodes.

EC: Let me just jump in and say that the first two episodes were crazy! From the Shifter Dinner Parties, Tara’s new romantic life, and Bill being the King of Louisana it was a wild ride. Also, fairy land was unexpected. Nice to see Barry again, but this where the show and the books are veering very far away from each other. I am curious to see why Sookie’s power is so intense that she can electrocute the Fairy Queen. Also, Claude (Claudine’s brother), was disappointing! Where is the egotistical, homosexual stripper from the books?

I have to say, I love Bill’s house! And the fact that he’s the new king!  Bill looks fantastic too. Has he even said, “Sookeh” yet? I miss #TalkLikeBillCompton days on twitter.

EC: I like to see he is doing this to protect Sookie, but he’s getting around with all the ladies, isn’t he? Isn’t Portia related to him? Eww. Fun fact: The actress playing Portia was also on Dexter AND Vampire Diaries!

"Well Mr. Compton, I WAS looking for Mr. Damon Salvatore in Mystic Falls. I guess you'll do."

I love Lafayette. I love that he wants to go make ammends with the vamps. I love his new mohawk and sparkly skull belts. Speaking of… enough about Sam’s shirts, lets talk about Sam’s belts! If STARZ wins for the best earrings on cable, Sam gets the best belt buckles in prime time award.

EC: Sam’s shirts are always perfection! Even though they are pairing him with the shifter lady that can become her mom (Sam and Tommy foreshadowing?), there is still some nice Sam and Tara chemistry. I swear, the girl becomes a lesbian and she gets her kick ass back. Finally, no more weepy Tara!

The episode where Tara got her groove back

Hotshot looks like this weird little hick “town” (I use this term loosely. It’s just a bunch of sheds and rusted out trucks and washing machines in the yards) we drove through on the way home from the Eastern Sierras. Love the weirdness of hwy 395. Of course I yelled out the window for Jason. How freaky are the panthers gnawing on his stomach? Ewww. Which reminds, we haven’t really had something shockingly uber gross or explicit yet, like Lorena . I am expecting it this Sunday.

Where's the ooze this season?

EC: Thanks a bunch for the nasty picture…I feel ill.  But everything in Hotshot is gross, like the hillybilly children digging into the raw meat the Jason brought them. It’s like the movie deliverence. I am waiting for one of the young’ uns to break out a banjo. Poor Jason! And the previews for Sunday are making things look even worse for him!

Hey Jason! I hope you like cats!

Alcide and Debbie. Debbie and Alcide. Why Alcide why? Debbie? No. But she’s got to be around for a major plot point. Still. It doesn’t matter anyway, who is looking at Debbie when Alcide is on screen? 

EC: And I was so excited to see Alcide…Debbie, you ruin everything!

What should have happened at Alcide's house...

Jessica’s eye make up is fabulous again this season. I’m curious how the trouble in paradise scenario with she and Hoyt is going to play out. Look up Hoyt on IMDB. He looks so different with normal hair. And by different I mean RAWR. Terry Bellefleur too.

EC: Remember Terry on Gilmore Girls! He played Lane’s husband/bandmate! He was GREAT on Gilmore Girls. I loved that show… Anyway, Terry is also a great daddy. Which is great, because now baby Mikey has that creeptastic doll. That thing is the scariest thing on the show! 

Note to Bella, THIS is how you rock a plaid shirt.


Or maybe, Bella needs some florals too? #truebloodsouthernfashion

OK, Eric Northman in boards shorts and a sleeveless hoodie cracks me up. Please put him in Ugg boots to complete the laid-back-surfer-in-Bon-Temps look.  Scared puppy dog Eric is bringing it! That “I’m a good boy” guilty oops smile after he killed Sookie’s fairy godmother? Priceless! Wasn’t she the faker creepy fairy from the first episode? Didn’t she morph into pointy teeth fairy?

R.I.P. Claudine! Wait! She's still in the next books! Uh oh!

A Message From Team Seth…

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We have a guest post today from Team Seth! #DrWho in America. Yippee Kai Yay!


Doctor Who Comes to America, Arthur Darvil Shines, and Neil Gaiman Is Still A Hero of Mine


As the ever so splendid Mr. Moffat indicated, Doctor Who Series 6 was cut in half and the first 7 episodes just finished up a few weeks ago.  I will attempt to recap for Supe readers, though I do suggest visiting the UK so you can watch them on BBC’s website, unless you have BBC America, in which case just catch the reruns (generally on Tuesdays and Fridays unless they’ve changed up the schedule). No definitive date for the kick off of part 2, but they did say Fall 2011, so you know, if we can wait out VampDi, we can wait out the Doctor. #ScrewWaiting

