Sookie, oh Snap!

30 Days until…





And they better play the Black Keys, “Howlin’ For You” Sometime this season.

One Response to “Sookie, oh Snap!”

  1. TeamSeth Says:

    I’m excited to find out if they keep putting people in chiffon dresses… maybe that was reserved for season 2. So far season 3 is very romper-ish. Sigh.

    And season 3 thus far has had serious hint of other soundtracks in it… such as Lord of the Rings (Eric and Sookie dreamscape music), Pride & Prejudice (Russel’s home), and Twilight (the whole darn time). It’s reminding me of VampDi’s soundtrack choices… But, Eric does not equal Rohan, even if his little viking crown looks similar to Theodon’s.

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