One month to go until True Blood season 4 #waitingSucks

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

Or the one where True Blood has it’s “Leg Hitch”

Ok ladies, we’re down to the wire. If you haven’t read Sookie book 4, “Dead to the World” yet, now’s the time to do it. It will make you REALLY look forward to this season, especially if you’re Team Eric. Have you seen the trailer?

EC: Then catch up and read the latest Sookie book, “Dead Reckoning”. It’s fabulous and you’ll totally jump back on the Team Bill bandwagon. Or even better Team Sam and his shirts! (Or that just might be me. Hmm…) Review coming soon!


4 Responses to “One month to go until True Blood season 4 #waitingSucks”

  1. I will never jump back on the Team Bill bandwagon!!!! NEVER!!!!

    I am team Sam. I cant help it, he is just so cute and nice. Although Alcide is sooo yummy on the show- but not so much in the books. I am torn between books and show and the way they both portray the characters differently. uughh. What do you girls think about that? This could be a major discussion.

    • (SWD) Ohhhh, this is an open can of worms we’ll have to look at!!!

      The book chars and the show chars are soooo different. Even when I’m reading the books, I don’t picture the show actors. Not even Eric!

    • I’m Team Sam too! And those Sam’s shirts!

      I’m not Team Bill, but the last book is making me rethink both him and Eric. And completely loving Sam. Have you read it, yet? The Alcide part…whoa!

      That’s a great post idea! Let’s do it! Also, Rachel we LOVE guest posts! (want to write it? :0) )

      • OMG I would LOVE to write a guest post! I didn’t even see this comment until now becuse I dont always go back and re-read comments i wrote on blogs but for some reason today I did!!!! And Yes I have read all the books! What should I write baout? Hit me up with an emaiL! 🙂

        blogginginpa (at) gmail! yay!

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