So, we start out the series in Rory and Amy’s new pad in, well, we have no clue actually.  We assume Leadworth, but it looks a little too posh/modern for Leadworth.  Regardless, they receive an invitation in the mail in TARDIS blue envelope that is a set of coordinates. Hurriedly they head the great nation of America (as BBC’s ad campaign indicated they would–Stetsons and all, yawn.) to the middle of nowhere Utah (yes, it was shot in actual Monument Valley, UT–not in the quarries near Cardiff they always use) where they encounter the Doctor.  During their hugs, his Stetson is shot off by none other than the lovely River Song. Now, if you don’t recall who River is, that’s very sad, but also critical that you do remember, so here’s my quickie on her:

River Song first appears in season 4 with David Tennant in a two-parter where she’s the mysterious woman who knows him, and knows him well.  So well that he’s told her the one thing that he’s never told anyone before–his real name, which she whispers in his ear.  The Doctor has never met her before.  At the end of the two-parter she dies in order to save the Doctor, but he manages to preserve her consciousness using the sonic screwdriver he gave her in the future. It is in these episodes that she establishes her go to line: “Spoilers”, because, as we soon learn in Season 6, Ep1, her timeline is the opposite of the Doctor’s. (Mr. Moffat, just because Tennant has a tartan doesn’t mean we must always inadvertently reference Outlander!)

Nice Shoes!!!



But the mystery of who exactly River is remains.  Season 5, with Matt Smith’s Doctor, we re-meet her in a cheeky and sexy opening to Ep. 4, (wearing these amazing Christian Louboutins–Jealous!)”Time of Angels” and have adventures with her, the creepy Weeping Angels and Amy with some clever foreshadowing in this two-parter. We learn that River can fly the TARDIS and that she has killed a man, a good man. “The best man I’ve ever known.” she says. The prison ship beams her up and River is gone until the two-part finale (she likes two-parters) of season 5… The Pandorica Opens and Big Bang. Here we see her chide the Doctor more, show extensive knowledge and concern regarding him, and be a total badass shooting a Dalek after making it beg for mercy.


The question still remains… Who is River Song?!  Her presence in the finale ends with an exchange between her and the Doctor outside the TARDIS that goes:

The Doctor: Are you married, River?

River Song: Are you asking?

The Doctor: Yes.

River Song: Yes.

The Doctor: Hang on, did you think I was asking you to marry me or-or-or-or asking if you were married?

River Song: Yes.

The Doctor: No, but was that yes or yes?

River Song: Yes.

So, now you’re up to date as to where River and the Doctor stand in their flirty little relationship and we can move onto the diner scene where they all catch up and we find out that the Doctor has aged quite a few years since last season. For the first time ever, River can converse with him about different adventures they had because finally their timelines are actually overlapping somewhat.

The group heads to a Lake Mead lookalike for a picnic and it’s very not Doctor Who like–at all. Happy, drinking wine, smiley, sitting and not running, open spaces, sunshine… Then Amy sees this creepy looking alien far away and promptly forgets about it (knowing Amy though, she sometimes just doesn’t say anything–like last season when sand came out of her eye and she’s all “Oh, I’m fine.”  No, hon, sand just came out of your eye–she’s too much like Sookeh sometimes).

At this juncture we’re all thinking, “So, what is Murray Gold going to do this season because it feels like indie film meets CW show and She and Him would fit better here than the National Orchestra of Wales.”  So, naturally, an astronaut comes out of the water, the Doctor goes to have a chat with it warning no one to stop what happens next, no matter what, and he is shot and then re-shot by the astronaut during his regeneration (so he’s actually dead dead).

The companions flip out (Amy screams and River shoots at the astronaut until she runs out of ammo–did I mention I love River?), some random old dude shows up with gasoline, and they have an Irish–er, Gallifreyan–funeral for him that brings back memories of watching Tristan and Isolde.

So, if the Doctor is dead and it’s only ten minutes into the fifty-minute show of a series that’s called Doctor Who, what the hale is going to happen?

Spoilers 🙂


July Housekeeping Edward Cullen Style…

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Why can't people keep things organized! I am going to stick on my pouty face.

I know that we said we are on a break, but… I just need to give you some teasers from the next couple of weeks! Just can’t help myself!
First…Team Seth gives us some glimpses into the land of Dr.Who. (She’s the expert!)

Maybe Team Seth can help me determing the origin of this stone? Or at least help me figure out what's going to happen next season!

Thanks a bunch Starz’s, now WC Stacey is going to cry! (But you are bringing me Torchwood, so at least we’re good.)

Only one season! Now people will only remember me for my black robes, flamboyant scarves and trying to kill off Bella!

We really…I PROMISE discuss this book!

Did you know...the author retweeted WC Stacey?

Breaking Dawn madness is upon us…feathers and sippy cups…

B: Can I have some more eggs? E: I see how it is, wife! As soon as you put a ring on it, I become your slave! I don't see shackles on the stove and I don't see you running out to the meadow and draining a deer for me! Some respect would be nice!

Celebrity Email Theater!

Miss us yet, ladies? Or our party planning prowess? Ain't no party, like a Mystic Falls party

Ohh…and most importantly True Blood Recaps!

Well ladies...I am back. Do you find my odd, extremely low, mesh tank top fetching?

We miss you all and will be back soon! Follow us on twitter @talksupe