STARZ.. You’re on the List!!! :(

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

Camelot Season Finale SPOILERS!!!


Oh how I wish he was just squeezing some sense into her.. .but, alas.. no, not what happened.

Ok STARZ, firstly on the season finale of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, you bring back Crixus’ season 1 hair…

Scruff ALWAYS trumps High and Tight, STARZ!!!

and now THIS:

Sadly, that's not Cupid's arrow. *sniff sniff*

Really, STARZ, really? You know, HBO doesn’t kill off the pretties. Eric Northman is “alive” and well. Alcide and Sam are stil howlin’. Do I need to cancel you?

AND you also messed with Arthur’s mama? Low blow, STARZ, low blow. You don’t kill moms!

I'm totally kicking that nuns ass in the afterlife!

What are you going to do to us next season? Make Kay gain 400 pounds and become Merlin’s cat?

My sorceror skills are rusty. He was supposed to be a Percheron. Damn....


Like Texas, Don't mess with!!!!

 And when did THIS happen?

Isn't that Kay? Is that Morgan? Whaaaa?????!!!!

Okay, if Kay and Morgan hook up  next season, I think I’m back on bored.

But still, sad day for me.

R.I.P. #TeamLeontes

6 Responses to “STARZ.. You’re on the List!!! :(”

  1. EC: I need to catch up, okay truth be told, start watching this show tonight! Intstead of falling asleep watching the Animal Planet.

    You know what show kills off all the hot guys, too? Vampire Diaries. *sniff, sniff* Uncle Mason *sniff, sniff* Wait, the annoying Volturi brother is in this? Whoa! AND the guy who played Shakespeare, from Shakepeare in Love? Guess I know what I’ll be watching on ONDemand, as long as it doesn’t interrupt my catching up on Weeds.

    • Yup, Volturi Caius is in it, sans fancy scarcves. And Shakespeare is a pretty rockin’ Merlin.
      It’s a good show. I’d watch it for the music and earrigns alone.
      STARZ does have the best cable earrings!

  2. TeamJacobEdward Says:

    At least they brought back Arthur’s ponytail for the last two episodes.

    What did you think about the Morgan/Arthur/Gwenevier (however that name is spelled) ending?

    • (SWD) +1 STARZ for bringing back the pony!

      That ending was goooooooooood! I like Arthur and Guinney (even if it is Guinney-Morgan) together, mostly because I want her off Leontes. Did you see the episode before this one, where Leontes gave her “the talk” ? I’m not sure what he was saying because their was a ray of sunshine hitting him right in the abs and I was distracted. 🙂

      I’m soooo curious to see what next season will bring. Even without Leontes *sigh*

      BUT….. that means Philip Winchester’s schedule is free… and there are (always…never ending) talks about an Outlander movie… and a Philip as Jamie Fraser is fine by me! 🙂

      • TeamJacobEdward Says:

        Hey SWD! 😀

        Stars heard cry for the return of the ponytail and delivered the last couple epis. Definitely 1 for bringing that back. Keep us teenagers of the 90s happy. 🙂 Maybe they are lurkers here…

        Yes, I saw that. 🙂 I’ve seen all the season’s episodes. My hubs actually found and recorded it when it started and I got pulled in and hooked, “hey hon, what ‘cha way watching? Ooo, this looks interesting. Hey! That’s Caius, I mean, Jamey Campbell-Bower!… Um, how do I know that? Well… Um…*mumble, mumble* Twilight movies *mumble, mumble, cough*” lol

        See, I wasn’t big on Leontes. (gasp, I know). I’m not sure why. Now, Kay… Definitely. I’m voting for more Key. He needs more screen time.

        I’m ticked that they killed Lady Egraine (or whatever Arthur’s mom’s name is). She and Merlin never had a chance to actually be together. So sad.

        We have Stars free this year, but I think we might have to purchase it for next year to see what happens… Don’t make me regret it Stars. 🙂

        I keep hearing about this Outlander book/series/thing. I think it’s time I check out what the buzz is about.

  3. Oh my god they KILLED me with that finale!!! They killed off most of the cast! Might as well have killed off Caius too! Oh Philip Winchester…please come to me in my dreams. You can bring your bible and everything!!

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