VampDi Season Finale: What’s the Plan, Superman?

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West coast Stacey)

Or the one where Stefan brings it!


Well now, Vampire Diaries has sure taken a turn for the awesome. Whereas we weren’t left with cliffhangers, more like new cans open, worms everywhere.

*thinks* Dude, I rocked that frock coat hard back in the day. Amateur.

Damon: He tries to go all Heather’s on himself and bask in the sunlight to scorching. Full of angst, Stefan saves him and tosses him in the basement. Later Alaric comes over, they get drunk and they attempt “The Talk”: I- turned-your-wife-vamp style. But they’re men and they stop before they could actually reveal some emotions.

EC: Ha ha! Heathers! I loved that movie. Winona Ryder and Christian Slater in their former glory. Also, I love when Damon and Alaric show their manly love.

Klaus: I just have to mention how much I like their styles. Good job on “The Original” brother’s wardrobes. But wardrobe dept, you have really been doing well this last half of the season! You must have finally heard the old saying, “GUYS: The deeper the V-neck the bigger your Vajayjay”. Thank you. OK, back to Klaus. So he stakes his brother Elijah. Then Stefan. Then bites Katherine. Then heals her. Then we see that he’s the Cure. And no I don’t mean in a Robert Smith kind of way. Hybrid Klaus is his own curse and cure. How handy dandy. We find out that he wants Stefan, but he wants him bad. As in “Ripper” bad Stefan. Like this:

EC: Is it just me or doesn’t Klaus’s hair look like a Chia Pet or…a jeri curl? Put’s the fear into me. (not really)

The OTHER blond sheriff: Yeah, she shows up. Shoots Whiny (Jeremy). Hates Damon and her own daughter. Dude, she sucks. *sings* I (got) shot (by) the sheriff… but she didn’t shoot no Da-mon-y (OK, it’s a stretch.) Speaking of blond sheriff’s. Hello, True Blood promo! It looks like they got new make up, they have pigment and are all dewy/ glow-y. Dare I say sparkly?

EC: Yay True Blood! I am so excited!!!! Thank goodness there will be something good to watch this summer. Confused Eric is my favorite! Plus, I just finished the newest book. It’s great! (review coming soon!)

Bonnie: Tunes into the witch channel but they scramble her cranium like DirectTv in a thunderstorm. She’s is begging for Whiny’s life and they’re like, “Um not so much”. So she cries a lot. Then poof Whiny is back from the dead. Will he turn vamp since Caroline tried to feed him her blood when he was dead? Oooooh, I hope resurrected Whiny turns all Pet Semetery. That would make him severely interesting. In this epi. Whiny smiled. Twice. No wait, three times. That was epic! He has teeth! Who knew?

EC: He was cute again in the last scene. Does that mean he will be less ‘whiny’ next season? Let’s all cross our fingers. If not, then Miss Bonnie needs a new love interest ASAP!

Caroline had a cute jacket. I have a similiar one and I completely ripped off her outfit. My inner WNTW Stacey London was shrieking at me that my style icon should not be 2 decades my junior. But neither Matt nor Tyler where there to witness Caroline’s cuteness? Where were they. (see previous VampDi post)

Except SWD's eggplant tee was from Whole Foods. Somerhalder approves!

EC: Now I want that jacket too! So cute! I…I…missed Logan…I just didn’t say that…

Elena/ Katherine:So Damon is halluciniating that Elena is civil war Katherine and that he is begging for her to change him. So Damon had a vamp choice, and chose it. Does Stefan know this? Speaking of civil war, The Mystic Falls townfolk are watching Gone with the Wind and are all dressed up in period garb. How do they all own civil war clothing? Is there one hell of a rental shop? Do they all partake in historical re-enactments on the weekend? I don’t get it. Anywho, Damon bites Elena/ Katherine and she gets mad. Then finds out he’s dying and does to his death bed. And KISSES him. Which of course Katherine sees and lords over, saying “It’s OK to love them both. I did.” Oh Katherine, we all do.

EC: Katherine really is my favorite. She brings snarky to a whole new level. Plus, I just love those curls! I want curls like that for a wedding I’m going to.

Plus, I love that the town of Mystic Falls owns community Civil War costumes! Here in the Northeast we have colonial military costumes. Not as comfy and the dresses not as frilly. More like Pilgrim-ware.

*sings* Torn between two luvahs..."

Stefan: This was Stefan’s episode. He finally ditched his inner Edward and  channelled his inner Jack the Ripper. Klaus made him go on a human blood bender AND……. he liked it. A lot! Stefan fell off the Cullen wagon and went all alch-ey finds a whisky barrell and goes a swimmin’. So he agrees to be Klaus’s blood buddy for a decade as payment for Damon’s wolf bite cure. This is going to be good! I love bad Stefan! We see the joy (well, vampire joy… bloodlust) and relief in his soulless black eyes as he chows down on the scared blondie. Bring on Season 3!

EC: Bad Stefan for the win! Next season is going to be fun! But how are we going to get through the summer? Oh that’s right…Sam and his shirts! (Yay True Blood!)

But uh-oh now Whiny  has the curse of the ex-girlfriends!

EC: I tried to make myself forget that. Eww, Vicki. (I didn’t like her before and I still don’t. Grr!)

I see Dead People. #Overused

7 Responses to “VampDi Season Finale: What’s the Plan, Superman?”

  1. Teamseth Says:

    I want Katerine’s curls for the wedding I’m in as the bride!!!! LOVE HER CURLS. LOVE HER. Wouldn’t mind having her ass either…

    • (SWD) LOLZ and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please say you’ll take Wedding meadow photos.

      Yeah, I would mind being reincarnateda as Nina. Or Charlize Theron.

  2. Teamseth Says:

    Me no likey Vicki either… and now when I see Anna I can only think of her giving Zuckerberg head in the bathroom scene from The Social Network. Dirty slut.

  3. KristenS Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who despises Vicki. But I am curious as to what’s going to happen with all of that. When Bonnie’s ancestors said there would be consequences, were they referring to Bonnie or Whiney?

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